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Dear Readers: There has been tons of opinion about the third presidential debate, which I thought Republican challenger Mitt Romney won by being……presidential. While some conservative pundits complained that Romney’s approach seemed too mild and agreeable, I am going to have to agree with Hillbuzz pundit Kevin Dujan — this was a genius battle tactic:

Romney clearly was looking to appeal to independent voters, especially women, who were uncomfortable with the last debate’s combative approach. It seems to have worked, as indicated by a piece from a young, female Washington State University scholar:


President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney took the stage in the third and final presidential debate last night, which focused on foreign policy. Romney emerged victorious…
Romney does not buy into the idea that terrorism is about one person, which he demonstrated during the debate when he stated, “We cannot kill our way out of this mess.” Romney understands the big picture and is more far-sighted on the issue than the current administration….

Throughout the debate Obama continued to attack Romney rather than fully answer questions. He also misquoted the governor and took Romney’s proposed policies out of context — all while sprinkling hopeful quotes such as, “we are building alliances,” and, “I have kept America safe.”

In reality, Obama has alienated our allies, such as Israel, while trying to befriend our adversaries, such as Iran…..

Romney is the strong leader we can trust to protect our families, country and freedom.

With less than two weeks before Election Day, Romney has proven in the final debate he is the Commander-in-Chief our military demands, and the president our country needs.

BONUS: CBS Ohio panel was much more impressed with Romney — to the disgust of their reporters.

Obama was full of snotty snark, and Romney had substance and gravitas. Perhaps the most amusing aspect has been the fact the inane comment Obama made about “bayonets and horses” has proved to be entirely ignorant. Glenn Reynolds/Instapundit featured a book: Horse Soldiers: The Extraordinary Story of a Band of US Soldiers Who Rode to Victory in Afghanistan. Also, it seems that the military still uses bayonets, and a bayonet manufacturer resents Obama’s dismissal.

That, my readers, is denseness on an astronomical scale. I would find this humorous, as the remark was coupled with Obama’s signature superiority. However, as it involves the degradation of American prestige and the fate of our service personnel, it merely makes me await Nov. 6th with the same excitement I used to reserve for Dec. 25th.

Here’s a reminder of one of Obama’s foreign policy chestnuts:

With Romney pulling ahead in Rasmussen, Gallup and other polls nationally, and new polls revealing Virginia clearly Romney’s and Ohio likely to follow soon, Team Obama is looking very desperate.

When your backup plan relies on Gloria Allred, your strategy is already full of fail. But Team Obama always stoops to the lowest and most tasteless levels when engaging in campaign tactics.

BONUS: Trump is ready to go Alinksy on Obama. Sweet!



This election, don’t believe the rumors of “post-election riots” when Romney wins.  American voters know how to make real change, gently and at the ballot box — and without UN monitors ordered there  by leftist organizers!

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Dear Readers: While I doubt I will add anything new into the discussion of Mitt Romney’s pick of fiscally savvy Congressman Paul Ryan for being his Vice Presidential teammate, I did want to share a few worthy links that highlight my delight and enthusiasm for the choice.  Numbers do not lie, and this race is going to be oriented on a subject that I see no evidence that Obama ever passed in school:  MATH.

The first link is to Tammy Bruce, who has a special report on this development that is open to the public: Public Podcast: Special Report==> Paul Ryan Selected for VP  She, like myself, were not anticipating such a bold choice. But, the arrangement forces Americans to make a clear and stark choice this November: Fiscal responsibility or economic disaster. Math does not lie.

Fellow SLOB KT Cat has these enthusiastic words:

What a fantastic VP pick by Mitt Romney. Ryan was my #1 choice by miles. With the Ryan pick, Romney is forcing the debate on our out-of-control spending and total capitulation on the budget process. While Barack Obama is running ads accusing Mitt Romney of killing women with cancer, Mitt is picking a guy with the courage to take on our totally unsustainable entitlement spending.

B-Daddy is also jazzed:

Romney’s pick of Paul Ryan as his VP, ending months of speculation, has me both nervous and delighted. Nervous, because I am by nature conservative about risk and would have gone with Portman or McDonnell from a pure electoral math perspective. … I am delighted because this has the potential to be a game changer in a different way that Palin was a game changer (which I still believe was a great pick at the time.) …

Ryan is also the voice of the next generation. Brother blogger Dean has voiced his belief that a new battle has been joined in which his generation will have to fight for the future of America. Paul Ryan is a member of that generation and young enough to know that without true reform, the federal deficit will wreck his generation’s ability to have any semblance of a retirement. Picking Ryan signals that Romney is ready to take on the serious issues of governing that will face this nation in the next four years.

That the uber-leftists and progressive media types are howling is indicative they were NOT prepared for an innovative choice. For example, Andrea Mitchell (mindlessly promoting the War on Women meme) said: “This is a base election. This is not a pick for suburban moms, this is not a pick for women.”

PaperSalad Merchandise by Lipstick Underground

You know, Andrea is absolutely right. This is a pick for EVERY AMERICAN. Romney made the choice in November transparently clear. In fact, many women are thrilled, including Lipstick Underground, who has this: ROMNEY/RYAN 2012 T-SHIRTS DESIGNED BY A WOMAN FOR WOMEN.

Because math does NOT have to be ugly!

W.C. Varones, a long-time libertarian, is also delighted with Ryan’s selection: It’s a bold choice. Most folks thought Romney was a wimp and would go for a safe choice like Rob Portman. Ryan has actually proposed a budget plan (something the Senate Democrats haven’t done for years), which leaves him open to the Democrat attack machine about what might get cut. They’ll try to scare seniors in particular that he wants to take away their Medicare. He also offers the “Graphic of the Day” (to the right):

My New York friend, Lonely Conservative, sums up our opponents views on the choice nicely:

In short, don’t listen to the Democrats on TV. They’re freaking out, just like Obama.

Oh, and did I mention that Romney raised over $2 million after the announcement by this afternoon?

Their snark is in direct proportion to their desperation. However, our side does snark extremely well, too — but this snark is tinged with joy. For example, citizen activists everywhere are looking forward to the Biden/Ryan debate on Oct. 11th, as the Twitter trending topic #BidenDebateLines.

Besides the snark, the other sign that the extreme left did NOT see this coming is the fact they immediately played the race card, as noted by Professor Jacobson/Legal Insurrection.It shows that the “granny of the cliff” meme is such a loser that this nasty bit of business has immediately been launched. Ryan’s supposed racist crime: Using the term “anchor baby“. Despite the left’s recent revision, the original and sane definition has no racial overtones. But, this sort of thing is going to be seen as elevated by the time Nov. 6th rolls around.

Paul Rahe sums up my take on today nicely: Romeny’s Declaration of War.

I have predicted that Romney will win by a landslide. The choice of Paul Ryan means that Romney has chosen the path that will maximize the significance of his victory and its impact on the races for seats in the House and Senate. As in 1980, this is going to be a national election — in which local particularities count for much less than usual.

American Thinker offers the following take: Triumph of Math.

Yes because:

Number rules the universe.

And the electoral numbers are going to send a loud message that will reverberate all the way to Washington, D.C.


Please click HERE for a podcast of Silvio Canto’s great BlogTalkRadio.com show, in which I discuss “Tea Party Democrats” and the devolution of the Democratic Party with Silvio and his guest, Frank Burke. I go into detail about specific Tea Party difficulties with Republican party elites, discuss what a “Palin Democrat” is doing as a citizen activist, and history buffs may enjoy my rendition of the atomic bomb drop on Nagasaki (a story that often gets overlooked in the wake of Hiroshima).

Silvio and his guest tonight, Clayton Cramer, discuss the Ryan pic entertainingly and in detail!

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Dear Readers: The elite media types are really beside themselves that Mitt Romney has managed to look more presidential in the course of a week then Obama has done during the entirety of his term. Now they are swooning because, while harassing the GOP candidate with queries about his supposed gaffes (which they made up, anyway), MUT’s BADASS OF THE WEEK TOLD THE HACKS TO: KISS MY ASS!!!

Gateway Pundit has an example of Gorda’s Bad-assery:

CNN: “Governor Romney just a few questions sir, you haven’t taken but three questions on this trip from the press!

Gorka: “Show some respect”

NYT: “We haven’t had another chance to ask a question…”

Gorka: “Kiss my ass. This is a Holy site for the Polish people. Show some respect.”

Acosta added: Moments later, Gorka told Jonathan Martin, a reporter for Politico, to “shove it.”

I would like to note that Romney, by answering even three questions during his trip, has answered 2 more serious queries than Obama has taken during this entire term — butt, I digress. Sadly, Gorka was compelled to apologize, which is a small deduction from the bad ass goodness; however, it did inspire some Tweet exchanges at the hashtag #KickMyAss.

If we are imposing the “New Civility” Standard (great synopsis by Beer with Demos), how about MSM icon Cokie Roberts apologizing to Romney for insinuating his trip to Poland was “racist” — she said essentially that Romney made this trip only to appeal to “white ethnic voters” (translation – Hillary Clinton supporters of Polish descent who tend to live on the evil-coal-utilizing rust belt).

Romeny’s World Tour was a huge success. In fact, as Lonely Conservative points out: The Only Thing That Didn’t Go Well About Romney’s Overseas Trip Was the Press Coverage
Mitt Romney looked Presidential; Ann Romney looked stunning and was as gracious and tasteful as any First Lady we could hope to have. To sum up – Romney Pegs Lech Walesa … Obama Lands Coveted Ahmadinejad Endorsement.

Furthermore, as I suspected, Romney was astute in properly assessing the quality of organization at the London Olympics, despite the attempts to make it a gaffe-fest. In fact, let’s take a look at Obama’s Top 10 UK gaffes for fun!!!

1. The Toast.

2. The iPod.

3. The Incompatible DVDs.

4. The Hug.

5. The Throwing of Churchill Out of the Oval Office.

6.  The Kitchen Meeting: “The Special Relationship” hits bottom as Obama makes the British Prime Minister chase him around America like a scorned school girl:  British officials made five attempts to secure official talks with the US President and even agreed to a policy change in an attempt to land a joint appearance between the two leaders, said diplomatic sources. But the White House rebuffed the offers and Mr. Brown, who had hoped to increase his popularity by appearing on his own with Mr. Obama, had to settle instead for a snatched conversation with the President in a New York kitchen.

7. The, uhm, Special Relationship?  The gratuitous words of a State Department official in May 2009 were particularly harmful. “There’s nothing special about Britain,” the official said. “You’re just the same as the other 190 countries in the world. You shouldn’t expect special

8. The, uhm Special Relationship? – Part Deux: President Obama had this to say: “We don’t have a stronger friend and stronger ally than Nicolas Sarkozy, and the French people.”

9. The Old Obama’s-Too-Tired-To-Treat-The-British-PM-With-Respect Ploy: Sources close to the White House say Mr. Obama and his staff have been “overwhelmed” by the economic meltdown and have voiced concerns that the new president is not getting enough rest. British officials, meanwhile, admit that the White House and US State Department staff were utterly bemused by complaints that the Prime Minister should have been granted full-blown press conference and a formal dinner, as has been customary. They concede that Obama aides seemed unfamiliar with the expectations that surround a major visit by a British prime minister.

10. The Compromising of British Intelligence.

Finally, Romney gave a comprehensive, supportive speech in Israel, hailed by many as superb oratory (and shockingly, no teleprompter was needed). So good, it pissed off the Palestinians and inspire the Iranian dictator’s endorsement of Obama. What do the Democrats do? Have Pelosi claim Jewish supporters of Romney are being exploited!

Speaking of Desperation…Bill Clinton is taking the slot normally reserved for the Vice-President during the Democratic National Convention. I have read Ed Klein’s book, the Amateur, derived from Clinton’s term for Obama. It seems Obama senses he’s not going to get the “White Votes” of the people his media minions just dissed without Clinton’s help. Just a reminder, for me, one of the best moments of the Obama presidency was the 2010 Christmas press conference, where Obama leaves and Bill Clinton shows how “real presidentin'” is done:

In it, Clinton tells Obama: PLEASE GO!

I hope he does so again! 🙂

I wasn’t planing on watching the DNC convention, but I will watch Clinton’s speech. It will be fascinating!

One last note: Mitt Romney’s team is vastly superior to McCain’s, in terms of new media. There is a special app develop for the i-phone/android that will let supporters instantly know the choice when that info is released. Meanwhile, SoCal Tax Revolt Coalition President Dawn Wildman has this to say in a San Diego Union Tribune round-up of opinions related to the GOP VP choice:

Dawn Wildman

SoCal Tax Revolt Coalition president, CA Tea Party Groups Coalition, Decline-to-state

My first inclination is to choose Mitch Daniels as a great VP pick but considering the strategy that seems to come with the territory I fear we will not get a hard-core economic realist. Without a person who will have the president’s back on the tough decisions I fear the status quo spending addiction will continue in Washington. If Romney does not pick a person with business acumen we will be looking at the same kind of economic policies that we currently have in Congress. We need our president and vice president to be true leaders in these tough economic times.

SLOB Stories

As always, history fans need to go over to Word Warrior’s history blog, for the NEXT INSTALLMENT of the AGE OF ARTHUR series!It features shield-maidens, so it should be good!

Finally, to cap off some Tea Party goodness, Professor Jacobson writes that Cruz served Chick-Fil-a at victory party!

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SHRINE URGENT UPDATE: Monkees Singer Davy Jones Dead at 66 From Heart AttackDavy was my first big crush, so this is a very sad day. Prayers for his spirit and the comfort of his family. My favorite Monkees tune:

Dear Readers: Horemheb emailed me from the Shrine's outpost in Santa Barbara last night, very pleased that Mitt Romney won the primaries in Michigan and Arizona. It seems it was a solid win in my home state of Michigan, too — as he garnered more votes this year than in 2008. My husband was thrilled, and I must admit I was delighted.

How did our attitudes evolve into this position?

I think the Beer Summit discussions last week highlights that Romney has been very lucky in his circumstances regarding other challengers. At this point, no other Republican presidential candidate seems to have the gravitas, endurance, or the golden karma Romney has. So, with Rand Paul being mentioned as a possible Vice Presidential choice, it is hoped by many of our citizen pundits that Team Romney recognizes they have to pay attention to grassroots concerns. In a nutshell, many of our band of agitators hope for Romney with a side of Paul.

W.C. Varones expressed the idea that he would be happy if Romney tapped Ron Paul as Treasury Secretary. As a fan of John Bolton, I was heartened when the former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations and ultra-sensible foreign policy guru endorsed Romney. Here are Bolton’s words: I believe it’s absolutely critical to defeat Barack Obama in November. I think our country would be in dire straits domestically and internationally if he gets another four years. And I think Gov. Romney is the person who can best lead the party, best articulate our conservative principles and is most likely to beat Barack Obama…. Romney is conservative enough for me and I think he’s the one most likely to get elected, and I think that’s critical.”

In my view, it would help if Romney indicated he would tap Bolton as Secretary of State.

The grassroots enthusiasm for Ron Paul and his domestic positions cannot be understated. As a Palin supporter, I know how invigorating a VP-nod can be to otherwise staid supporters, who will then actually want to go out and do the leg-work so critical in a successful general election run. While the Beer Summit support for Romney was not 100% and can best be described as tepid, a nod to Tea Party sensibilities by Team Romney would do a lot to get the ball rolling for November.

So, as of right now, I start to underscore the positives that Romney will bring to the General Election and highlight his need for a Tea Party vice-president.

For example, Word Warrior published a piece today that I want to share: SOMETIMES IT TAKES A HERO. In 1996, 14-year-old Melissa Gay from Connecticut disappeared in NYC. After about a week of fruitless searching, the father turned to his boss for help:

Robert Gay’s boss didn’t hesitate. He said, ‘I don’t care how long it takes, we’re going to find her.’ A few hours later, he and other executives of the Boston-based firm were on the shuttle to New York; preparing to organize a huge volunteer effort. “My business partner stepped forward to take charge”, Robert Gay recalls. “He closed the company and brought almost all our employees to New York.” For Melissa Gay, a hero had appeared.

That hero was Mitt Romney.

The search that Romney spear-headed eventually helped reunite Melissa with her father. The story is compelling, and I urge you to read the piece by following the link. Compare it to what Barak Obama would likely do in a similar situation. I think the story demonstrates how Mitt would actually be a leader in a time of crisis, and I think that is extremely important to know. I like what I read.

We cannot have Obama unchecked, being unconcerned with reelection for the next 4 years. For those of you venting against the probable Romney nomination, I would urge you to start digging around for reasons to pull the lever for him in November. There are many: Better First Lady, more sane Supreme Court pics, more lucid foreign policy, apt to be much more respect to following Constitutionally-based procedures….

Otherwise, if you are going to sit out or vote third party, at least have the cojones to actually pull the lever for Obama – it is the most honest outcome to your internal drama.

(MUT Note: The Beer Summit vote include one purely abstaining member, one clear vote for Paul, one clear vote for Santorum, and absolutely none for Gingrich: Check out the SLOBs and see if you can figure which was who).

(MUT Note 2: Santorum completely wiped out any inkling support that he had from me with his ill-considered remarks about JFK’s speech regarding religion and the state. Listen to it, in full, and see if it makes you want to “vomit”. It is Santorum’s take that makes me queasy. Happily, it seems Romney will now have the opportunity to use JFK’s words during the general election):

(MUT Note 3: Snowe’s retirement is the first Tea Party win of 2012, achieved without casting a vote).

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…..Otherwise known as how the Presidential campaign will mimic the Vulcan mating battle called Kal-i-fee.

Dear Friends (and fans of LEGAL INSURRECTION, who named this analogy post of the day!!!Thanks, Professor.):

The results from New Hampshire were coming in, and I was following them via one of my favorite pundits on-line as the Young Prince was watching the newest Star Trek movie. Assuming that you are regular readers because you like my optimistic take on events, I want to share an uplifting epiphany I had last night:

If Mitt Romney wins the nomination, we will be treated to the American version of the ritual battle known, as kal-if-fee.

This battle pits two normally emotionally remote aliens against eachother, the winner taking a luscious Vulcan babe as the prize. In our case, both contenders will be pretending to have a “blood fever” to service the “bride” (in this analogy, the American Republic).

Maybe because I am part Romanian, and likely have some Roman legionnaires in my bloodline, I am actually excited about the prospect. If done right, this could be a very thrilling election cycle. Before you discount my assertion, let me provide more details.

To get started, it may be worthwhile to review the concept of Pon Farr. In the Star Trek canon, pon farr is a biologically-based, instinctual mating process that occurs among Vulcan males and females every seven years. During this time, they have “blood fevers”, become violently Klingon-ish in their behaviors, and can die if they do not mate with someone with whom they are empathically bonded or engage in a ritual battle with a rival. I came across this wonderful YouTube compendium of Pon Farr, which should amuse all the Trekkies in my fan base:

Should Mitt prevail in the primary, let’s take a look at the likely general election process, as the struggle to remove Obama from office begins. In one corner, there is Mitt — intellectual, waffling, and does not relate to middle income people. His rival, Obama. While some people claim he Obama actually a real alien, the truth is he has a distant, professorial way – some say arrogant – of exercising his questionable “mandate.”

Mitt will enter the ring with only a few friends: Some well known talk show hosts and conservative pundits. Obama will be accompanied by a bridal party of the elite media that has as its sole goal to re-elect him.

Some pundits say that the upcoming election will be passionless. I disagree. I anticipate it will be a real blood battle. Mitt Romney has shown he is a most determined opponent (see here, here and here). On the other hand, Obama has shown there is no stunt his team will not be willing to execute for re-election.

In other words, KUNAT KALIFEE, BABY!

As I have said before, one of the many of the reasons I am glad I am a Democrat is that I don’t have to wonder why the elite GOP is ignoring my opinion on the relative merits of their primary candidates. Like many others, I am clearly in the ABO camp. For example, I do not feel safer since Obama took the oath of office: Obama releases Taliban Leader from Gitmo.I thought national security was a “prime directive” of the President.

So, if the South Carolina and Florida primaries indicate Romney is the likely candidate, I will start to define my support for his election. Despite his misguided policies, I know he loves his country. Romney is not likely to spend 25% of his professional time on the golf course or fund-raising events. The Supreme Court will stay sane under his Presidency.The crony capitalism will be less blatant.

And now, I offer the most persuasive reason for supporting Romney as President:

(Note: Michelle Obama indicates the portrayal of her as “angry” is unfair. In other words: WHO DO YOU BELIEVE, ME OR YOUR OWN LYING EYES? I just hope that the LA Times makes note of my graphic and gives me a little publicity. Perhaps Rush Limbaugh might even mention this little blog).

UPDATE: I am reminded of this wonderful Bill Whittle video I saw a while back:
The Dowd Conundrum: Why Vulcans and Other Intellectuals Don’t Belong in the Big Chair

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