Dear Readers: I am thrilled to with Silvio Canto, Jr. this week, and we are having one of our “Legal Insurrection” shows. Please join us on Tuesday, September 11, at 10 am Pacific Time/ 12 noon Central Time, and 1 pm Eastern Time by CLICKING HERE (or you can download an archived podcast later).

Our guest will be Legal Insurrection’s gifted and witty political cartoonist, Antonio F. Branco. We will be discussing his new book, Make America Laugh Again.

LI #99 Make America Laugh Again

We will have a lot to discuss, in addition to Antonio’s wonderful, new book and our memories of September 11, 2001.

So please join us for what promises to be another awesome show.

Dear Readers: I am thrilled to with Silvio Canto, Jr. this week, and we are having one of our “Legal Insurrection” shows. Please join us on Tuesday, July 3rd, at 10 am Pacific Time/ 12 noon Central Time, and 1 pm Eastern Time by CLICKING HERE (or you can download an archived podcast later).

Our guest will be Legal Insurrection’s gifted and witty political cartoonist, Antonio F. Branco. We will be discussing his new book, Make America Laugh Again.

LI #99 Make America Laugh Again

I would imagine that our highly active and entertaining President inspires a lot of his work. It’s a good thing that Trump will be around for 32 terms, giving Antonio a ton of material to use.

Also, we will do a news round-up:

* Mexico’s election of a super-left anti-Trumper.
* The Supreme Court nomination.
* The #WalkAway Campaign.
* The media’s ongoing Trump Derangement Syndrome.
* The LARPing, cosplay-style inanity that the immigration protests have become.

Join us! We are sure to make you laugh…again and again!!!

Dear Friends:  It will be my pleasure to be a guest on Canto Talk this Thursday, May 10th at 10 am PT/12 noon CT/1 pm ET. Please click HERE then for the live podcast, or after for the archived show.

Leslie Belly Dance

Our topic will be cultural appreciation, as Legal Insurrection is hosting a Cultural Appreciation Day on its website this Saturday, May 12:

If you’ve followed the news lately (and we assume that if you’re a regular reader, you do), you’ve been MADE aware that something as innocuous as a thrift store prom purchase triggers half the internet. The social justice warriors beam in from social justice utopia to be judgy, vile, and completely ignorant bullies over something they call “cultural appropriation.”

I’m so old, I remember when our elementary teachers taught us America was a great big ol’ melting pot made of people and cultures from the furthest reaches of the globe. Put together, the cultural cocktail made for something admirable and unique.

But anyway, on Saturday, May 12, we will celebrate our celebrations of other cultures. Look for pictures and stories from LI authors appreciating other cultures, a social justice sin these days.

We are hoping fans will send in pictures, comments and stories to: newsletter -at – legalinsurrection.com

We will contrast this with clear, cultural appropriation…as demonstrated at the Met Gala this week.

Catholics have vented their fury at last night’s ‘disrespectful’ and ‘blasphemous’ Met Gala theme, which encouraged celebrities to wear outfits inspired by Christianity.

The annual fundraising fete in New York brings out Hollywood’s elite to celebrate the spring exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute, with this year’s titled: ‘Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination.’

Pop star Rihanna created the biggest stir, attending in a short skirt, robe and mitre-like hat reminiscent of the Pope’s headgear.

Katy Perry – who met Pope Francis on April 28 – also drew a lot of attention by coming dressed as an angel, complete with huge feathered wings.

Social media users were up in arms over some of the more outrageous outfits – with some saying they had been left ‘upset and distraught’ over the choice of theme.

My religion not costume

And, as always, we will have a round-up of what’s hot in the news…which is always a lot. I may have to try predicting tomorrow’s topics by looking at President Trump’s Twitter feed.


Dear Reader: It is my pleasure to announce that I will be a guest on Canto Talk this Thursday, March 22, at 10 am Pacific/12 noon Central/1 pm Eastern.  Click HERE for the live show, or to catch the archived podcast after.

The topic will be “Spring Break” in California!


We will cover the fact that the small city of Los Alamitos has rejected California’s “Sanctuary State” law outright.

I will review the news that San Francisco has banned the sale of fur.

We will look at the California travel ban to some red states, that forced a college team to miss a NASA science competition in Alabama.

Finally, we will report on President Trump’s whirlwind visit to the state to inspect the Border Wall prototypes, and his administration suing the state over its “Sanctuary State” status.

One program is hardly enough for all the crazy, so it certainly will be a wild show.

Programming note: There my be a guest appearance by the Young Prince, who will be on Spring Break!

LI #21c Leslie and Cadet Blake

Dear Readers: As tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, I will be joining America’s sweetest and savviest talk show host, Silvio Canto Jr., for our annual celebration.  Please click HERE for the live show at 10 am PST/12 noon CT/1 pm EST or afterward for the archived podcast.

Silvio Canto

Traditionally, we have usually taken a break from  news with these shows.  However, since President Trump has entered the White House, the news cycle has become for of a news cyclone….so we are going to have a fun show covering the crazy and the kooky in the media.  Some of the stories we will hit, as featured in Legal Insurrection:

  1. The media’s glorification of North Korea’s Propaganda Queen and her handmaids during the Olympics.
  2. The Obama’s crazy portraits and the environmental impact lawsuit that has been unleashed on the Barack Obama Presidential Center.
  3. The invasion of giant rodents in California, as well as Stockton’s experiment with “Universal Basic Income.”
  4. The white-powder mail attack on Donald Trump Jr.’s family that hospitalized his wife.
  5. Russia, Russia, Russia: An update on what should now be referred to as DossierGate, including former National Security Advisor Susan Rice’s kooky email to herself!

I hope you will be able to join us! It will be a sweet show!!!


Dear Readers: The always entertaining and informative Silvio Canto Jr., and I will be looking back at President Trump’s first year after his historic upset win over Hillary Clinton. Please tune in 10 AM PST/ 12 noon CT/ 1 pm EST this Tuesday, Nov. 7th for another great Canto Talk show  (click HERE for live show or archived podcast).

Our guest will be the most glamorous of President Trump’s supporters: Terry Lee Ebert Mendozza, who is a founding member of The Trumpettes! Readers will recall she was featured during our previous show that focused on President Trump’s Inauguration!


We will be discussing how we spent the historic election night, and our feelings when we realized Trump had won!

We will also be chatting about the gala Terry is helping to organize, that commemorates the 1 year anniversary of the inauguration.


Finally, we will discuss the latest, HOT news, like Trump’s Asia trip.

We will also celebrate the upset with classic review of election night coverage:


It should be a historic show!!!!




Dear Readers: I am thrilled to be on Canto Talk tomorrow to discuss California’s War on President Trump…a battle so scary, I thought it would be a great topic for this year’s Halloween show. Please click here at 10 Am PST/12 noon Central/ 1 pm EST for the live show or after, for an archived podcast.

LI #26 California's War Against Donad Trump

I want to feature a wonderful, new book: California’s War Against Donald Trump.

The books authors are James V. Lacy (a frequent guest on Fox Business News Channel’s “Varney & Company,” who served as a General Counsel in the Reagan administration) and Katy Grimes, a longtime investigative political journalist and analyst form Sacramento who often contributes additional California reports for Legal Insurrection (because I cannot possibly cover all the insanity by myself).

Katy will be our guest, to discuss her work in detail:

California’s War Against Donald Trump is extremely engaging, but it is not a “feel good” read. It is compelling, because there is so much information on the state’s uber-liberal politicians, their backgrounds, their extremist progressive supporters, and their sanity-defying antics that even the most savvy political expert will learn something. Frankly, this book should be read by every member of the Trump Administration whose work may involve dealing with our state’s politicos and bureaucrats. Every legal California voter should read it before voting. Finally, political geeks across the country will enjoy having this book in their collection, as it will be a handy reference the next time a liberty-crushing political stunt is reported from the Golden State.

Happily, Katy reports that it is topping the charts on Amazon…as well it should!

Katy recently attended the California Republican Party convention in Anaheim, and we will also get her report on Steve Bannon’s appearance.

Bannon hit former President George W. Bush hard in his remarks, as well as the “Lords of Technology”. However, what caught my attention was his statement about a future #CalExit.

…California is to Donald Trump as South Carolina was to Andrew Jackson. Back in the 1830s the folks in South Carolina didn’t like the fact that Jackson, a populist, and Congress had put on tariffs, federal tariffs, on product. And they decided that in South Carolina they weren’t going to have those tariffs, and they were independent and they could do what they want. They could choose what federal laws they wanted to have and not have.

And General Jackson said that if they can pick and choose what laws they want, eventually they are going to split off and try to try to form a Southern Confederacy, said this like in 1832. So Jackson passed another law and powered the U.S. Army. He was going to send the Army into South Carolina. And he told somebody, “And if I have to, I’m going to hang John C. Calhoun from a lamppost, but we are going to enforce federal law.”

You’ve nullified the sanctuary cities law in this state. In fact, you are a sanctuary state. And trust me, if you do not roll this back — and I’m talking about people in this room — 10 or 15 years from now the folks in Silicon Valley and the progressive left in this state are going to try to secede from the union.

It should be a thrilling show!