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Dear Readers: I wanted to take a few moments to give thanks to all of you, who have followed many of my hip-breaking adventures this year. As a reward for your honoring the Shrine of Flaming Capitalism so, I wanted to share with you one of my favorite movie scenes (from the movie, Addams Family Values).

I also wanted to give a GODDESS OF CAPITALISM – FLAMING CAPITALISM PROMOTION to 2 specific websites. If you adore the Goddess, then do her bidding: If you plan to shop for the holidays at Amazon.com, then go though either of these sites (their profits become my profits).

LEGAL INSURRECTION – A big thanks to Bill Jacobson for his support, observations, editing and wit. Please check out my new post on Legal Insurrection — and click on the Amazon link to the right!!! (My post – College Diversity Supporters Form Circular Boycott Squad)

CAPTAIN CAPITALISM: A big, big thank you to Aaron Clarey — who kindly links to my history based posts (otherwise, they may have languished in electronic oblivion) . I am a big fan of his book, “Worthless (Indispensable Guide to Choosing the Right College Major“, and will join his haremteam of female editors for his newest publishing endeavor. I am thrilled by work with College Insurrection also ties into “Worthless” so perfectly.

I also wanted to thank Silvio Canto of Canto Talk for making me his “Executive Producer” and allowing me the opportunity to gain more experience in the newly developing world of podcast radio. It has been a real blessing.

I am adding a “Happy Birthday” to Charles Caesar of DooDoo Economics, who keeps the SLOBs running like a well oiled machine. We are truly going to need citizen journalists more than ever after 2012. I just hope the government keeps its hands off our internet.

And a Thanksgiving round-up from the SLOBS:

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