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Dear Friends: It is my pleasure to start my summer podcast season by being a guest on Canto Talk. Please join the wonderful host, Silvio Canto, Jr., and me on Tuesday, July 9, at 10 am Pacific Time/12 noon Central, 1 pm Eastern. Click HERE to listen to the live show, or after for an archived podcast.

Silvio Canto

As it has been far to long since I have been on the show, we will be covering a wider array of topics.

We should really shake things up with a fun show tomorrow!

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Dear Friends:  I am delighted to be the guest on another wonderful episode of Canto Talk.  This week’s show will be special, as its focus will be on the show itself.  So please join me and Silvio Canto, Jr. at 10 am Pacific/12 noon Central/1 pm Eastern for the live show or later for the archived podcast by clicking HERE.

Silvio Canto

The topic of the show is “Social Media Shenanigans”. Last month, this website was temporarily banned from sharing links on Facebook. Last week, Silvio Canto’s website with its podcasts was also struck.

Barry's Posts

The fact that posts on World War II and baseball have been stifled by Facebook is mystifying. I suspect that one of two things has happened:

1) Facebook has upped its anti-conservative algorithms to an extreme, catching Silvio in its net.

2) Or, the social justice crew at Facebook is silencing the smaller, conservative voices that can’t hit back hard ahead of what will be an intense election season in 2020 — laying the groundwork to stop as much alternative media as possible.

This is all part of a deeply disturbing trend.

1) Legal Insurrection was booted off of the Amazon affiliates program.

2) Several of my favorite independent conservative Tweeters were silenced by progressive activists targeting their threads, and were forced to starting their own website to express their views.

3) The co-founder of Greenpeace was erased from the Google searches, as he dared to challenge climate change theology.

Clearly, the time has come to review the anti-trust regulations and the rule related to platforms and publishers.

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Happy Valentine’s Day Week.  For a special treat, I will be a guest on Canto Talk this February 14th to review all the gender-justice news with host Silvio Canto Jr.  So, tune in by clicking HERE at 10 am Pacific/12 noon Central/1 pm Eastern (or after by the archived podcast).

Aaron Clarey with Gun

My special Valentine this year will be Captain Capitalism, Aaron Clarey.  The frustrated economist, dashing pundit, and successful author will be joining us to discuss the latest news as it relates to romance & relationships.

He offers a delightfully social-justice free views on his Youtube channel in his subscription program…which we will feature during the show.

Topics that will be discussed may include:

Of course, given the tumultuous news cycle, it is hard to be certain what big news items will be breaking later this week.

However, you can be guaranteed that with Captain Capitalism as a guest, it will be both a fun and enriching show.



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Dear Friends: I am looking forward to chatting with Silvio Canto, Jr. once again on his informative and fun Canto Talk program. Please join us Thursday, Jan. 24 at 10 am Pacific/12 noon Central/1 pm Eastern, or catch the archived podcast, by clicking HERE.

We will have Dawn Wildman, Director of the Coalition for Policy Reform, as our guest. Our topic was going to be the State of the Union address by President Donald Trump….but it seems Speaker Pelosi has disinvited him to give it in the House Chamber.


Therefore, we will be speculating about what Trump’s next move will be.

We will also hit all the other hot news items, which shows there is a state of disunion as the Culture War has clearly heated up now that the conservatives are not backing down and actually are beginning to go on the offensive.

Topics will include:

Please join us for another epic show!!!!

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Dear Friends:  It is time for our annual Christmas Show on Canto Talk, and we have something very special planned for Tuesday, December 11th (click HERE at 10 am Pacific/12 noon Central or 1 pm Eastern or after for the archived show).

Silvio Canto Jr. and I will be welcoming Rik Fox, the most interesting Polish-American man in the world, for a look at Polish holiday traditions. This show was inspired by my 23&Me DNA test that dispelled family lore and showed I was nearly 50% Polish.

Rik, an iconic Heavy metal artist and Polish historian extraordinaire, will also be sharing an exciting update: He has joined a band named “Angeles” that will be playing at the legendary Whisky-a-Go-Go on December 29!

Angels Band

Personally, my favorite take from this news is that the “Angeles” logo features wings…very appropriate as Rik is an expert on the Polish Winged Hussars!


We will also have a news update for Poland. It seems the country is being targeted by green justice advocates because it still relies on coal for its energy.

For centuries, from the start of Europe’s industrial revolution, through war and peace, and the long years of communist rule, coal was king in Poland. It was the land’s precious and bountiful gift — and Polish miners were the nation’s working-class heroes.

But the world now looks askance at coal. It is as ubiquitous as it is dirty, and burning it for power releases — more than any other fuel source — the miasma of the greenhouse gases warming the planet.

Encircled by coal mines, representatives from around the world are gathered now in nearby Katowice, Poland, for the 24th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, where countries will argue over the ambitious goals required to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Fortunately, the Poles don’t seem inclined to follow the fun, new globalism trends.

Finally, we will take a look at Polish Christmas traditions:

Polish traditions

It should be a fun and festive show!

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Dear Friends: As promised, I will be returning to Canto Talk to discuss the California midterm election results. Please join me and the most interesting Cuban-American talk show host in the world, Silvio Canto, Jr. by clicking HERE 10 am Pacific/12 noon Central/1 pm Eastern (or after for the archived show).

We will be joined this week by Dawn Wildman, Director of the Coalition for Policy Reform.

Dawn and Leslie

We will be covering a wide-variety of topics:

Please join us for one hell of a show…literally.

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Dear Friends:

I will be spending a part of my Halloween celebrating with Silvio Canto Jr talking about science, spies and scary California. Please join us for the fun at 10 AM Pacific/12 noon Central/1 pm Eastern on Wednesday, Oct. 31; click HERE for live show or after for archived podcast.

Our featured guest is a long-time friend of mine, Dr. Martin Fricke of San Diego, a nuclear physicist and Senior Fellow of The American Physical Society. Martin has been really helpful to me, as I work on countering the #FakeScience behind Climate Change propaganda.

Martin has recently published his first book, Soviet Science Spies: A Counterespionage Story

Soviet Science Spies

Martin’s new novel, “Soviet Science Spies”, is an amalgam of physics, James Bond high jinks, and fun. It is the story of Sovier spies seeking to steal nuclear scientific secrets, and the Bond-style hero faces the international challenges with verve, savvy, and flair!

The protagonist in this take, Dan Lloyd, is a nuclear physicist who travels through the former Soviet Union and Eastern Bloc countries, to safe guard national secrets and enjoy the local hospitality while juggling a fairly robust and complicated series of romantic relationships.

There is a really great appendix on the physics discussed, which makes this an unusual offering for entertainment reading. It will be a lot of fun to discuss his concept and approach to his first book, and some lessons learned in self-publishing.

And because of the topic, we will hit related news items:

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