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Dear Readers: I wanted to report on the amazing success of OPERATION COUNTERACT, which is the Democrat’s alternative to Professor Jacobson’s/Legal Insurrection’s OPERATION COUNTERWEIGHT!As a reminder as to what OPERATION COUNTERACT is:

This is directed at Blue Dog Democrats (such as myself), as well as PUMAs, independents and other Americans who may not be able to, or inclined to, participate in the GOP primary.


Let’s review some OPERATION COUNTERACT successes:

Friends, Americans, California Democrats — lend me your eyes. I come to bury Obama, along with our friends in New Hampshire, West Virgina, and North Carolina. Are you going to tolerate Team Obama’s cynically political moves, distractions, and “War on Women“?

The Goddess of Capitalism officially nominates MICKEY MOUSE as the designated write-in choice for the June 5th California Democratic Primary!

I now offer you some of my most persuasive arguments:

1) THERE IS ALREADY A MICKEY MOUSE FOR PRESIDENT MOVEMENT….so some Americans already see the sense in this choice!

2) Mickey Mouse is an icon of the successful practice of CAPITALISM. He lives it, he loves it, and he does not belittle it.

3) Mickey Mouse strongly supports our military men and women; he is not likely to say that the troops are “fighting on my behalf“. Mickey honors our service men and women for sacrifices made on behalf of all Americans.

BONUS — Mickey Mouse will get badass on our foes!!!

(MUT aside: NoOneofAnyImport features some wonderful vintage ads featuring men and women, and presents them in homage to the Other McCains’s “Offend a Feminist Week” project.)

4) First Lady!!! Fans of Michelle’s Mirror will recognize the immediate upgrade we get in sense of style if Minnie Mouse becomes the First Lady! Bonus — Minnie is proud of her country, too.

5) JOBS, JOBS, JOBS!!!! As a Californian, I would like to point out Mickey Mouse is actually creating employment in California. Team Obama, not so much. And recent employment numbers show that Obama’s policies are not likely to promote meaningful expansion in employment in this state or any other in the near future — even with tons a statistical manipulation.

6) Disney Parks: HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH. Contrast that with Obama, who has a “Misery Index” worse than Jimmy Carter’s.

I hope I have made a solid case for Mickey Mouse. One June 5th, I hope my fellow California Democrats will join me in writing in an alternative to Obama in percentages as least as great as those in our sister states.

In conclusion, I am looking forward to this conversation on Nov. 7th 2012: MUT, Obama has just been defeated in a landslide. What are you going to do?


SLOB Stories:

Members of the San-Diego Local Order of Bloggers have been commenting on Obama’s “evolution” on gay marriage and “coming out of the closet“.  I would feel remiss if I didn’t add a comment or two, given that I am slated to be interviewed on the subject shortly by the San Diego Union Tribune.

I have these three items to contribute to this discussion:

1) As one-in-size of Obama’s money “bundlers” is gay, and the sudden release of funds was rehearsed and a desperate maneuver for a campaign that is not getting donations at the levels they were expecting. In a nutshell: When having to decide between a heavily unemployed black community opposed to gay marriage, and a wealthy gay community, Obama went green.

2) Hillary is 44 offers need-to-know background for point #1:

Enter Jonathan Lewis. In June of 2009 we advised women, Jews, and gays to “wake up”. We noted that the organizations supposedly established to fight for these groups were more interested in defending Barack Obama than in their mission statements. We recently noted this pro Obama hypocrisy was also evident in the actions of environmental groups and labor unions – they’re more interested in protecting/helping Barack Obama than in their own constituents. Jonathan Lewis and a few gay leaders were the only ones that fought for the gay community and today their strategy threatens a meltdown of the Obama campaign. If other constituent groups learn from Jonathan and demand Obama act on their issues Obama will be caught between today’s Obama and the other Obamas from yesteryear and Obama “present” votes of convenience.

Who is Jonathan Lewis and why is he so important? Well for one thing Jonathan is the son of Peter Lewis and Peter Lewis is a very wealthy man. Peter Lewis (of “Flo” and Progressive Insurance) along with George Soros has been one of the rivers of money for the democratic left. This campaign season Peter Lewis has not been contributing money to help the Obama cause. Lewis’s money distributor Michael Vachon, has been dripping disdain on Obama’s pleas for Superpac money. Peter’s gay activist son Jonathan has been a thorn on Barack Obama’s side…

3) Ego (and I fully concur with PoliticalJunkieMom)

EdgeoftheSandbox notes the next issue for “evolution” — Polygamy!

To round out this section, Word Warrior offers a video featuring another disgruntled California Democrat (and my new favorite comedy star) Jon Lovitz.


UPDATE:  A big shout-out to Captain Capitalism, who sent a bunch of new readers my way today!!!  This Goddess will be totally adding you to the blogroll soon!!!

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