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Dear Readers:  My theme today is a rare chance for me to blend Egyptophila with citizen activism.  Last night, my beloved Horembeb and I had a passionate discussion about whether the Tea Party was dead, given some recent incidents (e.g., some recent poorly attended rallies, the GOP takeover of several national-level organizations).  Interestingly, Left Coast Rebel was leading a similar discussion around this same time:  Rumors of the Tea Party’s Death is Highly exaggerated.

I think the death of the Tea Party is highly exaggerated. Many are tired and dispirited. Most Tea Partiers have simply moved into underground Sons of Liberty liberty watch-guards. Instead of orchestrating historic national protests, they are in one way or another changing the nation from within the political system.

This made me recall some of the classic “Universal” horror movies, featuring “The Mummy”. During the Cycle of the Full Moon, the High Priest of Karnak would brew tana leaves, read from the “Book of the Dead”, and voila — the mummy was reborn.

Sarah Bond, my SoCal Tax Revot Coalition partner, and continued with the conversation that Horemheb and I had — deciding that most true Tea Parties has evolved into handling local issues, school boards, mayoral elections, voter fraud matters, and other items that were probably more valuable to limited government/fiscal sanity in the long run. After 2 plus years of activism, we realize the Tea Party truly comes alive during the “Election Cycle”. Basically, we now hold our rallies in the voting booth and during party conventions. Subsequently, most groups we know are gearing up for both the June election in California and the General Election on Nov. 6th of this year.

In fact, nationally known activist Mark Meckler has a “Waning Tea Party” series which pokes holes in various assertions of the elite politicos and legacy media about the Tea Party. Mark says: And yet still, every time I’m interviewed in the national media about the tea party, I’m asked if tea party enthusiasm is waning. Sometimes the interviewer will even tell me that the tea party is going away. But unlike them, I’m out here on the ground, traveling the country and meeting with activists. I’m living day to day inside of the movement and I see what’s gong on. The tea party movement is not going away. In fact, it’s becoming bigger, stronger and more organized. It’s maturing into a muscular political movement that is driving the entire country back to its founding principles.

In fact, I would like to give everyone a heads-up that we women of SoCal Tax Revolt Coalition are in the initial stages of planning a very special event, and we are targeting the time around the November election to hold it. Without giving too much away, the theme will correspond to countering the false War on Women” meme and highlight the fact that the TEA PARTY IS AMERICA’S GREATEST FEMINIST MOVEMENT.

I like to think of it like this (one of my very favorite scenes from one of my all time favorite “Mummy” movies):

All this “Tea Party Wake” news comes from non-participants and detractors who wish to see what that want to see, not what is. To quote the “Egyptian Book of the Dead” (aka, the Book of Going Forth by Day): “I am yesterday, today, and tomorrow, and I have the power to be born a second time. I am the divine hidden soul who created the gods and give sepulchral meals to the denizens of the deep, the place of the dead, and heaven.”

In the meantime, all the engaged activists I ever knew are raring to go for the upcoming elections. For example, the San Diego Local Order of Bloggers (SLOBs), are closer, more connected, and more involved than we were at the start of the Tea Party movement. I can only think that the same is true in many other areas, as long as groups are not being made into tools and minions of local political organizations and vile corruptocrats.

Here are some Tea Party items brewing in my sacred cup of tana:

Dead?  Hardly!  And to conclude, here is a YouTube I discovered while preparing this post.  It covers deleted scenes from the 1932 classic Universal movie, “The Mummy” with Boris Karloff.   It shows scenes of the lives of the oft reincarnated Princess Ankhsenamen (the great love of Imhotep/Boris Karloff).  These photos come from portions of the film that didn’t make the final version, but are a treasure to an Egyptophile such as myself.

For those with a more Roman History bent, check out KT Cat – So Much For The Noble Savage . For those of your who are more into Camelot and King Arthur, it is not too late to catch up with Word Warrior’s Age 0f Arthur series!!!

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