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Dear Readers: A little culture today, with a new series inspired by my passion for world music. As I have been recovering from my hip surgery, I have been listening to some awesome tunes while I do my exercises. Here is one from an artist from Central Asia, Yulduz Usmanova, entitled “Kunglim Guli” (Flower of My Soul):

Happily, I was able to discover this translation:

The flower of my soul
Snow will fall on these stones
Pomegranates will ripe in the gardens
When will my lonely soul ( here is as the wordplay- mountain)
Meet with you (here is as the wordplay- garden)
Hey, majestic bird on the mountain
Don’t lie on the cold stone
There is one girl in this field
Who is very lonely ( wordplay- whose pillow is half-empty)

Yulduz is a bit like a Central Asian version of Madonna — but prettier, more tasteful, and much more talented. She was born in Uzbekistan, and served in their parliament at one time. Due to political travails and artistic restrictions, she has been forced to go into quasi-exile to Russia, the US, and later to Turkey. Yulduz is one of the most popular world singers, given the number of fans throughout Central Asia,Turkey, and the surrounding regions.

Here is something fun, showing her range:

Now, for a news round-up, that features The World:

And SLOB items that caught my eye:

Finally, to round-out this post with a little Egypt imagery, comes this gem from Smitty of the Other McCain: France To U.S.: We Will Make The Election Of Obama Seem Smart

Hat-Tip: The Other McCain

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