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Dear Readers: There has been a ton of brilliant opinion-making today in the sites I normally review. So, today, I am going to point where you should click.

1) Kevin DuJan/HillBuzz Letter to Sarah Palin. This is the origin of my title, as Kevin deems here “American Artemis”. As a myth-loving blogger, I had to share. In this letter, Kevin details why Sarah Palin needs to run, as she is being called to serve during a revolution as was George Washington. MUT Money Quote: You are our American Artemis, when we need an epic hero more than ever.

Hat-tip: All Things Magik

Dialog, tailored a bit from a quote in Richard Riordan’s “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” series:

“That politico in Alaska,” Zoe said. “You turned him into a jackalope.”

“Ah, yes.” Artemis nodded, satisfied. “I enjoy making jackalopes…”

And she just completed 3 new jackalopes today: Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham and Erick Erickson.

2) Palinista Bashing. Speaking of those 3 jackalopes, I have a few comments to make about the above-named pundits ramblings about Palin’s “electability”. A few thoughts I share with Tammy Bruce (flaming capitalist promotion — Tammy is doing a Mystery Science 3000 review of Obama’s speech tomorrow. Keeping with my Greek-theme today, I liken it to Odysseus tying himself down to safely hear the Siren’s Song: If you are forced to listen, it is a way to keep yourself from dashing against the nearest rocks).

In terms of conservative-divas Coulter and Ingraham waxing negatively about Palin’s electability, I find it utterly fascinating long-time Republican/conservative pundits are now bashing Palin supporters. Coulter likens us to O-bots! After seeing the enthusiasm of the Palin crowds this weekend in Iowa and New Hampshire, shouting “RUN, SARAH, RUN”, they deride our passionate support for our candidate. I sense they now attack us, as Palin has not disappeared as the elites have long desired. They hope WE will go away.

If Palin isn’t “electable”, then what worry about her running or not? If she goes down to defeat, then one of Coulter’s or Ingraham’s approved choices will be the candidate — no big deal. However, until such time I find a person better than Palin to back, I will remain a Palinista. I am not planning to go.

I also understand Coulter will NOT watch “The Undefeated”. Why not, as it is a political documentary covering one of the post important figures in recent events? Coulter prides herself on being fully informed, so it makes me wonder from whom she is now getting her direction.

3) Thoughts from an American Sophocles. B-daddy has a piece on Social Security fixes that are excellent, and I must admit I had not considered the drawbacks of “forced accounts”. It is entitled, Why I Now Oppose Social Security Privatization, and is a must-read. A snippet:

* Current participation is constitutional only under the general power to tax granted Congress. A private account would not fit that definition.
* If private accounts were added, the only constitutional provision under which to compel participation is under the taxing authority. But that would give the government the authority to seize the proceeds for whatever purpose it saw fit.
* Is it a stretch of the imagination for the government, as a “shareholder” to require firms who receive investment dollars to promote social welfare and environmentally friendly policies. The scope for abuse is so great that I am surprised the left hasn’t embraced this idea as their own.
* How can we argue that Obamacare is unconstitutional, while turning around and advocating participation in another social welfare scheme, just because an individual is employed?
* What will compel the government to pay up, when the bill comes due. See Fleming v. Nestor above.

These are aspects I had not considered before. B-Daddy also offers sensible solutions.

4) My thanks to the American Dionysus! Beers with Demo gave one of my hand-crafted images the honor of being selected — Your mid-week, martini-worthy photo image! You need to go over and check which one made the grade!

5) The Oracle of Fiscal Delphi:
W.C. Varones gave the SLOBs a heads-up on Obama’s Solyndra crony-capitalist deal. It seems a company primarily owned by a big Obama donor got a super-sweet interest rate and the taxpayers are going to the BACK OF THE BUS when creditors get paid. Fellow SLOB Dueling Barstools has more thoughts HERE.

6) Gov. Brown is Like Sisyphus: CA Jobs ‘Solutions’ Push Boulder Up Hill There is no way for California to get to quasi-normal employment levels with the regulatory burdens imposed by AB32.

7) Into the pits of Hades: Horemheb has just flipped on the GOP debate. So, I am signing off until tomorrow.

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Dear Readers: I have a few news and notes today to share with you all before the busy weekend. As you may know, SONY is producing a movie about the heroic NAVY SEALs operation that lead to Osama Bin Laden’s Death. It is slated to help Obama’s re-election, as Team Sony and their Hollywood glitterati intend to release in in October 2012. They assert they have the Freedom of Speech.

I have a freedom, too. It is the Freedom of Spending. And their cinematic plans just cost SONY some money today.


I went to Staples to by CDs for my profit-center business. I need high-quality ones for the documentation I do. I was grabbing for the SONY brand, but when I recalled the movie stunt, I bought MEMOREX.

SONY: Your money-gram as arrived. NO SALE! Change the intended release date until after the November 2012 election, otherwise I will encourage others to express their own freedom of spending in ways you don’t like.

The Goddess of Capitalism is most displeased. Sony shall feel her wrath!

Speaking of money, 2 local politicians (North County Councilmen) have been caught not declaring the gambling winnings, despite state requirements to do so. Rules are for the little people.

Transition from gambling to WILDCARDS: Carl DeMaio for Mayor. DeMaio stood up for California Citizens, challenging the airing of the odious union-backed ad that tries to undermine our state’s petition process by false claims of identity theft. Sadly, the (un)The Fair Political Practices Commission has dismissed a request. . MUT task of the day: Call 1-866-275-3772 and thank these union hacks personally. It is bureaucracy like this that is driving our entrepreneurs out-of-state.

I am the last of our SLOBs to come out in support, as I recall how much DeMaio disappointed me during the incipient stages of the Tea Party. However, Palin has disappointed me, too (i.e.g, backing Fiorina instead of DeVore). But she stands strong where it matters — as does Carl. His initiating the request shows a perception that the focus of San Diegans is on small government that is there to serve the people (not the other way around). Palin was smeared as a “rogue” candidate. I have learned people are smearing DeMaio as a “wildcard”. I say — embrace it!

Hey Carl — if you read this, Sarah will probably work up a suitable Wild Card logo you personally! 😉 I think come 2012, Wild Card will be the winning hand.

Donate to Carl’s campaign here.

Professor Athena wanted me to link to the million-dollar punditry of Charles Krauthammer today: THE SYSTEM WORKS. The Money Quote:

Notice how the loudest complaints about “broken politics” come from those who lost the debate. It’s understandable for sore losers to rage against the machine. But there’s no need for the rest of us to parrot their petulance.

Finally, some more money spending ideas:

* The campaigns for the GOP challengers for the WI Recall elections next week.
* Mad Men fashion from Banana Republic.


PS. My thoughts on last night’s GOP debate?It was awful, and the biggest loser was the American public. I hold FOX partly responsible for the debate debacle. No questions on entitlement reform! No question on Social Security fixes! Romney got very little questioning about his late entry into the debate discourse and his “corporations are people” statement! And the focus was on the ever divisive social issue instead of the economy? And Byron York sounded like an elitist Beltway minion with his question to Bachmann about “submission”. If York gets anywhere in earshot of me today, I will teach him about “submission”.

Fellow SLOBs chime in. Beers with Demos has a plea to the media about their treatment of Hunstman. B-Daddy also seems unimpressed.

B-Daddy also has a review of Palin I utterly love.

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A joke I caught on Twitter, which would mean that Obama would have been truly without American citizenship. It think the idea has merit! It seems that President Obama had a complete toddler-style tantrum after being schooled by Benjamin Netanyahu about the real meaning of the 1967 borders (via Gateway Pundit): OBAMA SCREAMS AT STAFF: “What the F**k Was That?” After Netanyahu Meeting

The essence of the president’s rage and embarrassment can best be summed up with him yelling out very loudly, “What the f-ck was that!?” That phrase was apparently repeated a number of times in the span of about five minutes, a time period in which Obama’s voice became “louder and louder” and culminating in Obama exclaiming, “Never again! Do you understand me? Never again!” Any response by Bill Daley back to the president, if given, was not overheard.

Indeed, never again.

Dear Readers: The Young Prince is celebrating his first day of summer vacation. So, I am taking a small break from profit-making activities to share some links, highlight some blogs, and draw your attention to some news that may be overlooked.

First, one of my favorites is Anna’s Clue Tank, which has kindly linked to my golden punditry several times. The site features snippets of history, especially related to the military. Today’s post is a great read: Liberty Belle CrashesThe population of B-17 Flying Fortress bombers was reduced by one today due to a crash outside Chicago. A plane made famous in movies like Memphis Belle and 12 O’Clock High, there are few of the thousands built left. ACT put be onto this humorous bumper sticker:

Sufa Shop at Cafe Press
I wanted to give a shout-out to BizzyBlog, who had more news on the President: Obama Florida Fundraiser Over Half-Empty; Only the Politico and ABC Blogs Notice. I caught this report last night — aisles and aisles were completely empty, and the tickets were $44 each!

I have been very busy working with a Conservatives4Palin Project — documenting Democratic voter support for Palin. One email I came across captures some of my feelings as a Palin supporter:

Sent: Tuesday, April 08, 2008 4:29 PM
To: Governor Sarah Palin (GOV sponsored)
Subject: Oil&Gas

Governor Sarah. I remember back when I was still working,.. and a real good friend of mine named Don Graber, told me that you might make a real good governor. Now me being a Jay Hammond democrat most all my adult life, and you being a republican, ..well I had to think about what Don said. When you did run against the previous governor, and after listening to you, and learning about you, well I joined the rest of most of the folks in Alaska and voted for you. I’m glad I did. I know they are too. You have done more for this state than anyone else since Jay Hammond. I hope you realize what you have helped accomplish for
Alaska. I think you do. I just want to thank you for myself, and future generations of Alaskans, for your faith in Alaska and its people. You have carved your name into Alaskan history… and I’m so glad to have been here as it unfolds. History is being made. Again Sarah,.. thank you.

When I have a compendium of similar emails, I will share them with you all.

My feelings on the GOP Presidential Debate? I am underwhelmed — and concerned that the GOP establishment is promoting the tag-team of Romney and Bachmann as the “winners”. The only good thing that came out of this exercise is that everyone focused their firepower on Obama. The CNN debate host was absolutely odious; however, what did these Republicans think when they agreed to having CNN host this soiree.

Tammy Bruce

Tammy Bruce put out a piece in Big Government that I think is essential reading and speaks to some of my debate concerns: WHY SARAH MUST RUN IN 2012.

Why? Without Palin in the race a massive segment of the GOP base—Tea Party patriots and other independent conservatives—will find themselves once again with the prospect of choosing from a manipulated field of Next-In-Line GOP establishment liberals.

And make no mistake—that is exactly who will prevail. Despite the desperate and not surprisingly shallow belief by the boys in control of the GOP, Palin cannot be replaced by another woman, or another Tea Party supporter, or another Brunette (no matter how much they think a Stalking Horse will split the Tea Party vote). Palin’s impact is unique, significant and deep. Her influence rests on background, experience, legitimacy and most important of all—trust. These are the reasons why Palin matters, the same reasons why the GOP machine appropriately sees her, and no one else, as an existential threat to their status quo.

Indeed. And if Palin is unfairly trashed as “unserious” or “unqualified” during the GOP primary proves, especially when considering all the links and snippets I provided today, then as a Tea Party activist, all my monies and energies go to OPERATION COUNTERWEIGHT.

I already detest the fact New Mexico’s former Governor, Gary Johnson, was not accorded a podium and a chance to make his case (B-Daddy has a solid review on Johnson). I prefer him to Ron Paul and think he is more highly qualified than the Texas Congressman.

Other blogs I want to note: The Scratching Post, in which KT had a gem about “Selling Being a Transference of Feeling.” I also alighted upon Zilla of the Resistance, with a troop-oriented site.



Charles Caesar is working on a site that will feature “San Diego’s Finest Bloggers” (TM) who are part of “America’s Finest Tea Party” (TM) – the SOCAL TAX REVOLT COALITION.

W.C. Varones: Treasury whines about cost of Ron Paul’s proposed Fort Knox audit — $15 million??? Are you kidding me??? The Fed is printing $2.5 billion a day. That’s less than nine minutes of Fed printing. The Federal government spends $3.5 trillion a year. $15 million is less than a minute and a half of government spending. Obama’s Porkulus was $800 billion. $15 million is less than 0.002% of Porkulus.

Beers with Demo: Not getting what we’re paying for… More bad news on the green technology front. Turns out those electric cars you aren’t quite ready to shell out $41,000 for aren’t quite as green as people would like you to think.

Shane Atwell: Movie: Burzynski; This movie is available for free viewing this weekend, June 11-13 (2011). It tells the story of Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski and his decades of research on some simple molecules called antineoplastons. He has achieved some impressive results in uncontrolled trials. His therapies are promising, but haven’t been tested in rigorous trials. That is part of the story. The other part of the story is the relentless attacks on Dr. Burzynski by the Texas Medical Board, the NCI and the FDA. All of these attacks ultimately came from the FDA, which cannot abide a new medical treatment developed by an individual.

(MUT Note: I think there is an evolution in entertainment occurring, so that Americans will have access to films that would normally be ignored by the elites. Very exciting).

Left Coast Rebel: Hope and Change Doesn’t Fill your Gas Tanks.

Dueling Barstools: A Large, Open Barrel of Whup Assand a picture of a book that is hopefully still in print:

Lorraine Yapps Cohen: The point of panic is now.Okay, now I’m really worried. The market is in free fall. I’ve seen dips described as crashes, even called some of them that myself. But the debt default in Greece prompted local panic. In my San Diego house, at least.


California and San Diego Links:

NEW: Budget Tax Rhetoric Ignores Jobs

AB 32 Turning Into Pollution Pork

NEW: Brown Debt Gimmicks ‘Balance’ Budget

5 San Diego Cities Still over Sweet Pension Deals

B-Daddy leaning toward DeMaio as Mayor.

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Dear Readers: The Washington Post and New York Times have set a most interesting precedent. By using a Freedom of Information Act request, these news organizations obtained access to over 24,000 emails from former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin. They then requested their readers to volunteer to scour them for scandalous information. I applied with this submission:

I am a Democrat who is a Palin supporter, who has also had experience writing for several news publications (e.g., San Diego Union Tribune) and am an occasional analyst for Fox Business News.

I would be delighted to help, as it is obvious to me the coverage by the elite media of Sarah Palin has been lacking in the rudiments of basic journalism: Sticking to who, what, where, when, why and how.

Allow me to assist you in scouring the many emails, which will include such enlightening details as childcare arrangements, request for office supplies, and committee schedules that are surely going to offer meaningful insights that will improve life for Americans everywhere. I think you will be truly living up to your 1st Amendment responsibilities in this endeavor!

I am a little concerned if I fail to participate that you will utilize professional reporters to look through the emails. That means they won’t be able to cover such essential topics as the 61 Trillion in unfunded mandates hanging over our economy, the increasingly poor job news and the fact people have longer periods of unemployment in the Obama economy, continued involvement of the US in Libya and potential US actions in Yemen, and other key topics that your editors seem to rate secondary to uncovering some vast Palin scandal. Therefore, I view helping you as my patriotic duty.

Strangely, I have not heard back from this news organizations.

Between the plethora of jokes being made at the elite media’s expense today, there is now discussion of using the FOIA request process to obtain records on President Obama. Interestingly, I did a brief search to see of records of Obama from his Illinois Senate days have been released. Judicial Watch reports that this records have been made to disappear.However, you can be sure every Palin-supporting conservative organization is placing a series of FOIA requests on Obama emails wherever they may reside.

I will be the first volunteer to scour those puppies.

The backlash has been palpable. Here are a few of the comments to the posted requests:

Much Twitter merriment is also being had at the expense of the elite media!Gems such as Palin’s staff being excited by being tagged by McCain for the VP slot have been revealed. A witty comment noted that Palin was on “Team Edward“; that is where we part ways — I am “Team Jacob“. That may cost her my vote (/sarc).

Legal Insurrection’s Professor Jacobson has a running list of scandal-filled Palin headlines in this post: Behold The Mainstream Media Eating Its Own Anti-Palin Bile – A Running List of Headlines

Here are some of my humor contributions:

Email Update: Sarah writes — “I HAVE ALWAYS BEEN PROUD OF MY COUNTRY”.

Email Update: Sarah notes: “My house NOT bought by local crook. ”

Email update: Sarah notes they speak German, French and Italian in Austria — not Austrian.

Email Update: Sarah knows it is 2011, not 2008.

Email Update: Sarah knows how to pronounce “corpsman” and is looking forward to meeting a few at the “US Naval Academy“, part of the “finest fighting force the world has known“.

Email update: Sarah says, “I am looking forward to visiting each of the 50 states“.

Email update: Sarah reflects — My mentors love this country and the people who serve it.

Email update: Sarah wrote — Our church pastor gave a really inspirational speech this Sunday, praising the values that made this country great.

Email Update: Sarah opines — It’s better to be a small town mayor in America than President of China.

And in the most explosive revelation yet, Sarah emailed this to Todd: I hate golf.

I don’t quite think this process produced the outcome hoped for by our “Ruling Class” media elites. They have just energized a big swath of Americans in time to start digging around Obama’s records.

After all, what’s good for the Alaskan goose is good for the Hawaiian gander.

UPDATE! Let’s see of WaPo, NYT, CBS or other “serious” news organizations have the cajones to report this chestnut: Sarah Palin emails: Palin fielded death threats as campaign heated up

“She doesn’t belong to the NRA to support the right of each citizen to have weapons in an aim of self-defence, but just to support the right of every Southern white citizen to shoot all non-white people legally!” wrote the sender, identified as Dominique Villacrouz. “Sarah Palin MUST BE KILLED!”

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Obviously edited from a real picture of her tour bus, but the sentiment is growing.

As a daughter of a family with deep roots in New England, I have to share this picture and story was well.

Hat-tip: Gateway Pundit

Sarah Palin Bashes Obama’s Job-Killing Fishing Regulations While She Pets Lobster in New Hampshire

Palin used the opportunity to rail against recently tightened fishing regulations, which she said have hit New Hampshire fishermen especially hard because the state’s coastline was so short.

The regulations, Palin said, were the result of “overly cautious environmental concerns.”

Felch came away impressed.

“She’s great, I like her,” he said, adding that he would vote for her.

He wasn’t the only one.


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Dear Readers: Yesterday, I covered news-gnome’s Andrea Mitchel’s slanderous falsehood that Sarah Palin wasn’t invited to Rolling Thunder that was rolled out as a serious news report. Compare and contrast Palin’s coverage with that of New York DEMOCRATIC Congressman Anthony Weiner’s twitter-pic, which seems to indicate that the Congressman was trying to expand his constituency to include Washington state co-eds.

The New Media has been doing some investigative reporting on this sorry situation. For example, within a short span of time, identified the complete cast of Tony’s tweeters, including porn star Ginger Lee.

UPDATE: Gateway Pundit has the complete cast pictured in his post today: Gennette Was Not Alone… Weiner’s Twitter Friends Include Pages of Young Lucious Fans, clearly demonstrating the power of the New Media.

Hat-tip: prudencepaine.com

The Old Media? Not so much.

In fact, it turns out one of the elite media institutions dressed up as new media — Politico — is blaming “conservative bloggers” for Weiner-gate. Left Coast Rebel’s Right Click has humorously responded to this insipid accusation.

Blogger Lee Stranahan had a pithy remark regarding the reporting about Weiner-gate: Would the average spouse just let it go right there? No? Then neither should the average reporter. If ‘benefit of the doubt’ isn’t good enough for the person you’re married to, then it’s not good enough for the practice of journalism. And by not acting as curious as a spouse – usually because of ideological agreement with the subject of inquiry – reporters aren’t doing their jobs.

Can you even begin to imagine the type of elite media coverage on the Palins if either Sarah or Todd have tweeted a scandalous picture to a young, attractive co-ed? Katie Couric may even have come out of retirement for that one!

Let’s compare and contrast, shall we.

Palin: She is so clean that the elite media has to fabricate scandals. Weiner: The Democratic champion is caught in a compromising situation, and the same elite media is myth-making about some evil conservative blogger trying to take him down.

Is there no professional reporter out there today who isn’t embarrassed by this type of coverage? Have you no pride? Do you really want to “change the world” by smearing innocents and protecting cheaters?

As conservatives are trying to change the country and impact the 2012 election, I have this one piece of advice: You better have a game plan on working around the elite media. They cannot be trusted to cover any story involving politicians or political issues truthfully.

The establishment American press has completely abrogated its First Amendment responsibilities. Instead of a “watch dog”, it has become a “love puppy” to one side of the political spectrum.

This country was designed to function under the direction of a fully informed citizenry. Plainly, the establishment media cannot be trusted to provide unvarnished facts, data, and analysis necessary to do so. Americans need to plan getting their information elsewhere if we are going to make the best possible choices in 2012.

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Dear Readers: As I sense that Sarah Palin’s bus tour is the true beginning of her national campaign, you will find more mentions of her on this site (as seems appropriate from the news). This is NOT a “tea party” endorsement — I will be linking to members of the San Diego Local Order of Bloggers, who offer differing views on the Republican primary contenders.

Today’s topic features another edition of Team Palin vs the Elite Media. In this corner, we have Andrea Mitchell — who managed to locate the one Rolling Thunder organizer who did not realize the group formally invited Sarah Palin to their Memorial Day event. In the other, Team Sarah — who was contacted by a retired board member, Michael DiPaolo, who had connections in Alaska and got Palin to agree to attend. Mitchell used her ignorant contact to prepare another trite hit-piece on Palin.

Conservatives4Palin.com:  PALIN and MITCHELL

In Mitchell’s rush to paint Palin as a media-hog, she failed take some basic investigative actions. First, there seems to be no call to Team Palin to determine from whom Sarah received an invitation. Secondly, if there had been that call, Mitchell could have talked to DiPaolo to confirm the story. I suggest that Mitchell get someone with less anti-Palin sensibilities to review her work involving the former Alaskan Governor in the future: she obviously lacks a professional sense of detachment on this particular subject.

Fire Andrea Mitchell, indeed.

If this false report is what passes for professional journalism today, Palin has nothing to worry about on her bus tour to the White House. However, if this is reflective of the depth of reporting on other subjects, this is disturbing indeed.

Mitchell’s report shows why the public is increasingly skeptical of the “unexpected” news issued from the elite agencies — such as “housing numbers” and unemployment numbers (which are clearly over 10%, despite the machinations of the White House; in fact, there is a brand new media meme — UNEMPLOYMENT IS THE NEW NORM). This is why one of the biggest contributions of the Tea Party is the cadre of citizen journalists who are now very experienced at fact-checking our “betters”.

Hey Mitchell — haven’t you ever heard of Rathergate?Here is our equivalent to this story: one of Hot Air’s readers knows Ted Shpak, your main source of this particular Palin smear. This commenter indicated that Ted Shpak — is a good buddy of Chris Dodd and he came to Richard Blumenthal’s defense when he was exposed. Look at the pictures of Blumenthal when he was at the VFW hall Shpak is standing there with the other veterans.

There is more on Shpack — click HERE.

Tea Party activists — doing the job the Ruling Class Media just won’t do.


San-Diego Local Order of Bloggers: News and Views

B-Daddy has some thoughts on Palin and the Tea Party views of 2012 candidates.

Left Coast Rebel has some thoughts about Rick Perry.

Beers with Demos has a list of some must-read “INCONVENIENT THRUTHS” and some news about the weather-disasters in the Midwest.

Shane Atwell reports on Texas caving on its anti-TSA-grope bill.

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Dear Readers: I have been dialoging with the SAN-DIEGO LOCAL ORDER OF BLOGGERS (SLOBs) for some time on the Presidential primary. Initially, I was the only Palin supporter (a classic “Palin Democrat“). However, as I have been sharing my positive thoughts on Sarah Palin, and the field of potential candidates has substantially changed, some of my blogging comrades have warmed to her. Others, however, do not view her as electable and want another choice.

In light of the new move, “The Undefeated,” I am asking my friends (and all Americans, for that matter) to look at Palin with “new eyes”.

From RealClearPolitics, Palin’s Secret Weapon: New Film to Premiere in June: Divided into three acts, the film makes the case that despite the now cliched label, Palin was indeed a maverick who confronted the powerful forces lined up against her to achieve wide-ranging success in a short period of time. The second part of the film’s message is just as clear, if more subjective: that Sarah Palin is the only conservative leader who can both build on the legacy of the Reagan Revolution and bring the ideals of the tea party movement to the Oval Office.

The initial showings will be in Iowa, South Carolina and Nevada. My Romanian gypsy fortune-telling instincts tell me that a Presidential run is in Palin’s future.

The expression "new eyes" comes from one of by favorite Yul Brynner Films: Kings of the Sun.In this film, Yul (as Black Eagle, chief of a North American Indian tribe) stumbles across a new city being built by refugee Mayans. The Mayans decide the best way to open the new city is a classic, heart-ripping sacrifice of one of the locals — in this case, Black Eagle. After Black Eagle informs the Mayans he isn’t going to be slaughtered like an animal for their gods, the Mayan king decides to try things in the local fashion. At that point, Black Eagle, impressed with the potential of the new city, decides he wants to look at the city with “new eyes”.

The elite media and glitterati of Hollywood of the New York entertainment industry have wanted the political blood of the entire Palin family since her successful acceptance speech during the 2008 GOP convention. The establishment Republicans would like to cling to the old ways, and are desperately promoting candidates who they think will do just that. In light of the new Tea Party attitude, in which we would like to jettison the “ruling class” dictates with “country class” common sense, I would ask for everyone to enter into the primary season with an open mind and a willingness to go beyond the usual news sources for information on all the candidates. PLEASE LOOK AT SARAH PALIN WITH “NEW EYES”.

Bonus: I get a chance to link to the sexy sexiness that is Yul Brynner:

One other note, related to this: It has become known to me that Mitt Romney’s staff and Michelle Bachmann’s people are seen together often and work quite closely together. I need for all of my friends to be very cautious about Bachmann — especially since she has very close connections with Tea Party Express (spearheaded by establishment Republicans). I recall that Mitt was tag-teamed out of the 2008 primary by McCain and Huckabee. I sense a deal is made between the pair in the event Palin is running.

This will not end well.

I would like the potential Bachmann-supporters out there to note a few things:

* Bachmann has not formally announced; if you give money to her PAC, please be advised it could end up in someone else’s campaign — including Romney’s. I worry that her PAC is there to take money from the Tea Party people to give to the establishment.
* She seems quite willing to massage her position on tax cuts and ear marks.
* She did NOT defend the Tea Parties after the vicious smears and “blood” libel after the Tucson shooting tragedy.

I contend that if Sarah Palin can woo the independent conservatives within the Republican party, who are uncertain of her but loathe to vote for a “RINO”, she can win the independents in the 2012 general election and go on to victory. However, I recognize that this first step is important. I think the film idea is innovative and exciting, so unlike some of my fellow SLOBs, I am now jazzed.

If she wins, great. If she loses, honorably, to another who is a straight-shooter with better plans and presence, that is OK with me. However, if the GOP elites try to manipulate the primary and game the process, then they will have to contend with a lot of really pissed-off Palin supporters. That won’t bode well for a successful general election result, as the “Palinistas” are about the most active and engaged citizen activists that I know.

Just a friendly reminder: The Clinton-supporting PUMAs are still a pain-in-the-posterior to the current White House occupant.

SLOB News:

In terms of the GOP primary, the loss of Mitch Daniels is hitting B-Daddy hard.

Beers with Demo also has Bibi-mania. Hey BwD — I have the American Birth Certificate!!!

Charles Caesar gets SLIMED with real doo doo!

Shane Atwell continues his excellent REGULATIONS WATCH.

And a few other items to share:

The Anchoress: Katie Couric and the Gravitas Issue – UPDATED

Court Addresses CA Legislators’ Failure: California’s lack of prison space is in part driven by our excessively high costs of imprisoning inmates — $49,000 per inmate per year, nearly double the national average and nearly three times the cost of low-cast states. If our legislators weren’t so subservient to the California Correctional Peace Officers Association, the prison guards union, we could more successfully send inmates out of state, or privatize the prison system here. Private prisons tend to be far more humane than these public ones given that the private employees are held to a higher standard. They cannot hide behind their unions. They do not have sovereign immunity.

Grand jury takes on S.D. City Hall project: San Diego city officials exaggerated the costs of staying at the current City Hall to justify spending nearly $300 million on a new civic center, the San Diego County Grand Jury said in a report released Monday. The grand jury’s report runs counter to the city’s contention that the construction project would be cheaper than renovating the complex and leasing downtown office space for overflow office space.

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Regarding Obama’s “Arab Spring” speech that threw Israel under-the-bus:

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