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Dear Readers: Once again, Silvio Canto and I are thrilled to have Legal Insurrection Editor Mandy Nagy as our Guest.  She will be joining us on Thursday, March 20th; click HERE at 7 pm PST/9 pm CT/10 pm EST for live show or afterward for archived podcast).

Legal Insurrection Editor, Mandy Nagy

Legal Insurrection Editor, Mandy Nagy

However, my colleague Barry Jacobsen at Deadliest Blogger will be starting the show with a special FLAMING HOT CAPITALISM ANNOUNCEMENT!!!!!!!

As always, there will be lots of news to cover. We will get an update from Mandy about her quest to obtain Obamacare. News fresh from the Legal Insurrection site:

Integrity: Official resigns over “remarkably dysfunctional HHS bureaucracy”

The former Director of the Office of Research Integrity (ORI), David Wright, recently resigned in powerful fashion, penning a scathing letter to his boss in the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) about the “remarkably dysfunctional HHS bureaucracy.”

The letter, written on February 25th and recently published at sciencemag.org, details the “intensely political environment” that is HHS, the department charged with crafting and implementing Obamacare policy and regulations.

Also, we will chat about the status of the lost Malaysian airliner:

A recent report from the Malaysian newspaper, The New Straits Times, has generated a lot of buzz and fueled speculation that the missing plane may still be in tact, somewhere.

CNN Reports,

[The report indicated] the plane may have flown low to the ground — 5,000 feet or less — and used mountainous terrain as cover to evade radar detection. The newspaper cited unnamed sources for its reporting, which CNN could not immediately confirm.

However, Malaysian officials said Monday that they were not aware of the report.
“It does not come from us,” said Malaysia Airlines CEO Ahmad Jauhari Yahya.

Experts were skeptical, however, noting that even if the plane did drop to that altitude, it likely would not be able to avoid radar detection.

And we’ll get Mandy’s take on the US giving control of the Intenet to the UN.

The U.S. government’s plan to give away authority over the Internet’s core architecture to the “global Internet community” could endanger the security of both the Internet and the U.S. — and open the door to a global tax on Web use.

“U.S. management of the internet has been exemplary and there is no reason to give this away — especially in return for nothing,” former Bush administration State Department senior advisor Christian Whiton told The Daily Caller. “This is the Obama equivalent of Carter’s decision to give away the Panama Canal — only with possibly much worse consequences.”

The U.S. Commerce Department announced late Friday it would relinquish control of The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) — the organization charged with managing domain names, assigning Internet protocol addresses and other crucial Web functions — after its current contract expires next year.

As always, it will be a great night of Insurrection with Mandy!!!!

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Dear Readers: We have another great Canto Talk program set for this Thursday, Jan. 16th. We are going to feature another installment in the continuing quest of Legal Insurrection editor Mandy Nagy to obtain Obamacare. (Click here for podcast, or live show at 7 pm PST/9 pm CT/10 pm EST).

Legal Insurrection Editor, Mandy Nagy

Legal Insurrection Editor, Mandy Nagy

Here are some Legal Insurrection reports filed since our last chat with Mandy:

And, a new one from Neo-Neocon.

In related news, with a nod to Silvio Canto’s Cuban background:

Mirroring problems with the federal health care website, people around the nation attempting to navigate the Spanish version have discovered their own set of difficulties.

The site, CuidadoDeSalud.gov, launched more than two months late.

A Web page with Spanish instructions linked users to an English form.

And the translations were so clunky and full of grammatical mistakes that critics say they must have been computer-generated — the name of the site itself can literally be read “for the caution of health.”

“When you get into the details of the plans, it’s not all written in Spanish. It’s written in Spanglish, so we end up having to translate it for them,” said Adrian Madriz, a health care navigator who helps with enrollment in Miami…

Death Panels!

  • Ex-NY Times Editor Keller to Cancer Patient: ‘Going Gently’ Saves Money

    Lisa Bonchek Adams is currently hospitalized and being treated for Stage IV breast cancer. Since her diagnosis in October of 2012 at the age of 37, this mother of three has been blogging and tweeting about what she has been through mentally, personally, physically, and medically. For a chilling and revealing reason, former New York Times editor Bill Keller has a big problem with this.

It should be another great show with Mandy!

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Dear Readers: I am thrilled to have Legal Insurrection’s Mandy Nagy as our Canto Talk guest this Thursday, Nov. 7th (7 pm PST/9 pm CT/10 pm EST; click HERE for live show or podcast link).

Legal Insurrection Editor, Mandy Nagy

Legal Insurrection Editor, Mandy Nagy

We will be catching up on the Obamacare Exchange Website rollout…or implosion, if a more precise term is to be used. I recently noted that this was a fiasco of historical proportions, missing only radioactive debris and a tidal wave. Mandy carries that theme to address the latest news item:

Jay Carney nears meltdown over questions about Obamacare application process

This exchange today between ABC News’ Jonathan Karl and White House press secretary Jay Carney was rather…well, interesting.

Karl starts out by asking, “Did the president know that the very same problems would be facing consumers when they called on the phone when he said that they could apply in 25 minutes?”

But through some back and forth with Carney about the claim, it becomes clear that what’s at issue here is not so much the word “apply,” but actually the word “enroll.”

After being mocked by Carney for pressing the issue – Carney calls the questioning a “soliloquy” – Karl eventually makes the point very clear. He references an October 24th quote from HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius: “A person on the other end of the phone can get questions answered in up to 150 languages as well as walk somebody all the way through the process and enroll at the end of the day.”

Karl follows up with the question, “She says you can enroll at the end of the day, is that right?” [followed by cross-talk]

Carney ends with, “Jon, everybody else here understands what I’m saying, I’m sorry I can’t say the same for you.” And he then moves on to the next question.

Mandy has been covering a string of problems:

And last, but not least, the infamous “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan” statement by Obama has been fisked.  Friend Dean Riehm likens it to…“Check’s in the mail”“Don’t worry, I’ll pull out”… and other great American promises

Stay tuned! It’s going to be a great show.

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Dear Readers:  The SoCal Tax Revolt Coalition, San Diego’s Tea Party group,  has issued the following statement:

SAN DIEGO, CA – The Southern California Tax Revolt Coalition (SCTRC) condemns the Supreme Court of the United States ruling, which essentially upholds the Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act, also known as ObamaCare.  At the present time, the interpretation of the complex decision seems to be that the individual mandate has been transformed into a tax and the rest of the challenged ObamaCare provisions now stand.  The co-founders of SCTRC have issued the following statements:

Dawn Wildman, President of SCTRC:  Today is the day American liberty died. I am in shock that the Supreme Court upheld this huge expansion of government overreach. But this will energize the base and makes November far more important than yesterday. When the government can force you to buy a product we have lost every liberty we once took for granted. I can see November from the Supreme Court!

Leslie Eastman, SCTRC Media Director:  Basically, the US Supreme Court has said: “If you like your death panel, you can keep your death panel”.  I cannot understate how disappointing it is to see that Chief Justice John Roberts decided to side with the big-government oriented justices, and merely amend the poorly written law developed by both houses of Congress.  However, Roberts did leave us one clue on how we citizens can still fight back, as controlling healthcare is merely a front for controlling every other aspect of our lives.  His decision includes this passage:

The Framers created a Federal Government of limited powers, and assigned to this Court the duty of enforcing those limits. The Court does so today. But the Court does not express any opinion on the wisdom of the Affordable Care Act. Under the Constitution, that judgment is reserved to the people.

We will be issuing that judgment on Nov. 6th of this year.  SCOTUS has just lit a fire under every citizen activist I know.  We will be at the polls in November, and that will be our judgement.

Sarah Bond, SCTRC Co-Founder:  At this point, the solution can only be political. That means that our group, and Tea Party and Citizen Action organizations around the country, will focus on the fact that people will now be taxed.  In a country facing the poorest recovery following a steep recession since the Great Depression, in which people are scrambling to find money for basics, having more money taken in taxes is not a great re-election platform. In fact, this represents the largest tax increase in American history!  We will also identify candidates who will do what the Supreme Court failed to do – fully repeal Obamacare.

As Horemheb notes:  Employers will NOT be hiring more, in light of the decision.  There will be no gains in employment to run on.

As fellow SLOB WC NotesStock are tanking in wake of this decision.

UPDATE: Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh, formerly of Romania, details the horrors of free healthcare here:  The Supremes Have Spoken

For those of you who think communist health care is great because it is free, you are right. You get free euthanasia, free medicine that is in short supply, free denial of service, free denial of necessary lab tests, free long wait for emergency medical procedures, free care for illegals that you subsidize, and free rationing of care based on age and insufficient funding. When that happens to you, remember that your vote had consequences, which you did not foresee when you were carried away by the promise of “free” and “social justice.”

I am so sad because I now have to live again in a communist state similar to that which I had fled from decades ago. I will be subjected to the horrors of socialized medicine again. I have experienced it firsthand and I know what it does to people, but I was outvoted by millions of ignorant Americans and useful idiots.

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Dear Readers:  The Professor is offering the “Kinks” as a musical interlude, in anticipation of tomorrow’s Obamacare decision.  However, being a fan of Duran Duran, I thought this classic was more in order for the Shrine:

Good night — I will be seeing you all tomorrow.


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Dear Readers:  With today’s  focus of the Supreme Court decision being the Arizona Immigration law (SB1070), many Catholics remain on-edge about the status of Obamacare Law (the misnamed “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act”), which will be announced Thursday.  Already, speculation abounds as to who is writing the majority and dissenting opinions.  As I have become Catholic, influenced greatly by my Tea Party activities, I feel a little like the last time a Pope was elected.

That is, everyone is atwitter, looking to see if a smile there, or a nod there, indicates something profound about the near future.  I almost wish that, as during the Conclave that selects the new Pope, they would send out smoke signs — black if Obamacare remains on the books, and white if it is overturned.  Perhaps a shade of grey if it is a mixed decision. The anticipation is that intense.

(Hat-Tip: Fr. Mark D. White)

As Lonley Conservative notes:  Thursday should be interesting.

A few of the SLOBs are offering their views on related to the HHS Mandate, which is being challenged by the Catholic Church on First Amendment grounds related to freedom of religion:

Beers with Demos offers the Image of the Day:

That from NARAL (the National Abortion Rights of America League or something or another)

tagline: Pro-choice America fights to protect the right to choose. Join us!

You would be pleased to know that without all that fighting, you have the choice on whether or not to have sex.

And also without all that fighting, you certainly have the choice to provide for your own birth control.

We find it the height of irony that NARAL, forever linked to the feminist movement, should fight to see women dependent upon an outside entity to provide for its constituent members’ reproductive services.

All to show just how intellectually incoherent the broader movement really is.

Remember, these are the same people whose battle cry used to be “Keep your laws off my body!”

Twitter: #fortnight4freedom @deanriehm

Fellow SLOB and Catholic, KT Cat, has been on fire, poking holes in the #FortnightofLove progressive counter to the 2 weeks the Catholic Church is devoting in support of religious freedom: It’s Genocide Against Teeth!

Over on Twitter, one of the trolls on the #fortnight4freedom thread has been shouting about the Catholic Church’s “war on women” because the Church doesn’t want to cover contraceptives in their employee health plans. Well, my current plan doesn’t cover it, either. So I asked the logical question and got a surprising* response.

@tmore_esq: Yes! RT @ktcat:If my health insurance doesn’t cover contraceptives, has my employer been waging a war on women all along? #fortnight4freedom

Well, I don’t pay for dental coverage, either. I guess that means I’m waging genocide against teeth. And if my employer doesn’t even offer one, then they might as well wear brown and goosestep around my molars singing the Horst Wessel Song.

For the record, there is no Catholic War on Women. However this is an Obama #WaronWeddings. But, I digress.

I am member of Ascension Catholic Parish. Last Sunday, I was privileged to listen to a wonderful sermon by Father Anthony Saroki, who spoke eloquently about the Catholic protest of the HHS mandate and the recent San Diego events related to the #Fortinight4Freedom. This homily was awesome, and is well worth listening too, especially as he also touches on the problems ofUSD straying from Catholic tenets, as evidenced by such things as a drag show (CLICK HERE TO LISTEN).

Sadly, that was the last homily for Father Anthony, who goes off to work some construction miracles for Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. Interestingly, I first met with Deacon Jim Scull to discuss my conversion on the Feast Day of our Lady of Mt Carmel in 2009. So, I wanted to publicly thank Father Anthony for his inspiration and guidance, especially in terms of energizing me for some solid citizen activism. It seems fitting I end this post with the following prayer:

Prayer to Our Lady of Mount Carmel

O most beautiful Flower of Mount Carmel, fruitful vine, splendor of Heaven, Blessed Mother of the Son of God, Immaculate Virgin, assist me in this my necessity. O Star of the Sea, help me and show me herein that you are my Mother.

O Holy Mary, Mother of God, Queen of Heaven and earth, I humbly beseech you from the bottom of my heart, to succor me in this my necessity. There are none that can withstand your power. O show me herein that you are my Mother.

O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us that have recourse to thee.

Sweet Mother, I place this cause in your hands.

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Well, almost.

Dear Readers:  I have been following Professor Jacobson’s and Tammy Bruce’s reports on the Obamacare hearing with great interest (and Hillary is 44’s analysis has been inspiring).  Today’s look at “severability” has been fascinating.  Even though that it has been likened to a train wreck, and a plane wreck, I don’t want to get too excited that there is going to be a perfect trifecta of design failure culminating in November:

However, I might be getting too optimistic on the subconscious level. Today, as I am walking the Young Prince and his gal pal to the car after school, discussing the latest social studies test, I walk off the curb. I land on my hand, and the left upper leg took a direct hit. I was in intense pain, but managed to get to the car and have the kids help me into the house.

After conferring with my beloved father-in-law (a doctor), and tapping into my prescription grade analgesics, it seems that I avoided breaks and tears. My husband offered to rush back home from his Northern Outpost. However, I seem only to have major bruising of the major muscle groups in my upper leg, as well as to my dignity, so Horemheb remains at his duty station. It looks like the worst of it is that I will limp a bit, and blog a bit more than usual.

I have got to stay focused better!  Of course, I am not the only one excited.  Charles Caesar says that the Supreme Court is an Obamacare Death Panel.  I can only hope.

Related to medical issues, I have other news. W.C. has been covering the on the financial problems of accused mass murderer Staff Sgt. Robert Bales, who killed 16 in Afghanistan. It seems that shortly after this incident, the Army ordered a review of the use of an anti-malarial drug used in that country: Robert Bales Charged: Military Scrambles To Limit Malaria Drug Just After Afghanistan Massacre .

Mefloquine, also called Lariam, has severe psychiatric side effects. Problems include psychotic behavior, paranoia and hallucinations. The drug has been implicated in numerous suicides and homicides, including deaths in the U.S. military. For years the military has used the weekly pill to help prevent malaria among deployed troops.

More comprehensive details on the horrendous psychiatric side-effects on this drug can be found HERE for the scientifically inclined.

On a more positive note, Brown University has reported on the development of a “Bed-of-Nails” Brest implant that can deter the growth of cancer cells: Made from a common federally approved polymer, the implant is the first to be modified at the nanoscale in a way that causes a reduction in the blood-vessel architecture that breast cancer tumors depend upon, while also attracting healthy endothelial cells for breast tissue.

I hope this is the last personal medical update I need to give for some time. Thanks for everyone’s well wishes, and if you want to support a great conservative blogger who needs more substantial medical care, check out: ZILLA-AID-ATHON.As I gave a bit today, I like to think that I am mostly intact because of good karma.

SLOB Stories:

It has a great graphic detailing the CBO review of the relative size of the loopholes, aka tax expenditures, on the budget in GDP percent.

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Dear Readers: I attended the “Standing Up for Religious Freedom” rally today, held in front of the San Diego County Administrative Building by the harbor. I was joined by over 700 locals, who were keen on sending the following message: We are standing for our First Amendment protections of religious freedom, which are under assault from the Obama Administration.

Over 700 San Diegans at the local "Standing Up for Religious Freedom" event, one of over 140 nationwide.

The event was one of over 150 held nationwide (up from my initial report of 50). Before I get into the “meat of the message”, I would like to take a few moments to comment on the coverage.

Our opponents must be very worried. They sense they have “awakened a sleeping giant and filled it with a terrible resolve”. The elite media reports I am reviewing, with the jaundiced eye of a recovering reporter, are going out of their way to minimize this unification of religious faiths across this country in standing behind the Catholic Church in its defiance to implement the Health and Human Services (HHS) mandate to offer contraceptive/abortion/sterilization coverage in health plans.

For example, NPR has taken the tack of using messaged poll questions to indicate that “Most Americans — including most Catholics — do not believe that the right of religious liberty is being threatened in America today.Perhaps the pollster contacted some beltway “cafeteria Catholics” with ginned-up questions that misdirect the nature of what the Catholic church is fighting (i.e., it denies no one access to any desired and option medical coverage; the Church, however, does not want to pay for procedures it views as evil and NOT essential to healthcare).  On the other hand, Mexican-born mother Anna Angeles brought her whole family down to send this message: “I am here to protect my Catholic faith and the holy Church.”

Anna Angeles and son: One of the many Catholics the elite media fails to inquire about.

As Anna notes: “When everything goes dark, the light of the saints is brighter.”

But apparently not the news coverage. I managed to locate the San Diego Union Tribune report on this event — not on the main page, but on a secondary one devoted to government and politics (despite the fairly significant size of the rally). Laughably, they use the term “hundreds”. Yes, I suppose technically “700” qualifies as “hundreds”, and I should be grateful they didn’t claim “dozens”. However, the is really a conservative estimate, as I overheard a security officer indicate 1000. Also, the number does not account for the steady stream of honks of support that were offered.

I met up with some other Ascension Catholic Parish members while I was down there, who seemed very concerned about the First Amendment (I guess NPR failed to poll them). My friend, Roger Jones, said the presence of he and his wife Angela sends the following message: “The Government cannot be the all-encompassing source of social services, especially at the expense of our faith and traditions”.

No, but it sure seems its going to try. I also met another Catholic, who is a veteran of four Tea Party events, named Bunnie Wells. I guess the NPR poll failed to take her views into consideration:

I finally had the chance to meet Nick Popaditch, the former Marine who is an award-winning author and popular speaker, who is running against Susan Davis for Congressional District 53 this year. He is not a Catholic, but wanted to stand in support, as he is a fellow Christian also concerned about the First Amendment implications. Nick indicates that he believes this is mandate is “an over-stepping of authority” by this Administration and that it ultimately will be rescinded.

Nick Popaditch with potential voter for CA-53 Congressional race.

I hope Nick is right, and wish him good luck in what promises to be a most formidable campaign. We were joined by Cheryl Perez, a follower of a Native American religion and who I had met at a previous citizen-oriented event.  She wanted her presence to underscore the fact that we Americans “have to show that we have eachother’s backs, in terms of protecting our freedom to worship as our conscience dictates. If the government can force Catholics into doing something that they feel is sacrilegious, then what will stop it from undermining other faiths with even more do-gooder policy dictates?”

At that point, the speakers began. I will hit a few of the highlights. One of the lead guests was Coadjuter Bishop of the San Diego Diocese, Cirilo Flores. The fact that the newly named Bishop was a keynote speaker should underscore how seriously the Catholic Church takes this threat to its teachings.

“Religious freedom is not a gift from politicians: It is a gift from God,” said Bishop Flores. “Today’s debate is not about the access to contraceptives…it is about the federal government forcing the Church to act against its teachings”.

I guess NPR failed to chat with the Bishop. NPR is going to be more than a little surprised about how much influence Flores, fellow bishops, and other clergy intend to use in the effort to fully inform their church members and parishioners. In fact,  a later speaker mentioned that every one of the Bishops in the 194 Diocese within this country wrote a formal letter of protest to the Obama Administration. The content of those letters is making its way to millions of American Catholics. Sadly for NPR, I suspect the opinion of Bishop Flores and other clergy (Catholic and Otherwise) will weigh more with the faithful than a rigged poll from an elite media group.

Father Anthony Saroki of Ascension Catholic Parish, who organized a carpool from my church.

Bishop Flores continued: “Who or what gives government the right to govern or mission or define our ministry. Our hospitals, charities, schools and university — thousands of institutions wold be impacted.”

Another speaker, Dr. George Delgado of Culture of Life Family Services (a Christ-centered medical group) expanded upon the potential of Obamacare implementation to bankrupt the country, and noted that “fertility was not illness but part of a normal physiological profile.” When he mentioned Sandra Fluke, the crowed expressed its displeasure most vigorously.

At that point, an audience member and I got into a quiet discussion on the Obama Administration and the elite media attempting to manipulate women. Claire Fadden said: “I hope women realize that they are being played. There is total access to contraception, and any other service a woman might want. However, people need to take care of themselves so that we have the resources to take care of the truly sick and needy.”

A great number of American women have figured out that you can get contraception for $9/month at Walmart, and clinics and other facilities may make it available at even less of a price. So why can’t a 30-year old Georgetown student? Which leads me to highlight the speaker of the day I enjoyed most: Dr. Jennifer Morse of the Ruth Institute.

Any regular reader knows I despise gender feminism with the flaming hot passion of 1000 suns. I think I met a women who detests them even more. “Feminists have sold women a bill of goods,” said Dr. Morse. “Young women are pressured to chemically neuter themselves to participate in the workforce”.

Frankly, I am tired of the elites in the Washington DC- New York Beltway, Hollywood, and in other supposedly esteemed enclaves assuming that women want to be treated as nothing more than vehicles of pleasure. However, instead of going on a rant, I will direct you to Dr. Morse’s far more entertaining view: How hedonism became America’s official religion

I suspect the “War on Women” is not going quite the way Team Obama, the elite media, or NPR planned.

Speaking of “war”, Joe Infranco of the Alliance Defense Fund, indicated that quite a battle was brewing over this HHS mandate. His organization has already set-up 2 lawsuits related to the this requirements, and offers free representation to any religious organization who refuses to comply.

When the event was over, I asked Father Anthony which statement most impacted him. He indicated it was a remark made by Chuck Limandri of the Thomas Moore Law Centerthat there has been a rich history of American pastors leading the charge for important moral change from the pulpit (e.g., the American Revolution, the End of Slavery, the Civil Rights movement). In fact,  one of the targets for several of the representative organizations in today’s rally is the rescinding of the 1954 Johnson Amendment that threatens churches with the loss of their tax-exempt status if pastors speak from the pulpit about political candidates. I believe that the Obama Administration will soon discover that their ham-handed HHS tactics had lots and lots of unintended consequences.

NPR really can’t quantify this sort of thing a poll. War really doesn’t translate well into statistics.

Which leads me to my pick for “SIGN of the DAY”:

One of my favorite prayers:

Saint Michael the Archangel,
defend us in battle.
Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil.
May God rebuke him, we humbly pray;
and do Thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host –
by the Divine Power of God –
cast into hell, satan and all the evil spirits,
who roam throughout the world seeking the ruin of souls.


I would like to thank B-Daddy of the Liberator today, who I met at the event. It was fortunate, as I didn’t have access to my initial salvo of pictures. He has a report here: Stand Up for Religious Freedom Rally San Diego.

Hat-Tip: The Liberator Today

I would also like to thank B-Daddy for his selections in the “Weekend Music Chill”, which takes a decided Catholic turn:

I had a great time at today’s “Stand Up for Religious Freedom” event at the county building in San Diego. My favorite line was about Obama uniting Christian denominations. To show a little solidarity with Temple of Mut and especially with the thoughts expressed in her blog Flight into Egypt, here I have some music today that is very different from what I normally post.


B-Daddy also said to me something profound that I wanted to share: That Americans need both groups — the fiscally oriented Tea Party groups and the socially conservative organizations focused on Constitutional matters — if we are going to prevail in curbing the excesses of government waste, fraud and abuse.
OTHER “STAND UP” REPORTS AND EVENTS – As I find reports and articles about the other 140 events nationwide, I will post them here:

‘Religious Freedom’ is rally cry in Manhattan

WASHINGTON POST: Why we’re standing up for religious freedom By Mary Rose Somarriba

One thousand stand up for religious freedom in Detroit

March 23 Rally in Detroit, MI

Thousands of Pro-Life Advocates Rally for Religious Freedom
: Thousands of pro-life Americans took to nearly 200 local rallies in cities and towns across the country to stand up for religious freedom and against the Obama mandate that requires employers to pay for birth control and drugs that may cause abortions. The rally in Washington, D.C. was so large organizers had problems getting the entire crowd in one picture.

SEATTLE: Hundreds gather to “stand up for religious freedom” and protest health mandate

March 23 Rally in Washington DC

The Anchoress has a compendium of events: Best Rally Sign I’ve Yet Seen! UPDATES From the comments section:

  • In Cincinnati we had between 800 and 1000 on the steps in front of our cathedral — and it poured for the entire hour.
  • I attended the rally in Chicago today in the midst of a downpour. Estimates are that there were upwards of 2,000 people there–men, women, children, seniors and, yes, a handful of kooks. Still, it was an inspiring turnout. The local media mostly ignored it.
  • In St Louis, we had 100-150 gather outside Sen. McCaskill’s office (who coincidentally is in the ad as I type this).

The Sarah Palin Information Blog also has a summary of events: Amidst Mainstream Media Blackout, Thousands Rally Nationwide for Religious Freedom. The blog includes some great video and graphics — check it out!!!!

Some of the items they list:

SLOB Stories:

For a more humorous war, check out Word Warrior: DOG AND CAT DIARIES. Also, check out Part 4 in his excellent “Age of Arthur” series.

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Dear Readers: Lipstick Underground and I had a “synching” of our cycles — our cycles of outrage, that is. Our opinion of the Obama Administration and liberal leadership, none too high to begin with, has sunk to Mariana Trench levels.

We are sick and tired of the elites thinking that women’s lives are centered around their reproductive organs. If access to abortion services survived the Reagan administration and contraception has been around since ancient Egypt, then anyone who votes based solely on either of these issues is extremely foolish.

Most women who vote are inclined to be more worried about the cost of gas and healthcare availability in an Obamacare world. However, Team Obama decided it would be a great idea to gin up a fake conflict, pitting poor, helpless co-eds against a heartless, soulless GOP.

How is this “War on Women” going? Lipstick Underground reports:

It’s the Economy, Stupid!

Both Democrat and Republican leaders completely miss the reason Obama’s approval numbers are down despite SlutGate.

I think the “War on Women” is more along the lines of the film, “Wag the Dog“: Since, the president does not seem to have much of a chance of being re-elected, one of his advisers contacts a top Hollywood producer in order to manufacture a war that the president can heroically end, all through mass media.

I can imagine the discussion now: I am sure it went along these lines:

Stanley Motss: The President will be a hero. He brought peace.
Conrad ‘Connie’ Brean: But there was never a war.
Stanley Motss: All the greater accomplishment.

It’s “Wag the Dog” on steroids!!! And it seems Bill Maher is the first “Friendly Fire” casualty.

So sad for Team Obama that this isn’t playing out quite this way. Another woman, Tammy Bruce, provides the baseline reason for Obama’s collapsing support numbers: Are We Better Off Than We Were 4 Years Ago? Uh, No.

(MUT Note:  It seems Obama is just aces “Warring on Women“; as a PUMA, I got a front-row seat to that barrage I will not soon forget.  But, I digress).

Lipstick Underground (aka Sarah Bond) and I were talking about her interview with the San Diego Union Tribune Reporter. The report is: Anger over spiking gas prices aimed at Obama.

Sarah Bond and her husband bought their home in Valley Center, about one hour from downtown San Diego, so their two young children could grow up close enough to nature yet not too far from their favorite destinations. But with gas prices soaring, they just don’t get out as much.

“It’s no more going to the beach, no more taking drives to the mountains. It’s school and groceries and what we could do at home,” Bond said. “We might as well live in Oklahoma for what it’s costing us.”

Bond, co-founder of the SoCal Tax Revolt Coalition, said she’s frustrated with lawmakers and the president for not making energy more accessible, “not exploiting our natural resources in the clean, environmentally sound way that only Americans can do,” she said.

In light of the “Managing Media as a Tea Partier” perspective I am offering, I asked Sarah what “got left on the cutting room floor”. Sarah noted that, due to the limits of print journalism, everyone quoted sounded “simplistic”. For example, Sarah detailed some of the complexities of international oil trade, referenced the Gulf of Hormuz, and mentioned her solar powered home.However, we both agree that the article was fairly accurate in presenting Tea Party attitudes.

Related to energy, a new friend of the Shrine (Teri O’Brien, who has the awesome title of America’s Original Conservative Warrior Princess), has a piece connecting beef consumption to global warming. No science is too wacky for state-based scientists. Check out: It’s Not Your Fault, Tubby. It’s “Climate Change.” Teri has a BlogTalkRadio Show I will be checking out: The Teri O’Brien Show

To conclude this treatise on what voting women really think, especially in terms of mainstream media “reports”, here is the dynamic Kira Davis discussing the Soledad O’Brien hysterics over tweets mocking her “Critical Race Theory” pwning by Breitbart.com editor-in-chief Joel Pollak. Soledad wants us to stop tweeting her:

I would ask ladies to consider this about the current GOP line-up for President: The likely nominee, Mitt Romney, was quite befuddled when ABC debate host George Stephanopoulos asked about states banning contraceptives. In fact, take a good look:

I ask you: Does Mitt really look like he cares about your lady parts?

Here is a helpful hint, regarding the women’s vote, that future Presidential advisers would be smart to keep in mind:

Despite rumors to the contrary, the organ that we use when voting is this:


SLOB Stories

And to conclude, Mark Meckler’s piece sums it up: When Casual Sex Requires a State Welfare Program…We’re Doomed


An update to take me back to my Egyptology roots. I wanted to take this opportunity to wish everyone a HAPPY PI DAY! I also wanted to share that the one of the earliest known approximations of pi date from around 1900 BC, found in the Egyptian Rhind Papyrus. Though the ancient Egyptians didn’t know the value of pi, they seem to have used an approximation during construction of the pyramids at Giza, Abusir, and Medium. So, even more reason to love this day! 🙂

Hat-tip: aloha.net

Too bad many modern Egyptians are keen on destroying their ancient heritage.

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Dear Readers: Normally, I opine about my Catholicism on my “Flight into Egypt” website. However, today I want to share my experience at Mass yesterday, as it goes to the turmoil concerning the implementation of Obamacare and its impact on the Catholic Church.

Yesterday (2/12/12), Father Anthony of Ascension Catholic Parish read the following letter from our bishop:

A few items struck me during his reading:

1) “The Obama Administration is denying to Catholics the fundamental freedom of religious liberty guaranteed by the First Amendment…”. When I heard Obama’s press conference regarding the vaunted “accommodation”, I was struck my the dictatorial tone (click HERE for a link that includes the video). How could Obama order insurance companies to pay for contraception? Where is the legislation? Where is the bill? What portion of the Constitution allows the President to dictate exactly what kinds of goods and services one set of Americans had to give to another?

In his letter, Bishop Brom ties Team Obama directly to a serious threat to the practice of Catholic faith.

2) “We cannot comply with this unjust law.” If they can’t comply with this law, chances are high that they can’t vote for the head of the administration that came up with it, either. In 2008, 54% of Catholics who voted did so for Obama. I suspect that the percentage will be far less in 2012.

3) “This will impact institutions such as ….Father Joe’s Villages.”
In the San Diego area, Father Joe’s Villages are a cornerstone in Catholic charity work, and Father Joe is held in very high regard for all his work. The people of San Diego, Catholics and otherwise, will not take any threat to this institution lightly.

I would like to note that there were loud, sustained applause after Father Anthony concluded their letter; such rousing applause is not a common occurrence. I also overheard a few remarks that the Bishop’s letter didn’t go far enough in rejecting Obama’s “accommodation”.

Bishop Brom’s letter was one of many read throughout the nation yesterday. All urge Catholics to contact Congress. For your convenience, here is contact information for our local and state representatives:

Contact Congressman Duncan Hunter: CLICK HERE. El Cajon Office • 1870 Cordell Ct, Ste 206 • El Cajon, CA 92020 • Phone: (619) 448-5201 • Fax: (619) 449-2251; Washington D.C. Office • 223 Cannon HOB • Washington, D.C. 20515 • Phone: (202) 225-5672 • Fax: (202) 225-0235

Contact Congresswoman Susan Davis: Click HERE. U.S. House of Representatives – 1526 Longworth House Office Building, Washington, DC 20515; Phone: (202) 225-2040; Fax: (202) 225-2948. 2700 Adams Avenue Suite 102, San Diego CA 92116; Phone: (619) 280-5353; Fax: (619) 280-5311

Contact Congressman Brian Bilbray: Click HERE. Washington, DC Office – 2410 Rayburn HOB Washington, DC 20515; Phone: (202) 225-0508; Fax: (202) 225-2558. Solana Beach District Office – 380 Stevens Avenue, Suite 212; Solana Beach, CA 92075; Phone: (858) 350-1150; Fax: (858) 350-0750.

Senator Barbara Boxer: Click HERE. 600 B Street, Suite 2240, San Diego, CA 92101, (619) 239-3884, (202) 228-3863 fax. 112 Hart Senate Office Building Washington, D.C. 20510 (202) 224-3553.

Senator Diane Feinstein: Click HERE. 750 B Street, Suite 1030, San Diego, CA 92101; Phone: (619) 231-9712; Fax: (619) 231-1108. 331 Hart Senate Office Building; Washington, D.C. 20510; Phone: (202) 224-3841 Fax: (202) 228-3954.


A few other, related points. My blogging icon, the Anchoress, is following the developments related to this situation closely. Here are a few of her comments:

Obama’s HHS: Bring on the Penal Laws! – UPDATE

Over at NPR’s Bench Memos Ryan T. Anderson ponders illegalities in the making:

Here’s an aspect of the HHS preventive-services mandate and the “compromise” announced on Friday that has gone unnoticed: It will soon be impossible, because it would be illegal, to be a faithful Catholic in America running a health-insurance company. Friday’s announcement — that health-insurance companies will be required to provide free coverage of contraceptives, sterilization procedures, and abortifacients — entails that citizens cannot operate a health-insurance company in accord with their moral values, if those moral values happen to align with historic Christianity rather than Obama.

WH never “botched” contraception question

Oh, and in case you have not heard, over the weekend Catholic Charities has walked back its initial approval of the Obama “accommodation” which the press insists on calling a “compromise” and the administration calls a “negotiation”, as in “we are done negotiating with the Catholics”.

HHS mandate UNACCEPTABLE!: list of signatories grows on the Snead, Glendon, George, Garvey, and Levin letter

One last note: I have always been troubled by my Chuch’s devotion to “social justice”, which is neither in my opinion (see Michelle Malkin’s pieces that cover key aspects of this very topic). I think too many people confuse greed with a healthy dose of self interest, which is a good thing as it allows us to appreciate and utilize our special gifts and reap appropriate and well-earned rewards. Related to this, there is a piece going viral that is a must-read for Catholics that relates to this topic:

American Catholicism’s Pact With the Devil; Paul A. Rahe

In the process, the leaders of the American Catholic Church fell prey to a conceit that had long before ensnared a great many mainstream Protestants in the United States – the notion that public provision is somehow akin to charity – and so they fostered state paternalism and undermined what they professed to teach: that charity is an individual responsibility and that it is appropriate that the laity join together under the leadership of the Church to alleviate the suffering of the poor. In its place, they helped establish the Machiavellian principle that underpins modern liberalism – the notion that it is our Christian duty to confiscate other people’s money and redistribute it.

I think Feb. 12, 2012 represents a real sea-change, and will give many Catholics a chance to reflect on the concepts if individual liberty, statism, and how God, Christ and the Church are best served.

I would now like to welcome my fellow Catholics to the Tea Party.

Hat-Tip: Kresta in the Afternoon



Video: Archbishop Cardinal Wuerl denounces contraception accommodation on America’s Newsroom


Indeed, there now seems to be some sense of “buyer’s remorse” for some Catholics, as noted in this Hot Air post: Notre Dame faculty calls Obama so-called accommodation “grave violation of religious freedom”. The following passage sums up a key aspect of how I feel about this entire matter.

I’d hate to tell Notre Dame I told you so, but in fact a number of Catholics, myself included, did warn Notre Dame in 2009 about inviting Obama to deliver that commencement speech. My objection was specific to the honorary law degree Notre Dame awarded Obama for that appearance, a jarring decision given Obama’s previous attacks on the Catholic Church’s positions on life, especially in the Illinois Senate. Now the same law school that awarded Obama a law school degree is shocked, shocked to find that Obama thinks he can arrogate to himself the power to dictate to religious organizations that they have to facilitate actions which are forbidden by their core doctrinal values.

It seems a lot of people are regretting the awards they showered on Obama in 2009.

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