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Dear Readers: Last night, the WI State Senate approved a measure that eliminated many collective bargaining privileges for various public employee groups. The progressive icon, President Franklin D. Roosevelt, was against collective bargaining for government employees; Wisconsin has shown that his reasoning was prescient. This act has been a huge blow to the BUREAU-STOCRACY (which is being a royal pain-in-the-posterior).

The forced collecting of union dues obtained by mandatory membership, which then goes to buy successful elections for Democratic legislators willing to reward union leaders more power to distribute lavish perks and platinum pensions, is an enormous factor creating the financial havoc that is draining the resources of average Americans. Public employee union leadership is a big “bureau-stocracy” looking out for itself; interestingly, public employees in 25 other states and the federal government have managed to survive and do well without collective bargaining rights. The way I see it, the typical Wisconsin union employee now has more right to choose and engage, without being a pawn of politically-connected union bosses. Wisconsin’s leadership has now given citizens everywhere a reason to hope we can affect sensible change that actually helps everyone.

In Obama’s rush to make America more like Europe, he has routinely favored politically-connected bureaucrats. This is very much like Europe — especially in the fact the children of the politically connected manage to land the plum jobs with the lush benefits. Per an insightful American Thinker piece: “In his misguided and clumsy attempt to redistribute, the president ha s created a new aristocracy of politically favored big companies and members of the government.” This is BUREAU-STOCRACY — all the factors Americans detest about aristocrats and bureaucrats, rolled up into one freedom-draining package.

The Southern California Tax Revolt Coalition issued a press release today. The essential portion is below.


SAN DIEGO, CAThe Southern California Tax Revolt Coalition (SCTRC) is joining many Tea Party and citizen action groups across the nation today, all of whom are deeply appreciative of the Wisconsin Senate vote last night the state Senate eliminating most collective bargaining provisions for many public workers. The state’s Assembly had already passed a nearly identical version of the wide-ranging bill, which Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker introduced last month to address a budget shortfall.

SCTRC views this measure as the first success in the anticipated struggle to create a smaller, more financially responsible government through measures that substantially reduce burdens tax-paying citizens now face. Essentially, this measure allows freedom of choice to government employees , and permits local governments to have flexibility to balance their budgets without raising taxes. Ultimately, choice and freedom are good news for schools and good news for Americans! The strength and leadership shown by Wisconsin’s representatives should be modeled by those governing California.

Sarah Bond, SCTRC Chief Executive Officer, offers this statement: “It is a breath of fresh air to see Gov. Walker and his supportive legislators doing what is right for the TAXPAYERS in Wisconsin. The vote Wednesday to end collective bargaining for government employees was a bold, brave move, ending the cycle of taxpayers being bullied by the people who work for them. Everyone deserves a fair, market value wage, but government is supposed to bend to the will of The People, not subjugate them to higher taxation and dwindling services to appease employees and pamper them with benefits the rest of us cannot attain. It is time for Lawmakers everywhere, especially here in California, to looks at the waste and redundancy in bloated agencies and make the hard cuts that will return government to the service of The People.”

Check out the NEW CIVILITY! Anna’s Clue Tank makes a compelling case that leftist actions after the vote are domestic terrorism.

SLOB Shane Atwell has more: WALKER FIRES BACK.

PS. Speaking of aristocracy, how did France get the real American President?

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My excellent adventures on KUSI and 6 o’clock early this morning and the Tea Party Press Conference!

Dear Readers: I was blessed to be able to appear on KUSI this morning, for their segment: THE POWER OF THE PUBLIC (click HERE for video).I hope I did well. I think the most important point I make is at about 3:50 into the segment — when I quote FDR that “militant tactics have no place in the functions of any organization of government employees” and then list three specific examples of such tactics being used by public employee union protesters against citizens (Click for #1, #2, and #3 — UPDATE, courtesy of Michelle Malkin we now have #4 — CWA union thug strikes young female FreedomWorks activist).

Leslie Eastman on KUSI in San Diego

The press conference was a real success. We had many members of the local media at the Kearny Mesa Park today. I wanted to share a few of the highlights.

Richard Rider, head of the San Diego Tax Fighters and citizen activist extraordinaire, spear-headed the conference, and was surrounded by many Walker-supporters. The main message: CALIFORNIA STANDS WITH WISCONSIN. Or, at least our tax-payers stand with theirs and their fiscally responsible representatives. We just hope less financially responsible ones don’t flee at a critical point.

Richard had so many excellent points, I hardly know where to start. I urge you all to read his column: Athens in Mad Town — Hopefully coming to your state!. A key point, made often today:

But for me, this union howling is refreshing — and inevitable. The public employee unions are under attack, and they are fighting back with everything they have. And they are alienating folks with their antics.

Anyone expecting these thugs to go quietly into the night is delusional. The battle is joined in Wisconsin, and hopefully will soon be coming to my California state and local governments.

Since our state government is controlled by Democrats, the legislative process is an unlikely avenue for major reform. That leaves us the initiative process — and that’s where the next big state fight is coming.

The first epic battle will be over “Paycheck Protection” — a proposition to get government out of collecting political dues for public employee labor unions (it will not affect private labor unions)

Richard Rider of San Diego Taz Fighters

If the support Richard received from the dozen of regular citizens who attended is any indication, the Wisconsin union tactics have backfired from sea to shining sea. I am sure more would have come, if one of our many Tea Party doctors set-up a medical fraud booth. However, we regular citizens play by the rules.

Rhonda Deniston came to represent the Stop Taxing Us organization: She gave an impassioned speech in support of Governor Scott Walker and the Wisconsin legislatures trying to pass a budget reform bill. For me, her money quote was: Obama said that Wisconsin was attacking the unions. It is the American taxpayers’ wallets that are being attacked by public employee unions, with lavish pay and benefits that are the result of collective bargaining.”

Rhonda Deniston of Stop Taxing Us

I had the pleasure of meeting both Kenneth and Lynn Happel today, as they were representing Vista Tea Party Patriots. Ken had a zinger-filled speech that proves Americans are well prepared to handle public employee union leaders intimidation and insults. The money-quote from Ken: “Collective bargaining is unfair, especially as people doing that collective bargaining are paid more for their work than the tax-payers paying their salary. Unions are the oppressors.”

Oppression, indeed! Here is some interesting data to note, from Chris Edwards of the CATO Institute: During the last decade, compensation of federal employees rose much faster than compensation of private-sector employees. As a consequence, the average federal civilian worker now earns twice as much in wages and benefits as the average worker in the U.S. private sector. A recent job-to-job comparison found that federal workers earned higher wages than did private-sector workers in four-fifths of the occupations examined.

MUT with Kenneth Happel of the Vista Tea Party Patriots

I had a chance to talk to two participants for a bit, which was a real treat! Amy gave me the quote that I used for the title. Claire from Poway, who came over from the Philippines many years ago, was an enthusiastic attendee. She is typical of many naturalized citizens, being passionate about her liberties and supportive of the free market. She summed up the reason for the press conference nicely: “Governor Walker was elected to do exactly what he did. That is what he campaigned on. The unions are interfering with our democracy. This is bad for Wisconsin, and it will bad for California if the unions get away with it. I am praying Walker succeeds.”

Claire from Poway

Interestingly, some California representatives are ahead of the curve on this matter. Assemblyman Allan Mansoor (R-Costa Mesa) just introduced a measure that would eliminate public employees’ ability to collectively bargain for pension benefits. The California Taxpayer Caucus in our state’s legislature will be announced.Needless to say, Californians have their work cut out for them. We really need Wisconsin for inspiration.

One last note: I am sorely tempted to compare our signage with that of our opponents. After all, it was the SEIU Head that said in September 2009: Anti-American teabagging extremists need to elevate their discourse.Good times are just ahead, my friends.

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UPDATES are listed BELOW!

Dear Readers: All American eyes are on Madison, WI today — the site of the Stand with Scott Walker rally today at the east side if the Capitol Building (noon to 3 pm). Tea Party Patriots is promoting the event, so additional details are HERE: SUPPORT WISCONSIN. TPP offers a reminder that bears repeating: BRING YOUR VIDEO CAMERAS, FLIP CAMERAS, and any other portable recording device. As we citizen activists have learned — the Ruling Class media has no interest in reporting something outside of their worldview, and our opponents seem to have a bad case of projection. The master of the video challenge will be at this event — Andrew Breitbart.


Stop by the Shrine, as I will be posting updates on this event as I get them.

Speaking of Union ORCS, it seems our own Aragorn — Governor Walker — is standing strong against personal threats to his safety. Yesterday, I asked readers to chime in on who they thought was the most apt Lord of the Rings character to portray Obama. Anna Puna and I both agreed that the Lord of the Nazgul was the best match — especially when Anna likened Sarah Palin to the intrepid warrior woman Eowyn, who defeated the dread Ring-Wraith. She created an awesome graphic to suit:

Anna also directed me to a great site: The Eowyn Voters League. From their entry: Eowyn is the niece of a king who’s kingdom is under attack, and she chooses to fight rather than to stay back with the women and children. She fears neither death nor pain and chooses to defy the Nazgul (big scary way-evil thing) which stands between her and her “lord and kin.” You mess with me and the people I love — I take offense to that. You stand aside and let other people mess with me and the people I love — I take offense to that too.

However, other friends of the Shrine make compelling cases for other Obama-based choices. B-Daddy, for instance, concludes: I have to say that I can’t see Obama as Lord of the Nazgul, he lacks the requisite leadership skills. He’s more like Denethor II, last steward of Gondor, whose lack of leadership is due to being put under a sort of hypnosis by the Dark Lord, Sauron. His failure to lead the most important kingdom almost results in calamity for all of Middle Earth.

Given Team Obama’s handling of this situation and the protests in Egypt, it is difficult to disagree with B-daddy. Indeed, Obama acted stupidly.

Several other Shrine friends picked Saruman. Covert Conservative buddy Charbydis said: Definitely Saruman. He casts spells of deception over weak-minded men with a disarming voice. And he sends his cronies into other kingdoms (states) to infiltrate as spies in order to undermine the rule of law. Then, when confronted with force, he hides up in his tower with his whipping boy (press secretary) and throws things at his “merciless aggressors”.

However, everyone agreed on this: GEORGE SOROS WAS SAURON.

Frankly, if I was a fan of Obama, I would be truly concerned. It’s not like anyone gravitated to the cool Elf heroes — Legolas (the Young Prince’s favorite) or Elrond (yes, Dave, you are the Elrond of CC!). Or even the mortal warriors, Boromir or Faramir!

A quote from Aragorn to end the LOTR discussion — rally updates will be posted below as I get them: I do not know what strength is in my blood, but I swear to you I will not let the White City fall, nor our people fail.


UPDATE 1: Friend of the Shrine, Roger Cohen, sends this WSJ link – What’s at Stake in Wisconsin’s Budget Battle -W ho’s in charge of our political system—voters or unions?The money quote, which ties back into California’s own Citizen Power Campaign:

Labor historian Fred Siegel offers further reasons why unions are manning the barricades. Mr. Walker would require that public-employee unions be recertified annually by a majority vote of all their members, not merely by a majority of those that choose to cast ballots. In addition, he would end the government’s practice of automatically deducting union dues from employee paychecks. For Wisconsin teachers, union dues total between $700 and $1,000 a year.

Lorraine Yapps Cohen, one of our blogging team, added this perspective: Entitlement Mindset in Wisconsin. The money quote: That’s what’s happening in Wisconsin right now. The entire country is watching to see what happens, particularly in California, with its powerful unions and uber-left politics. The same thing could easily happen there. .

This, I think, illuminates a reason that Californians are so interested in what is happening in Wisconsin today, despite the fact that some Badger state residents (like Ann Althouse) view the Tea Party event as some sort of “outside interference.”

UPDATE 2: Still awaiting word of the Tea Party rally, though we might have already seen some success: WI Unions are Offering Up Concessions.: Top leaders of two of Wisconsin’s largest public employee unions announced they are willing to accept the financial concessions called for in Walker’s plan, but will not accept the loss of collective bargaining rights.. And to end the union obfuscation of the term, collective bargaining rights, I offer this explanation from Hot Air:

What Walker and the GOP have proposed in the bill is to require all public-sector unions (except police and firefighters) to conduct annual recertification votes, to limit collective bargaining to wages only — not policy and work environment issues — and to end the “closed shop” in the government sector. Union dues would become voluntary, and the unions will have to collect them rather than have the state do it for them. Government employees would still have the right to collectively bargain salaries, and could still choose a union to represent them. Walker’s proposal would set those terms statewide so that each local jurisdiction would operate from the same rules, allowing them more flexibility to trim costs and bring more efficiency to the public sector.

UPDATE 3: IT IS VAST!!!! The first one from Gateway Punit, who is on the scene: Thousands of Walker’s Supporters Are Here!

Thousands of Walker’s supporters. Massive crowd. Chanting “Go Scott Go!” and “Pass The Bill!”

From the look of thing, the mix of pro-Walker and union protesters is making reporting difficult — especially with all the noise.

UPDATE 4: A photo from today, via Instapundit, who notes: There are thousands present — and they weren’t given the day off from work to attend. (MUT’s Sign-of-the-Day:Teach Economics 101).

UPDATE 5: Doctors have set-up booths at the site, to forge medical notes for union protesters. More photos and reports are filtering in (hat-tip, Robert Costa): Thousands gathered outside of the state capitol this afternoon to support Gov. Scott Walker. Teachers and firefighters circled the tea party as it rallied. Gadsden flags clashed with union banners in the cold Wisconsin air. It was a beautiful sight — loud, raucous, animated, and sweaty. …. The biggest chants: “enough is enough!” and “recall them all!” Some signs spotted at the rally:“Stop leeching, start teaching!”; “Walker 2012″;“Obama: Worry about your own deficit”;I went to work yesterday”; “We aren’t hired cronies”

From Covert Conservative friend, Charbydis, regarding the doctor’s notes being issued in UPDATE 5 — The McGiver Institute posted a copy of one of the doctor’s notes being handed out like candy. And when requested, they gave him a pre-dated copy for next week! It listed the doctor’s WI license#, so the recipient looked him up and confirmed his name and posted that as well. So I contacted the University of Wisconsin where this doctor works and asked them if they condone or tolerate such malpractice. We’ll see if I hear anything back. These people seem to forget that we live in the information age.


This via Weasel Zippers:

UPDATE 7: Doctor-Gate – the Union Protest organizers seem to be in panic, as citizen activists are targeting the fake doctor excuses for complaints. K-Man, another Covert Consertative friend, notes: Anyone interested in complaining might want to send an email to Dr. Valerie Gilchrist (valerie.gilchrist@fammed.wisc.edu) who is the chair of Family Medicine where Dr. James H Shropshire MD (one of the medical signators) is employed.

The incomparable Ann Althouse was on-site for the rally today, as has a series of great posts with pics and videos. Check it out.

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UPDATE: Wisconsin is first battle of the the AMERICAN CIVICS WAR. It seems Wisconsin’s Senate Democrats have left the state capitol to avoid the vote; the state police are searching for them, to force these cowards to come back and to vote and enact the will of the people per the November election. All the talk I am hearing has shifted from protests in Cairo to those in Madison. Stay tuned (and a big thank you to Left Coast Rebel for sharing my piece today). SCROLL DOWN FOR MORE UPDATES….

Dear friends: A quote from comedy writer and journalist Danny Baker to get us started. The eyes of California and the rest of the nation are on THE GOOD PEOPLE OF WISCONSIN today. The arrogant, over-entitled public employee union elites are descending on the state capitol, after staging wild-cat strikes and dragging their students along for an afternoon of indoctrination. Their main targets seem to be the new Governor and key legislators, who are trying to enact the will of the people per the vote in November.

Keeping it Wisconsin today: I’m really getting CHEESED OFF!

Instapundit is following the situation closely, and provides a link to a poll today so that you can vote AYE or NAY to Governor Scott Walker’s budget reforms– which I urge you take to send a strong message to the union elites.

If Gov. Walker is successful, and turns back the tide of union thuggary and gross sense of entitlement to the labor and wealth of the citizens they supposedly serve, it can only be a good thing for Californians. Some chestnuts from Cal WatchDog today:

Hat-tip: Cal WatchDog

PENSIONS MAY BE “TOUCHABLE”: “I’m beginning to see a groundswell of discussion from legal experts who claim that government pensions aren’t as untouchable as labor would like us to believe,” Pinkerton wrote. “One California law firm in particular has been making some fairly bold statements about the ability to challenge public employee pensions.”

Legislators To Cut State Board Bureaucracy: “This is the kind of bipartisan, long-term reform the state needs and could save the state billions of dollars. Numerous other states have a sunset review function and have realized long-term savings. In Texas, for example, its Sunset Advisory Commission created in 1978, saves $27 for each dollar spent on the Commission. Furthermore, total savings achieved by the Commission equals roughly 5 percent of the state’s budget – in California 5 percent is $4 billion.”</

I think Californians and other American citizens could benefit by contacting Wisconsin's representatives today to lend support, praise, and incentive to continue on the path of sensible fiscal reforms. Even if we don't live there, our own representatives my pause at offering continued tax-hikes and union-appeasement as standard fare when considering budget matters. Here are the links to Wisconsin:


Email: govgeneral@wisconsin.gov
Mail: Office of Governor Scott Walker; 115 East Capitol; Madison WI 53702
Phone; (608) 266-1212


WISCONSIN, the eyes of the nation are on you.

UPDATE 2: Via the incomparable Ann Althouse, who is on the front lines, comes this eye-opening video. This one rally has more Hitler references, falsehoods, and violent rhetoric than present in the entire 2-year history of Tea Party events. It is amazing what can be recorded with a good digital camera nowadays! Ann is posting updates; her site is essential reading today!

OBAMA’S ORGANIZING AGAINST WISCONSIN: From the Politico: The Democratic National Committee’s Organizing for America arm …is playing an active role in organizing protests against Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker…including 54 tweets specifying rally details.

I LOVE US! A Tea Partyer confronts a runaway Democratic Senator:

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