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Dear Readers: In light of the Nov. 6th election results, Silvio and I thought it would be a good time to step back and enjoy the Soviet! SovietKitchen.com, that is! We will be talking to one of the site’s editors, Michael Bogdanov. (Please Click Here for the Canto Talk show link – 10 pm EST/9 pm CT/7 pm PST).

I first spotted a reference to this fascinating website on Instapundit:

A CLASSIC 1939 SOVIET COOKBOOK, NOW ON KINDLE: Book of Tasty and Healthy Food.

Via reader Michael Bogdanov, who writes:

Hi Glenn,

We are a bunch of ex-Soviets living in the USA and we read your site daily.

Recently we’ve launched our blog, SovietKitchen.com, which introduces American and other English-speaking readers to best recipes from all former republics of the USSR.

We’ve also compiled our first recipe book – “Book of Tasty and Healthy Food”, based on the Soviet best-seller, with original illustrations, available on Kindle now.

It should be an interesting read for all foodies as well as history buffs interested in the Soviet period.

Michael came over to the country with his family in 1990 at the age of 14 from the Soviet Union. “Our family came for the opportunities”, he said. Subsequently, Michael received an engineering degree from a university in New York and has quite a career, including a stint on Wall Street. Now he is taking on several new projects, including the cookbook with partner and translator Boris Ushumirskiy.

“While we do not support Communism as an ideology in any way, we are still fond of some things from that bygone era,” Michael explained. “Our childhood and teenage memories are almost exclusively positive, and food has certainly got a lot to do with that. Despite occasional shortages of different ingredients, our parents and grandparents were still able to prepare nutritious meals that tasted great. The vast territory of the Soviet Union, spanning from Europe to the Far East, was home to a great number of nations and cultures, each boasting their own cuisine. There are many thousands of delicious dishes available, some virtually unknown to the Western food enthusiasts. We believe that anyone’s culinary and tasting experience can be enriched by becoming familiar with a few of them, and this is our goal.”

I took the liberty of highlighting 3 recipes from the website that make offer a new take on classic Thanksgiving fare:

Pumpkin Braised with Rice and Raisins

Satsivi with Turkey Roasted on a Spit

Cranberry Mousse with Farina

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