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Dear Readers: The SoCal Tax Revolt is issuing a press release today (click HERE for a copy that your group can use), which is a “Call to Action” to urge stoppage on California Senate Bill 810 (the falsely tagged “Universal Healthcare Bill”). The press release is presented below; a copy of a fax form that you can use to correspond with your California senator is available by clicking here.

Note: Introduced in February 2011, Tuesday is the deadline for passage of SB 810. According to CalWatchDog: Surprising many supporters, SB 810, authored by San Francisco Democratic Sen. Mark Leno, didn’t get enough votes even from his own party to pass the “Medicare for all” bill. Perhaps the projected $250 billion annual cost of the government-run healthcare system weighed heavily on the minds of lawmakers.


*** This Bill outlaws private health insurance in California.
*** It will create at least 20 new CA Government agencies.
*** Bureaucrats will decide which treatment if any you receive for illnesses.
*** It will cost the taxpayers of California $250 billion dollar to start this bureaucratic nightmare.


San Diego, CA – The SoCal Tax Revolt Coalition (SCTRC) is joining other Tea Party groups throughout the state in organizing a citizen “call to action” in order to stop the passage of California Senate Bill 810 “The California Universal Health Care Act of 2009”. It seems that California’s legislators are more interested in resurrecting an unpopular monster of a bill, as a previous version (SB840, SB 840 – “Medicare for All”) was tabled after it became the focus of protests from Californians concerned about the loss of choice and quality medical care.
Tea Parties throughout the state are informing their membership an anticipated vote on the reworked “Single Payer” plans in SB810 is slated for Jan. 31, 2012. Citizen activists are providing contact information and encouraging citizens who do not want a massive bureaucratic injection into personal healthcare choices to make their concerns known to California’s legislators.

The following statements are issued by specific group coordinators:

Dawn Wildman, SCTRC President: “This bill goes even further than the Obamacre bill to taking away yet more liberty for the citizens of California. And the boondoggle of this at $250 billion dollars is even more offensive to a cash strapped state as California. When will the ruling elite in Sacramento understand that the mere mortals, the taxpayers, are tired of funding their utopia?”

Leslie Eastman, SCTRC Media Director: “I am incredulous that with the implementation of Obamacare looming on the horizon, which supposedly offers healthcare solutions applicable to the entire country, our legislators are imposing something similar at this time for just our state. Why not see what issues arise with the national version first, instead of creating “fixes” out of whole cloth? SB810 provides no solid funding mechanism; the only way to implement it being the addition of more state public employees when we can’t afford the ones we currently have. A state-only plan will inspire even more Californians to flee this state – and those Californians tend to be the employers actually providing workers with health insurance plans. At least with Obamacare, the impacts affect all states equally badly.”

Sarah Bond, SCTRC CEO: “Massachusetts already has a state-only plan – Romneycare. It has been a dismal failure. The plan’s premise that “universal coverage” would force everyone’s healthcare costs down also is far from being realized. In fact, about one-third of Massachusetts residents said that their health costs had gone up as a result of the 2006 reforms and their spending on medical programs is 27% higher than the national average. Clearly, SB810 is not a cure for Californians already burdened by excessive regulations and a very high cost of living.”

Connie Lanzisera, Orange County Tea Party organizer: “Isn’t it suspicious that we haven’t heard anything from the private insurance companies in protest to SB 810? It makes me wonder, what are we missing? The private insurance companies would have everything to lose if this bill passes and yet total silence on their part.”

The following Senators have been identified for contact, in order to urge a “NO” Vote –

Christine Kehoe (Chair) DEM 916-651-4039

Mimi Walters (CoChair) REP 916-651-4033

Elaine Alquist DEM 916-651-4013

Bill Emmerson REP 916-651-4037

Ted Lieu DEM 916-651-4028

Fran Pavley DEM 916-651-4023

Curren Price DEM 916-651-4026

Sharon Runner REP 916-651-4017

Darrell Steinberg DEM 916-651-4006

Senator Michael Rubio (Fresno/Bakersfield area)
Email: Michael.Rubio@sen.ca.gov
Phone: (916) 651-4016

Senator Alex Padilla (Pacoima/LA area)
Email: Senator.Padilla@sen.ca.gov
Phone: (916) 651-4020

Senator Juan Vargas (San Diego area)
Email: Juan.Vargas@sen.ca.gov
Phone: (916) 651-4040

Senator Rod Wright (Los Angeles area)
Email: Senator.Wright@sen.ca.gov
Phone: (916) 651-4025

California has the second highest state unemployment rate; unemployed people tend not to have health insurance. The best way to achieve employment this is to encourage business growth. According to the Tax Foundation, California’s 2012 business tax climate ranks third worst in the nation. Additionally, California is already a generous state, in terms of benefits. For example, one in five people in Los Angeles County already receive public aid. As demonstrated in other states, allowing more people a “free ride”, in terms of healthcare coverage, will not reduce costs. These costs will be passed down to all Californians.

Adding a new layer of bureaucracy, which is intended to decimate private insurance options and direct people to government-run health-care, is not the direction our legislators should be heading. When people are the budget, it works only to harm the people our politicians are obligated to serve. We would be better served by representatives who would focus on allowing the free market to work properly.


The co-founders of the Southern California Tax Revolt Coalitions:

Sarah Bond
Chief Executive Officer

Dawn Wildman

Leslie Eastman
Media Director


A big THANKS to Mark Meckler — Across the Fence, for spreading the word! Check out – California’s Insane Governing Class Shoots for a $250 Billion, Single Payer Health Care System Outlawing Private Health Insurance. He notes:

I know many of you find it hard to care about California, but you should. If California completely crashes, it will drag the rest of the nation with it. Unfortunately, while it’s not “too big to fail,” and certainly shouldn’t be bailed out, it is too big to go down the drain without consequences for the rest of the country.

A big thanks, too, goes to Lipstick Underground — who will be on the LaDona Harvey show today to discus SB810.

I also appreciate Beers with Demo’s link, and direct you to his Brewer-Obama photo caption contest entry. It is golden.

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