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Dear Readers:  It looks like Romney has become the “presumptive nominee” and Tea Party types, PUMAs, independent conservatives, and all other civil-liberty embracing Americans are now gearing up for the general election campaign.  My feelings?  Well, I had the famous scene from “The Ten Commandments” in my head, in which the lovely Nefertari heralds Moses’ return from war with flowers and adoration from her balcony:

It seems that while Romney was giving his best, and highly presidential, speech to essentially kick-off the General Election, the Once was “slow jamming” and making a complete buffoon of himself and pissing on the dignity of the office. Obama — here is some Egyptological advice I am going to give to you for free: Pharaoh Akhenaten had himself, his wife, and his family made the sole focus of worship in his country. It didn’t work out well for him, and it isn’t going to work out well for you, either. It’s not too late to learn a little grace and humility.

Anyway, my title today is an homage to Michelle’s Mirror, and how it alters that preposition in its humorous descriptions of the First Couple’s antics. It’s also a reminder that when Romney says something along the lines of “Obama is a nice guy“, the BUTT that follows negates all the platitudes and Romney is tactically excoriating Team Obama for all its failures.

Hat-tip: Michelle's Mirror

Interestingly, Moonbattery reports that Michelle Obama was the “mastermind” behind the attack on Ann Romney. But, I digress.

Via KT Cat, I would like to comment a Secular Apostate post that details Obama’s most outstanding achievement: THE WORST ECONOMIC RECOVERY IN HISTORY. Secular Apostate notes the basis for this fiscal washout — uncertainty. In fact, it is so bad, the illegal aliens are leaving for better economic opportunities. Furthermore, the failures permeate downward: WC Varones shows that even a massive FDA/Agriculture Dept. bureaucracy cannot seem to prevent Mad Cow disease. Though, if Obama does achieve re-election, I may strive to get Mad Cow disease — it would be less painful.

Other Failures:

1) Americans have lost a great deal of their personal liberties. This from Charles Caesar — President Obama has just signed HR 347, Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act of 2011, which makes Free Speech in the form of protesting near the Secret Service officially a felony. One year in jail should dissuade anyone from challenging the Secret Service’s new power to decide when First Amendment protections apply.

2) Americans are being harassed by Obama’s real “Civilian National Security Force” — aka, the TSA! Exhibit 631 – Weeping four-year-old girl accused of carrying a GUN by TSA officers after she hugged her grandmother while passing through security. Despite the fact our “War on Terror” is over, our 4 year olds are treated as terrorists. With my new metal hip, I really will have to give a great deal of thought before flying the friendly skies. Executives and employees of the airline industry should be concerned about the enormous loss of business the TSA is causing.

3) Race relations have gone to hell.

Hillary is 44 has another take on Romney’s campaign approach: THE NEW FAIR DEAL. As long as we get a new First Couple this November, it will be fair indeed.

For those of you on the anti-Romney train, I say this again (and will repeat myself, as needed, through the electy cycle): Given all the excrement I have listed above, if you wish to NOT vote or vote third party because of your ego or some sort of uncompromising principle, then have the gonads to pull the lever for Obama. It will be the same result, and I would respect you more.

I would also like to share an awesome post from NoOneofAnyImport, detailing her “Offend a Feminist Week” concept: In the midst of all this, here I am trying to prepare for Offend A Feminist week. And preparation I sorely need, for although I am female and therefore qualified in at least some respect to comment on All Things Feminine, my view of “feminism” as a field of sociological thought is about the same as my view of “psychiatry” as a field of medicine, which is to say I view them dimly and from as far away as possible, wearing my credulous face all the while.

I will really have to join her in a rant on this subject, soon.

A few videos to conclude this piece today. Lipstick Underground shares the viral “If I Wanted America to Fail” YouTube video. A must see, truly. And, the best way to conclude today’s Egypt-based opining is this oldie-but-goodie from the McCain campaign of 2008 — The One, featuring “The Ten Commandments”.

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…..Otherwise known as how the Presidential campaign will mimic the Vulcan mating battle called Kal-i-fee.

Dear Friends (and fans of LEGAL INSURRECTION, who named this analogy post of the day!!!Thanks, Professor.):

The results from New Hampshire were coming in, and I was following them via one of my favorite pundits on-line as the Young Prince was watching the newest Star Trek movie. Assuming that you are regular readers because you like my optimistic take on events, I want to share an uplifting epiphany I had last night:

If Mitt Romney wins the nomination, we will be treated to the American version of the ritual battle known, as kal-if-fee.

This battle pits two normally emotionally remote aliens against eachother, the winner taking a luscious Vulcan babe as the prize. In our case, both contenders will be pretending to have a “blood fever” to service the “bride” (in this analogy, the American Republic).

Maybe because I am part Romanian, and likely have some Roman legionnaires in my bloodline, I am actually excited about the prospect. If done right, this could be a very thrilling election cycle. Before you discount my assertion, let me provide more details.

To get started, it may be worthwhile to review the concept of Pon Farr. In the Star Trek canon, pon farr is a biologically-based, instinctual mating process that occurs among Vulcan males and females every seven years. During this time, they have “blood fevers”, become violently Klingon-ish in their behaviors, and can die if they do not mate with someone with whom they are empathically bonded or engage in a ritual battle with a rival. I came across this wonderful YouTube compendium of Pon Farr, which should amuse all the Trekkies in my fan base:

Should Mitt prevail in the primary, let’s take a look at the likely general election process, as the struggle to remove Obama from office begins. In one corner, there is Mitt — intellectual, waffling, and does not relate to middle income people. His rival, Obama. While some people claim he Obama actually a real alien, the truth is he has a distant, professorial way – some say arrogant – of exercising his questionable “mandate.”

Mitt will enter the ring with only a few friends: Some well known talk show hosts and conservative pundits. Obama will be accompanied by a bridal party of the elite media that has as its sole goal to re-elect him.

Some pundits say that the upcoming election will be passionless. I disagree. I anticipate it will be a real blood battle. Mitt Romney has shown he is a most determined opponent (see here, here and here). On the other hand, Obama has shown there is no stunt his team will not be willing to execute for re-election.

In other words, KUNAT KALIFEE, BABY!

As I have said before, one of the many of the reasons I am glad I am a Democrat is that I don’t have to wonder why the elite GOP is ignoring my opinion on the relative merits of their primary candidates. Like many others, I am clearly in the ABO camp. For example, I do not feel safer since Obama took the oath of office: Obama releases Taliban Leader from Gitmo.I thought national security was a “prime directive” of the President.

So, if the South Carolina and Florida primaries indicate Romney is the likely candidate, I will start to define my support for his election. Despite his misguided policies, I know he loves his country. Romney is not likely to spend 25% of his professional time on the golf course or fund-raising events. The Supreme Court will stay sane under his Presidency.The crony capitalism will be less blatant.

And now, I offer the most persuasive reason for supporting Romney as President:

(Note: Michelle Obama indicates the portrayal of her as “angry” is unfair. In other words: WHO DO YOU BELIEVE, ME OR YOUR OWN LYING EYES? I just hope that the LA Times makes note of my graphic and gives me a little publicity. Perhaps Rush Limbaugh might even mention this little blog).

UPDATE: I am reminded of this wonderful Bill Whittle video I saw a while back:
The Dowd Conundrum: Why Vulcans and Other Intellectuals Don’t Belong in the Big Chair

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Dear Readers: Today’s title comes from one of the worst movies I have ever seen, but seems apt in light of a quote from Bob Turner, winner of NY-09’s special congressional election last night: We have lit one candle today. It’s going to be a bonfire pretty soon.

As Tammy Bruce would say — blame the JOOOOOOOOOOOOOOS.

It looks like that is going to be quite the conflagration. Obama is under 50% in California. With news like this, perhaps it is time for the President to consider Charles Caesar’s advice!

First Lady Michelle Obama isn’t helping the cause that much, either.

…First Lady Michelle Obama apparently showing extreme disrespect to the American flag at a ceremony in honor of the victims of the September 11, 2001 terror attacks. As police and firefighters fold the flag to the sound of marching bagpipers, a skeptical looking Mrs. Obama leans to her husband and appears to say, “all this just for a flag.” She then purses her lips and shakes her head slightly as Mr. Obama nods.

Left Coast Rebel is tracking the NY-09 victory and what it means for the 2012 election. While it is exciting to have California go from a slightly more pale shade of blue, I am hoping that we keep Team Obama distracted along the coast so there are larger margins of victory (to cover the Chicago-style fraud) in the other 57 states. Anna’s Clue Tank has a wonderful graphic in line with this news!

Hat-Tip: Anna's Clue Tank

Speaking of California, Beers with Demo is covering the dual problems of no money to fund elite projects AND over-regulation in the Golden State.

Perhaps someone should report all of this to Obama. Apparently, his team has started-up another big-brother-report site, AttackWatch.com, that is being treated with the same amount of respect as the previous versions of this inanity have been (hat-tip, B-Daddy).

Back to California and San Diego: Shane Atwell had a marvelous comment about last week’s big blackout that I had to share: Every time there’s an outbreak of salmonella or even speculation of some minor crisis in an unregulated market, the statists come out of the woodwork to discuss ‘market failure’ and the need for more regulations. But when a heavily regulated industry fails–an industry who’s regulations were supposed to make it cheaper, more efficient and safer–those statists are silent.. Read the full piece; it is excellent.

While New York seems to be sending a good message, California’s Assembly was busy at work servicing themselves: The California Legislature’s last-minute bill binge upended the state. The battle in the Legislature wasn’t just about improving California’s financial stability. It was about establishing Democratic dominance and control over nearly every aspect of Californians’ lives. The way this dominance was accomplished was using massive redistribution tactics. More information, which as another must-read, is HERE!

Concluding with the “Bonfire of the Vanities”: Bruce Willis was the best thing about that film. Turning now to a favorite scene from a far better movie, here is a clip you can report to AttackWatch.com!

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