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Dear Readers: Please check back through the day on this post, as I am diligent planning to provide information on the San Diego County Tax Day Tea Parties as I get them. This post will be a compendium of reports, links, and pictures. I will be doing another post featuring my “man on the street” interviews. I want to thank each and every patriot who came to the 10 rallies in the area yesterday. You are helping spread a positive, free-market message AND inspiring many of your fellow citizens to get involved, informed and engaged.

(MUT Note: If you have reports, pictures, or videos to share about the San Diego area events, please email me at mutnodjmetlpe@gmail.com so I can post them here).

I was at the Midway event, with most of the other San-Diego Local Order of Bloggers (SLOBs). We were joined by about 1000 other San Diego taxpayers last night at the height of the event. Here is the one example of Tea Party “violence” that I witnessed:

Patriot Alvin shows Obama how pitchforks are really used -- on IRS agents!

In a bit of street theater, patriot and tea-party regular Alvin shows Obama the proper use of pitchforks! The featured target is “Guido” the IRS agent. The “IRS” agent was the target of a lot of humor for the rest of the evening.

On a more serious note, participant Anthony Porrello had this report about being body-slammed:

A 20-30 year old male was speed walking through the crowd. He did a full on body slam at me and another person. I was at the southeast end. It is possible he did this to a number of other people deeper in the crowd. I suspect they may use this attack method in desperation in the future since their attempt to infiltrate us is futile. Just something to keep our eye on. Hopefully this won’t become a pattern.

Remember November was the theme of the Midway Tax Day Tea Party

There were instances of eggs being thrown at Tea Party protesters in Boston. Additionally, there are numerous examples of INFIL-traitors being identified and effectively dealt with during many events.

In terms of attendance, here are the numbers obtained by the San Diego Union Tribune for the events around the county.

• Escondido: About 250 people lined Escondido Boulevard, yelling, “Honk if you’re not a liberal!” Drivers responded enthusiastically.

• Rancho Bernardo: About 190 people, including many seniors, gathered outside the post office.

• El Cajon: Waving signs with the message “Taxed Enough Already,” about 175 people rallied on Lexington Avenue.

• Carmel Mountain Ranch: A crowd of about 150 lined the streets near the post office.

• Chula Vista: A last-minute rally at the post office drew about 30 people

• Oceanside: THOUSANDS (still working on getting a more precise number; Vista Tea Party Patriots reports 3000)


Left Coast Rebel covered the Oceanside rally. His excellent report is HERE: OCEANSIDE TAX DAY TEA PARTY. LCR also discusses: TEMECULA AND RIVERSIDE TAX DAY TEA PARTY RALLIES.

W.C. Varones identified one of the INFIL-traitors: Dimwitted fake Tea Partier Justin Lewis of law firm Gordon & Rees doesn’t fool anyone. I have a close-up of him surrounded by a bevvy of Tea Party beauties holding “Plant” signs!

Justin Lewis -- San Diego INFIL-traitor Identified

W.C. also fully and artfully engaged another counter-protester, who was accusing us of “not paying attention during the Bush administration.” W.C. spent a great deal of time dissuading this INFIL-traitor of that false notion:

Truly "Not one of Us" -- Otherwise he would have known many didn't like Bush either.

Big Daddy of the Liberator Today has a detailed look at the Midway event:
Well Done – Midway Drive Tea Party Protest

Beers with Demo has this report: Tax Day Rally San Diego 2010, with his selection of “sign of the day.”

Beers with Demo's Pick for "Sign of the Day"

My pick is this one. Less tasteful, perhaps. But it sure captures how a lot of people felt yesterday.

MUT's PICK for "Tea Party Sign of the Night"

On a happy note, the SLOBs have agreed to meet at a selection to be determined by Beers with Demo, who knows his way around a pub. We all agree that a fine ale is truly the most American of beverages.


UPDATE 1: Only 100 participants showed up for Carly Fiorina’s eventthat was put-on by the GOP for their hand-picked senatorial candidate. I guess most San Diegan’s don’t want “McCain in a Bra”.

UPDATE 2: Reader Michael M. Contributes these shots of Midway:

UPDATE 3: Reader Gerald R. Reports: contrary to the Union Tribune report there were over 1,000 people at the Escondido Tea Party Rally yesterday. Here are some pictures from the North County Conservative’s event he sent.

Gerald also reported that November was on the mind of many rally participants:

Everyone was commentating about how the Law Makers are NOT listening to them, the deficit, corrupt Government officials, impending loss of our freedoms, Health Care Reform, the world their children would inherit and, last but not least, the Economy.

They all seemed very determined to get rid of the current officials in November, a clean sweep perhaps and most of them seemed angry about the direction our country has taken under Obama’s reign.

Kimberly Dvorak has a formal report on the Oceanside event: Tax day tea parties draw thousands – demand accountability

UPDATE 5: Dave W., coordinator of the Rancho Bernardo event noted there were about 250 participants at their rally. He indicated that most of the participants commented that they were concerned about the “transformation” of the country, felt the lawmakers were either ignoring or trying to control them, and were concerned about their personal liberties. He is hoping to get pictures to be a bit later.

UPDATE 6: Here is a numbers comparison via Gateway Pundit I find interesting: 1,000 Tea Party Protest: 0 Arrested… 1 Leftist SEIU Protest: 25 Arrested

UPDATE 7: Left Coast Rebel gets a mention in Big Government!

UPDATE 8: W.C. Gets an Instalanche, and Fallbrook reports in with 150 protesters. The Village News has the details: Fallbrook Tax Day Protest Enjoys Enthusiastic Support

UPDATE 9: Lynn Miller of North County Conservatives states that there were 1500 patriots at the height of the Escondido rally. Details are available via the North County Times: Tea partiers rally against big government; Thousands turn out on tax deadline day to vent frustrations


MUT News and Views:

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