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Dear Readers: A quick show note — I will be on Canto Talk with Dawn Wildman today covering the travesty that is the California Election Outcome. As far as I can see, only two clear silver linings.

1) Barack Obama can’t get re-elected again.
2) The inane food labeling regulation got a big now.

Other that that: I welcome our new statist overlords.</
Meanwhile, I have a report from Professor Athena, the Shrine’s “Finance Insider”:


The most expensive and most would also argue the most divisive Presidential race in our nation’s history is over, and after digesting the results and demographics of voter groups, one thing stands out. The makeup of who decides elections in our United States has changed. Unlike so many conservatives who express bitterness and anger, I find myself sad. I am truly grieved over the path that has been so painfully chosen.

Young people tend to be more liberal, simply because it is much easier to believe theoretically in how ideal expensive social programs are, how easy it is just to live in peace with all mankind, and how “fair” things should be. Until maturity and reality of situations in young peoples’ lives and experiences change their idealized views, those opinions prevail. This happened to my own generation in the highly idealistic 1970’s, when we worked to stop a war, gain the vote for 18-year-olds, win equal treatment and wages for women, and depose a President who was proven to be a liar to the American people. Like we see with young people today, we wanted our own way with sexuality, drugs, anarchy. Until, that is, we went to work.

The affluence of our first real reform generation has been nothing short of astounding. Not only did we watch as teenagers the sweeping changes in civil rights and the 14th Amendment, we also watched Roe v. Wade and Title IX. We watched the Cold War evolve into the eventual fall of the Berlin Wall and collapse of communism in the USSR. We had families and continued earning money and amassing wealth. As a group we earned much more than our parents. In fact, our earnings eclipsed exponentially that of our parents who fought and won WWII, the “greatest generation”. You might call ours the “wealthiest generation”. The generation after us earned less than we did (factoring in today’s costs and overall economy). The current generation, despite being better educated, cannot find enough jobs. They will earn much less, have a lower standard of living as a group, with much reduced chances for improvement over their parents’ achievements. They voted overwhelmingly for that on Tuesday. This is what I find sad.

The demographic shift we are now seeing is the biggest single factor driving changes we see taking place in America. Going forward, the national political conversation will not be about the “little things”. It will not be about free birth control, or legalizing marijuana, or what is “marriage”. It will all be about how there is not enough money. As it currently is in Europe. You can go to http://www.heritage.org/issues/retirement-security to read in detail about the threat of retirement programs’ costs. The baby boom generation may not be what turned this election, but we will be taking all the dollars out of the hands of those who did turn the vote for Obama to fund our retirement, along with our health care. As any life insurance actuary will explain, the biggest amount of health care dollars are statistically expended in the last 6 months of a person’s life. Health insurance costs are not going to go down, and especially not under Obamacare. Young people and minorities who think they voted for “free stuff”, as one major political news pundit terms it, will find they voted themselves the most expensive bill they have ever imagined. A decade from now, the baby boomers will no longer be earning. The “wealthiest generation” will have moved to senior citizenry, many drawing on public pensions younger people will still be working to pay for, using health care dollars and expensive services young people will be working to fund, and they will be drawing on their savings and potential estates to supplement what the inevitable rationed health care will not cover hence Obamacare.

The current “fiscal cliff” is to be sure a threat, most specifically to the credit ratings and continued deficit borrowing of the United States government and its currency. Congress may or may not find a solution. Yet it pales in comparison to the larger burden of the cost of an expanding federal government alongside a growing percentage of population who pay no federal taxes. Sooner of later, this “pushing on a string” no longer works, unless there is a reversal in the amount of tax revenue. This could happen, but only if economic growth exceeds 4% GDP, creating new wealth among the current working population. The longer deficit borrowing continues, the greater the pain threshold, and the more difficult to reverse. It will be magnified when (note that I did not use, “if”) interest costs for our deficit borrowing rise, something that has already occurred in Europe. By way of comparison, our 10-yr. Treasury is yielding about 1.70%, while Spain’s is yielding about 5.80%. We have yet to experience a “credit crisis” as they have. But, California and Illinois are our Greece and Spain.

The current generation of young people are being told they can improve their economic circumstances by borrowing from the federal government to attend college. While attending college is certainly a worthy goal, this choice is a sinister camouflage of “free government money” that is not fully explained to most of them. Student loan debt (FFELP) is NOT forgivable under bankruptcy law. Those who make that decision will therefore owe student loan debt that burdens them over several decades. Indeed, the current President and First Lady actually bragged to young voters that they had just paid off their own student loan debt eight years ago! This in sharp contrast to the “wealthiest generation” who largely did not borrow money that had to be paid back to creditors in order to attend college.

The U.S. credit crisis is almost irreversible at this point, and it should be said that the results of this Presidential election might not have done much to change its course. But, one thing is now more certain. As the “wealthiest generation” leaves the workplace in the largest exodus of earning power (and taxable current income) our nation has ever experienced, the generation who overwhelmingly voted for Obama can face the inevitable decline in their standard of living knowing they asked for it all.

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Dear Readers: Needless to say, my projections of a Romney landslide sadly did not occur. Fortunately, I was with a good group of friends — the SLOBs (San-Diego Local Order of Bloggers) — as the sad national and state results came in. IN fact, one of the best moments was hanging out at the Grant Hotel briefly with Lipstick Underground.

It turns out LU studied dance, and I did some professional dancing. She was the one who recommended Zumba to me, which has been a godsend. So, after a fitful night of sleep and disappointment, I kicked into high gear and went for a session. My mood picked up so much, that the rest of my analysis will be peppered with fun dance-oriented videos to lift the spirit. Here is something I was saving for the big win, but perhaps will lighten hearts now:

LU hopes that the liberal ladies are enjoying free contraception, because in 2014 our healthcare system is going to hell in a hand basket. In fact, our hero Captain Capitalism as a few things to say about the liberal ladies who voted for Obama.

No Rings for Liberal Women

In short, women, especially single women, heavily prefer to vote for socialism.

I don’t think they even know why beyond a “I want to help the children” or “spending money on the unfortunate sounds nice.” Subconsciously, even consciously, though, I believe they also like the idea of having a father/husband/provider figure in the form of the government in that it not only fulfills the financial-provider role, but there is no payment or consequences for such services. They need not to commit to any one man. They need not to be held to a certain set of standards by any one man. They need not rear their own children nor pay for their children. 100% freedom with 0% responsibility. In short, no earthly man can compete with the metaphorical “Supreme State Alpha Man” because we (unlike the state) do not have access to the entire financial resources of a $15 trillion economy.

As of today, this Goddess is taking Captain’s advice:


I will be having a lot more to say about feminist theology and its corrosive impact on Capitalism in future posts.

Turning back to my evening with the SLOBs, another favorite moment came when Word Warrior distracted me from the election results by turning the channel to a replay of the historic George Foreman/Mohammad Ali fight, giving me the background and details on the style. I do love a good history lesson — and I have a feeling this election will offer historic lessons. But, I digress. Suitably, Word Warrior offers a boxing analogy in his analysis today:

“We have an expression in prize fighting: Everyone has a plan until they’ve been hit. Well my friend, you’ve just been hit. The getting up is up to you.” Ghost and the Darkness (1996); Michael Douglas’ character, hunter Charles Remington, to Val Kilmer’s character, Col. John Patterson

There is no disputing that we conservative Americans took one on the chin last night. Our fond expectations of a Romney landslide victory went up like so much smoke. The best man did not win; but in the real world of adults, that sometimes happens.

Perhaps this can become some sort of conservative “rope-a-dope“, allowing the forces of progressivism, political correctness, and statism to expend themselves into oblivion in the next 4 years? Which brings be to W.C. Varones’ post:

America chooses Socialism!

America has embraced socialism. And what’s done will not be undone. A continuing expansion of the dependency state will create a permanent voting majority for more dependency. More crony capitalism will direct more wealth to the politically connected, who will in turn use that wealth to further entrench their benefactors.

Beers with Demos comments on one of the saddest losses of the evening: We’re at a loss to explain Bob Filner’s victory over Carl DeMaio for San Diego’s mayor post. Two ballot measures on pension reform and labor contracting that won handily in June were vigorously supported by DeMaio. That should have been a leading indicator, right? That and the endorsement of a popular outgoing mayor. We honestly felt DeMaio would walk away with this thing by about 10 points so we guess we have some explaining to do ourselves.

B-Daddy features a Lord of the Rings video…which seems appropriate as we all live in Mordor now.

Across the country, our New York compatriot Lonely Conservative is following the extremely close NY-24 race, and also has a review of a detestable analysis made by Mr. Tingles himself: I’m so glad we had that storm last week because I think the storm was one of those things. ….The storm brought in possibilities for good politics.

I would like to ask Glenda Moore what she thinks about good storm politics:

A Staten Island mother is grieving the loss of her two young sons who were swept away during Hurricane Sandy. Searchers found the bodies of Brandon, 2 and Connor, 4, in marshland about 30 yards from where they went missing Monday.

KT Cat offers his predictions as to what will happen in 2014 and 2016.

It is all very depressing and deflating. The Republicans continue to fail at messaging among key demographic groups. For example, the local GOP had a party that featured a Dixie band. Not really something that would appeal to all sorts of voters, including young ones that contributed 80 electoral votes to Team Obama. My Zumba teacher played this today, and it made me feel so much better.

It seems Gangham style was the HOT Halloween Costume this year. Something like this should have been at the party. It is this sort of thing that might just attract a second look.

Finally, Legal Insurrection’s Professor Jacobson has a review of the status of “Operation Counterweight” elections.. A few successes — but it would be more helpful in the future if Tea Party candidates stuck to fiscal matters and didn’t get entangled in social issues in general elections!

I am blessed to be part of the Professor’s College Insurrection team. It gave me some motivation to be proactive, as the best way to get through the progressive hell we have unleashed is to keep going really, really fast!!!

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Dear Readers: A ton of great news coming out today, in terms of polling that shows Team Romney is poised to win. Two words for you:


So, courtesy of Tammy Bruce, with that in mind, here is my music mix to celebrate:


Hello again it’s me
Your shoulder’s where I sit
The half, nobody sees
Of a silent partnership
I am here your help at hand

I’m never far away
The clear view from where I stand
I’ll be there if you need me
I am your helping hand
My words, you’ve heard them all before
It’s only for the sake of love

It’s gonna be a new day for you
A new day for you
The stars have played their part
The past is gone and done
I have more faith in love
Best is yet to come

So what if this I here
You deserve a break
Take time to think it out
Don’t make a new mistake
( From: http://www.elyrics.net/read/b/basia-lyrics/new-day-for-you-lyrics.html )
I am here your help at hand

It’s gonna be a new day for you
A new day for you, a new day for you, a new day for you
The stars have played their part
The past is gone and done
I have more faith in love
Best is yet to come

My words you’ve heard them all before
It’s only for the sake of love
The stars have played their part
The past is gone and done
I have more faith in love
The best is

It’s gonna be a new day for you
A new day for you, a new day for you, a new day for you
It’s gonna be a new day for you
A new day for you, a new day for you, a new day for you

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Dear Readers: While I don’t normally discuss my faith on this website, a few news items hit the inbox this week that give me good hope that Catholics, especially in the key battleground states of Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and (dare I hope) Michigan will pull the lever for Team Romney this Tuesday.

It also gives be an opportunity to share a photo of the Young Prince, who went through his “Arrow of Light” ceremony and now is officially a Boy Scout. You will note his arrow has 3 purple bands — one for the Father, one for the Son, and one for the Holy Ghost. Of all the achievements he is has accomplished, he is most proud of earning the Catholic “Parvuli Dei” religious emblem — so the faith band is the largest on his arrow.

Catholics Turn on The One

Yesterday, the Romney campaign told reporters that it expected to win at least some of the “blue states” in which it is now competing with Obama in the Midwest, including Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. The campaign did not give a specific reason for its optimism, but one thing these states have in common is a high proportion of Catholic voters. And Catholic voters have shifted dramatically towards Mitt Romney.

In September, the left and the media were exultant when the Pew poll seemed to show a surge for Obama among Catholic voters. He led by fifteen points, 54-39.

Today, that bubble has burst completely, and Obama is back down to a two-point lead, 48-46. (Few headlines this time from the mainstream media.)

Bishop orders priests to read anti-Obama letter at Sunday sermons

Joining the chorus of Roman Catholic clergy in Illinois criticizing President Barack Obama before next week’s election, Peoria Bishop Daniel Jenky ordered priests to read a letter to parishioners on Sunday before the presidential election, explaining that politicians who support abortion rights also reject Jesus.

“By virtue of your vow of obedience to me as your Bishop, I require that this letter be personally read by each celebrating priest at each Weekend Mass,” Jenky wrote in a letter circulated to clergy in the Catholic Diocese of Peoria.

In the letter, Jenky cautions parishioners that Obama and a majority of U.S. senators will not reconsider the mandate that would require employers, including religious groups, to provide free birth control coverage in their health care plans. “This assault upon our religious freedom is simply without precedent in the American political and legal system,” Jenky wrote.

I would like to give a shout-out and a big thank you to B-daddy, whose Weekend Music Chill is a homage to All Saints Day (which I celebrated at Ascension Catholic Parish, praying for many things — including the intersession of all my favorite saints for my family, friends and Team Romney).

Tomorrow, I will come back with a MUT MUSIC MIX that features my theme song of the week.

I would like to give a CANTO TALK shout-out, first to my dearest hero – Captain Capitalism, who has prepared a great post I will discuss more on Monday: A LESSON IN ECONOMICS FOR IMMIGRANTS. Since a good many immigrants are Catholics, a timely topic indeed! He will be on Canto Talk this afternoon to discuss (Click HERE for podcast).

KT Cat, one of my favorite Catholic pundits, has a great video posted: Dog the Wag.

Beers with Demos notes that Team Obama has been going with the unchristian concept of Revenge, on his post about Twitter trends.

To conclude, especially after the Templar’s music link, I would like to direct everyone to the post that touches upon battles, Chivalry, and a little bit of faith: Word Warrior’s next “Age of Arthur” installment.

Hail Mary, Full of Grace — I have been saying at least a decade of the Rosary for the Romnneys and Ryans since Oct. 1st, and will continue to do. Please, do what you can as well — fingers on the keyboard, boots on the ground, ballots in the box.

UPDATE: Ouch!… Only 45 People Show Up for Catholics For Obama Rally

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Dear Readers: A quick post to wish everyone a happy start to the Halloween Week.  Horemheb, the Young Prince and I are off to the Poway Rodeo for the Tournament of the Phoenix.  It should be quite an experience for this Egyptophile!

Meanwhile, I have some great posts to share from some of my own Knights in Shining Armor!

From Captain Capitalism – his thoughts on the continuing battle with extreme feminists: Why Communism Killed the American Muse

While a higher percentage of my posts could be deemed “Manosphere” the reality is that economics and The Manosphere (or the fight against feminism) are actually one and the same. And not only are they one and the same, I contend the most cutting-edge, evolutionary developments in economics are not in central banking, nor international finance, nor the demise of fiat currency. The furthest, most deepest front lines of this economic war between communism and freedom is where The Manosphere and feminism are duking it out.

Right off the bat it is not obvious how battling feminism is related, let alone, part of economics, let alone “the cutting-edge” of economics. And in all intellectual honesty it wasn’t until I sat down to figure out this post did I realize how they are indeed one and the same. But what originally alluded me to think the two were related was the fact my “transition” from economics to “Manosphere” was very natural. So natural, I didn’t even realize it was happening. So natural my readers didn’t know it was happening. All of the sudden my blog, as well as others, were writing about both economics and the Manosphere, suggesting the two were at minimum VERY closely related and tied together, at least philosophically.

B-Daddy – On the Democrats Battling with Themselves: Democrats Against Obama

I ask Democrats to pause a moment and think about what their support for Obama means for their party.  While everyone gets some partisan fever at this time in the election cycle, I think that Democrats have a lot to lose with Obama’s re-election.  Here are a few key issues.

  • ACA.  The Affordable Care Act will continue to be an albatross around the Democratic party’s collective neck. Time will reveal all of the sops to big insurance and big pharma that went into the bill.  It will eat into the party’s desired reputation as being against the excesses of big business.  When your party is seen as the party of both Big Business and Big Government you are toast.  Look at the 2006 Congressional elections and what happened to Republicans.  Opinion polls had shifted and found the GOP to be seen as the party of big government in polls and they got shellacked.
  • ACA. Again, because you know in your heart that countless regulations embedded in the law will drive up the cost of health care and tarnish government with the same heartless image that is now enjoyed by the insurance companies.  Being tied to the eventual demise of quality health care is not in the Democratic party’s best interest.  You would be better served by a repeal, after which you could propose a much simpler bill that prevented discrimination due to pre-existing conditions, guaranteed portability and subsidized insurance for those above the poverty line but still in lower income brackets.  Even though I don’t agree with this platform, it is guaranteed to be more popular than the ACA.
  • Kill lists, drone hits, never ending involvement in overseas wars.  Obama has sucked all the oxygen out of your heartfelt desire to be anti-war.  But how can the Democrats do so when they have a President that is continuing huge portions of the Bush foreign policy.  In fact, the Obama National Security Strategy could almost have been written by Rumsfeld.

Kevin Dujan — AN ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT MUST READ ESSAY ON THE UPCOMING DEMOCRATIC CIVIL WAR!!! DOOM ANTIDOTE: The Democrats’ Civil War Between the Factions of the Clinton Restoration and the Obama Remnant Begins November 7th, 2012

I’m amazed that few conservative writers seem to understand this, but the Democrat Party has been engaged in a protracted Civil War for many years now…I’d say going back to at least 2004. This internal struggle culminated in 2008, with the Leftist faction shunting aside the moderate Clintons and instead insisting Barack Obama be the party’s standard bearer in the last election (because the Left knew Hillary would do what she thought best as president, not what the Left demanded of her…while Obama would be a weaker and more malleable figurehead of a president). The Left held absolute power from 2008-2010 and did every crazy thing it wanted to do, after being exiled in the political wilderness for many years and FINALLY (at long last) having the ability to put into real-life practice every insane scheme these people concocted in academia since the Carter administration.

We all know what happened next, because Americans saw how far Left the Democrats veered and punished the party at the polls in the midterm elections. That was just a warmup, though, because on November 6th voters are going to decimate the Democrat Party with the largest rebuke in modern American political history. The Left’s pretending this isn’t happening because there never was a “Plan B” for these people; their whole operating agenda is predicated on the fact that the lefties are so much smarter than the rest of the country and that the way they intend to transform America (into a more European socialist style of country where the government decides what’s best for people) must be forced on Americans so that they can ultimately see how great it all is. The Left has normally maneuvered behind the scenes in quiet ways, pushing a little socialism here and the destruction of family units there…but under Obama they were allowed to not only let their masks slip but remove them completely and go absolutely hog wild during the Obama regime. The Left never anticipated defeat because it thought once it had the levers of power it would never allow them to slip away again…and the Left didn’t anticipate Americans YANKING back that power (and hopefully never again in our lifetimes allowing the Left to have it again).

K-T has a graphic that illustrates the LOGICAL CONCLUSION TO OBAMA’S CAMPAIGN FOR WOMEN’S VOTES. Warning — the graphic is THE SCARIEST ILLUSTRATION I COULD SHOW YOU DURING THE 2012 HALLOWEEN SEASON. WC Varones offers another graphic, also suited to the season but a little more humorous.And Beers with Demo shares an awesome political cartoon that relates to an absolutely horrendous tragedy and the fact we have an “Invisible Press”.

Finally, at his Deadliest Blogger Military History Page, Word Warrior offers the next installment of his “Age of Arthur” series — showing what a group a real heroes can do!

Arthur had arrived at Badon Hill, come fresh from his victories in the North against outlaws and Angle pirates (remembered by Nennius as the 10th and 11th of “Arthur’s Twelve Battles”: the Battles of the River Tribruit and the Hill of Agned). Atop Solsbury/Badon Hill, he could clearly see the Saxons swarming below the walls of Badon, less than two miles away.

Finally, to all my heroes out there:

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Dear Readers:  Last night, I had a great discussion with President of the Citizens for Self Governance President Mark Meckler and CANTO TALK’s Silvio Canto Jr.  Today, I want to share with you an OPEN LETTER TO BOB FILNER, the San Diego Democratic Party Mayoral candidate who smeared citizen activists with his most recent ad.


Congressman Filner:

In your latest attempt to undermine Carl DeMaio in the San Diego Mayor’s race, you have demeaned the citizens you ask to represent.

As the founders of the original Tea Party in San Diego, we are aghast at your latest commercial.  In it, you clearly demonize those who actually hold you responsible, as a Congressman with federal budgetary responsibilities, for spending their taxpayer dollars. And while you may omit the truth from such advertisements, we will not allow your claims to stand unchallenged.

Therefore, here is a list of facts we now share with our fellow San Diegans:

  1. The Tea Party is in no way keeping women from seeking or obtaining any reproductive service they can now legally receive in the United States — nor do we support any efforts to do so. Social issues are not part of our fiscally conservative agenda. We support, instead, the First Amendment, and dry attempts to force religious institutions to go against their faith and tenets. Here is part of the oath you took as a Congressman: “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support the Constitution of the United States.”  Shockingly, it includes this particularly key amendment.
  2.  We are not trying to take healthcare away from every American.  We believe that the better way to address problems related to medical care availability is through free market solutions.  Furthermore, we do not support regulations that force a specific product on citizens or penalize them for not buying said product.  Additionally, as it relates to health care, we ask this question of you: Why did you vote for a plan that takes $716 Billion dollars away from the program that the thousands of seniors you profess to represent have come to rely upon?
  3. We admit freely that we wish to close the Department of Education. We stand for smaller, more sensible government.  Test scores show that nationalizing education has been a failure.  Also, massive amounts of money are squandered in redundant programs and personnel.  These results makes the Department of Education comparable to other government run programs, like the US Post Office and Amtrak, which spend considerably above budget and/or do not deliver an adequate standard of service. We believe tax dollars going for education should remain at the state and local level, and that our state and its cities are better placed to direct programs that ensure a solid scholastic future for our children.

Frankly, you have lost all touch with what average citizens face every day with the high cost of gasoline, housing and health care. For example, we do not forget the “reasonable profits tax” you proposed for gasoline, which would have resulted in horrendous price increases for Americans just because you want to promote green-energy crony capitalism.  Furthermore, we are very aware that your donors include special interest groups such as labor unions, certain health care industry services, and teachers unions.

Simply put, your special interests are not in the best interests of San Diego citizens.  We wish to remind our fellow citizens of this fact.


The co-founders of the Southern California Tax Revolt Coalition:

Sarah Bond

Dawn Wildman

Leslie Eastman

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Dear Readers: There has been tons of opinion about the third presidential debate, which I thought Republican challenger Mitt Romney won by being……presidential. While some conservative pundits complained that Romney’s approach seemed too mild and agreeable, I am going to have to agree with Hillbuzz pundit Kevin Dujan — this was a genius battle tactic:

Romney clearly was looking to appeal to independent voters, especially women, who were uncomfortable with the last debate’s combative approach. It seems to have worked, as indicated by a piece from a young, female Washington State University scholar:


President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney took the stage in the third and final presidential debate last night, which focused on foreign policy. Romney emerged victorious…
Romney does not buy into the idea that terrorism is about one person, which he demonstrated during the debate when he stated, “We cannot kill our way out of this mess.” Romney understands the big picture and is more far-sighted on the issue than the current administration….

Throughout the debate Obama continued to attack Romney rather than fully answer questions. He also misquoted the governor and took Romney’s proposed policies out of context — all while sprinkling hopeful quotes such as, “we are building alliances,” and, “I have kept America safe.”

In reality, Obama has alienated our allies, such as Israel, while trying to befriend our adversaries, such as Iran…..

Romney is the strong leader we can trust to protect our families, country and freedom.

With less than two weeks before Election Day, Romney has proven in the final debate he is the Commander-in-Chief our military demands, and the president our country needs.

BONUS: CBS Ohio panel was much more impressed with Romney — to the disgust of their reporters.

Obama was full of snotty snark, and Romney had substance and gravitas. Perhaps the most amusing aspect has been the fact the inane comment Obama made about “bayonets and horses” has proved to be entirely ignorant. Glenn Reynolds/Instapundit featured a book: Horse Soldiers: The Extraordinary Story of a Band of US Soldiers Who Rode to Victory in Afghanistan. Also, it seems that the military still uses bayonets, and a bayonet manufacturer resents Obama’s dismissal.

That, my readers, is denseness on an astronomical scale. I would find this humorous, as the remark was coupled with Obama’s signature superiority. However, as it involves the degradation of American prestige and the fate of our service personnel, it merely makes me await Nov. 6th with the same excitement I used to reserve for Dec. 25th.

Here’s a reminder of one of Obama’s foreign policy chestnuts:

With Romney pulling ahead in Rasmussen, Gallup and other polls nationally, and new polls revealing Virginia clearly Romney’s and Ohio likely to follow soon, Team Obama is looking very desperate.

When your backup plan relies on Gloria Allred, your strategy is already full of fail. But Team Obama always stoops to the lowest and most tasteless levels when engaging in campaign tactics.

BONUS: Trump is ready to go Alinksy on Obama. Sweet!



This election, don’t believe the rumors of “post-election riots” when Romney wins.  American voters know how to make real change, gently and at the ballot box — and without UN monitors ordered there  by leftist organizers!

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Dear Readers: This Thursday (Oct. 25th), it will be a privilege to have Mark Meckler, President of the Citizens for Self Governance, as guest on Canto Talk (7 pm PST/9 pm CT/ 10 pm EST — click HERE to listen).

MUT and Mark Meckler at “Wake Up America” Rally

A little background on Mark, who is the author of a wonderful blog — Across the Fence.

In 2009, Mark Meckler was one of many citizen “sparks” that helped to ignite a movement. He was the Co-Founder and a former National Coordinator for Tea Party Patriots, a group which at its peak boasted 3,200 chapters nationwide and millions of members.

Mark resigned from Tea Party Patriots in February 2009 to focus on broadening the philosophical reach of the idea of “self-governance” outside of the Tea Party movement, by founding Citizens for Self Governance.

Mark now appears regularly on television outlets as diverse as MSNBC, ABC, NBC, Fox News, CNN, Bloomberg, Fox Business, and the BBC. You may have seen him sparring with Chris Matthews on Hardball, or pushing back against Geraldo Rivera on Fox Business. He is highly sought after for the self-governance perspective from print and online news outlets, including the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Washington Examiner, Politico and The Hill. His opinion pieces regularly run in many of the leading political outlets both on and offline.

Mark says, “I try to say what millions of American’s would say if they had the chance I’ve been given. It’s not really about my opinions, as much as it is my honest attempt to reflect what I hear from people involved in the self-governance movement all over the country.” Mark has a unique political voice, which many have said most clearly represents the citizens of this country fighting back against the incumbent machine of both political parties at all levels.

Mark will be discussing a new project for his group: Bringing real conservative change to states held in thrall by progressive governments dominated by unions. The focus, he says, is on independent financing and innovative political operations that take the power out of elite and entrenched partisans. Once this foundation is laid, Mark says, then it is far easier for grassroots operations to press for and get real change.

Mark has faced several challenges in his role as citizen activist. Mark was harassed and unfairly charged with a felony in 2011 after he tried to check-in a Glock pistol and multiple units of 9mm ammunition on to a Delta airlines flight at New York City’s LaGuardia Airport — arms he carries that had the proper permits and which he needs because of threats to his person. This is part of what fuels his passion for “Self Governance.”

It’s time to stand for self-governance. It is time to stand for the plain meaning of the Constitution. Every word of the Constitution is important, and we must fight for them all. We must fight for every inch of this country, from the inner city to the smallest rural town. We are, all of us, first and foremost, American citizens. We’ve always governed ourselves…and we always intend to. And we’ve always been willing to stand when freedom is at stake. It is time to stand…time for all of us, every race, every religion, every gender, every American to stand up and fight for liberty and take responsibility for governing ourselves.

No one should ever have to go through what my family has been through, simply for exercising a fundamental right, specifically enumerated in the United States Constitution. I am committed to making sure no one does. And I’m willing to work with anyone…anyone, who agrees that it’s time for the people to govern themselves once again.

Will we as citizens fight for our inalienable right to govern ourselves, or will we quietly allow ourselves to be “governed” into submission by a ruling elite, disconnected from our citizens and our communities? Only history will tell, but I intend to fight.


Citizens for Self-Governance (CSG) is a grassroots organization that provides support for independent-minded Americans who want to see power taken away from big government and large institutions and returned to the people.

A long-standing roadblock to that objective is the incumbency of our elected representatives, who govern with their own re-election as their main priority. They stack the system to keep themselves in office, insulated from the people they are supposed to represent. Many elected officials campaign by saying one thing and govern by doing another, forgetting that they work for the citizens. The problem is systemic, and transcends labels like liberal or conservative.

That problem becomes even more acute because legislators are often obligated to the large institutions that use their influence and money to help re-elect them. And just as politicians work hard to avoid accountability to their constituents, many large, publicly-traded corporations and powerful unions insulate themselves from accountability to their own stakeholders.
CSG fuses its financial and social capital to serve grassroots activists in America who are working to take power from a disconnected Ruling Elite and return it to a more local and accountable level. We support organizations and individuals who share this commitment.

Our platform is a simple one. Just as each branch of government checks and balances the power of the others, our four basic principles can restore us to a citizen-fearing republic with effective self-governance.

  1. Disperse power
  2. Engage the citizens in the political process
  3. Break the Left vs. Right Paradigm
  4. End the cycle of incumbency

Our mission is ambitious, but it must be fulfilled. We will be the town hall, public square and village green for Americans who hunger to regain control of their government and their lives. Read on to learn more, and then join us as we work to bring government control back to the people


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Dear Readers:  I am throwing up a quick post to allay Lonely Conservative’s concerns about the ability of CBS newsman Bob Schieffer to fairly treat both sides in the debate.

I would like to offer that Ramses V….I mean Schieffer….may actually go “Pharaoh’s Curse” on Obama!

I know I am a perpetual optimist who embraces cockiness, but here are my thoughts that I would like to interject as to why this may be the fairest debate of the four we will see.

1) Schieffer is reportedly pissed that Obama ignored an interview he wanted to do about Libya — and in return, it looks like a bulk of the debate questions will be about the very subject.

2) New York Magazine offers many reasons that the CBS veteran may prove to be more balanced, including — Schieffer came to Romney’s defense again when Harry Reid accused him of not paying taxes for a decade, comparing Reid to Joeseph McCarthy. “Isn’t this kind of like Joe McCarthy back in the era when he said, ‘I have in my hand the names of 400 people in the State Department who are communists’?” said Schieffer on Face the Nation. “It turns out he didn’t, and he was saying that the way to prove that they’re not is for them to come forward there. I mean, asking somebody to come forward just because there’s been an unsubstantiated charge, that’s a little thin to me.” New York

3) Shieffer did a monologue in which he totally ripped Obama. http://www.thehopeforamerica.com/play.php?id=5187

I will be on Legal Insurrection and Twitter tonight. Here’s to hoping for the belly dancers!

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Dear Readers: Some profit-center activities kept me from opining toward the end of last week, so I wanted to take the opportunity to let everyone know that CANTO TALK featured a great review of the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, with guest Barry C. Jacobson (fellow SLOB and author at the Deadliest Blogger).

It seems that the leading Communist and Socialist powers would really like another young, inexperienced, and ineffective American President for the next four years: Chavez, Castro, Putin: Four more years!

The latest [dictator] to publicly announce his support for the commander-in-chief’s reelection bid was Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez, who this week assured he’d vote for Obama if he were from the United States. The America-bashing strongman made the announcement on state-owned television, saying “Obama is a good guy” and that if Obama was from Caracas, he’d surely return the favor by voting for Chavez.

Earlier in the year the government-official daughter of Cuban military dictator Raul Castro proclaimed her country’s support for Obama during a visit to the U.S. “I believe that Obama needs another opportunity and he needs greater support to move forward with his projects and with his ideas, which I believe come from the bottom of his heart,” Mariela Castro said during a cable news interview. …

That brings us to Russia’s Vladimir Putin, who has eliminated most elections in his country, monopolized all major media and destroyed the political party system. … In a letter to a major newspaper, the president of a group dedicated to expanding freedom around the world points out that under Putin there has been an “across-the-board crackdown on civil society.” The piece goes on to ask: Will Obama stand up against Putin’s abuses?” Unlikely, now that the Russian dictator has extended his endorsement.

The UN and Iran also back Obama. And, as an extra bonus, it seems Putin is now testing his nuclear muscle

President Vladimir Putin took a leading role in the latest tests of Russia’s strategic nuclear arsenal, the most comprehensive since the 1991 Soviet collapse, the Kremlin said on Saturday.

The exercises, held mostly on Friday, featured prominently in news reports on state television which seemed aimed to show Russians and the world that Putin is the hands-on chief of a resurgent power.

Do you feel safer now than you did 4 years ago? I will point out that many Democrats are unimpressed:

This history review also got me thinking about what a sad state of affairs our space program has become, especially since President Obama took office and made it a Muslim reach-out program. For example, our American astronauts are forced to fly Russian Soyuz spacecraft to the space station.

Recently, Lipstick Underground had a great piece about how a vibrant space program brings the country together, which she penned after seeing the Endeavor park in front of its new museum location in Los Angeles:

The moment we got out on foot it was obvious the 100 mile trip was more than worth the $5/gallon gas and unfinished errands I left at home. Sure we could have just waited for the museum to open later this month. But the genuine excitement in the air was electric. This is a region of LA that has seen tough times in the past…that has a stigma of being much rougher and more dangerous than it really is. If it had not been the most direct route from the airport to the Science Center, it might not have been chosen by city leaders for this historic journey.

But it was.

And that made all the difference in the world.

These communities were trusted with the privilege of escorting a piece of living history to it’s final resting place…and they made absolutely sure it was the best choice the city and NASA could have possibly made. Anyone too nervous to head to the area out of fear of the unknown missed one of THE GREATEST days in LA history. Period.

And anyone who thinks the space program doesn’t matter, that it’s a waste of money, doesn’t know jack squat. When one of the most economically challenged communities in America, a community that one would expect would want tax dollars spend on domestic, not space programs, rolls out the red carpet and shows reverence for the Space Shuttle and the astronauts in-tow, it means that people really can be inspired…even unified, by profound acts of faith and courage.

Kids with Space Shuttle toys. Homemade t-shirts to commemorate the event. Every piece of electronic recording device known to man. Gasps and applause at first sightings. Strangers making sure kids got best viewing.

No one argued when they had to give up their long claimed ‘spots’ when organizers warned they were in unsafe locations.

We were on an elevated side street and the port wing passed close enough to touch…but nobody did. Not the families with excited kids, not the gang bangers, not the space geeks, not the photography junkies. The shuttle belongs to all of us and that is how everyone treated it.

Proud. Excited. Welcoming. Considerate. Joyful.

Granted, there is a good case that privatizing aspects of the space program is fiscally sensible. However, it is clear that President Obama has pretty much downsized everything over the past 4 years — including American prestige.

I think the voters are going to choose an upgrade in just a little more than 2 weeks. And with over 10,000 supporters showing up for a rally in the “swing state” of Florida, I think Americans are going to make a change that is going to be a big kick-in-the-posterior to those who want to keep us down!

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