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Dear Friends: Today’s post title is a take-off a classic joke, but actually centers on a serious matter. This Thanksgiving weekend, I had to take time off from family activities to forcefully counter an inanity uttered by a self-appointed “Tea Party Leader” — Judson Phillips of Tea Party Nation. Phillips has decided that it is time for Tea Parties to tackle “social issues”.

I could not disagree more. Perhaps when we have put out the fires of a 1.3 Trillion Dollar deficit, the Dirty Fed, Obamacare’s destruction of the American medical system, and have sound employment figures, we can worry about “boutique” issues. When our country suffers economically, so does the rest of the world — to the detriment of our own national security.

I prepared a press release to address this matter, and the SLOBs kindly responded with their own posts on the subject. W.C. Varones summarizes it nicely:

Local Tea Partiers and bloggers Shane Atwell, Liberator Today, and Beers with Demo have written about the controversy, and you’ll find well-articulated and remarkably consistent views with mine. Among the four bloggers and three founders of the SoCal TRC, we are two social conservatives, one agnostic Republican artist, one Christian Republican, one Catholic Democrat, one debauched libertarian, and one Randian objectivist (I’ll leave it to you to figure out who is who), but we all agree completely on this: social issues have no place in the Tea Party.

Shane had a very scholarly analysis well worth reading: The Southern California Tax Revolt Coalition on Social Conservatism.Shane noted that the origin of Phillips’ rant may be GOProud’s letter backing a financially-oriented emphasis for the incoming national legislators. Shane notes that “GOProud, a gay group “committed to a traditional conservative agenda that emphasizes limited government, individual liberty, free markets and a confident foreign policy” sent a letter congressional GOP leaders. Tea Party Nation sent one of their own — then Phillips’ made his social conservatism remark in a subsequent TV interview.

The origin of this “squabble” is important. In a fairly intense Facebook discussion, Phillips wrote: “First GOProud is not now, nor has it ever been a part of the tea party movement. You were quite happy to let them take over the message and speak as if they were.”

For me, this was the most astonishing remark. As I noted in the Facebook discussion —
Two of the biggest movers-and-shakers in the Tea Party are Kevin Dujan of HillBuzz and talk show host Tammy Bruce — two people who have same-sex-relationship preferences. Both have been instrumental in organizing, promoting, and branding many essential aspects of the Tea Party. (In fact, Tammy was a signer of that aforementioned letter) Perhaps you want to clarify — are gays to be kicked out of Tea Party activities because they don’t live up to your religious standards?

Frankly, I would Tea Party happily with a dozen fiscally conservative gays before joining an event in which such American patriots and free-market supporters were so ostracized. Even if that event had 10,000 people, was hosted by Sarah Palin, and I had front-row seats with backstage privileges.

The Liberator Today had a very thoughtful take on the matter: About Those Social Issues

I am somewhat of a social conservative, at a time when those issues are being forced to the back burner by the severity of the fiscal issues facing the country. The Tea Party has amassed an impressive coalition that has seized both the imagination of the country and many seats in state and national legislative bodies. However, those who believe that we should somehow turn to social issues, when the hard work of dealing with the fiscal crisis has not even begun are insane. Almost no progress has been made on the most pressing fiscal crisis our country has faced since the Great Depression. We cannot afford to lose any allies in this fight. Picking fights with gays, or any other group that is supporting our core issues is a costly waste.

And Beers with Demo chimes in with his usual wit and wisdom: A few words about those pesky social issues:

Now that we have a majority in Congress, the work of rolling back government power has only just begun. We haven’t won jack squat and now is not the time to declare victory and pull out on the matters that have united the tea party coalition in the first place.

One small point: It is known to us that Tea Party Nation is removing comments from dissenters railing against Phillips’ social conservative approach. I suspect most Tea Party activists, even those committed to certain social issues, realize other organizations and outlets are more appropriate for promoting non-finance related agenda items. Phillips also claims to have a large membership — but that is mainly just an email list that includes W.C. Varones, me, and countless others who joined prior to this new TPN vision and are now seeking ways to remove themselves from that email list. Trust me, it is a difficult process that I am still working on

There has been a lot of serious news (e.g, warring Koreas, sissy spies) . I am hoping, between appointments for new clients that I now have, to work on some science/CARB posts in the next few days. In the meantime, how about a real joke: So a priest, a rabbi and Chuck Norris are all fishing on a boat in the middle of a lake…?

UPDATE: Phillips also thinks voting restricted to Property Owners is a good idea – click HERE to read more.

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Dear Readers: Via Glenn Reynolds, the always savvy Instapundit, I sometimes take a peak at the posts of Ann Althouse — a witty, luminous pundit who actually voted for Obama in the last Presidential election. Today, I feel compelled to dissuade her — directly — of this opinion in her piece: What will happen to Obama and the Democrats in the polls now?

I tend to think people will get used to the change and stop paying attention, and the polls will move back to equilibrium between the parties. People will never be giddy and dreamy about Obama again, but so what? (Note to Althouse haters: “So what?” is a serious question.) We shouldn’t be so optimistic about government. That’s why we resisted the reform. We didn’t trust it. Now that it’s happened, won’t most people get bored with looking at the government and turn back to their immediate lives?

To start with, I am a Democrat. I am joined by other Democrats, who recently posted the following piece offering suggestions that my team of citizen activists at the Southern California Tax Revolt Coalition will implement: Your mission is to drive every Leftist from power, to defund the DNC, and to repeal what was done yesterday.

I am a Democrat who is co-founder of a Tea Party group. Granted, I was one of the first to join, but I note — with much joy, that my piece entitled “On Being a Democrat at a Tea Party” routinely gets traffic. In the last three days, the traffic on that one piece as gone from 3 hits a day to 30-50 hits a day — a significant jump for a humble little website like The Shrine.

I have just made an appointment to see my Republican congressional representative, Duncan Hunter Jr. CA-52. I will be meeting with him in person — the first time I have ever sought out my federal representative. I will be asking him to fight using all legal and constitutional means to delay, divert, and destroy the monstrosity that was rammed through the Senate on Christmas eve, then jammed through the House of Representatives via bribes and threats. I will be discussing the Tea Party attitudes toward Cap&Trade, amnesty, and the rest of the progressive agenda as well.

I will be, via the several forums in which I opine, asking my fellow citizens to take the Townhalls to their Senators and Congressmen/women. Please follow my example.

I had a discussion with the co-founder of another large area Tea Party group today, Dr. Gonzalves of Stop Taxing Us. He has reported a tremendous uptick in phonecalls and interest in participation from Independents and independent Democrats.

“People may join us because they are angry now,” explained Dr. Gonsalves. “However, they will stay engaged because the actual underlying emotion they are feeling is a deep concern about the direction the country, our government, is headed. This is not an emotion that will dissipate.”

Sarah Bond, one of the leading lights of SoCal-TRC, concurs and adds: “Instead of shrinking away in defeat, taxpayers are angered and more energized since I’ve seen them since the townhalls of last summer. They are clamoring for a way to get involved in repealing the legislation or to support the campaigns of YES-vote-rivals. Obamacare supporters have NO idea what is coming in November…none. And if they even try to pass Amnesty it will only be worse for them. Let them think we’ll get bored…nothing better than an unsuspecting opponent.”

(9-12 crowds in Washgton DC in 2009; hat-tip 9-12 project)

Just to give you a flavor of what is in store, through to November, which will sustain us:

* APRIL 15 TAX DAY TEA PARTIES (click HERE or HERE for further details on local events).

* STATES’ RIGHTS: We will be supporting the individual states’ lawsuits to stop the most toxic aspects of Obamacare: State Attorneys General Agree To File Constitutional Challenge To Obamacare Immediately. This includes publicizing and funding Mark Levin’s efforts via Landmark Legal Foundation.

* INDEPENDENCE DAY ACTIVITIES: Inclusive of those focused on the Constitution, such as the event recently held by the North County Conservatives.

* MARCH ON D.C. SEPT. 9-12: If you think last year’s turnout was impressive, then be prepared to be amazed on the number of citizens that will come to the 2010 rally this year –weeks before the November election. United We Stand is one of the organizing entities, and they are keen on keeping the message non-partisan and focused on smaller government and sensible fiscal policy. CLICK HERE FOR INFORMATION ON UNTIED WE STAND.

* LOCAL ENGAGEMENT: Sarah Bond points out that the Tea Party groups through California are coalescing to, during the next election cycle, directly oppose Central Valley blue-dog Democratic congressmen Dennis Cardoza and Jim Costa, who sold their support for the president’s reforms for the price of 1/4 of the water needed to revive their constituent’s area.

(202) 225-6131 Fax: 225-0819
(209) 383-4455 Fax: 726-1065
(209) 527-1914 Fax: 527-5748
(209) 946-0361 Fax: 946-0347

202-225-3341 Fax: 202-225-9308
661-869-1620Fax: 661-869-1027
559-495-1620 Fax:559-495-1027

Also, we are now asking our Attorney General to file a lawsuit and follow other States’ Attorney Generals in suing over the Constitutionality of the mandates. Our Attorney General, Jerry Brown, is also running for Governor so this helps two fold. If he doesn’t seek to file on behalf of the state which is bankrupt now and can’t afford these mandates we will be able to show this as he makes his run for Governor.

Brown was elected to protect the state of California.

Mailing Address
Attorney General’s Office California Department of Justice
Attn: Public Inquiry Unit
P.O. Box 944255
Sacramento, CA 94244-2550

Public Inquiry Unit
Voice: (916) 322-3360 or
(Toll-free in California) (800) 952-5225
Fax: (916) 323-5341
Email: http://www.facebook.com/l/6fa4c;ag.ca.gov/contact/techncl.php

I do not intend to roll over, give up, or “get used” to any of this at anytime. I am not the only one. Some of my readers may not be California, so I wanted to get the opinion of the Chief Coordinator for nation-wide group, Tea Party Patriots, Mark Meckler.

“I think the majority of people are completely outraged, and anyone who thinks that they will “get used to this” doesn’t understand the tea party tidal wave that is sweeping across the nation,” said Mark. “We are about to experience a constitutional renaissance that will help to bring the nation back to its founding principles. Politicians can either get with it and ride the wave to smaller and less intrusive government, or they will be swept away.”

Doesn’t sound like Mark is going to “get used” to it either.

Finally, I would like to note that I was a Democrat who DID NOT vote for Obama, because after hearing his “spread the wealth” comment to Joe-the-Plumber, I did not buy the “moderate, centrist” pap being spread by the elite media. That means I have been more correct on important public matters than Althouse in one instance — as she voted for Obama and is now less than impressed. Should we NOT have sweeping electoral change in November, I promise I will eat crow.


UPDATE: My Admired Patroness, the Anchoress, has an innovative idea that could use some guidance from the legally-experienced among us. She wants to create “blogging scholarships” to replace funds gutted by Obama&Co. for D.C. kids: Please help me thumb my nose at Obama!

But I have been so angry, for so long, at Barack Obama and the Democrats for dismantling the DC School Voucher program, which was an excellent school-choice solution that gave parents and students a real means of escape from the atrocious schools in Washington DC, that I have been itching for months to do something about this, that is completely outside of the government.

I want to do something to thumb my nose at the government, right now, and at the same time benefit someone else!….

Here is what I want to do:

…My blog may be small, but it has the best and most generous readers around; wouldn’t it be great if we could establish an “Anchoress Scholarship Fund for DC,” where we raise enough each year to purchase a voucher for one student? And other bloggers could do the same thing! I could imagine a Glenn Reynolds Scholarship Fund, and Althouse-Meade Scholarship Fund, the First Things First Fund for DC, the HotAir DC Scholarship Fund, the Small Dead Animals Fund, the Blogs Lucianne Loves Fund for Scholarships, the Deacon’s Bench DC Fund and Little Miss Attila Fund for Student-Warriors (the recipient might be required to identify Attila…).

Then I realized that a million bloggers creating a million funds might end up -like messy big government- being too sprawling and disorganized to be effective, accountable and measurable.

So, why not streamline the effort? Why can’t we take a page from the Soldier’s Angels and Project Valor, whereby bloggers and their readers are encouraged to fund-raise and donate to the scholarship fund under the aegis of their favorite site. The Anchoress, being a smaller site, might only be able to send one kid to a better school, while a huge site like HotAir or Malkin or Gateway Pundit might be able to help dozens.

It doesn’t seem like the Anchoress is going to roll over any time soon, either.

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