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Dear Readers: I have a show this Thursday I am truly looking forward to doing – with fellow SLOB Charles Fettinger of Doo Doo Economics. Silvio and I will be asking him all about the new currency phenomenon, Bitcoin. (Click HERE this Thursday at 7 pm PST/9 pm CT/10 pm EST for the live show, or later for the podcast).

Charles has a nice synopsis: Bitcoin Trading Ten Commandments

Lets keep this short. Here are the Ten Commandments to make money trading in Bitcoin. Detailed explanations follow where needed.

  1. Do not follow trollbox advice
  2. Buy low, sell high OR sell high, buy back low
  3. Know your break even number
  4. Never let a Whale (big trader) buy cheaper than you, stack up on their position if necessary.
  5. Look up and down the orders list and find the big orders
  6. Cut loses or cost average when you make a bad trade, but let profits run
  7. Be patient and do not be mastered by market sentiment
  8. Buy when the market is selling, sell when the market is buying
  9. Read the chart first
  10. Do not trade to fiat
Where do you trade Bitcoin? You trade on one of the Bitcoin exchanges, but start small and work your way up to larger trades. Here are the “how to” details…

Also: When To Buy Bitcoin

Recently Overstock, Tiger Direct and many other online retailers have begun accepting the secure internet money known as Bitcoin (BTC or #). Bitcoin cannot be hacked like credit cards because you pay directly with encrypted money instead of entrusting others with credit card account information. It is more like using cash instead of a credit card which limits your vulnerability.

Merchants love Bitcoin for many reasons. There are less transaction fees involved with Bitcoin and unlike insecure credit cards, Bitcoin was designed for use on the internet. That means retailers like Walmart can use Bitcoin securely to purchase goods from anywhere in the world without wire fees and without exchange rate risk.

So, when should you purchase Bitcoin?

The answer is a couple days after a major retailer begins accepting purchases via Bitcoin.

We will also discuss the results of the San Diego Mayoral election, resulting in a rare Republican victory in California.

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Dear Readers:  My fellow SoCal Tax Revolt Coalition Co-Founder, Dawn Wildman, will be joining Silvio Canto, Jr. and me on Canto Talk this Thursday, Jan. 23, to discuss what his happening with the California Tea Parties (click HERE at 7 pm PST/9 PM CT, 10 pm EST or for archived podcast).

Dawn Wildman, surrounded by Tea Party friends.

Dawn Wildman, surrounded by Tea Party friends.

The last we talked, she was promoting the Tea Party California Caucus’ Tech-Based Gameplan for CA GOP Convention. There was recently a caucus meeting, to make further plans for 2014, and she will be bringing us up to speed with those.

Here is a sneak peak of what she observed.

One of the best parts of my job is that I get to travel around California and attend events that are for and by grassroots leaders from around our Golden State. This past weekend I was in Fresno to attend an event being put on by the newly minted Tea Party California Caucus and what an event it was. Now let me be very clear I am no longer a Republican, I am a non-partisan voter which simply means I don’t care who gets the credit when a good is represented in leadership. I made a decision years ago that based on what I saw the California Republican Party doing to grassroots groups in our state that I would leave the Party and look for greener pastures. Having not actually found those among the already established political parties I chose to become one of the ever growing disenfranchised voters and hung out my “ no Party “ loyalty sign by re-registering as a Non Partisan Voter.

I digress, so there I am at this event with a bunch of Republicans, which sounds like the beginning of a great joke but this was serious, this was a phenomenal undertaking, this was about real change. You see for almost five years now Republicans have been complaining about Republicans that is exactly what started the tea party movement. But instead of just changing who these people align themselves with by changing parties they decided to fight for the Party they remember joining. There they were in Fresno, trying to work out a strategy even with GOP hacks in the audience watching and waiting and taking notes to report back to the elite that have held this Party hostage.

This huge crowd of “disgruntled” GOP folks was energized and ready to rumble. They have taken on the greatest challenge ever seen since the declining days of the Whig Party. And they are serious. They know the powers that be that keep the Republican Party in California as nothing more than a punch line in a joke will and are fighting them all the way. The good news for them is that the CAGOP usually stinks at what they do as witnessed by the lack of any real Republican wins over the years. These people are motivated by one thing, bringing California back to its Golden State excellence. They want to have real representation in Sacramento; they want to have a seat at the table when back room deals are being done by the brain trust in Sacramento and DC. Simply put, they want the Party they signed up for to exist in more than just name.

And if this doesn’t work what will these very loyal people do next? Well who knows, they are learning the rules, learning them well and are ready to operate around them.

With all the breaking news in California, including California Drought = Flood of New Rules,we should be able to entertain our fans in all 57 states!

More on the Tea Party California Caucus can be found HERE.

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Dear Readers: If you get a chance, please check out my latest post on Legal Insurrection: THE ANTI-ISRAEL DISTORTION OF HISTORY.

Now, onto California news.

A Cal Watchdog report by Wayne Lusvardi shows that a firm bailed out a flailing state energy credit auction:

The facts slowing coming out about the state’s first Cap and Trade auction seriously question whether the system is already being gamed by government, together with electric utilities.

Edison International made an announcement on Dec. 20, 2012: At California’s first Cap and Trade auction held back on Nov. 14, 2012, it offered to buy 21 times more pollution permits than allowed.

Edison’s overbidding error ended up amounting to 72 percent of all the bid offers and bailed out the Cap and Trade auction from failure. About a month later, Edison’s unregulated power-generating subsidiary company, Mission Energy, declared bankruptcy on Dec. 17, 2012.

CARB’s “Credibility called into question”

Bloomberg.com reported on Dec. 20, 2012 that Edison International “unintentionally” bid for twice as many pollution allowance permits as were offered for sale.  Edison said its error was due to submitting a bid in the wrong format.  For anyone who has ever worked in a large bureaucratic utility, Edison’s statement seems unbelievable. The number of hands it would typically take to review and sign off on any bid would have made highly suspicious any so-called bidding error resulting in 21 times the permits offered. Moreover, CARB provided training on auction procedures and held a test sale back on Aug. 30.

Bloomberg New Energy Finance analyst William Nelson said of the California Air Resources Board, “This revelation calls the agency’s credibility into question.  For So Cal Ed, it appears now to have 1.61 million allowances it never intended to buy on its hands for which it spent approximately $16 million. The irony is that Edison was ultimately rewarded for its mistake, procuring credits at a price that is ‘in the money,’ today.”

Edison bid for approximately 16,632,000 pollution permits out of the total of 23.1 million permits allowed. After CARB disqualified Edison’s excessive bid, Edison ended up buying 4.05 million pollution permits. This was still 1.61 million more permits than its allowance of permits…

Edison arm declares bankruptcy

Coincidentally, on Dec. 17, 2012, Edison’s subsidiary, Mission Energy, filed for bankruptcy. Mission Energy listed $5.13 billion in assets and $5.09 billion in liabilities.  Since both companies are separate legal entities, Edison International apparently did not dump the cost of its trading error onto insolvent Mission Energy.  However, the law firm of Pillsbury, Winthrop, Shaw and Pittman, LLP in New York, representing creditor Chevron, did not respond to an inquiry whether the bankruptcy judge could “puncture the corporate veil” and void Edison International’s CARB auction bid….

Bid rigging and plausible collusion

This seriously calls into question whether either collusion or gaming of the bid system took place. Back on May 18, 2012, this writer warned that CARB’s auction system created perverse incentives for government to game or collude with electric utilities to generate more tax revenues for the state.  Edison’s apparent auction bidding strategy was to bid for excessive permits to prevent the auction from being declared a failure and buy up all the permit allowances.  Edison’s initial bid for 72 percent of the permits was then negotiated downward after the auction to almost exactly the same number of permits allowed.

The effect that this apparent overbidding scheme may have on the California Chamber of Commerce’s lawsuit charging CARB with profiting from Cap and Trade auctions remains to be seen.

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Dear Readers: You need a find a way to stay totally positive when you are an independent-minded taxpayer in California — with gas prices, Cap & Trade, and a moon-bat Governor.

Today, I learn that the state is an even HOTTER place to live….if you use Geiger counter readings to assess environmental quality!

Radioactive Waste Found In Dumpster Behind Westside Supermarket

Emergency crews and a hazardous materials team descended on an Albertson’s parking lot Wednesday after a radioactive material was found in a nearby trash bin.

The “low-level radioactive material” was discovered sometime before 8:30 a.m. outside the store near Lincoln and Ocean Park boulevards, according to fire officials.

The store was not evacuated, but Santa Monica Fire Battalion Chief Mark Bridges told KNX 1070′s Claudia Peschiutta that customers are no longer being allowed to enter the building.

“We suspect it’s medical waste of a beta source, which means the beta source does not travel great distances, so we’re comfortable with the isolation area that we have set up,” Bridges said.

Hazmat crews scanned the store with a Geiger counter and found no evidence that any radiation leaked inside.

A county hazardous materials team was called to the scene to help dispose of the waste.

As an extra bonus, via TAMMY BRUCE, Barnes and Nobel Bookstores, the country’s largest bookseller, reported that data thieves hacked into payment devices at stores nationwide and may have stolen credit and debit card information. Specific California stores are:

  • 4735 Commons Way, Calabasas 91302
  • 2470 Tuscany St. Suite 101, Corona 92881
  • 2015 Birch Road Suite 700, Chula Vista 91915
  • 313 Corte Madera Town Center, Corte Madera 94925
  • 5604 Bay St., Emeryville 94608
  • 810 West Valley Parkway, Escondido 92025
  • 1315 E. Gladstone St., Glendora 91740
  • 5183 Montclair Plaza Lane, Montclair 91763
  • 894 Marsh St. Bldg G, San Luis Obispo 93401
  • 2615 Vista Way, Oceanside 92054
  • 72-840 Highway 111 Suite 425, Palm Desert 92260
  • 27460 West Lugonia Ave., Redlands 92374
  • 1150 El Camino Real, Space 277, San Bruno 94066
  • 10775 Westview Parkway, San Diego 92126
  • 3600 Stevens Creek Blvd, San Jose 95117
  • 11 West Hillsdale Blvd., San Mateo 94403
  • 9938 Mission Gorge Road, Santee 92071
  • 40570 Winchester Road, Temecula 92591
  • 4820 Telephone Road, Ventura 93003
  • 1149 S. Main St., Walnut Creek 94596

Just more reasons that the Great California exodus continues! Extra bonus — housing starts are up everywhere except in California!!!

In slightly more upbeat news, San Diego scientists reported that a Beluga whale spontaneously mimiced human voices.

Researchers with the San Diego-based National Marine Mammal Foundation reported the findings in the journal Current Biology Monday, highlighting a case study they say is the first documentation of marine mammal mimicry of human speech.

“It’s very unusual,” said study author Sam Ridgway, president of the foundation, and a veteran marine mammal researcher. “This is the first time a whale, or any cetacean, has been demonstrated to imitate human speech and make speech-like sounds.”


Just a reminder: We will be chatting with Citizens for Self Governance President and Californian, Mark Meckler, on Canto Talk tomorrow (click here for details).

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Dear Readers: While my hero, Captain Capitalism, is off taking a much needed break on his version of Calypso’s Island, he has kindly asked me to contribute a post.  I pondered the topics, and decided to try and explain the unexplainable to his vast and savvy audience.

As a Goddess, you might think I would try to explain women.  And while I am pleased to grace the “manosphere” today with my decidedly female viewpoint, I decided to try to lift the veil on an entity more troubling: California voters.

Many of you will recall that the “big red wave” of 2010 stopped at the Sierra Nevada.  Why did California voters choose as Governor Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown while most other voters chose more sensible options for their states?

Here is the reason: In this state, you will find that many in Democratic Party leadership are corrupt; however, Republican politicos tend to be both corrupt and incompetent.

I would like to offer several examples.  Many of you are involved in citizen activism through Tea Party groups.  I am a “Palin Democrat” who helped organize the first San Diego area Tea Party in Feb. 2009, as part of the first nation-wide protest event.  The local Republican party attempted to hijack this activity, making promises about locations and supplies they had no intention of keeping.  The logo our group created was usurped as well.  Later on, after the state GOP selected politico neophyte and charisma-deficient candidate Meg Whitman as their gubernatorial candidate, her staff called California Tea Party organizers and basically told our citizen activists exactly how we were going to help her campaign.

She did not bother to take questions regarding her positions on illegal immigration or global warming, which were issues over great concern to my California compatriots on that business call.  She was neither informative nor gracious.  Subsequently, there was little enthusiasm or involvement from our state’s grassroots conservatives.  The result is as you see: Governor Brown (who, now that several cities have declared bankruptcy, is trying to up-end green-based restrictions on businesses).

Thanks to six Republicans in the California Senate and Assembly, the largest tax increase was passed on this citizens on this state.  The former chairman of the state GOP, Ron Nehring, is reported to have said: “We will take over the Tea Party or destroy it.”  The San Diego County chairman spends his time hacking the Twitter account of his Democratic Party counterpart, resulting in the suspension of his Twitter account.  Needless to say, given the quality of the competition, California has truly become a one-party state.  In fact, the most thrilling political development has been that the Libertarians have taken over a former GOP office in Sacramento: If a third party can succeed anywhere, it is most likely in this state.

Some supposed “Tea Party leaders” have tried to tell us how to deal with the Republican Party, based on their own (probably better) red-state standards.  However, in this state, the usual rules of political sanity do not apply.  So, we Tea Party peeps have got to make it up as we go along.

Now, is it time to despair of we in the Left Coast? No, I say to you.  Californians have the initiative process, and during the last one, our voters said no to a tax increase on cigarettes (a sin tax, which would have normally passed).  All the BIG spending measures were passed before 2008; after 2009, not so much.   Citizen activists have gotten a new measure on the ballot to fight against the political use of union dues.  We are so active, that some power-crazed members of the Assembly have introduced bills to make the initiative process more challenging.

As a Democrat, I have an advantage over many of by GOP or Libertarian friends: Fellow Democrats are more inclined to share their thoughts with me.  So, I can tell you all that I have dialoged with (perhaps about 50) are very unhappy with Team Obama.  Some will not bother to vote, some will vote Romney, and only 2 will vote Obama (focused only on the abortion issue).  No, Romney will not win this state – but the margin he will lose by will be substantially less than McCain’s results in 2008.  And, as I suspect these same margins will hold across the country, I prophesy that Obama loses by a landslide.

The biggest Tea Party news recently was the victory of Ted Cruz in Texas.  However, the most significant story from that evening went unreported:  The Hispanics did not show at the polls.  My friend and talk show host Silvio Canto has the complete details (here is the link — http://www.blogtalkradio.com/cantotalk/2012/08/03/todays-message  ).  I suspect that California’s vast Hispanic population will also fail to show this November, too. (MUT Note;  Silvio is the Cuban version of the Dos Equis man, so please check out his show on BlogTalkRadio.com).

The Captain has broken my heart, by saying he will not come out to California because we drive him crazy.  I do understand – but I will keep a candle burning at the Shrine of Flaming Capitalism in hopes I might persuade him to give us a second chance, based on the general election results.  Watch our propositions – if we reject the Brown Tax Increases, this will be a Tea Party win.  Also, the San Diego mayor’s race may produce our future equivalent to Scott Walker (the candidate, Carl DeMaio, is awesome).

One last item:  I am grateful to be so favorably mentioned on the “Manosphere”.  I have another friend in this realm who has written a brilliant series on the “Age of Arthur”, describing in detail the transition from a Roman province to a medieval kingdom.  It’s truly by a man for men, so check it out: http://deadliestblogpage.wordpress.com/2012/08/08/the-age-of-arthur-part-sixteen/

Finally, as Captain Capitalism likes “Big Books”, I sent him an image of mine as a way to say thanks for his continued support of my Shrine!

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Dear Readers:  A quick note to let you know the Young Prince made another New Media debut yesterday.  Silvo Canto, host of CANTO TALK, interviewed my son about the new blog, the Young Prince’s Castle.  My thanks to all of you who have left supportive comments.  He gets so excited when he gets a response — just like the rest of us bloggers! 🙂

Blake's 10th Birthday, wearing his SPQR T-shirt

The post: My Interview

On June 25, 2012, I had an interview with Silvio Canto and Barry Casselman. I was interviewed on a Blog-Talk-Podcast called Canto Talk. (Click HERE to listen the podcast — I am on the last 15 minutes). It was about 15 minutes. Before the interview and in the interview I was nervous, but after I was just fine. The reason I was interviewed is because I started this blog. They asked me who did I think was going to win the election. I don’t know much about the government and politics right now but my best guess is Mitt Romney.

My son and Silvio got to talking about history, and the Young Prince noted he liked ancient Rome because, via our Romanian heritage, we have roots with that Empire. Silvo, with his Spanish heritage, also shares in this descent and the appreciation of ancient history. His other guest, Barry Casselman, was kind enough to add some of his experiences with Greek archeology. It was very serious stuff for such a young man.

It seems I am not the only Romanian-American that Silvio knows! One of his guests, Ileana Johnson Paugh (of US-Action News and Romanian Conservative, came from that country. Today, she had an amazing post, which is well worth reading after living these past years under the Obama Administration:

What Communism Wrought

Today my Dad would have been 84 years old. I still mourn his tragic and premature death at the hands of communist goons who took over the country of my birth and terrorized people for 41 years. Dad was barely 61 and healthy.

The benevolent dictator Ceausescu ruled Romania with an iron fist, lording over the frightened and defenseless population. His portrait was everywhere next to his hideous wife, “the Mother of the Country.” She had given herself that title along with a Ph.D. in chemistry. A fifth grade dropout, she had grandiose ideas of her faux accomplishments.

Dad hated Nicolae Ceausescu and his co-dictator wife, Elena, with a passion. He never hid his utter disdain for the arrogant, narcissistic, and uneducated couple who rose from the poverty of community organizing with empty promises of paternal and maternal care for the weak, the poor, and the downtrodden, to a life-style of the rich and famous.

Torturing, imprisoning, and killing millions of innocents, the Ceausescus had appropriated their possessions and amassed such a vast wealth, it was hard to tell how much money he had in Swiss bank accounts, how much art, jewels, land, and homes.

The dictator was proud that he gave “homes” to all his subjects, the proletariat, crowding country and city folk alike into high-rise concrete apartment blocks, while taking their homes and land for agricultural cooperatives or grandiose buildings and palaces dedicated to the Communist Party. Hastily built of reinforced concrete, the nine to twelve story apartments were Spartan, ugly, cold, dirty from the heavy pollution, and chipping concrete chunks like loose teeth.

The rest of the post is a must read!!!! I will be adding ROMANIAN CONSERVATIVE in the blog-roll, under Silvio’s Angels! Another great blog I will be checking often!

With Lonely Conservative noting that Obama is prepping an army of lawyers for November, it is good to have this historical reminder.

It looks as if Silvio will be adding another Romanian-descended pundit to his guest list — Word Warrior is slated to be a new guest for Canto Talk next month! Today, our local pundit had this to offer – JIMMY KIMMEL AT THE WHITE HOUSE CORRESPONDENT’S DINNER. It is a link to a hilarious video — you need to check it out!

Fellow SLOB, B-Daddy, has some thoughts on Presidential Petulance: Obama’s response, to suspend agreements between AZ law enforcement and the DHS and to set up hot lines so that citizens with a grudge against law enforcement have a forum. Really? That’s some real leadership during tough times. When the going gets tough, the President skirts the law.

Beers with Demos had a letter form Barak
: For a campaign that was down-right giddy over the prospects of potentially raising a billion dollars for their candidate as recently as 3 or 4 months ago, money in politics is suddenly a big problem again. And if they thought that they were getting to that figure on the backs of small donors, they’re simply lying.

With the Obamacare decision looming in the horizon, Charles Caesar has detailed and intriguing thoughts on why health insurance is so expensive. A commenter from yesterday, Moxie D. Hoxie, has a thorough look at the HHS Mandate the Fortnight for Freedom.

Back in California, the city of Stockton is bracing for bankruptcy!And California Insurance Department workers are getting new I-phones and I-pads, as state bankruptcy can’t be too much farther behind!

Concluding this post, with a return to the theme of the day: I am slated for another interview of Italian journalist, Marco Respinti (who interviewed me during my Tea Party in Florence, Italy a bit ago). Also, SLOB KT Cat was singing Italian lyrics, reflecting on grace and chaos at a local #Fortnoght4Freedom event last night.

The Young Prince at the Sacra dell’Argentina in Rome!

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Dear Readers:  I wanted to let everyone know that I will be on Silvio Canto’s BlogTalkRadio show tonight, which is “Ladies Night”.  His topics will include that Catholic protests against the HHS Mandate and the State of California.  I should be on about 7 pm PST/9 pm Central Time.  Click HERE to Listen!

Speaking of Catholic rebels, fellow SLOBs W.C. Varones and KT Cat went to the San Diego Mission yesterday to attend the first night of the Catholic “Fortnight for Freedom” rally.  WC’s and KT’s Reports are must-reads!

W.C.’s view of the Catholic Rally in San Diego Last night

W.C.: Fortnight for Freedom — in defense of religious liberty

First they came for the Catholics, and I did not speak up because I was not a Catholic…

The W.C. Varones Blog stands squarely with American Catholics as they defend their religious liberty from unprecedented assault by the Obama regime…It was the kickoff to a “Fortnight for Freedom.” Catholics will spend the next two weeks through July 4 working, praying, and spreading the word about the gross imposition of ObamaCare mandates against their religious beliefs. The mission sanctuary was packed — standing room only all the way to the back and spilling out into the parking lot.

KT Cat (who will post more later, to which I will link): Viva Cristo Rey!

My wife and I attended the Fortnight for Religious Freedom event last night at the Mission San Diego de Alcala. The place was packed and the event moved me to tears. I felt like I was at one of the original organizing meetings of the Cristados. I’ve got lots more to blog about this later, but let me just add one more thing. The presence of non-Catholics there in the Mission, standing with us in support of our freedoms, was awesome

Speaking of California, it seems some county officials think taking over underwater mortgages by right of eminent domain is a good idea: County, city mortgage grabs could spark new housing crisis

In San Bernardino, the county has approved using eminent domain to seize bank-owned pools of “underwater mortgages” to get the county out of its over-indebted housing stagnation. The city of San Bernardino has the second highest poverty rate in the United States, after Detroit.

The cities of Fontana and Ontario have also approved joining the program. The city of Hesperia, however, rejected the idea. But such a bailout of underwater mortgages is likely to result in a number of foreseeable negative unintended consequences.

What happens if the county buys up underwater mortgages, but home values plunge again due to a double-dip recession triggered by an economic disaster, perhaps the European debt crisis? Economist Gary Schilling, who has called every recession correctly since the 1970s, is forecasting another 20 percent drop in national housing prices in 2012.

This is sure an idea that is:

BONUS: Our Assembly just killed a bond misuse bill


But we are rebelling, too. California cities San Jose and San Diego passed pension reform measures that were fought by the unions. And: The Seismic Shift in Voter Sentiment Towards Government Unions Has Begun. There is also a push to get a part-time legislature measure on the ballot.

Silvio and I will have lots to chat about tonight! Come join us!

Here’s a gift from my Canto Talk Radio friends:

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Dear Readers: I had a wonderful opportunity to chat with a savvy citizen activist and popular BlogTalkRadio host Silvio Canto Jr. Silvio is based out Dallas, Texas; his show has a sizable audience there as well as many listeners across the nation — including the People’s Republic of California.

Dallas-based Host Silvio Canto Jr.

During the show I was on, Silvio was comparing and contrasting Spain and California, noting the similarities between the fiscally irresponsible policies both governments were following and the likely full-of-fail consequences. I had him in stitches, telling him I might be one of many other Californians coming out to Texas soon. (Click HERE for the podcast; my interview starts about minute 30).

I also had him chuckling over the success of my “Operation Counteract” and my increasingly popular idea for disgruntled California Dems and Non-declareds to write-in “Mickey Mouse” for the Democratic Nominee. As a reminder, this is Operation Counteract:

This is directed at Blue Dog Democrats (such as myself), as well as PUMAs, independents and other Americans who may not be able to, or inclined to, participate in the GOP primary.


So far, a summary of Operation Counteract Results show that Obama is losing about 20% of the Democrat vote in blue state and 40% or more in red states.

I think you can all thank Operation Counteract for the fact that… Nobody is challenging Obama in the primaries–and doing surprisingly well.  Money quote: Unlike the recently re-elected presidents, Obama does not have the full support of his party.

I am looking forward to our primary results on June 5th, to see what our primary numbers might be! Silvio has invited me to return for a future show — dealing with Women in Politics/2012. It should be fun!!

Here is more enticing news from the Golden State:

  • A mountain lion is shot dead in Santa Monica.  For those of you have been following, I am big on letting hunters start going after mountain lions again, as they are becoming increasingly habituated to humans and viewing us as prey.  This is just the most recent example, which includes sightings around schools in Rancho Bernardo.
  • In California, the Canary is dead:  On the astonishing level of domestic migration out of California.
  • Hollywood Seeks Taxpayer Subsidies:  Yes, because they need a tax break to donate to progressives and their causes, and you don’t need the money to support your family or your ideals.  Toxic levels of hypocrisy in this.
  • Service Tax Proposal:  Because our Assembly has decided that an income tax is just not enough for those of us with a service-based business.
  • Vallejo, CA goes bankrupt and reinvents itself.Via Shrine-friend, Mark Meckler — regular Californians get to decide spending priorities. Innovative, that.

May God have mercy on us:  When we finally go bankrupt, none of our compatriots in the other 56-states will do so.

NOTE: Silvio prepared this piece for “American Thinker”, which I wanted to share with you — What if they had an election and Hispanics voted for something other than immigration?

My impression is that Hispanics are not a single issue group. They live in the same US economy that other Americans do. They have sons in Afghanistan, too. They send their kids to failing public sector schools run by teachers’ unions that overwhelmingly support Dem candidates. Polls show that Hispanics are pro-life and favor traditional marriage, or one man and one woman. Hispanics are also very religious and can not be happy with the Obama administration “mandating” Catholic hospitals to discuss abortion with patients.
Last, but not least, I think that most Hispanos like me (naturalized citizens) are specifically aware of the value of “the rule of law” to a country. Most of us have seen our countries overrun by arbitrary and selective application of the law. All you have to do is look “south of the border” to see how corruption has hurt Mexico. Or look at Chavez’ Venezuela for crony capitalism. Or look at how Argentina has been hurt by a political class that takes care of its friends at the expense of the rule of law.

At the same time, look how a respect for the rule of law has helped Chile and turned around Colombia.

I will say it again. I don’t believe that immigration will drive Hispanics to vote this fall.

I think that this is the election that we blow up the myth that Hispanos are “talking immigration” from dawn to dusk.


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Dear Readers:  I wanted to take a moment to feature 2 of my favorite blog-sites, and to personally thank them for their support of the Shrine of Flaming Capitalism.  I can only adore Captain Capitalism (Rantings and tirades of a frustrated economist.), given his moniker.   I wanted to express my gratitude in his featuring my Queen Tausert-Egyptology post in a recent round-up.  It was nice seeing that piece, which I put some blood, sweat, and tears into, get a little attention!

Thanks so much Captain!!!

I think his post today is an example of his amazing awesomeness: Updating the Factors of Production. He adds a fifth factor to the following 4 factors of products: 1) Land; 2) Labor; 3) Capital; 4) Entrepreneurs

However, I would like to tender a fifth.

I’m doing this not to make things more complicated or to somehow be enshrined in the Economics Hall of Fame, but because our economy today practically proves there is a fifth and final factor of production that is required to produce, but is not accounted for in the current list. That fifth component is:

A future.

Some would call it “political” or “economic certainty.” I’m calling it a future simply because if there is no hope an economy will be stable, MORE SO that you will be able to keep the majority of your gains….

Captain Capitalism will be on the blogroll under both “Capitalist Hero” and “Admired Patron”, because I can’t decide between the two. And his support and all the interested readers will inspire a few more Egyptology posts on a regular basis!  THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! 🙂

I also wanted to thank the Lonely Conservative, a New York working mom who was the winner of the Circle of Mom’s Political Moms contest. She and I have been corresponding, and I think I made her feel sorrier for my blue state status. This occurred when we were discussing New Your Senator Chuck Schumer’s proposed “exit tax”. I informed her that in 2009, the braniacs in Sacramento proposed an exit tax for those fleeing the Golden State.

She has the following take on the Catholic groups suing the Obama Administration over the Contraception Mandate.

Dozens of Catholic organizations are suing the Obama administration over the mandate to provide employees coverage for birth control, sterilization and abortion-inducing drugs. The administration had to see this coming, but they didn’t care. Now these schools, charities, dioceses and health care providers will spend a great deal of money bringing these suits, while the taxpayers will foot the bill for defending them. It was all so avoidable.

Speaking of California, here are some gems that we should know:

Legislature attacks California property rights

A bill was passed by the Assembly [AB 2299] Thursday which would allow a newly created, protected class of individuals to legally hide ownership of property by claiming a public safety classification.

By hiding their ownership information, these individuals would be able to conduct business outside of the scrutiny of the public, undoubtedly resulting in different classes of property owners, as well as the demise of California’s constructive notice property rights system…..

And AB 2299 would make it impossible for a member of the public to verify ownership of their own home. Under AB 2299, only the government could verify real property ownership.

The California Newspaper Publishers Association is opposed to AB 2299 and expressed concerns at a recent hearing about how a confidentiality program might be used to perpetrate fraud: “AB 2299 would bar journalists and the public from investigating the situation unfolding in Los Angeles where the assessor is accused of collecting campaign contributions from property owners in exchange for lowered property assessments. The bill would completely insulate and protect any public safety official who might be involved in this type of scheme and would eradicate any public scrutiny, oversight or accountability.”

Assembly hearings expose Brown budget gaps
Like a woman with a shopping addiction, California politicians are going to bankrupt the Golden State. California has a $16 billion deficit, a $4.6 billion budget spending increase since January, a credit rating which will probably be lowered and a big fat $10 billion debt owed to the K-14 public schools.

It doesn’t look good. Someone needs to cut up the state’s credit cards and put the Legislature on a Weight Watchers plan for big spenders.

UPDATE:  A Shrine friend notes:  Leslie, the debt is now 18 billion.  There was an accounting error just realized late last week per Senator Dutton’s office.

And Chris Reed gets us ready for the response to the above story: ‘Terrorists’ who oppose tax hikes: Prepare for the onslaught

Will Jerry Brown get lots of blame for his $4-billion-in-extra-revenue fantasy that he concocted last June? It’s made a dire situation much worse.

Will anyone in the media point out that contracts with gov unions that Jerry approved this fiscal year not only continue providing “step” increases for time on the job — in other words, just for showing up — but overall pay hikes?

Will anyone in the media point out that the people with power in this state have blocked all fundamental reforms — except the one (prisoner “realignment”) that allowed them to shift costs to local governments?

No, no and no.

Instead, we’ll see the usual one-two punch to explain all that is wrong with California.

1. Those damn Republicans who oppose tax hikes are to blame.

2. Prop. 13 is to blame. It ruined the state.


SLOB Stories:

One last note:  I have been reading Edward Klein’s amazing book on the realities of the Obama Administration.  The most concerning thing I heard was how much a serious policy player Michelle Obama is — and you can click HERE to see a number of reasons for that worry.  Tammy Bruce has details and a public podcast that is essential listening.   Go check out Tammy Bruce (click HERE).

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Is unnecessarily insulting to third-world, banana republics everywhere!!!

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Now onto the analysis:

It seems when Obama came into office, many city workers in the blue enclave of Los Angeles thought that it meant free gas, as Obama would pay for it.  They got their gas, but it was not “free” (it was worth $7 million) and Obama didn’t pay for it (Los Angeles tax-payers did).  Via Channel 7 ABC in Los Angeles: $7M worth of LA city fuel unaccounted for

The city of Los Angeles is having trouble explaining millions of dollars of missing gasoline and other fuels.

“What I uncovered is startling. We found millions of dollars of unexplained high-risk fuel transactions by city departments,” said City Controller Wendy Greuel.

Greuel released the results of an audit on the city’s fuel use Thursday. She said that some of the missing gasoline may have been used for personal vehicles. The audit showed that millions of gallons of fuel were pumped without any record of where it went, according to the audit.

Of course, this Banana Republic insanity is not confined to the LA Basin: Feinstein Ends Truce, Restarts Water Wars

California’s water wars are back. U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., sent a letter to the Association of California Water Agencies late Tuesday March 27 again pitting North against South.

The letter stated Feinstein was no longer entertaining compromise legislation on House Resolution H.R. 1837, the San Joaquin Valley Water Reliability Act, sponsored by Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Clovis. HR 1837 would have repealed Feinstein’s three-year-old H.R. 146, the Omnibus Public Land Management Act of 2009 (formerly called the San Joaquin River Restoration Settlement Act of 2009).

The reason for this action: Feinstein is running for reelection in November and doesn’t want taint her eco-activist credentials in the eyes of her environmentalist political base. Which is rather shocking, because the powers that be seem all aces with the eco-devastation that will be wrought with the Bullet Train. I am still wondering how the greenies can justify the ecological impact of a major transit system — especially since it goes to that den of capitalist inequity — Las Vegas.

I only wish that what goes to Vegas actually stayed in Vegas, but I digress.

But, alas, it seems some tax-payer oriented groups may be to the rescue in the fight to stop this toxic train: Bullet train derailed? Path to demise looking clear! Woo. Hoo.

Monday’s L.A. Times story with this headline — “Bid to appease bullet train critics may violate law” — and this subhead — “Revisions are in conflict with the ballot measure approved by voters and may go against the Obama administration’s plans. Gov. Jerry Brown backs the changes but admits potential legal problems” escaped my notice for a day. But it’s epochal: It points out the clear path to the bullet train’s demise. Sharp attorneys hired by well-heeled opponents of the project — whether they are cities in the Silicon Valley, the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association or Central Valley agribusiness, or all three in tandem — are going to kill this dead in court, using the incredibly specific provisions in Proposition 1A exactly as they were intended: to prevent a boondoggle. Hip hip hooray!

It’s official: GREEN LOGIC IS AN OXYMORON!!!!!!!!

This gem from the Other McCain:

‘Due to Her Excellent Reputation Among California Democrats …’

About Kinde Durkee, a once a trusted treasurer to dozens of California Democrats, who is guilty of  biggest campaign embezzlement case ever to hit U.S. politics.

That pretty much round’s out California’s Banana Republic status quite nicely.


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