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Dear Readers: Please check out CANTO TALK (click here) from yesterday, in which we had a wonderful discussion about the famous Battle of Thermopylae with Deadliest Warrior’s Spartan expert and fellow SLOB, Barry Jacobsen. This was an engaging and entertaining analysis you can’t get just anywhere, and a big thanks to Slivio Canto Jr. for making it happen!!!

Barry was very proud of me: I managed to refrain from indulging in references to Egypt, except for an opener that cited Cleopatra. Silvio sent this really wonderful video of Cleopatra’s Bath that is a nice palate cleanser to a more learned discussion of the engagement between the Persians and the Spartans, as well as a refreshing way to cleanse the mind after dealing with the Democratic National Convention all week!

Yes, my baths are exactly like that! 🙂

Fortune smiled on me last night: I was busy chatting with Silvio and Barry instead of listening to President Obama. So, in order to get up to speed for today’s commentary, I turned to Tammy Bruce’s Mystery Science Theater 3000 public podcast version so I could last through the ordeal. Basically, it was a lot of blather without the spark of Bill Clinton’s address the previous night. In light of the today’s piss poor job figures (and I noted the press actually referencing the drop-out figures more today than ever), hanging his hat on the Bin Laden raid (seeSee a Navy Seal’s book, “No Easy Day”, for refutation of the White House assertions) and GM save (see Ford, the firm that did not get bailed out and is now more profitable) didn’t seem logical. Especially as there was no plan, no budget…no beef.

Via Instapundit: It looks like Gov. Sarah Palin was right, after all!   Obama’s plans did kill jobs!

In fact, B-Daddy fisks Obama’s speech and concludes that it is fantasy.    Since fantasy and hangovers were the theme in Charlotte this week, it makes sense for Beers with Demo to be heading to Vegas — but I digress!

I don’t care what kind of ginned-up, fake analytics the elite media palms off on us after this week, it is plain to see that the Democrats took a total bath during their convention.

Here is the evidence:

  • Via WC Varones: Idiocracy – Let’s Ban Profits!

(MUT Note – As an ancient Egypt expert, I can attest to the fact it is not a good idea to start a campaign harshing on Israel/Jews…but that’s another story for another day)

I would like to note that the Ulsterman Report details the backstage interaction between Clinton and Obama on the evening of Clinton’s much better received speech.  It confirms the origin of the gleam-in-the-eye that I noted.

Bill’s speech was double the time they gave him.  Had Obama waiting.  Kept the current POTUS waiting for almost an hour.   Handlers not happy.  Jarrett pissed.  They do that little shake at the end when Obama walks out.  Backstage, Bill says something like, “He wanted to break my hand.”  He’s laughing it off.  Knows what he wanted to do was done.  Obama storms off.  The two were all smiles onstage.  Backstage, they parted.  Bill’s getting congratulated and Obama is gone.  Told somebody, was a woman so assume Jarrett but didn’t ask for clarification, took Bill aside and was shaking her finger in his face for a moment.  Bill leaned down and whispered something to her and she walks off.  He goes back to smiling and the handshakes.  Classic Clinton.  The smiling assassin.  And what is the feedback  today?  That Obama’s speech was not as good as Clintons.  That he isn’t Clinton.  Look up the Bentsen reference.  That’s what we saw Clinton pull off this week.

Clint Eastwood’s empty chair routine is proving to be the iconic image, as I prophesied last week. Today, #Eastwooding continues as Clint says: “President Obama is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people.”

All is proceeding as I have foreseen.
Truly, the Democrat’s poll numbers will be heading down the drain in short order.

MUT Notes:

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Dear Readers:  The SoCal Tax Revolt Coalition, San Diego’s Tea Party group,  has issued the following statement:

SAN DIEGO, CA – The Southern California Tax Revolt Coalition (SCTRC) condemns the Supreme Court of the United States ruling, which essentially upholds the Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act, also known as ObamaCare.  At the present time, the interpretation of the complex decision seems to be that the individual mandate has been transformed into a tax and the rest of the challenged ObamaCare provisions now stand.  The co-founders of SCTRC have issued the following statements:

Dawn Wildman, President of SCTRC:  Today is the day American liberty died. I am in shock that the Supreme Court upheld this huge expansion of government overreach. But this will energize the base and makes November far more important than yesterday. When the government can force you to buy a product we have lost every liberty we once took for granted. I can see November from the Supreme Court!

Leslie Eastman, SCTRC Media Director:  Basically, the US Supreme Court has said: “If you like your death panel, you can keep your death panel”.  I cannot understate how disappointing it is to see that Chief Justice John Roberts decided to side with the big-government oriented justices, and merely amend the poorly written law developed by both houses of Congress.  However, Roberts did leave us one clue on how we citizens can still fight back, as controlling healthcare is merely a front for controlling every other aspect of our lives.  His decision includes this passage:

The Framers created a Federal Government of limited powers, and assigned to this Court the duty of enforcing those limits. The Court does so today. But the Court does not express any opinion on the wisdom of the Affordable Care Act. Under the Constitution, that judgment is reserved to the people.

We will be issuing that judgment on Nov. 6th of this year.  SCOTUS has just lit a fire under every citizen activist I know.  We will be at the polls in November, and that will be our judgement.

Sarah Bond, SCTRC Co-Founder:  At this point, the solution can only be political. That means that our group, and Tea Party and Citizen Action organizations around the country, will focus on the fact that people will now be taxed.  In a country facing the poorest recovery following a steep recession since the Great Depression, in which people are scrambling to find money for basics, having more money taken in taxes is not a great re-election platform. In fact, this represents the largest tax increase in American history!  We will also identify candidates who will do what the Supreme Court failed to do – fully repeal Obamacare.

As Horemheb notes:  Employers will NOT be hiring more, in light of the decision.  There will be no gains in employment to run on.

As fellow SLOB WC NotesStock are tanking in wake of this decision.

UPDATE: Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh, formerly of Romania, details the horrors of free healthcare here:  The Supremes Have Spoken

For those of you who think communist health care is great because it is free, you are right. You get free euthanasia, free medicine that is in short supply, free denial of service, free denial of necessary lab tests, free long wait for emergency medical procedures, free care for illegals that you subsidize, and free rationing of care based on age and insufficient funding. When that happens to you, remember that your vote had consequences, which you did not foresee when you were carried away by the promise of “free” and “social justice.”

I am so sad because I now have to live again in a communist state similar to that which I had fled from decades ago. I will be subjected to the horrors of socialized medicine again. I have experienced it firsthand and I know what it does to people, but I was outvoted by millions of ignorant Americans and useful idiots.

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Dear Readers:  It is hard to express the joy I felt when hearing the news that Gov. Scott Walker rocked the recall election, blowing-out his challenger and sending a strong message about how taxpaying Americans feel about union thuggery.    At times, the written word just doesn’t suffice.  So, here’s an image that represents how I felt  last night:

I was delighted to see that Carl DeMaio will be in contention for Mayor this November, opposing the odious Bob Filner.   Fiscal sanity made a big return in the Golden State, as pension reform won not only in San Diego but it much bluer San Jose as well.  It seems our politically connected union-leader-lead-opponents, as in Wisconsin, are going to use the courts to challenge the voter-passed reform measures.   Current San Diego Mayor, Jerry Sanders, predicts that DeMaio will get the Walker-recall-treatment if he wins in November.

In fact, Californians are so unmoved by calls for tax hikes, they rejected the usually easy-to-pass “sin tax” on cigarettes to fund another behemoth bureaucracy.  It seems the vote was quite close, and the advocates are not conceding defeat.  I would like to think the California Tea Party Ballot recommendations put out by the San-Diego Local Order of Bloggers (SLOBs) were helpful in ensuring this tax-hike got spiked.  I can’t but think that the tax increases Brown intents to thrust on the ballot in November will get a similar treatment.  Interestingly, a pay panel is slashing the Governor’s salary, along with state lawmakers, by 5% starting this December.

Here are some related  thoughts from my fellow SLOBs:

Also, Charles Caesar has a nice round-up of other California June 5th election highlights:

In San Diego, during a conversation with a young establishment Republican, we commented, “we are tea partiers here to make sure the good guys win.” The look of alarm was on his face was disarmed by my friendly smile.

The election results were terrific with one major exception. First, the good news:

  1. Carl DeMaio, a San Diego mayoral Republican candidate and fiscal reformer won, but will be in a clearly defined run off against establishment Democrat Bob Filner.
  2. State Proposition 29. Increased cigarette taxes failed with 51% voting against.
  3. San Diego Proposition A. Bars the city from requiring Project Labor Agreements on municipal construction contracts passed decisively (58%)
  4. San Diego Proposition B. Reformation of  San Diego City Employee Retirement Benefits passed overwhelmingly (66%).
  5. El Cajon Proposition D. Proposed Charter City passed (57%). Grants the city of El Cajon increased flexibility in it’s budget.

The bad: State Proposition 28. The deceptively worded expansion of term limits was passed.

Getting back to the video highlights:

And, if all of this awesomely awesome news weren’t enough, there seems to have been a major defection in the Democratic Party: BILL CLINTON HAS GONE ROGUE.  Hillary is 44 has the absolute best analysis on this subject:

Bill Clinton’s candidates badly beat up Obama’s candidates last night in the primaries. Bill Clinton in the past week declared he “liked” Donald Trump (you know the guy who beats up on Obama and regularly calls Obama a Kenyan), trumpeted Mitt Romney’s “sterling” business record, demanded the election discourse be a Bain-free zone, and put down a marker for Obama to state specifically what he has done and what he will do if reelected.

Bill Clinton is no dope and Bill Clinton has been running campaigns since the George McGovern days. Bill Clinton knows more than anyone about campaign messaging and Bill Clinton knows that what he has done is take an ax to the Obama campaign message.

Finally, no celebration is complete without the HITLER PARODY VIDEO.  Word Warrior has the Youtube, with a fabulous take on last night’s events:   Civil Servants are supposed to serve the public; not lord it over them. But over time, the roles have become reversed; with the public seen by Unions and their hand-picked politicians as a cash-cow to be milked to dry.  Well, in most states the cow is running dry!

Yes, the Tea Party scored major victories yesterday — even in this sapphire blue state.  Truly, this is the first day of November 2012.

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Dear Readers: I had a wonderful opportunity to chat with a savvy citizen activist and popular BlogTalkRadio host Silvio Canto Jr. Silvio is based out Dallas, Texas; his show has a sizable audience there as well as many listeners across the nation — including the People’s Republic of California.

Dallas-based Host Silvio Canto Jr.

During the show I was on, Silvio was comparing and contrasting Spain and California, noting the similarities between the fiscally irresponsible policies both governments were following and the likely full-of-fail consequences. I had him in stitches, telling him I might be one of many other Californians coming out to Texas soon. (Click HERE for the podcast; my interview starts about minute 30).

I also had him chuckling over the success of my “Operation Counteract” and my increasingly popular idea for disgruntled California Dems and Non-declareds to write-in “Mickey Mouse” for the Democratic Nominee. As a reminder, this is Operation Counteract:

This is directed at Blue Dog Democrats (such as myself), as well as PUMAs, independents and other Americans who may not be able to, or inclined to, participate in the GOP primary.


So far, a summary of Operation Counteract Results show that Obama is losing about 20% of the Democrat vote in blue state and 40% or more in red states.

I think you can all thank Operation Counteract for the fact that… Nobody is challenging Obama in the primaries–and doing surprisingly well.  Money quote: Unlike the recently re-elected presidents, Obama does not have the full support of his party.

I am looking forward to our primary results on June 5th, to see what our primary numbers might be! Silvio has invited me to return for a future show — dealing with Women in Politics/2012. It should be fun!!

Here is more enticing news from the Golden State:

  • A mountain lion is shot dead in Santa Monica.  For those of you have been following, I am big on letting hunters start going after mountain lions again, as they are becoming increasingly habituated to humans and viewing us as prey.  This is just the most recent example, which includes sightings around schools in Rancho Bernardo.
  • In California, the Canary is dead:  On the astonishing level of domestic migration out of California.
  • Hollywood Seeks Taxpayer Subsidies:  Yes, because they need a tax break to donate to progressives and their causes, and you don’t need the money to support your family or your ideals.  Toxic levels of hypocrisy in this.
  • Service Tax Proposal:  Because our Assembly has decided that an income tax is just not enough for those of us with a service-based business.
  • Vallejo, CA goes bankrupt and reinvents itself.Via Shrine-friend, Mark Meckler — regular Californians get to decide spending priorities. Innovative, that.

May God have mercy on us:  When we finally go bankrupt, none of our compatriots in the other 56-states will do so.

NOTE: Silvio prepared this piece for “American Thinker”, which I wanted to share with you — What if they had an election and Hispanics voted for something other than immigration?

My impression is that Hispanics are not a single issue group. They live in the same US economy that other Americans do. They have sons in Afghanistan, too. They send their kids to failing public sector schools run by teachers’ unions that overwhelmingly support Dem candidates. Polls show that Hispanics are pro-life and favor traditional marriage, or one man and one woman. Hispanics are also very religious and can not be happy with the Obama administration “mandating” Catholic hospitals to discuss abortion with patients.
Last, but not least, I think that most Hispanos like me (naturalized citizens) are specifically aware of the value of “the rule of law” to a country. Most of us have seen our countries overrun by arbitrary and selective application of the law. All you have to do is look “south of the border” to see how corruption has hurt Mexico. Or look at Chavez’ Venezuela for crony capitalism. Or look at how Argentina has been hurt by a political class that takes care of its friends at the expense of the rule of law.

At the same time, look how a respect for the rule of law has helped Chile and turned around Colombia.

I will say it again. I don’t believe that immigration will drive Hispanics to vote this fall.

I think that this is the election that we blow up the myth that Hispanos are “talking immigration” from dawn to dusk.


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WELCOME INSTAPUNDIT READERS!  And many thanks to the Shrine’s #1 Patron!  Please click on these for recent ancient Egypt-oriented and California-primary specific posts.

Dear Readers: I wanted to report on the amazing success of OPERATION COUNTERACT, which is the Democrat’s alternative to Professor Jacobson’s/Legal Insurrection’s OPERATION COUNTERWEIGHT!As a reminder as to what OPERATION COUNTERACT is:

This is directed at Blue Dog Democrats (such as myself), as well as PUMAs, independents and other Americans who may not be able to, or inclined to, participate in the GOP primary.


Let’s review some OPERATION COUNTERACT successes:

Friends, Americans, California Democrats — lend me your eyes. I come to bury Obama, along with our friends in New Hampshire, West Virgina, and North Carolina. Are you going to tolerate Team Obama’s cynically political moves, distractions, and “War on Women“?

The Goddess of Capitalism officially nominates MICKEY MOUSE as the designated write-in choice for the June 5th California Democratic Primary!

I now offer you some of my most persuasive arguments:

1) THERE IS ALREADY A MICKEY MOUSE FOR PRESIDENT MOVEMENT….so some Americans already see the sense in this choice!

2) Mickey Mouse is an icon of the successful practice of CAPITALISM. He lives it, he loves it, and he does not belittle it.

3) Mickey Mouse strongly supports our military men and women; he is not likely to say that the troops are “fighting on my behalf“. Mickey honors our service men and women for sacrifices made on behalf of all Americans.

BONUS — Mickey Mouse will get badass on our foes!!!

(MUT aside: NoOneofAnyImport features some wonderful vintage ads featuring men and women, and presents them in homage to the Other McCains’s “Offend a Feminist Week” project.)

4) First Lady!!! Fans of Michelle’s Mirror will recognize the immediate upgrade we get in sense of style if Minnie Mouse becomes the First Lady! Bonus — Minnie is proud of her country, too.

5) JOBS, JOBS, JOBS!!!! As a Californian, I would like to point out Mickey Mouse is actually creating employment in California. Team Obama, not so much. And recent employment numbers show that Obama’s policies are not likely to promote meaningful expansion in employment in this state or any other in the near future — even with tons a statistical manipulation.

6) Disney Parks: HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH. Contrast that with Obama, who has a “Misery Index” worse than Jimmy Carter’s.

I hope I have made a solid case for Mickey Mouse. One June 5th, I hope my fellow California Democrats will join me in writing in an alternative to Obama in percentages as least as great as those in our sister states.

In conclusion, I am looking forward to this conversation on Nov. 7th 2012: MUT, Obama has just been defeated in a landslide. What are you going to do?


SLOB Stories:

Members of the San-Diego Local Order of Bloggers have been commenting on Obama’s “evolution” on gay marriage and “coming out of the closet“.  I would feel remiss if I didn’t add a comment or two, given that I am slated to be interviewed on the subject shortly by the San Diego Union Tribune.

I have these three items to contribute to this discussion:

1) As one-in-size of Obama’s money “bundlers” is gay, and the sudden release of funds was rehearsed and a desperate maneuver for a campaign that is not getting donations at the levels they were expecting. In a nutshell: When having to decide between a heavily unemployed black community opposed to gay marriage, and a wealthy gay community, Obama went green.

2) Hillary is 44 offers need-to-know background for point #1:

Enter Jonathan Lewis. In June of 2009 we advised women, Jews, and gays to “wake up”. We noted that the organizations supposedly established to fight for these groups were more interested in defending Barack Obama than in their mission statements. We recently noted this pro Obama hypocrisy was also evident in the actions of environmental groups and labor unions – they’re more interested in protecting/helping Barack Obama than in their own constituents. Jonathan Lewis and a few gay leaders were the only ones that fought for the gay community and today their strategy threatens a meltdown of the Obama campaign. If other constituent groups learn from Jonathan and demand Obama act on their issues Obama will be caught between today’s Obama and the other Obamas from yesteryear and Obama “present” votes of convenience.

Who is Jonathan Lewis and why is he so important? Well for one thing Jonathan is the son of Peter Lewis and Peter Lewis is a very wealthy man. Peter Lewis (of “Flo” and Progressive Insurance) along with George Soros has been one of the rivers of money for the democratic left. This campaign season Peter Lewis has not been contributing money to help the Obama cause. Lewis’s money distributor Michael Vachon, has been dripping disdain on Obama’s pleas for Superpac money. Peter’s gay activist son Jonathan has been a thorn on Barack Obama’s side…

3) Ego (and I fully concur with PoliticalJunkieMom)

EdgeoftheSandbox notes the next issue for “evolution” — Polygamy!

To round out this section, Word Warrior offers a video featuring another disgruntled California Democrat (and my new favorite comedy star) Jon Lovitz.


UPDATE:  A big shout-out to Captain Capitalism, who sent a bunch of new readers my way today!!!  This Goddess will be totally adding you to the blogroll soon!!!

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Dear Readers:  Being an environmental health and safety professional, I am often called to assist companies preparing for agency inspections.  It is a very stressful time, as my clients strive to come into full compliance with arcane requirements and regulatory minutia that seems to have no bearing on science or common sense.  However, all of my clients work hard to create the healthiest environment and safest work place possible.  So, the Goddess of Flaming Capitalism is in a rage today over the tactless, soulless, vile words of an EPA bureaucrat:  Exciting new EPA enforcement method revealed: Single out a few offenders and crucify them

(Via Weasel Zippers and the Foundry) A video surfaced on Wednesday showing a regional administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency comparing his agency’s philosophy with respect to regulation of oil and gas companies to brutal tactics employed by the ancient Roman army to intimidate its foes into submission.

EPA’s “philosophy of enforcement,” said EPA’s Region VI Administrator Al Armendariz, is “kind of like how the Romans used to conquer little villages in the Mediterranean: they’d go into little Turkish towns somewhere, they’d find the first five guys they’d run into, and they’d crucify them.”

“That town was really easy to manage for the next few years,” Armendariz added.

I invite you to go to fellow SLOB Word Warrior for the video clip featuring this buffoon. UPDATE: HOT AIR recovers the video that the EPA seemingly wanted to have disappear. Yes, the EPA is covered in shame!!!!

I would have to strongly disagree with Armendariz on comparing post-crucifixion results. For you see, the Roman legions often restructured civic management so that there was even more prosperity (e.g. Roman Egypt was extremely productive, as can be attested to by the “Valley of the Golden Mummies” that were the burials of regular merchants and farmers). The Romans brought in a quasi-meritocracy, in which a slave could eventually become free and wealthy (e.g., Gaius Julius Zoilus, the freed slave of Julius Caesar who founded the affluent and cultured city of Aphrodisias). The Romans helped unify their world via language and culture. Hell, they even allowed children to work on farms!!!

There is no way in hell any of Rome’s post-takeover accomplishments resembles those of the Obama Administration’s. And to compare Rome’s bureaucratic efficiencies with those of of the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Labor, Transportation Security Agency (or most other government entities outside of our military) is incomprehensible. And, as a bonus, we now have cultural/race division galore. Instead of meritocracy, Team Obama imposes rampant crony capitalism.

Also, comare PAX ROMANA with POX OBAMA, with the legacy of the Arab Spring and all the other foreign policy chestnuts we will be dealing with for many years!!!

Check out the “If I wanted America to Fail” video via Lipstick Underground for more instances of ineptitude and incompetence that differentiates  the success trajectory of Rome versus the full-of-fail approach of Team Obama/Big Government Minions.

As another example to refute the Armendariz assertion, while Romans had problems dealing with their barbarian invasions, at least they didn’t sue the Governors of provinces that decided to stem the flow of invaders. SoCal Tax Revolt Coalition’s Dawn Wildman had a chance to opine today about the Supreme Court’s hearing on Arizona’s SB 1070:

San Diegans on high court’s take on Ariz. immigration law

This goes to a question of states’ rights, including whether a state has the right to maintain and keep its citizens safe and secure its borders.

We knew Justice Antonin Scalia may be on board for at least most of the law and even justices Clarence Thomas and John Roberts. With Justice Elena Kagan recusing herself, as she should, we could see a divided court at 4-4. I hope this isn’t the case.

The justices seemed worried about the effect of SB 1070 on the Fourth Amendment. They showed real due diligence when it comes to making sure the Constitution is followed in its totality and not just the parts one group or another would like to see supported. I was impressed with how Paul Clement (representing Arizona) handled the questions.

One of the most stunning and interesting aspects of the questioning revealed that the federal government does not seem to be enforcing current laws for dealing with illegal immigration. We are cautiously optimistic that Arizona’s law will remain and other states will then secure their borders.

I will admit that Obama has a certain celebrity complex, like Emperor Nero or Caligula. And Israel was a pain in Rome’s posterior, like it seems to be for Obama. But, I digress with these meaningless similarities.

At least the Roman senators had the decency to offer straight-up bribes for votes. Charles Caesar is following the story of a Spanish firm that is poised to be put in charge of this country’s electronic voting: Scytl… a [Spanish] company which purchased SOE and now will process U.S. election results overseas. From the Scytl About page and confirmed here…Prior to joining Scytl, Mr. Valles was Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer of GlobalNet, a NASDAQ publicly-traded telecommunications company headquartered in Chicago. A quick look at Obama donors from KPMG hits the jackpot. Four pages of Obama donors is definitive of Senior Manager Pere Valles’ team. Anyone who has worked in a consulting company can attest to the “birds of a feather” associations. While not a direct connection to Barack Obama, this is circumstantial evidence.

And while the Romans were game to eat nearly any living thing, including dormice in honey and brown bear, there is no evidence that Fido was on the menu.


As the data plainly indicate, Rome knew how to create wealth. And, despite the fact that Roman soldiers had little qualms about inflicting pain, I would also argue they showed more compassion during their crucifixions than the EPA does during theirs.

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Dear Readers:  It looks like Romney has become the “presumptive nominee” and Tea Party types, PUMAs, independent conservatives, and all other civil-liberty embracing Americans are now gearing up for the general election campaign.  My feelings?  Well, I had the famous scene from “The Ten Commandments” in my head, in which the lovely Nefertari heralds Moses’ return from war with flowers and adoration from her balcony:

It seems that while Romney was giving his best, and highly presidential, speech to essentially kick-off the General Election, the Once was “slow jamming” and making a complete buffoon of himself and pissing on the dignity of the office. Obama — here is some Egyptological advice I am going to give to you for free: Pharaoh Akhenaten had himself, his wife, and his family made the sole focus of worship in his country. It didn’t work out well for him, and it isn’t going to work out well for you, either. It’s not too late to learn a little grace and humility.

Anyway, my title today is an homage to Michelle’s Mirror, and how it alters that preposition in its humorous descriptions of the First Couple’s antics. It’s also a reminder that when Romney says something along the lines of “Obama is a nice guy“, the BUTT that follows negates all the platitudes and Romney is tactically excoriating Team Obama for all its failures.

Hat-tip: Michelle's Mirror

Interestingly, Moonbattery reports that Michelle Obama was the “mastermind” behind the attack on Ann Romney. But, I digress.

Via KT Cat, I would like to comment a Secular Apostate post that details Obama’s most outstanding achievement: THE WORST ECONOMIC RECOVERY IN HISTORY. Secular Apostate notes the basis for this fiscal washout — uncertainty. In fact, it is so bad, the illegal aliens are leaving for better economic opportunities. Furthermore, the failures permeate downward: WC Varones shows that even a massive FDA/Agriculture Dept. bureaucracy cannot seem to prevent Mad Cow disease. Though, if Obama does achieve re-election, I may strive to get Mad Cow disease — it would be less painful.

Other Failures:

1) Americans have lost a great deal of their personal liberties. This from Charles Caesar — President Obama has just signed HR 347, Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act of 2011, which makes Free Speech in the form of protesting near the Secret Service officially a felony. One year in jail should dissuade anyone from challenging the Secret Service’s new power to decide when First Amendment protections apply.

2) Americans are being harassed by Obama’s real “Civilian National Security Force” — aka, the TSA! Exhibit 631 – Weeping four-year-old girl accused of carrying a GUN by TSA officers after she hugged her grandmother while passing through security. Despite the fact our “War on Terror” is over, our 4 year olds are treated as terrorists. With my new metal hip, I really will have to give a great deal of thought before flying the friendly skies. Executives and employees of the airline industry should be concerned about the enormous loss of business the TSA is causing.

3) Race relations have gone to hell.

Hillary is 44 has another take on Romney’s campaign approach: THE NEW FAIR DEAL. As long as we get a new First Couple this November, it will be fair indeed.

For those of you on the anti-Romney train, I say this again (and will repeat myself, as needed, through the electy cycle): Given all the excrement I have listed above, if you wish to NOT vote or vote third party because of your ego or some sort of uncompromising principle, then have the gonads to pull the lever for Obama. It will be the same result, and I would respect you more.

I would also like to share an awesome post from NoOneofAnyImport, detailing her “Offend a Feminist Week” concept: In the midst of all this, here I am trying to prepare for Offend A Feminist week. And preparation I sorely need, for although I am female and therefore qualified in at least some respect to comment on All Things Feminine, my view of “feminism” as a field of sociological thought is about the same as my view of “psychiatry” as a field of medicine, which is to say I view them dimly and from as far away as possible, wearing my credulous face all the while.

I will really have to join her in a rant on this subject, soon.

A few videos to conclude this piece today. Lipstick Underground shares the viral “If I Wanted America to Fail” YouTube video. A must see, truly. And, the best way to conclude today’s Egypt-based opining is this oldie-but-goodie from the McCain campaign of 2008 — The One, featuring “The Ten Commandments”.

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Dear Readers:  My theme today is a rare chance for me to blend Egyptophila with citizen activism.  Last night, my beloved Horembeb and I had a passionate discussion about whether the Tea Party was dead, given some recent incidents (e.g., some recent poorly attended rallies, the GOP takeover of several national-level organizations).  Interestingly, Left Coast Rebel was leading a similar discussion around this same time:  Rumors of the Tea Party’s Death is Highly exaggerated.

I think the death of the Tea Party is highly exaggerated. Many are tired and dispirited. Most Tea Partiers have simply moved into underground Sons of Liberty liberty watch-guards. Instead of orchestrating historic national protests, they are in one way or another changing the nation from within the political system.

This made me recall some of the classic “Universal” horror movies, featuring “The Mummy”. During the Cycle of the Full Moon, the High Priest of Karnak would brew tana leaves, read from the “Book of the Dead”, and voila — the mummy was reborn.

Sarah Bond, my SoCal Tax Revot Coalition partner, and continued with the conversation that Horemheb and I had — deciding that most true Tea Parties has evolved into handling local issues, school boards, mayoral elections, voter fraud matters, and other items that were probably more valuable to limited government/fiscal sanity in the long run. After 2 plus years of activism, we realize the Tea Party truly comes alive during the “Election Cycle”. Basically, we now hold our rallies in the voting booth and during party conventions. Subsequently, most groups we know are gearing up for both the June election in California and the General Election on Nov. 6th of this year.

In fact, nationally known activist Mark Meckler has a “Waning Tea Party” series which pokes holes in various assertions of the elite politicos and legacy media about the Tea Party. Mark says: And yet still, every time I’m interviewed in the national media about the tea party, I’m asked if tea party enthusiasm is waning. Sometimes the interviewer will even tell me that the tea party is going away. But unlike them, I’m out here on the ground, traveling the country and meeting with activists. I’m living day to day inside of the movement and I see what’s gong on. The tea party movement is not going away. In fact, it’s becoming bigger, stronger and more organized. It’s maturing into a muscular political movement that is driving the entire country back to its founding principles.

In fact, I would like to give everyone a heads-up that we women of SoCal Tax Revolt Coalition are in the initial stages of planning a very special event, and we are targeting the time around the November election to hold it. Without giving too much away, the theme will correspond to countering the false War on Women” meme and highlight the fact that the TEA PARTY IS AMERICA’S GREATEST FEMINIST MOVEMENT.

I like to think of it like this (one of my very favorite scenes from one of my all time favorite “Mummy” movies):

All this “Tea Party Wake” news comes from non-participants and detractors who wish to see what that want to see, not what is. To quote the “Egyptian Book of the Dead” (aka, the Book of Going Forth by Day): “I am yesterday, today, and tomorrow, and I have the power to be born a second time. I am the divine hidden soul who created the gods and give sepulchral meals to the denizens of the deep, the place of the dead, and heaven.”

In the meantime, all the engaged activists I ever knew are raring to go for the upcoming elections. For example, the San Diego Local Order of Bloggers (SLOBs), are closer, more connected, and more involved than we were at the start of the Tea Party movement. I can only think that the same is true in many other areas, as long as groups are not being made into tools and minions of local political organizations and vile corruptocrats.

Here are some Tea Party items brewing in my sacred cup of tana:

Dead?  Hardly!  And to conclude, here is a YouTube I discovered while preparing this post.  It covers deleted scenes from the 1932 classic Universal movie, “The Mummy” with Boris Karloff.   It shows scenes of the lives of the oft reincarnated Princess Ankhsenamen (the great love of Imhotep/Boris Karloff).  These photos come from portions of the film that didn’t make the final version, but are a treasure to an Egyptophile such as myself.

For those with a more Roman History bent, check out KT Cat – So Much For The Noble Savage . For those of your who are more into Camelot and King Arthur, it is not too late to catch up with Word Warrior’s Age 0f Arthur series!!!

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Dear Readers:  When I created my homage to the real “Badass” site, little did I realize my second nominee would be a soft-spoken Mormon mother of 5.  How did this happen?

The set-up: A snarky liberal gadfly Hilary Rosen tweeted that Mitt Romney’s wife Ann had no place commenting on economics because she had never worked (and sounding remarkably like a male chauvanist pig of former decades while doing so — a most remarkable achievement).  America’s stay-at-home mom’s everywhere were shocked to discover that their thoughts on gas prices, food costs, consumer inflation, and other economic concerns are not germane to the discussion of any form of domestic economic policy formulation.  Interesting, because most of the mom’s I know have a fairly significant role in budget planning.  However, given Team Obama’s handling of budget matters, this type of inanity should be unsurprising coming from a 35-time White House cult-woshipper guest.

The take-home message from the White House that Rosen was supposed to push: Ann Romney has not worked a day in her life.

I think we can now carefully conclude, after the push-backs, double-downs, and White House clarifications, this tactic was full of fail. In fact, Dr. Jacobson has a “Tweet of the Day” that shows just how full of fail this has been.

Yep. Many of us, including the passionate feminist activist and independent/conservative pundit Tammy Bruce, have long recognized that Ann Romney makes a compelling partner, and would inspire many less-than-thrilled independent conservatives to pull the lever for Mitt this November. They make a loving, natural-acting, attractive team. Ann seems very modest and supportive, unlike the current FLOTUS. And, a quick google search of “Ann Romney” and “Secret Weapon” is illuminating.

Therefore, she must be Palinized and taken-out before the General Election begins, before Americans everywhere what an elegant, savvy, modest, intelligent role model Ann is for American women voters everywhere. Soon, there will be requests from the elite media for email reviews of Ann’s electronic correspondence, itemization of her clothing expenditures, and rumors of affairs.  How Ann would have time for affairs raising 5 boys is beyond me, but that is a lie that will surely crop up as it apparent that the Romneys make a very compelling team:  A stunning woman like Ann brings highlights the better qualities Mitt has that he may not highlight himself, just by being a loving partner.

However, it seems Ann is not going to roll over for this contemptible treatment. She quickly responded to Rosen’s inanity, detonating a resonating counter-attack in a classy, but totally badass-worthy, style. A clip of this daisy-cutter scale effective response can be found on HotAir, which adds this analysis that I thought was quite interesting.

What I like best about this interview is that Ann Romney saves her ire for one of Rosen’s more overlooked comments. Martha MacCallum plays a clip of the Obama insider saying this about Mitt Romney:

He seems so old-fashioned when it comes to women and I think that comes across and I think that that’s going to hurt him over the long-term because he doesn’t really see us as equals.

Ann responds with a slightly sterner voice, “Now, that does bother me.”

It bothers me, too. Just because Mitt supports stay-at-home motherhood, he doesn’t see women as equals? Sometimes, I think it’s women like Rosen who don’t think women are equal. If they did, they would recognize that it’s worth just as much to stay home with children as it is to work outside the home.

Yes, after this response, the fact that Ann is Mitt’s most effective weapon for votes from both sexes is pretty much out.

As I made a few new poltical-blog mom friends recently, I wanted to take a look at their opinions and views:

Before I sign off, another of my new poltical-blog mom friends, NoOneofAnyImport, passed on this gem, which covers the pain scale I detailed in my last post:   Boyfriend Doesn’t Have Ebola.  Probably.

0: Hi. I am not experiencing any pain at all. I don’t know why I’m even here.

1: I am completely unsure whether I am experiencing pain or itching or maybe I just have a bad taste in my mouth.

2: I probably just need a Band Aid.

3: This is distressing. I don’t want this to be happening to me at all.

4: My pain is not fucking around.

5: Why is this happening to me??

6: Ow. Okay, my pain is super legit now.

7: I see Jesus coming for me and I’m scared.

8: I am experiencing a disturbing amount of pain. I might actually be dying. Please help.

9: I am almost definitely dying.

10: I am actively being mauled by a bear.

11: Blood is going to explode out of my face at any moment.


I think we are going to have a 12 rating: Rosen’s heartache level, realizing that undermining Ann Romney was an epic tactical failure.

Badass Romney detonated the “War on Women” meme, and this is the first significant campaign mistake of the Election 2012 from Team Obama. This Goddess will prophesy: This will not be Team Obama’s last campaign blunder.

I will conclude with the Line of the Day, from Hillary is 44: If Sexism and Misogyny had a son – it would look just like Barack Obama.

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Dear Readers: Lipstick Underground and I had a “synching” of our cycles — our cycles of outrage, that is. Our opinion of the Obama Administration and liberal leadership, none too high to begin with, has sunk to Mariana Trench levels.

We are sick and tired of the elites thinking that women’s lives are centered around their reproductive organs. If access to abortion services survived the Reagan administration and contraception has been around since ancient Egypt, then anyone who votes based solely on either of these issues is extremely foolish.

Most women who vote are inclined to be more worried about the cost of gas and healthcare availability in an Obamacare world. However, Team Obama decided it would be a great idea to gin up a fake conflict, pitting poor, helpless co-eds against a heartless, soulless GOP.

How is this “War on Women” going? Lipstick Underground reports:

It’s the Economy, Stupid!

Both Democrat and Republican leaders completely miss the reason Obama’s approval numbers are down despite SlutGate.

I think the “War on Women” is more along the lines of the film, “Wag the Dog“: Since, the president does not seem to have much of a chance of being re-elected, one of his advisers contacts a top Hollywood producer in order to manufacture a war that the president can heroically end, all through mass media.

I can imagine the discussion now: I am sure it went along these lines:

Stanley Motss: The President will be a hero. He brought peace.
Conrad ‘Connie’ Brean: But there was never a war.
Stanley Motss: All the greater accomplishment.

It’s “Wag the Dog” on steroids!!! And it seems Bill Maher is the first “Friendly Fire” casualty.

So sad for Team Obama that this isn’t playing out quite this way. Another woman, Tammy Bruce, provides the baseline reason for Obama’s collapsing support numbers: Are We Better Off Than We Were 4 Years Ago? Uh, No.

(MUT Note:  It seems Obama is just aces “Warring on Women“; as a PUMA, I got a front-row seat to that barrage I will not soon forget.  But, I digress).

Lipstick Underground (aka Sarah Bond) and I were talking about her interview with the San Diego Union Tribune Reporter. The report is: Anger over spiking gas prices aimed at Obama.

Sarah Bond and her husband bought their home in Valley Center, about one hour from downtown San Diego, so their two young children could grow up close enough to nature yet not too far from their favorite destinations. But with gas prices soaring, they just don’t get out as much.

“It’s no more going to the beach, no more taking drives to the mountains. It’s school and groceries and what we could do at home,” Bond said. “We might as well live in Oklahoma for what it’s costing us.”

Bond, co-founder of the SoCal Tax Revolt Coalition, said she’s frustrated with lawmakers and the president for not making energy more accessible, “not exploiting our natural resources in the clean, environmentally sound way that only Americans can do,” she said.

In light of the “Managing Media as a Tea Partier” perspective I am offering, I asked Sarah what “got left on the cutting room floor”. Sarah noted that, due to the limits of print journalism, everyone quoted sounded “simplistic”. For example, Sarah detailed some of the complexities of international oil trade, referenced the Gulf of Hormuz, and mentioned her solar powered home.However, we both agree that the article was fairly accurate in presenting Tea Party attitudes.

Related to energy, a new friend of the Shrine (Teri O’Brien, who has the awesome title of America’s Original Conservative Warrior Princess), has a piece connecting beef consumption to global warming. No science is too wacky for state-based scientists. Check out: It’s Not Your Fault, Tubby. It’s “Climate Change.” Teri has a BlogTalkRadio Show I will be checking out: The Teri O’Brien Show

To conclude this treatise on what voting women really think, especially in terms of mainstream media “reports”, here is the dynamic Kira Davis discussing the Soledad O’Brien hysterics over tweets mocking her “Critical Race Theory” pwning by Breitbart.com editor-in-chief Joel Pollak. Soledad wants us to stop tweeting her:

I would ask ladies to consider this about the current GOP line-up for President: The likely nominee, Mitt Romney, was quite befuddled when ABC debate host George Stephanopoulos asked about states banning contraceptives. In fact, take a good look:

I ask you: Does Mitt really look like he cares about your lady parts?

Here is a helpful hint, regarding the women’s vote, that future Presidential advisers would be smart to keep in mind:

Despite rumors to the contrary, the organ that we use when voting is this:


SLOB Stories

And to conclude, Mark Meckler’s piece sums it up: When Casual Sex Requires a State Welfare Program…We’re Doomed


An update to take me back to my Egyptology roots. I wanted to take this opportunity to wish everyone a HAPPY PI DAY! I also wanted to share that the one of the earliest known approximations of pi date from around 1900 BC, found in the Egyptian Rhind Papyrus. Though the ancient Egyptians didn’t know the value of pi, they seem to have used an approximation during construction of the pyramids at Giza, Abusir, and Medium. So, even more reason to love this day! 🙂

Hat-tip: aloha.net

Too bad many modern Egyptians are keen on destroying their ancient heritage.

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