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Dear Readers:  I was thrilled to be able to join SoCal Tax Revolt Coalition President Dawn Wildman and her husband Geoff for a fun-filled day of citizen activism Sunday, Oct.7th at the West LA Federal Building at the “Wake Up America” Rally.  Most of my posts this week will be related to the wonderful chats I had with fellow patriots and the connections I made with other independent-minded people.

SoCal Tax Revolt Coalition Co-founders Dawn Wildman (l) and Leslie Eastman (r).

I am happy to report that the event was well-attended for a Sunday afternoon, with 1000-plus people in the audience to hear wonderful speakers like Dennis Prager, Mark Meckler, and a personal favorite of mine — Bill Whittle. This was despite the fact President Obama was in the neighborhood, sucking away at the teat of Hollywood one more time. I would not be surprised if the Once looses LA Basin, as people are tired of the hideous traffic in the wake of one of his visits.

Butt, I digress. (Homage to Michelle’s Mirror).

One aspect that I found the most fascinating is that most people were not focused necessarily on the speakers, but on connecting with each other. They were checking in on the status of elections, taking a look at California Tea Party Recommendations for the Nov. 6th election, and congratulating each other for displaying “Survivor Skills”:

A lot of sassy signs were on display. Given the Shrine’s most recent focus on #EyeCandy and the Women’s Vote, I had to vote Megan Barth’s masterpiece for “MUT’S SIGN OF THE DAY”.

(MUT’s Note: The is now NO GENDER GAP! Women are evenly spilt 47% to 47%)

One nice thing I noticed is that cars were constantly honking support for the event and its participant. The only downside was that it made it hard for me to interview. However, I did come across a great example of citizen activism I wanted to share.

Meet John Cormie of the Surf City Tea Party, who was working a busy booth when I stopped by:

John reported his memberships has been steadily growing, with over 350 members and regular meetings twice monthly with over 100 in attendance.

“When I started, I had know idea what a union-run socialist city council we had,” said John. “We have been focused mostly on the local election process. His group has been working to get Erik Petersen and Devin Dwyer into the Huntington Beach City Council this election.

“One of the things we are working toward is passing Proposition Z”, explained John. The Orange County Register offers details on this innovative, taxpayer-friendly measure:

Outgoing Huntington Beach Mayor Don Hansen’s farewell gesture to Orange County’s fourth-largest city is a ballot measure that would do away with the portion of the city’s annual property tax assessment that goes to some city employee pension costs….

Huntington Beach is the only city in Orange County, and one of the few in California, that imposes extra levies on property owners to subsidize public employee retirements.

The anachronistic provision of the city’s charter dates to 1966. And it only applies to Huntington Beach’s retirement obligations that existed in 1978, before Proposition 13 became state law.

Yet, even with the limits imposed by Prop. 13, the Huntington Beach City Council has increased the pension property tax assessment five times, for a total of 115 percent, since 2002.

“The unions have been totally dishonest with their campaign”, said John. “They have been putting up signs that say NO ON Z – NO NEW TAXES, but the taxes come with the yes vote. Surf City Tea Party is working on getting everyone informed about this lie.”

John explained he was working hard to get out both the independent and the Republican vote. If the reaction to the Chicago Teachers Union strike AND Californians upset over gas prices, November will arrive with voters unhappy with union shenanigans and more money taken because of government regulations.

I will follow-up with John to find out what the final vote is — after I recover from my celebratory hangover on Nov. 7th.

One last note about the event: I had the privilege of watching Bill Whittle film one of his impressive videos. During the shoot, he was explaining how you really kind fight an enemy effectively using PC-terms. For example, in WWII, the American press was just fine using words such as Nazi, Panzer and Luftwaffe. However, during the War on Terror, it seems the only time its OK to use such a term is when extreme leftists are insulting Republicans.

As I was away from my camera, and on we were poised to leave event, I will direct you to Bill’s latest excellent Afterburner video: The Incredible Shrinking Man. Fortunately, I had a chance to thank him for his great work and note that his “Star Trek” piece was my absolute favorite.

A couple of quick notes about some out-of-state friends:

* Captian Capitalism: An Exercise in Liberal American Economic Thought

Hop in the Captain’s F-22 fighter jet and let’s go for a ride. We’re going to do an exercise in liberal economic thought. Specifically, we are going to follow the typical American liberal’s economic model or beliefs to their logical conclusion or end, and in doing so learn a lesson I think all people in the political spectrum can appreciate.

It is excellent, including a great graph!

* Lonley Conservative, Circle of Mom’s #1 Political Blogging mom will be joining me on Canto Talk this Wednesday, Oct. 10, at 7 pm PST/9 pm CT/10 pm EST. I will be discussing her wonderful work more tomorrow, as the topic of our show will be “Blue State Blues”.

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Dear Readers: Lots of exciting news at the Shrine this week. The Goddess of Capitalism will be traveling this Sunday, Oct. 7th to join “Blogger’s Row” with a bunch of other savvy independent conservatives.

A little background on the event:

1) Ben Shapiro and Shannon Grove have committed to speak at the rally.

2) We reconfirmed by phone that Dennis Prager, Mark Meckler, Bill Whittle, and AlfonZo Rachel will be speaking.

3) We have received sponsorship forms, logos, and checks from 21 different groups.

The Wake Up America! 2012 Rally is about inspiring new and existing activists to work as hard as possible at the grassroots level in the last month before the election so that we can take back our country and begin to take back our state. With Obama in town for a fundraiser on the same day, our rally is also about sending a message to Obama, the media, and the rest of America that the conservative movement is alive and well even in the heart of liberal Los Angeles.

MUT Note:  I have been working with Team Prager to promote Prager University at College Insurrection. So far, the courses I have featured include, so I am really happy to go!

Prager U. Course: Adam Carolla on Luck

Prager U. Course: Proving Media Bias

New Prager University Course — The Laffer Curve

Dennis Prager Launches Online “College” To Combat Liberal Bias

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