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Dear Readers: I have been meaning to opine about this for awhile, but profit-center work has kept me busy. I wanted to go on-the-record as wanting the racially-charged term “profiling” to be ditched in favor of what the process actually is: RISK ASSESSMENT.

As a safety professional, I have been doing RISK ASSESSMENT for years. Essentially, it is the concept whereby different factors that could impact a business are reviewed, and the resources to eliminate or minimize a hazard are selected based on a) How harmful the hazard is; b) How often the hazard is faced; and, c) The amount of materials/training/work it will take to eliminate/reduce the risks associated with that hazard.

I just over-heard Sarah Palin interviewed by Sean Hannity. She essentially stumbled on the word “profiling”. That is because leftists who hate this country’s non-elite citizens have demonized common sense. However, the phrase “RISK ASSESSMENT” is an accepted business practice. For instance, there is this chestnut from Wikipedia:

Risk assessment is a step in a risk management procedure. Risk assessment is the determination of quantitative or qualitative value of risk related to a concrete situation and a recognized threat (also called hazard). Quantitative risk assessment requires calculations of two components of risk: R, the magnitude of the potential loss L, and the probability p, that the loss will occur.

Methods may differ whether it is about general financial decisions or environmental or public health risk assessment.

Risk assessment consists in an objective evaluation of risk in which assumptions and uncertainties are clearly considered and presented. Part of the difficulty of risk management is that measurement of both of the quantities in which risk assessment is concerned – potential loss and probability of occurrence – can be very difficult to measure. The chance of error in the measurement of these two concepts is large. A risk with a large potential loss and a low probability of occurring is often treated differently from one with a low potential loss and a high likelihood of occurring. In theory, both are of nearly equal priority in dealing with first, but in practice it can be very difficult to manage when faced with the scarcity of resources, especially time, in which to conduct the risk management process. Expressed mathematically,

This is the process used by Israel’s successful airport screening system. You remember Israel — the preferred terror target for every Muslim extremist regime in the last half-century. TSA agents are busy with Kabuki Theater productions (which I personally think is trying to annoy people to go into the Naked Machines more willingly, after the White House elites teamed up with Soros-backed firms to manufacture and deploy them at enormous expense to the American public). Meanwhile, Israel runs the tightest security ship in air transport — identifying terrorists instead of terrorizing citizens.

Here’s some examples of how a sensible Risk Assessment Matrix can work:

Hat-tip- Red State Radio USA

* Roman Catholic Nun in Habit: Looks female. Relaxed and smiling. Slight Hispanic accent. Visa/Passport stamped for Rome, tickets to Italy: SAFE. “Thanks Sister, have a good flight.”

* Roman Catholic Nun in Habit #2: 5 o’clock shadow and Adam’s apple. Indefinable middle-eastern accents. One-way ticket to Yemen: Probably worth doing a more detailed interview and pat-down.

* Student #1: Male, 20, from Sweden — Blonde, blue-eyed,Viking type. Speaks English well. Student Visa in order; has been to this country several times: SAFE.

* Student #2: Male, 20, also from Sweden. Olive-skined, brown-eyed, of Middle Eastern Descent. Agitated, nervous looking. Does not speak English well, and no Student Visa and has one-way ticket: Time to do a double check.

In fact, as W.C. Varones notes, TSA’s approach is actually increasing the safety risks to Americans. How? By being so unpleasant as to make the idea of the more-hazardous-per-mile Road Trip more desirable.

“Profiling” chemicals is my profession. For example, concentrated hydrochloric acid is a hazard — it can burn the skin. Dilute acetic acid is not — it is vinegar. It’s not personal, there is no “bad” chemical. It’s just common sense.

I will take my usual consulting fees I would normally charge for a risk assessment review off my taxes this year! 🙂

I hope that Sarah Palin and other pundits consider replacing the term “profiling” with the phrase, “RISK ASSESSMENT”. The Liberator Today and I are in full agreement: The current TSA RapeGate cannot stand. Creating a sensible Risk Assessment Matrix can make life better for all traveling Americans.

Mut Note: Beers with Demo has a great analysis on this subject as well: Right now, we’re doing exactly what Americans should be doing. Shane Atwell as a video and a review of the 4th amendment.Finally, I am in rare agreement with Huckabee today — if TSA intends to view all Americans as potential terror agents, then it is time for the first family to experience the pleasures of a latex-massage themselves; the complete cadre of WH Officials promoting the current inanity should be going through this process as well — and not be given a pass.

UPDATE: Big Government has an in-depth report of Israel’s air port security screening.

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