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I am grateful that the Young Prince loves Star Trek as much as I do.

I must admit, after seeing Star Wars for about 100 times, I become less enamored of it after each and every view — though “A New Hope” and “Empire Strikes Back” still have a special place in my heart.

However, Star Trek stands the test of time. I have enjoyed watching the Original Series with my son — and we are going to order “The Next Generation”. We also thought the latest movies rocked.

This video shows scientifically why Star Trek kicks Star Wars’ posterior!

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FLAMING HOT UPDATE: OBAMA’S APPROVAL NUMBERS OFFICIALLY IN THE 30’S!!!!Currently, two-thirds of Americans (67%) have a negative opinion of the job President Obama is doing while just over one-third (37%) have a positive opinion. This continues the president’s downward trend and he is now at the lowest job approval rating of his presidency.

Dear Readers: The title is a quote from the famous “Troubles with Tribbles” Star Trek episode, and seems to be the only sensible explanation for Obama’s recent spate of speeches, in which he tells his “enemies” to “go to the back of the bus“. And his cheating, vote-frauding minions and elite media lapdogs are just like him — Tin Plated Over Bearing Swaggering Dictators with Delusions of Godhood.

(MUT: I used the quote earlier last year, but Obama seems to be doubling-down on delusional godhoodness).

To counter this on this vile rhetoric, I want to provide a few examples of what some all-inclusive, tolerant, liberty-loving Americans are doing to foster wealth creation, real equality, and personal responsibility.

TEA PARTY PATRIOTS TOUR: With ONE WEEK until the election, TPP’s tour moves into hyper-speed on a donated Jet, named Patriot One. The group visited Seattle WA, flew to large rally in Oregon and finished the day in Central California. In the next video,, national coordinators Mark Meckler and Jenny Beth Martin chat with a few fired-up agitators.

NICK POPADITCH UPDATE: I have been following the amazing heart-felt, grassroots efforts from the Chula Vista Patriots. Success! Popaditch will be appearing on the Sean Hannity show tonight. Also, VoteTheBumOut’s Richie sent this piece form WSJ’s John Fund. Guess which district is the top of his “likeliest upsets” list:

California 51 — Rep. Bob Filner hasn’t had a tough race against a Republican in this majority Hispanic district in years. But in 2006, he won only 51% of the Democratic primary vote against then-San Diego City Councilman Juan Vargas. Wounds from that race haven’t fully healed.

Mr. Filner is being challenged by Nick Popaditch, a former Marine officer who won a Silver Star in Iraq and was blinded in one eye by a grenade. Mr. Popaditch hasn’t raised much money, but the district contains many military families who may be drawn to his compelling story. The district, which includes downtown San Diego, is Democratic but George W. Bush won 46% of the vote in 2004, and Arnold Schwarzenegger carried the district by nine percentage points in his 2006 re-election race. This area was the scene of another stunning upset of a Democratic incumbent in the 1980 Reagan landslide, when Republican Duncan Hunter won unexpectedly. His son currently serves in Congress from a different San Diego district.

Really piss Obama off and get a seat even farther back in the bus — DONATE TO NICK POPADITCH (click here).

All I can say, after Nov. 2nd, the back of the bus is going to be packed with enemies. Perhaps, then, Obama and his agenda can be placed under that bus — and then the gears shifted between both “R” and “D” to roll the bus back and forth over the entire, contemptible, tyrannical mess. Bipartisanship, my friends. Sweet bipartisanship!

PROPOSITION 23 PHONE BANK: If you have 30 minutes, and want to help promote YES on 23, please CLICK HERE and donate time (as valuable as money) to the PROPOSITION 23 phone bank efforts. I am hoping to do a bit tomorrow, and I will blog about the experiences.

BEST BUMPER STICKER: Something form Capitalist Hero and Talk Show Divinity, Tammy Bruce:

VOTER FRAUD: I think, given the scope of all the fraud being uncovered by vigilant citizens, that post Nov. 2nd, Tea Party groups should focus on addressing vote fraud. Most Americans are so honest, they cannot comprehend anyone cheating for extra-votes. HillBuzz has a great piece on this subject today:

I want you to join us in a promise: we will force the Republican Party to make combating voter fraud one of their number one priorities. This is something the Tea Party, Momma Grizzlies, and Palin supporters all need to join forces and get behind — and it’s just the sort of thing Governor Palin herself could embrace and be more effective than anyone in history at addressing. Voter Fraud is rampant in this country. Currently, Drudge is running stories about Democrats rigging machines to default vote Democrat in Nevada and North Carolina. Yesterday, we heard about Democrats going to nursing homes in Connecticut and illegally voting for dementia-addled elderly people who don’t know their own names anymore, let alone whom they want to vote for.

As a full homage to Star Trek, here is a video explanation for Obama’s Presidency from a Next Generation perspective:

On a more serious note: Prayers for a speedy recovery to Carly Fiorina!

Update: My Catholic readers may want to read this from Gateway Pundit — Democrats Release Disgusting Anti-Catholic Ad For Final Election Push.

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