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Dear Readers:  My fellow SoCal Tax Revolt Coalition Co-Founder, Dawn Wildman, will be joining Silvio Canto, Jr. and me on Canto Talk this Thursday, Jan. 23, to discuss what his happening with the California Tea Parties (click HERE at 7 pm PST/9 PM CT, 10 pm EST or for archived podcast).

Dawn Wildman, surrounded by Tea Party friends.

Dawn Wildman, surrounded by Tea Party friends.

The last we talked, she was promoting the Tea Party California Caucus’ Tech-Based Gameplan for CA GOP Convention. There was recently a caucus meeting, to make further plans for 2014, and she will be bringing us up to speed with those.

Here is a sneak peak of what she observed.

One of the best parts of my job is that I get to travel around California and attend events that are for and by grassroots leaders from around our Golden State. This past weekend I was in Fresno to attend an event being put on by the newly minted Tea Party California Caucus and what an event it was. Now let me be very clear I am no longer a Republican, I am a non-partisan voter which simply means I don’t care who gets the credit when a good is represented in leadership. I made a decision years ago that based on what I saw the California Republican Party doing to grassroots groups in our state that I would leave the Party and look for greener pastures. Having not actually found those among the already established political parties I chose to become one of the ever growing disenfranchised voters and hung out my “ no Party “ loyalty sign by re-registering as a Non Partisan Voter.

I digress, so there I am at this event with a bunch of Republicans, which sounds like the beginning of a great joke but this was serious, this was a phenomenal undertaking, this was about real change. You see for almost five years now Republicans have been complaining about Republicans that is exactly what started the tea party movement. But instead of just changing who these people align themselves with by changing parties they decided to fight for the Party they remember joining. There they were in Fresno, trying to work out a strategy even with GOP hacks in the audience watching and waiting and taking notes to report back to the elite that have held this Party hostage.

This huge crowd of “disgruntled” GOP folks was energized and ready to rumble. They have taken on the greatest challenge ever seen since the declining days of the Whig Party. And they are serious. They know the powers that be that keep the Republican Party in California as nothing more than a punch line in a joke will and are fighting them all the way. The good news for them is that the CAGOP usually stinks at what they do as witnessed by the lack of any real Republican wins over the years. These people are motivated by one thing, bringing California back to its Golden State excellence. They want to have real representation in Sacramento; they want to have a seat at the table when back room deals are being done by the brain trust in Sacramento and DC. Simply put, they want the Party they signed up for to exist in more than just name.

And if this doesn’t work what will these very loyal people do next? Well who knows, they are learning the rules, learning them well and are ready to operate around them.

With all the breaking news in California, including California Drought = Flood of New Rules,we should be able to entertain our fans in all 57 states!

More on the Tea Party California Caucus can be found HERE.


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26 Different Types Of Tea Partyers At The Anti-IRS Rally

There is a 27th Type: The Uber-Cool Science Geek Tea Partyer.  That is me!

The following is from Benny Johnson of Buzzfeed Politics:

A tea party rally against the IRS drew a large crowd in front of the Capitol Wednesday.

A tea party rally against the IRS drew a large crowd in front of the Capitol Wednesday.
Image by Gary Cameron / Reuters

1. The crowd was made up of a colorful arrangement of people, including a Superhero Tea Partyer.

The crowd was made up of a colorful arrangement of people, including a Superhero Tea Partyer.

2. Tan Mom Tea Partyer.

Tan Mom Tea Partyer.

3. Designer Glasses Tea Partyer.

Designer Glasses Tea Partyer.

4. Neon Tea Partyer.

Neon Tea Partyer.

5. The, uh, Innuendo-Obsessed Tea Partyer.

The, uh, Innuendo-Obsessed Tea Partyer.

6. The Posh Tea Partyer.

The Posh Tea Partyer.

7. The Elderly Hippie Tea Partyer.

The Elderly Hippie Tea Partyer.

There are more than you may think.

There are more than you may think.

I’m telling you!

I'm telling you!

8. The “Hate the Establishment” Tea Partyer.

The "Hate the Establishment" Tea Partyer.

9. The Classic Tea Partyer.

The Classic Tea Partyer.

10. The Ready-to-Sit Tea Partyer.

The Ready-to-Sit Tea Partyer.

11. The Meditating Tea Partyer.

The Meditating Tea Partyer.

12. The Steamboat Captain Tea Partyer.

The Steamboat Captain Tea Partyer.

13. The Dreadlocks-and-Bluetooth Tea Partyer.

The Dreadlocks-and-Bluetooth Tea Partyer.

14. The Bedazzled Tea Partyer.

The Bedazzled Tea Partyer.

15. The Gigantic Pitchfork Tea Partyer.

The Gigantic Pitchfork Tea Partyer.

16. The Stoner Uncle Sam Tea Partyer.

The Stoner Uncle Sam Tea Partyer.

17. The Hell’s Angels Tea Partyer.

The Hell's Angels Tea Partyer.

18. The Urban Cowboy Tea Partyer.

The Urban Cowboy Tea Partyer.

19. The Tea Party Bro.

The Tea Party Bro.

20. The Tea Party Hipster.

The Tea Party Hipster.

21. The “USA! USA! USA!” Tea Partyer.

The "USA! USA! USA!" Tea Partyer.

22. The “Like, Whoa” Tea Partyer.

The "Like, Whoa" Tea Partyer.

23. The Dog-Loving Tea Partier.

The Dog-Loving Tea Partier.

24. The Sweet Elderly Couple Tea Partyers.

The Sweet Elderly Couple Tea Partyers.

25. The All-American Badass Tea Partyer.


The All-American Badass Tea Partyer.

26. And, of course, Groucho Tea Partyer.


And, of course, Groucho Tea Partyer.

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Dear Readers: Please bear with me, as I indulge in a lot of Gallows Humor today. To start with, let me offer Blue Oyster Cult’s “Don’t Fear the Reaper” as my music offering for this week.

This post is not going to be a depressive blend of angst for the future and derision against people who selected the high-tax, big-state options. It is rather an embrace of one of my key philosophies in life: IF YOU FAIL, FAIL BIG. THAT WAY YOU RECOGNIZE IT’S A COMPLETE FAIL, DON’T BOTHER WITH USELESS EXCUSES, AND MAKE MEANINGFUL CHANGE.

I also plan to make the case that liberals have confused which party actually died Nov. 6th.

Laughing and joking about the Nov. 6th results is going to ease the pain, because it is obvious that there was a complete system failure and we are going to have to double down on blood, sweat and tears if we are going to get a solid independent conservative message to attract American voters.

I am noted for my gallows humor. When being carted off to for surgery after breaking my hip, I had my doctors laughing at statements like: “It’s OK doc — I didn’t need that part anyway.”

So here are some observations about where things stand today, and what the SoCal Tax Revolt Coalition and SLOBs will be working on for the next election cycle.

* GOP Reaps Its Surrender of Pop Culture

Hopefully, the Romney campaign is the last run by the DC consultant class. They finally had the full range of resources to run their playbook, and it fell woefully short. I remember Andrew always urged the DC GOP to tap into conservatives in Hollywood and the creative arts to engage in the pop culture wars. He implored them to use their skills to hone their message and outreach. Those efforts were universally rebuffed by the consultant class.

The time for “playing nice” with vague messaging and glossy graphics is over.

A fail this spectacular means that Karl Rove and the complete set of elite Republican consultants that were involved with this campaign should never be associated with an election again. Ever.


Legal Insurrection’s Professor Jacobson has a wry wit when it comes to analyzing the election results, and shares a similar thinking:

But after Tuesday’s Santa Claus election, in which a bare majority voted for more Obama phones and free contraception and abortions, maybe it’s time for a complete and dramatic reset of government.

Shrink it, pay for it, stop Santa Claus before he turns us into Greece.

I’m not endorsing going off the fiscal cliff yet, but it’s worth a discussion since we have lost the ability for four years to change the trajectory of economic destruction. Maybe it’s time for us to take our medicine while we still can.


The successful 2010 election was the fruit of active citizens at the grassroots level. The 2012 election was the result of tired tactics used by establishment Republicans — with an extra bonus of 2 GOP senatorial candidates thinking they were in the running for Chief Theologian of the United States.

“David Frum and those folks can continue attempting to blame conservatives and other people for the fact that they’ve put up Bob Dole, John McCain and now Mitt Romney,” {Ryan} Rhodes {Chairman of the Iowa Tea Party} says in response. He cites the case in Wisconsin, where Scott Walker ran as a Conservative and won, but Mitt Romney lost, arguing that it was the flip-flopping, not Conservatism, that cost Romney the election.


The progressive press handed the election to Obama in countless ways. All conservative campaigns should plan accordingly, and perhaps give some of the worst offenders like Candy Crowley the General Petraeus treatment.

And no Republican Presidential candidate should ever agree to be at a debate moderated by panelists who are aggressively liberal. C-SPAN can host a few events with a couple of non-political moderators to oversee the discourse — this is something that would serve the American public far better than the dog-and-pony shows that were 2012’s debates.

* Yes, we do need to have an effective Hispanic outreach program.

I can’t tell you how many times we have repeatedly suggested this very idea to the local Republican group — and been totally ignored.

I am working with Silvio Canto Jr, host of Canto Talk. He and I will be putting together a website that will take an article with a fiscally conservative message for a solid source, translate it, and promote it among the Hispanic community. We will be starting with an awesome post from Captain Capitalism: A Lesson in Economics for Immigrants

If you expect a political machine to do something specific, you will just be disappointed.

* The future at the Shrine.

I still will be blogging here, as I agree with Professor Jacobson that we need to promote smaller conservative blogs and this remains a great place for me to highlight Capitalist Heroes. However, I will be writing more for College Insurrection and, hopefully, contributing a few insightful pieces to Legal Insurrection.

I will also be sharing my Canto Talk experiences and history pieces!

Meanwhile, I will leave you with my three happiest thoughts about the election results.


2) HOT AIR’S OBAMATEURISM OF THE DAY CONTINUES. I love voting on their weekly round-up.

3. I will be praying more and at Mass quite regularly, which should make by blog-mother, The Anchoress, most pleased.

So, to conclude: My favorite Oingo Boingo song.

Yes, liberals have incorrectly identified the party that is truly dead.Just watch 2014 — especially as Obamacare provisions kick in and Americans start enjoying those Death Panels.

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Dear Readers: Lots of exciting news at the Shrine this week. The Goddess of Capitalism will be traveling this Sunday, Oct. 7th to join “Blogger’s Row” with a bunch of other savvy independent conservatives.

A little background on the event:

1) Ben Shapiro and Shannon Grove have committed to speak at the rally.

2) We reconfirmed by phone that Dennis Prager, Mark Meckler, Bill Whittle, and AlfonZo Rachel will be speaking.

3) We have received sponsorship forms, logos, and checks from 21 different groups.

The Wake Up America! 2012 Rally is about inspiring new and existing activists to work as hard as possible at the grassroots level in the last month before the election so that we can take back our country and begin to take back our state. With Obama in town for a fundraiser on the same day, our rally is also about sending a message to Obama, the media, and the rest of America that the conservative movement is alive and well even in the heart of liberal Los Angeles.

MUT Note:  I have been working with Team Prager to promote Prager University at College Insurrection. So far, the courses I have featured include, so I am really happy to go!

Prager U. Course: Adam Carolla on Luck

Prager U. Course: Proving Media Bias

New Prager University Course — The Laffer Curve

Dennis Prager Launches Online “College” To Combat Liberal Bias

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Dear Readers:  I will be a guest on CANTO TALK tonight, 7 pm PST/9 pm CT — in which I will talk about being a Tea Party Democrat.   To that end, today’s post is a bit of show prep, as well as a continuation of my dialog with with Capt. Capitalism’s wonderful fans: Explaining the Unexplainable. (MUT note: a big THANKS to the Captain who will soon be joining me on Silvio’s show: Also, please check out this fabulous history piece BY a MAN for MEN).

This time, I will be dealing with women.

Veiled Isis in Herbert Hoover Historic Park

Today, Silvio mulled over the following item: I’ve noticed that you’ve writing a bit about women and showing a little frustration with your gender (see HERE and HERE for specific instances). It is true that women in this country seem a little confused, (i.e., their love affair with Barak Obama). ..{A} a lot of women are for Obama and that is hard to understand.

Yes, when women are confused, they do act in confusing ways!

Then, serendipitously, Instapudnit’s gracious wife Dr. Helen opines: Should Men Open Doors for Women?

 I can understand why men no longer want to open doors or help women. I do feel sad, however, that it has come to a situation where society is at this level. In fact, in my forthcoming book on the war against men, I address how our society is breaking down because men no longer want to, or are even afraid to interact with women and girls.

Yes, this is what happens when 50 years of social experimentation replaces 3 million years of finely honed evolution and thousands of years of culture and history. But we are now where we are, so what can we do?

I think women can shake things up. In fact, I think women are shaking things up..and will continue to do so. Let me start by saying women voter shifted Republican in the 2010 mid-terms (except in California, but I vented about that yesterday). Not because Republicans are awesomely awesome, but because they could see how wretched the economy has become under Team Obama.

In fact, most of the nation’s Tea Party groups were started by women, and many are still lead by women. Women, “mama grizzlies”, are often the gate-keepers of the family finance. So, when gas hits the high $3’s per gallon, and decent bread is costing $5/loaf, and they are working 2 part-time jobs to make up for an unemployed/under-employed spouse, women are pretty keen to target the source of economic hardship.

And when the source of that economic hardship plays golf instead of participates in economic briefings, then they will remove that entity.

And, no, as much as many of like good fashion, Anna Wintour endorsements are not going to persuade us President Obama is worth re-electing.

Obama is trying to spread the meme that Romney is leading a “War on Women”. I am a PUMA: I had front row seats for Team Obama’s war on Clinton, then watched it join with the elite media to take-out Sarah Palin. OBAMA IS A 5-STAR GENERAL IN THE WAR ON WOMEN.

Now, will many women vote for Obama? Sure. For example, the women that I know who are committed to doing so are essentially one-issue voters (focused on abortion rights). And, sadly, many who do vote are not fully informed on the issues, and rely on their traditional history of voting Democratic because of “feel good intentions”. But, they are persuadable, as the 2010 mid-terms indicate.

Also, 30% of businesses are owned by women. Like myself, they enjoy a profit and resent the “you didn’t build that” attitude expressed by the Administration.

And, here is another thing that women don’t like: DESPERATION. And the Obama campaign reeks of desperation. Trying to make it seem that Mitt Romney, who cared for his wife during her bout with cancer, doesn’t have compassion and essentially killed the wife of an auto-worker is not the hallmark of a vibrant, healthy campaign.

However, as

Team Obama gets more desperate, this ad is going to seem like the height of good taste when Nov. 6th rolls around. And desperation is never attractive, even for liberal women.

Silvo pondered something, as he was thinking about a dance form he admires:

In tango, the man leads but with incredible care and respect for the woman. He leads but does not push, that’s a big difference. He earns his leadership role and she gladly accepts because she is being treated like a queen the whole time.

She follows but with total trust and understanding that he will pick up her at the end. He will always be there for her……he won’t let her fall.

I don’t know but I think that too many American girls need a class in the kind of chivalry and respect for women behind the tango dance.

Obama’s Julia really needs it. After all, how can you tango without a man?

Which is a great excuse to share a video with my audience:

The best response I could give to Silvio is this: Women are not all one way, or the other, and dancing is not voting. How women behave and vote goes to who they are: Water seeks its own level. Empowered women who take personal responsibility for themselves will vote one way; dependent women who do not wish to make the most of their freedoms and liberties will choose another. Women need to decide who and what they are and what they will tolerate, and vote accordingly…not vote based on feelings and hope it works out for the best.

I have good hope we will not disappoint the good men in this country on Nov. 6th.

To highlight this point, I want to share some punditry from Silvio’s other Angels:

  • From Jeannie-Ology:  Obama Stoops to New Fundraising Lows, discussing the sleazy and disingenuous tactics used to extract money from small donors by Team Obama.
  • Melanie Sturm:  The welfare state — you didn’t build that:  We didn’t build the welfare state, but now that it’s crumbling and imperiling our way of life, we have the opportunity to transform our government so that it will serve us better. Doing so will renew the moral promise inherent in the American Dream while making it accessible to all.
  • Dr. Illeana Johnson-Paugh (Romanian Conservative): My Trip to the Liberal Zoo A pizzeria with its doors opened wide in Italian style invited in both patrons and flies. It was hot, expensive, $4 per slice, and it came with an environmental surcharge added to the bill. I love planting trees and caring for the environment, but I hate when people force me to do something by charging a fee to my bill when I am not paying attention and calling it optional online. It reminds me of the involuntary “volunteer” work forced by the communist party on us every month in the country of my birth.

And, then there are my Circle of Mom friends:

  • Lonely Conservative: While Pandering to Women, Obama Gripes About Michelle Not Getting Paid As First Lady :  President Obama spent part of the day pandering to women. In addition to trying to scare them by saying Mitt Romney will take us back to the 1950′s, he also griped about how Michelle doesn’t get paid for being FLOTUS.
  • SittingOnTheEdge: Blame OzzyThe politicization of what is now being investigated as an act of domestic terror began before we learned the perpetrator’s name.  American Power has twitter feeds of both the prominent figures on the left and rank-and-file twitterers (or whatever you call them) demanding more gun control and blaming Michele Bachmann.  Professor Jacobson reports that “Both CNN and Fox News cut away when the U.S. Attorney took the stage and launched a lengthy speech which sounded like an Obama campaign speech.”
  • NoOneOfAnyImport: An Article Full of Fail  (a great fisking of a trite elite media piece) – I love this particular bit of journalistic fail because it admits the larger failure of the leftist powers-that-be:  without conservative attention, darlings of the left like Fluke would remain unnoticed.
  • PoliticalJunkieMom: Uncomfortable Olympic Go(l)d : I’ve watched so much craziness unfold this week on Facebook over the Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day. People I thought to be rational went nuts calling out others (by name!) for their support of “hate chicken” by arguing that they believe in a loving God. I do, too, but I also believe in a facist-free country that allows others the right to free speech. Apparently some speech is more free than others and “the right to not be made uncomfortable” is tolerated much more than the right to express one’s faith. That’s what makes me uncomfortable.

I hope that my post gives gentlemen everywhere feeling a bit better about the women’s vote! As further proof, I offer this remark from a Las Vegas oddsmaker who says Obama is going to lose by a landslide:

*Suburban moms. The issue isn’t contraception…it’s having a job to pay for contraception. Obama’s economy frightens these moms. They are worried about putting food on the table. They fear for their children’s future. This is not good news for Obama.

One last item:  A piece of advice from the Goddess of Capitalism to the Captain’s single, male fans, that is based in 3 million years of evolution.  If you find a women appealing, before going over, see if you can look her in the eye for 5 seconds.  If she returns your glance (especially with a smile), then go over and chat with her — she is interested.  If she turns around promptly, and looks down at her drink, don’t bother.

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Dear Readers: My thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Colorado, who are having the kinds of wildfires that are normally experienced in my part of California. Via fellow Silvio’s Angel, Melanie Sturm’s, paper, the Aspen times:

Colorado blaze too dangerous to assess damage

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — A raging wildfire destroyed dozens of houses overnight and charred land on the edges of the Air Force Academy on Wednesday, while thick smoke and intense, towering flames kept officials from learning the full scope of damage to Colorado’s second-largest city.

The wildfire doubled in size overnight to about 24 square miles, and has so far forced mandatory evacuations for more than 32,000 residents, Colorado Springs emergency management director Brett Waters said. Among those urgently evacuated Tuesday evening were residents at the U.S. Air Force Academy.

Shrine friend, Capt. Freedom of the American Freedom Network, lives in those parts. He indicates he is OK, but the smoke is hard to take and he is off to assist emergency services. Also, new media star Michelle Malkin has been evacuated from her Colorado Springs home — she has photos and details.


Speaking of disasters, California is poised to create one for our citizens: Our state Senate has cooked-up a bill to stop the citizen initiative process we Tea Partiers have been using effectively for the past few years, and the one that resulted in the taypayer-wealth-saving Proposition 13. The details are here — SB1233 SILENCING YOUR VOICE.

Short summary: Senate Democrat Alex Padilla created SB 1233 to effectively cut off California citizen’s ability to use the initiative and referendum processes. SB 1233 would make that process cost prohibitive by forcing signature gathers to, at all times, carry the initiative or referendum in up to 11 different languages!

This will price grassroots campaigns out of the market of government reform as the cost of printing the petitions in these languages would skyrocket. Citizen activists could be fined $1000 or jailed for failing to the complete suite of languages!

Click this LINK to get contact California Senators
most involved in this outrage; click this LINK for California Senate contact information. If we don’t act, we loose one of the important tools in the Tea Party arsenal that actually works in the Golden State.

I guess we don’t have to wait for Santa Ana’s to destroy our way of life this year. Thanks Sacramento!

Speaking of wildfires, firefighters are battling blazes outside Jerusalem, Israel. Here is a part of the report that is most concerning, in terms of this being an act of terrorism a man-made-disasaster:

Seven people have been arrested in the past month for allegedly lighting fires in open areas. Abras said in the past two weeks firefighters have dealt with more than 200 cases of suspected arson in open areas and forests around Jerusalem.

And for Israel’s Bonus Extra: Courtesy of Tammy Bruce, I heard that one of the Muslim Brotherhood “Foreign Relations” heads refused to answer questions during a French TV interview, because the second panelist was an Israeli.

{Nader} Amram’s unwillingness to take part in a discussion with an Israeli is a good indication of the possible troubles ahead in relations between Egypt and Israel. When the panel’s host pointed out that the two countries are at peace, Amram said he was not speaking for his country, just himself. The problem is that the Brotherhood certainly has many, many more men like Amram in its ranks. Anti-Semitism is in the Brotherhood’s DNA.

See the 15:10 mark in the video here.

At seems the new Egyptian leadership is doing no better with “Domestic Relations” either, as they seem to hate Christians as much as Jews. Salafi Islamists (the ones that have the great idea of waxing the pyramids) are at it again. The group has threatened to burn a church down while Christians prayed inside.

According to a story in yesterday’s Mideast Christian News, Muslims in the village of Basra in Alexandria, Egypt, surrounded the local Coptic church, St. Lyons, during divine liturgy, “demanding that visiting Copts leave the church before the completion of prayers, and threatening to burn down the church if their demand was not met.”

. . . As they drove away, Muslims hurled stones at their buses, and the priest was warned by “salafis and extremists” never again to allow visitors to the church, otherwise they would “destroy it.”

What is that smokey smell??? It’s the scent of Arab Spring!

Yep — Even Isis, Osiris, and Amen-Ra have fled Egypt at this point.  Legal Insurrection has more about “Arab Spring” in Syria.

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SHRINE URGENT UPDATE: Monkees Singer Davy Jones Dead at 66 From Heart AttackDavy was my first big crush, so this is a very sad day. Prayers for his spirit and the comfort of his family. My favorite Monkees tune:

Dear Readers: Horemheb emailed me from the Shrine's outpost in Santa Barbara last night, very pleased that Mitt Romney won the primaries in Michigan and Arizona. It seems it was a solid win in my home state of Michigan, too — as he garnered more votes this year than in 2008. My husband was thrilled, and I must admit I was delighted.

How did our attitudes evolve into this position?

I think the Beer Summit discussions last week highlights that Romney has been very lucky in his circumstances regarding other challengers. At this point, no other Republican presidential candidate seems to have the gravitas, endurance, or the golden karma Romney has. So, with Rand Paul being mentioned as a possible Vice Presidential choice, it is hoped by many of our citizen pundits that Team Romney recognizes they have to pay attention to grassroots concerns. In a nutshell, many of our band of agitators hope for Romney with a side of Paul.

W.C. Varones expressed the idea that he would be happy if Romney tapped Ron Paul as Treasury Secretary. As a fan of John Bolton, I was heartened when the former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations and ultra-sensible foreign policy guru endorsed Romney. Here are Bolton’s words: I believe it’s absolutely critical to defeat Barack Obama in November. I think our country would be in dire straits domestically and internationally if he gets another four years. And I think Gov. Romney is the person who can best lead the party, best articulate our conservative principles and is most likely to beat Barack Obama…. Romney is conservative enough for me and I think he’s the one most likely to get elected, and I think that’s critical.”

In my view, it would help if Romney indicated he would tap Bolton as Secretary of State.

The grassroots enthusiasm for Ron Paul and his domestic positions cannot be understated. As a Palin supporter, I know how invigorating a VP-nod can be to otherwise staid supporters, who will then actually want to go out and do the leg-work so critical in a successful general election run. While the Beer Summit support for Romney was not 100% and can best be described as tepid, a nod to Tea Party sensibilities by Team Romney would do a lot to get the ball rolling for November.

So, as of right now, I start to underscore the positives that Romney will bring to the General Election and highlight his need for a Tea Party vice-president.

For example, Word Warrior published a piece today that I want to share: SOMETIMES IT TAKES A HERO. In 1996, 14-year-old Melissa Gay from Connecticut disappeared in NYC. After about a week of fruitless searching, the father turned to his boss for help:

Robert Gay’s boss didn’t hesitate. He said, ‘I don’t care how long it takes, we’re going to find her.’ A few hours later, he and other executives of the Boston-based firm were on the shuttle to New York; preparing to organize a huge volunteer effort. “My business partner stepped forward to take charge”, Robert Gay recalls. “He closed the company and brought almost all our employees to New York.” For Melissa Gay, a hero had appeared.

That hero was Mitt Romney.

The search that Romney spear-headed eventually helped reunite Melissa with her father. The story is compelling, and I urge you to read the piece by following the link. Compare it to what Barak Obama would likely do in a similar situation. I think the story demonstrates how Mitt would actually be a leader in a time of crisis, and I think that is extremely important to know. I like what I read.

We cannot have Obama unchecked, being unconcerned with reelection for the next 4 years. For those of you venting against the probable Romney nomination, I would urge you to start digging around for reasons to pull the lever for him in November. There are many: Better First Lady, more sane Supreme Court pics, more lucid foreign policy, apt to be much more respect to following Constitutionally-based procedures….

Otherwise, if you are going to sit out or vote third party, at least have the cojones to actually pull the lever for Obama – it is the most honest outcome to your internal drama.

(MUT Note: The Beer Summit vote include one purely abstaining member, one clear vote for Paul, one clear vote for Santorum, and absolutely none for Gingrich: Check out the SLOBs and see if you can figure which was who).

(MUT Note 2: Santorum completely wiped out any inkling support that he had from me with his ill-considered remarks about JFK’s speech regarding religion and the state. Listen to it, in full, and see if it makes you want to “vomit”. It is Santorum’s take that makes me queasy. Happily, it seems Romney will now have the opportunity to use JFK’s words during the general election):

(MUT Note 3: Snowe’s retirement is the first Tea Party win of 2012, achieved without casting a vote).

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