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Dear Readers: Yesterday at Mass the Deacon at our church mentioned Janus, the two-faced god of the Romans who heralded the start of their year. With that inspiration, I wanted to prepare a with the 2011 highlights from the San-Diego Local Order of Bloggers (SLOBs). I also wanted to get their input about the “dream title” of their most popular post in 2012, if they could get their wish.

For example, my most popular post was: ENGLISHMEN AND I NEED THE LONGBOW.. I would like to thank Blog-Father Instapundit for the success of that rant.

The #1 choice of title for my 2012 dream post would be: Obama loses in landslide, “unexpectedly“. My second pick: California Voters Crush Brown’s Tax-Raising Initiatives.

Lipstick Underground (aka Sarah Bond, the co-founder of SoCal Tax Revolt Coalition) posted a great summary list that was my personal favorite from her site: A BETTER LIST OF SEXIEST MEN – 2011. This list comes from a conservative woman’s perspective. The list of men features many who are sexy because they mix whup-a$$ with justice. She ends with a mention of my favorite eye-candy, Hell on Wheels’ lead character, Cullen Bohannon:

Sarah’s 2012 dream post: VA Gov. McDonnell makes surprise last minute entry into the 2012 Presidential election and crushes RINO’s and Obama in historic landslide.

B-Daddy of the Liberator Today notes that his post, Local GOP Turpitude, was the most commented on. His most read from last year: Expanding Deficit – Revenue or Spending Problem? UPDATED Since he didn’t mention it, I would imagine one of his dream titles for 2012 would be CARL DEMAIO WINS MAYOR’S RACE.

W.C. Varones offers this post has his best-read of 2011 with the most original content: LA Times copy editor Kathy Gosnell Seiler buys house with little down, does cash-out ARM refi at peak of bubble, loses house, learns nothing. He offers this 2012 dream title: Bernanke, Paulson indicted; Congress re-instates Glass-Steagall. I am going note that his second-place selection might be this one: ALAN GREENSPAN INDICTED ON MANSLAUGHTER CHARGES.

KT Cat of the Scratching Post offers this as his most commented on article: A Little More On Consciousness. Since KT is new to the SLOBs, I can’t really project what he would have as a 2012 dream title. However, I am sure it would include an LOL Catz (here is a little something for New Years):

(UPDATE: KT’s 2012 Dream Post title – “So if we really wanted to help the poor …”)

Dueling Barstools, another SLOBs Newbie, offers this as his best 2011 post: Is Your 2012 Choice as Honest as This Man? And is there Really Someone Else You’d Prefer?His 2012 dream title is: NATION ELECTS GARY JOHNSON, STATISTS EVERYWHERE SHIT THEMSELVES. I sense that many of are SLOBs aren’t down with the candidate the GOP is likely to nominate.

I would like to note that in the preparation of this post, I learned a wonderful new term I wanted to share: CONTRANYM. A contranym is a word that has seemingly contradictory meanings. Because of their two-faced nature, they are also sometimes referred to as “Janus words” after the two-faced Roman god. In a nutshell1, we’re talking about a word that is its own antonym. For example, the two meanings of oversight: 1) That was an oversight on my part; and, 2) This program is under strict Congressional oversight. I would now like to use it in a sentence:

Barak Obama is a contranym.

My prediction for 2012: The name Obama is going evolve unto an unsavory verb form.

(MUT Note: Silent Schwa, a language scholar with a fabulous website and Badass of the Week from a recent article will soon be included in my blogroll).

The other SLOB’s have not offered their comments, so please stop by for updates. In the meantime, here are my 2011 favorites from their blogs:

* Beers with Demos: MAXED OUT: Oktoberfest. Because I like October and Pumpkin Ale.

UPDATE from BwD: Most popular “Got Tebow”. Dream headline 2012: “Despite winning election, Obama declines serving a 2nd term citing overall frustration with constitutional republics”.

(They’re like, hard)

* Shane Atwell: San Diego Blackout, Deregulate Electricity. The night the lights went out in San Diego will truly be a memorable 2011 moment.

* DooDoo Economics: Charles Caesar weighs in with his 2011 compendium – The Rise of Progressive Fascism.

* Left Coast Rebel: San Diego’s Own Darrel Issa Hits the Ball out of the Park on the 2nd Amendment on Bill Maher’s HBO Show

Finally, I would like to thank Legal Insurrection, The Other McCain,Hot Air, and The Anchoress for their kind links and/or support of last year. I would also like to Thank Tammy Bruce for her kind mentions — and tell everyone to join the TAMs.

My goal for 2012? I met one of my 2011 goals of being “Tweet of the Day” at Legal Insurrection:

Now, I just have to get a solid shot of a great 2012 bumper sticker!

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Dear Readers: Between the Young Prince’s 10th Birthday Party, my profit-center activities, and Horemheb’s engagement in Santa Barbara, I have hit the stress level I normally feel Dec. 23rd. So, yesterday, I decided to engage in a little light reading. There were some real chestnuts to be roasted!

The Occupoopers decided their little Civic Center drama needed a larger stage. So, they took their show on the road to the West Coast Ports in an attempt to stifle capitalism. Beers with Demos has a report with pictures:

#OccupyFail – the Longshoreman continued to transport goods to consumers (especially those evil, gas-guzzling, greenhouse-gas producing, demon trucks for red-neck Tea Party types).

Lipstick Underground had a running blog on the whole event yesterday, with additional news about Occupy Oakland and Occupy Portland.

UPDATE 2: Livestream has been down for a while. Occupy Wall Street tweeted that their equipment has been confiscated by the police. I can only assume that is why the San Diego feed is down. Alternative SDO livestream is also not working. Weather may be a factor. OSD Twitter and FB pages aren’t being updated with much intel. Looks like Oakland and Portland Ports have been shut down (not surprisingly)…but there are indications that police plan to move into Oakland protest en-mass. Sounds like Long Beach/Los Angeles remain mostly open. No word from any of the Hawaiian ports. No word from inland blockade actions.

UPDATE 3: Occupy San Diego twitter feed announcing that the blockade will continue tomorrow…big surprise.

Readers of my blog will recall that I presciently predicted that San Diego would experience more shark sitings and attacks, because the sharks are attracted to the seal lions that are now allowed to frolic in beaches close to those used by people. Now, we have to worry about another predator. Based in the recommendation of Glenn Reynolds/Instapundit, I purchased and read “Beast in the Garden” (shop at Glenn’s site for all your X-Mas needs). In a nutshell, because of eco-fantasies, rules have been created that have allowed big cats to get habituated to humans; these predators are now viewing us as prey animals.

One week after finishing this book, I came across this news story: Mountain lion sighting in San Diego County closes two schools

Two schools in northern San Diego County were on lockdown for more than an hour Monday after a mountain lion was spotted prowling in the area.

Students at an elementary school and middle school in the Rancho Bernardo area were kept inside while state Department of Fish and Game employees and sheriff’s deputies combed nearby canyons. A Sheriff”s Department helicopter aided in the search.

Unless Californians actually vote to permit some level of sensible Mountain Lion hunting, future stories are likely to end with a person being killed and eaten. This would real sour up someone’s holiday.

Speaking of California votes, SoCal Tax Revolt Coalition/San Diego Tea Party Patriots has been busy. Dawn Wildman, one of our co-founders, has helped organize a “Stop the Dream Act” petition drive. The details:

Day: Wednesday, Dec. 14th.
Time: 3-7 pm.

San Diego – Walmart
3382 Murphy Canyon Rd (off I-15 at Aero Dr.)
San Diego, CA 92123
Come sign the petition and meet Assemblymen Brain Jones, and Tim Donnelly.

Carlsbad – Westfield Mall
East Parking Lot
2525 El Camino Real (just south of Hwy. 78)
Carlsbad, CA

AB 131, the so-called “Dream Act”, would give thousands of illegal aliens state grant money to attend California colleges and would cost California taxpayers an estimated $65 million per year at a time when the state is drowning in debt. The referendum to repeal AB 131 has bi-partisan support statewide and aims to kill this nightmare legislation before it takes effect in January 2013 by putting on the ballot in November 2012. It simply is not fair to penalize U.S. citizens and legal immigrants by subsidizing students who are in the country illegally. I sure like voters — legal voters.

In keeping with the spirit of the season:

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Dear Readers: I have been following the Herman Cain situation closely, and I am glad I held off on any opinions. It seems one of his accusers is channeling SNL’s Emily Litella:

I do not support Cain more or less now than I did a week ago. What I do want to point out that all the GOP candidates had best learn from this incident — make sure your closets are skeleton free; if they are not, clean them now; and, get ready for leftist lies, smears, and projections so they don’t interrupt the campaign. ALL of the GOP hopefuls have got to improve their game immensely before hitting the general. While I believe that the Politico story was unleashed by Team Romney to deflect from a devastating column from conservative icon George Will – Mitt Romney, the pretzel candidate — I hope Cain learned valuable lessons in how to handle similar situations; Team Obama will be far harsher and not half as truthful.

Politico has covered itself in shame. Legal Insurrection notes the website has posted the most deceitful headline ever — I have to agree, though I am sure there will be more where this one came from in the General Election. I view this as a Darwinian Election — Adapt or Die! Even if Newt is the one who manages to evolve to best counter The Once, then I will support him.

I would also like to say a few words about Occupy Wall Street. I hold that this is an organized event designed to generate a “state of emergency” that would thwart the scheduled elections in 2012. Capitalists everywhere are pushing back!!! This gem comes via Instapundit: Traders From Chicago Board Of Trade Dump McDonald’s Applications On Occupy Chicago Protesters. “In the middle of an Occupy Chicago teach-in this week, traders at the Chicago Board of Trade dumped several sheets of paper on top of the heads of protesters below. Demonstrators were angered to find out they were showered with employment applications for McDonald’s.”

The Goddess of Capitalism is most pleased.

That being said, I am quite aggravated by the entitlement attitude of many OWS participants, who are students or recent graduates under the delusion that they are owed a great job with a crappy major. I have a new client that is a private university, which offers solid technical degrees in meaningful programs. No GLBT Studies for these scholars! So the continued attacks on them by elite politicos and institutions is something I plan to monitor.

If you want a good example of the navel-gazing self-focus of OWS, look no farther than HERE. I think these people forget the first rule of a civil society: That your “rights” end when they impact mine. Truly, unlike B-daddy, I have no need to commiserate and see absolutely NO CONNECTION between Poopstock and the Tea Party movement.

Check out how California’s taxpayers are being ripped off via time theft, all in support of OWS: The Oakland Police Officers’ Association just sent an “Open Letter to the Citizens of Oakland” exposing what appears to be a corrupt effort by the mayor’s office of the City of Oakland to direct public employees to support the Occupy Oakland “Stop Work” general strike on Wednesday, Nov. 2.In fact, a Tea Partier infiltrated Occupy Oakland and filed this report:

Once we reach a Wells Fargo branch, a group swarms in front of the main entrance to find it locked. Next a sizable contingent with signs and costumes sits down to block all entrance and egress while the rest of the mob chants, beat drums, and takes pictures with their iphones. At this stop, I notice several people in light blue tee shirts which read, IFPTE. They are from a City of Oakland agency called the International Federation of Professional Trade Engineers.

I ask one of the women, “Given that your salary is paid by Oakland’s private sector workers, how is it a good thing to shut down commerce here?’

“I’m not the one to ask. I’m just here supporting our group. Why don’t you ask him?” she says apologetically.

When I repeat my question to her designated male companion, he says, pointing at the building, “We’re here because everybody’s hurtin’ except the fat cats.”

“So if the CEO of Wells Fargo is paid $20 million dollars, how does that disadvantage you?” I ask.

“I’d love it the guy’s payin’ 50% of his salary in taxes. But we know he isn’t because of all the loop holes in the tax code,” he says petulantly.

“So, how is that the bank’s fault?” I ask. “Shouldn’t you be picketing Congress?”

“Well, I think the Republicans are mostly at fault. Yes.”

Also, read about the fiasco that is the state high speed train program: The news that the California High-Speed Rail Authority finally revealed its long-awaited business plan only made the state’s residents more suspicious of the monster rail system. With a $99 billion price tag, a 300 percent cost increase since the 2008 voter-approved measure, and a claim of more than 1 million jobs created, High-Speed Rail appears to be taking over as the WPA project of California’s future.

SMART DIPLOMACY ALERT: The Once insulted French President Nicolas Sarkozy, who is hosting the G-20 Meeting!

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Dear Friends: Those of you who are regular readers know my accounts of being a Tea Party Democrat quite well. It’s an adventure!!! 🙂

Today, I have a collection of stories that explain why I have remained one, despite the antics of some of my party membership. I am going to outline some of my key reasons for staying so as I cover these pieces.

Reason #1: Better an honest enemy than a deceitful friend.

When I started my citizen activism, I was under no illusion that Obama, Pelosi, Reid, or any other key Democratic leaders would develop a taste for fiscal responsibility OR limited government. In fact, when a Democrat does something RIGHT, there is much joy. However, my Republican friends often expect their GOP representatives to actually act that they like their involvement.

Sadly, it seems that this is NOT the case: GOP Empire’s Plan to Crush Tea Party Rebels. An Atlantic Wire article details the thoughts of Republican consultants and fundraisers, who have the goal to subsume the Tea Party movement:

  • Step 1: The first rule of the establishment is: Do not admit you are part of the establishment!
  • Step 2: Disarm them with praise.
  • Step 3: Moderate whoever they pick as the 2012 nominee.
  • Step 4: Teach them about compromise.
  • Step 5: Never forget reality. This one is so sweeeeeet, that it needs to be quoted in full — Say all the nice things you want about the activists, but don’t forget who’s really running the show. Lobbyists and former House aide John Feehery told Bai, “The thing I get a kick out of is these Tea Party folks calling me a RINO … No, guys, I’ve been a Republican all along. You go off into your own little world and then come back and say it’s your party. This ain’t your party.”


SoCal Tax Revolt Coalition has experienced attempted takeovers and dismissals prior to this piece. However, it is harsh to see the Republican version of the “Alinsky Rules” spelled out in black and white.

Reason #2: In California, Democrat elites are corrupt; Republican elites are corrupt and incompetent.

Which brings me to San Diego GOP bigwig, Tony Krvaric. Readers may recall my last post on Tony, who skipped out on rent to move the SD GOP headquarters to his business office suite (with the Republican Party paying a porting of the rent). I prepared that piece so my GOP friends would be fully informed as to how their donation dollars were being spent — as it isn’t as if they are being spent on winning campaigns.

Now, I have an update on some thrilling new political strategy from Krvaric: Manipulating Twitter accounts! From the San Diego Union Tribune: Twitter accounts of county GOP, chairman yanked

Twitter apparently yanked [Krvaric’s] accounts after county Democrats contacted the company to complain about four handles purporting to represent Democratic San Diego City Council candidates — @SherriLightner, @ToddPhilips, @MatKostrinsky, and @MartiEmerald — in addition to @sddemocrats and its chairman, @JessDurfee.

“I applaud Twitter for acting quickly to shut the deceptive profiles down,” Durfee said on Wednesday. “Childish and unethical conduct online is nothing new, but I am disappointed to see that my Republican counterpart and his party may have been behind it.

Playing games with new media is really not a great idea (just ask Anthony Weiner). I can’t imagine my Republican Tea Party friends much appreciate the corrupt and incompetent use of a key tool in social media, especially with the 2012 elections looming large on the horizon. (Note: Krvaric has had a history of being involved in internet piracy; Twittergate seems to be a continuation of his approach).

Reason #3: California will be a one party state for the foreseeable future.

Tony’s Twitter antics reveal why that California conservatives are not being well served by the state Republican Party. I have heard that the rules and bylaws have been amended and enforced to keep newly minted citizen activists from making changes that could ultimately result an effective second party that could actually significantly challenge Democrats in this state. This leads me to give this warning to my Republican friends:

Do not believe that Diane Feinstein can be defeated in her Senate run in 2012.Don’t be played for donations. Don’t fall in line with “establishment” choices.

I will remind everyone that Carly Fiorina was the only electable candidate in the battle for Babs Boxer’s Senate seat in 2010. The big red wave stopped at the Sierras, and Boxer remains as the demon pixie. This was a 10% point defeat, after being told how close the election was for months.

I have not forgotten that the real conservative candidate, Chuck Devore, was demeaned by the state GOP elites as being “unelectable”. He would have done at least as well, and given the grassroots passion that was out there for him, maybe even better. The people of nationally-known HillBuzz, who assisted Scott Brown during his historic MA run, were poised to go all in for Devore if he had one the primary. That aid could have meant the CA election would truly have gone national, and might have been really winnable.

Feinstein is a quietly politico who doesn’t gin up the negative emotion that Boxer does. If Democrats in this state kept “Call Me Senator” Boxer, then they will keep Feinstein.

So, here is some advice from a friend: Pick a senate candidate in the GOP primary you actually like — they are all equally “electable” in this state. In fact, radio talk show host AND experienced judge Larry Elder offered to run last time. He would “Hermanize” the CA senate race AND make lefty heads explode. See if he will run this time. Win or lose in this race, it would really make this election interesting and ultimately both the national and state Republican party could benefit.

Also, unless you get a candidate you really like, save your donation dollars to races in swing states that could counter Feinstein’s vote in the senate.

Reason #4: I don’t get to vote in the Republican primary

Of all the reasons I am not a Republican, this is the one that contents me most. While Gen. Eric Republican continues to make gains against Obama, none of the actual candidates are all that appealing to me. That being said, this leaves me with an easy choice on Nov. 6, 2012:

Obama or Not Obama.

I view Obama and his administration as an existential threat to our Constitutionally-centered Republic. I just hope that my Republican friends select someone who is at least respectful to members the Tea Party movement, even if they don’t actually fully embrace free-market, limited-government, fiscally-responsible orientation of our ideas.

This represents the last statement I will make about the Presidential race, at least until the primary season is over. I won’t get involved in the backstage dramas. I just hope that the winner is ready for a media/Obama onslaught that will give new meaning to the term “scorched earth” politics.

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Check for Updates below…

Dear Friends: The Occupy[InsertCityHere] movement is garnering some attention, and two of our intrepid members of the San_Diego Local Order of Bloggers (SLOBs) went to the OccupySanDiego event to check out:

* What the motivation was.
* What they think of Team Obama.
* If it was grassroots or astroturfed.
* The media presence and take on the event.

I urge you to read the posts of W.C. Varones (who posts a video) and Left Coast Rebel (who has details and a photoessay).

I was able to talk to Chris Reed on his TOP STORY program on AM 600 yesterday about this very topic, and was grateful I had a chance to talk to W.C. before airtime. I think the most significant thing I said about the inevitable comparisons to the tea party was this: While we both have issues with Washington DC’s corrupt involvement with the banking system, Occupy’s solution is for more government controls and our solution is less.

So, based on the reports, here are some of the answers to the above questions.

* What the motivation was.
From Left Coast Rebel.

I got the feeling that leftists have been waiting and waiting for some sort of movement to get behind as the Tea Party has gained power and prominence over the last 2 years. Just how far will the Occupy/”We are the 99%” go? It’s hard to say. The anti-bailout message is non-ideological but the fringe elements of most of the group will likely keep them on the periphery of the American political scene.

What fringe elements could Left Coast Rebel possibly mean?

* What they think of Team Obama. From Left Coast Rebel.

Leftists are not happy with Obama’s cronyism, bailouts, war expansion and other issues — lots of these issues (cronyism and bailouts especially) are areas that Tea Partiers and Occupiers can find a lot of common ground.

* If it was grassroots or astroturfed.
W.C. Varones indicated that the crowd was a mix, and did see some professional looking signs. Left Coast Rebel’s photos indicate that the Green Party and various Socialist organizations were represented. However, the San Diego event seemed authentic. However, this is not true of other events: Organizer Admits to Paying Occupy DC Protesters

Interviewed in Spanish, the protesters told conflicting stories about how their group was organized. Some said it was organized at their church, and that they were there as volunteers. Others, however, referred to the man from the DC Tenants Advocacy Coalition — the only Caucasian in the group — as their “boss.”

* The media presence and take on the event. The elite media has always portrayed tea party members as a mob. As “Occupiers” defecate on police cars, camp in public areas for extended periods of time, and interrupt the lives of regular Americans trying to earn a living, we will see how much the “smart set” reports tally with the information from intrepid citizen reporters (like W.C. and Left Coast Rebel). Here is a snippet from the San Diego Union Tribune:

About 1,500 march during Occupy San Diego

The demonstration, which is planned to last indefinitely, reflects similar protests that the Occupy Wall Street movement started a few weeks ago in New York and have spread to other cities, including Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston and Seattle…Protesters say they are fed up with a financial industry that received unprecedented taxpayer bailouts while damaging an economy in which unemployment remains above 9 percent. “The one thing we all have in common is that we are the 99% that will no longer tolerate the greed and corruption of the 1%,” the group’s national website says.

Some food for thought:

This was the most “offensive” at a past tea party rally:

Here is how the phrase was turned for the Occupy San Diego rally:

I can’t wait to hear what the “Civility Police” will have to say about Mr. 99%!

Now, I would like to wrap this up with some further analysis. I am not rich, not a member of some vast corporation, and don’t have political connections. But, this group does NOT represent me — and I am appalled that they pull a fake number out of their posterior and try to make themselves more than they are. However, as many of them are Man-Caused Global Warming cultists, using false statistics to make their case must come naturally.

And speaking of energy idiocy, let’s take a look at two of the group’s conflicting demands:

Demand five: Begin a fast track process to bring the fossil fuel economy to an end while at the same bringing the alternative energy economy up to energy demand.

Demand seven: One trillion dollars in ecological restoration planting forests, reestablishing wetlands and the natural flow of river systems and decommissioning of all of America’s nuclear power plants.

So we can’t use fossil fuel or develop nuclear power, two of the best ways to produce energy powering the coffee machines and laptops keeping the Occupiers going — yet, we are suppose to shuffle millionsbillions..trillions for green energy pipe dreams. Makes me wonder if these protesters are former Soyndra employees with lots of spare time on their hands.

UPDATE 1: It seems the Atlanta Occupiers didn’t allow “Civil Rights Hero” and Congressman John Lewis speak at their event. Looks like they didn’t read the Diversity Guide by which tea parties are judged.


UPDATE 2: The OccupySanDiego crowd seems civilized. However, Occupy DC Protest Thugs Storm Smithsonian and Pin Guard Against Wall and 25 Arrested at Occupy Seattle Face Charges of “Obstructing a Public Officer”. This is very troubling, as Team Obama would like to do nothing more the Declare a State of Emergency, and use this crisis to serve itself.

UPDATE 3: Another Tea Party Pundit, this one from the American Spectator, also went to an Occupy rally — this time, at Wall Street —

Within minutes of my arrival downtown, not only were my preconceptions confirmed, I also observed a dizzying array of grievances being aired that have nothing to do with the economic straits of this country. As a patriotic American, the first thing I noticed was that many of the thousands of protesters held signs that were either printed by socialist organizations, or called for socialist revolution. “Smash Imperialism Through International Socialist Revolution,” breathlessly exhorted one. Ask any peasant farmer how that works out in the end. “Fight for Socialism,” said another. Funny, I thought that as a free country many of our collective efforts have been devoted to fighting against socialism. “Marx was Right. Resource Based Economy!” Hmm… who would have invented that protester’s iPhone in whatever the hell a resource based economy is? Even a fairly innocuous sign protesting cuts to the City University of New York said at the bottom that it was printed by a group called the “Party for Socialism and Liberation” — an organization with two strikingly antithetical philosophies in their name.

The last straw was when I was handed a copy of the socialist: Magazine of the Socialist Party USA. At that point, I had a strong urge to either report myself to HUAC or take a long shower. A man near me mumbled to no one in particular that “this is what democracy looks like.” Apparently democracy masquerades as a ragtag bunch of would-be Stalinists.

My second observation was that the protesters have a distinct spirit of defeatism and unwillingness to do anything for themselves. “Jail Sallie Mae. End all Student Debt,” said one sign. “F*ck your unpaid internship,” said another. “You want demands? We want a future,” was scrawled on a piece of cardboard playing off of the public perception that the protesters have no organized slate of goals. “Where is OUR bailout?” “Shelters are not family friendly!” “Tax the Rich!” The hits kept on coming.

The author also answered my question as to what all the masked men were about:

Genuinely troubling, however, is the involvement of Anonymous, a group of geeks emboldened by their proficiency in computer crime. The hackers of Anonymous indiscriminately commit cyber attacks against groups they disagree with. They claim to be a leaderless collective, a theme which they have carried over to OWS. Their chief contribution to the occupation is a prevalence of Guy Fawkes masks. Fawkes, the engineer of the failed 1604 Gunpowder Plot to blow up the British Parliament, is a sort of mascot for the group. They also stress the notion that the occupation is for the 99 percent, essentially anyone not part of the 1 percent of Americans who supposedly hold the vast bulk of wealth. Political science 101: always be suspicious of someone who claims to speak for you, but whose appointment you had no hand in. Incidentally, a corporate Hollywood movie is responsible for the recent resurgence of Guy Fawkes as a folk hero. These anti-corporatists sure borrow freely from corporations.

That’s just super!

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Dear Friends: It has been quite a sardonic day in the news. First, Obama claims that he is a “warrior for the middle class”. As a member of the middle class family in which both spouses are severely underemployed, I feel the shrapnel from his administration’s destructive economy policies.

Next, there is the dashing group photo from a “Open Government Workshop”:

Hat-tip Tammy Bruce

I think I have an explanation: The group was being asked who wanted Obama to be re-elected in 2012.

Third: Your “WTF?” Moment of the Day: Obama And His Slaves. This is an original and insightful photo-essay on HillBuzz that is a must see. The centerpiece is Obama and his umbrella. He doesn’t seem to have much luck with umbrellas.

And concluding with a gem of sardonic humor, here is an essay from the Shrine’s economic guru and financial prophetess, Professor Athena, for you to enjoy!

Déjà vu All Over Again

After the long August break, the newest desperate push from the White House is a two-pronged attack that is being shilled as “not class warfare, it’s math!” The Buffett love is certainly flowing through to the folks now. Capital gains taxes would go up under the President’s plan, because “it is only fair”, along with regular earned income as tax cuts under the Bush administration are reversed and losses of current deductions for higher-income earners are added to the total new tax bill.

This increase, which an article in today’s Wall Street Journal estimates is a ratio of 3 dollars of tax increases for each 1 dollar in spending cuts will cost small business job creation at a time when venture capital and financing is under attack. Doctors and hospitals and drug companies are projected under the President’s plan to see a reduction in their Medicare repayments (which of course naturally translates to higher health care costs to compensate through the private systems for what the government is not paying). There are also more taxes levied on corporate America as it is sanctimoniously explained to those in the room less smart than the President (which is apparently everybody) what we should be investing in, i.e. education, technology, and infrastructure. In other words, the 2009 just-shy-of-a-trillion is all gone and the federal government wants more. They did such an excellent job with that $500 million they loaned to Solyndra!

The problem with the administration’s new war on conservative fiscal policies is that their claim that “it’s math” is misleading in that, while it is indeed math, it doesn’t count if it’s a wrong answer the last time we were in Algebra class. Claiming that rich people need to “pay their fair share” and contending they don’t already pay more in taxes than the middle class is a false contention. A quote from a recent Wall Street Journal article:

An analysis by the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center projects that for 2011, households with more than $1 million in income will have an average federal tax rate of 29.1%, compared to a rate of about 12.4% for households with income of $40,000 to $50,000. The center counts all federal taxes, including income, payroll and estate taxes.

Internal Revenue Service data suggest a similar pattern for individual income tax, according to an analysis by the Tax Foundation, a nonpartisan research group. It found that households with income between $40,000 and $50,000 have an average tax rate of about 6.8%, while households with income over $1 million have an average rate of 24.6%.

Let’s examine what is really wrong about this continuation of the class warfare so popular in Omaha and other liberal domiciles. An article in the Sept. 19th Wall Street Journal reported that only 22,000 households in America reported annual incomes of over $1 million. Does anyone honestly believe that we can balance the federal budget on incremental adjustment in just those households? The answer is no, and what the government is coming for are incomes much, much smaller. They are coming for larger than the 35% maximum that households in the $200-250M income pay, because that encompasses a greater number of households and income, and they can continue to spend while blaming someone else for their own lack of understanding about what policies at the federal government level actually enhance creation of private sector jobs. See Ronald Reagan and TEFRA, 1986. Some deductions were lost, but the overall marginal tax rates were lowered, and millions of jobs followed. Even some Congressional Democrats have referenced this point recently.

Paul Ryan said it best to Chris Wallace yesterday on Fox’s Sunday show, “If you tax investment you get less of it”. Investment money is scarce these days. Banks are dealing with a monstrous onslaught of new regulation, potential claw-back fines on their loan servicing (thank you, Richard Cordray), and now the regulatory authority for FNMA and FHLMC (Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac) is letting it be known that fees being charged to loan originators will go up dramatically next year. Though this change could conceivably be beneficial for taxpayers and FNMA and FHLMC bondholders, the administration has at the same time been prompting refinance for delinquent home borrowers whose loans are GSE-qualifying EVEN if their loans are underwater! To get your arms around this double-speak, you truly have to wade into the swamp that is the mind of a liberal Democrat. They are punishing the borrowers who are current on their mortgages by charging to them the expense of bailing out the deadbeats who are not.

If there is one populist trend in politics now that is getting scant attention, it is this one. Americans who are paying their bills on time deserve to be hopping mad! One takeaway from all this from a business policy standpoint is that federal bureaucrats don’t really want banks to make home loans anymore. The largest banks, all of whom took on subprime debt and are full on non-qualifying loans, have no interest in the narrowly-profitable plain vanilla housing markets. They are exiting that market. That will leave only mortgage companies (the very entities who loaded up on subprime mortgages) originating mortgages, and we have to hope they are not all as bad at assessing risk as Countrywide. Anybody want to call Vegas for odds on that one? Please take my advice and find a loan shark if you have less than perfect credit or can’t afford 20% down payment.

Also in the administration’s plan is a true poison pill disguised as a tax break. It is a continuation of the payroll tax cut, which is paid into Social Security. In other words, let’s give everyone earning a paycheck a small break today to further compromise the Social Security Trust Fund, running it into the red further as more baby boomers become eligible for benefits. To do this, a family earning $50M in annual wages will save about $1500, or 3.1%. This is of course being mirrored in the employer contribution, for a whopping chunk of negative draw-down set aside for Social Security ($240 billion on top of the $80 billion from this year).

But don’t worry. Obama says that he will cover the forgone revenue the Social Security Trust Fund by transferring money from the government’s general fund. Seriously! And, or course we all know what good shape that general fund is in. You can’t make this stuff up! Grandma, we aren’t the ones pushing your wheelchair over the cliff, it’s those Republicans who can’t do math or accounting or anything. Really.

American businesses are smarter than what this administration gives them credit for. They have stopped hiring and are holding onto cash for prudent reasons that remain unobscured to those of us who are in the private sector. Ask any small business owner the main factors that are holding them back, and they say “orders” and “health care costs”. In other words, they cannot hire people when the economy is very weak and when their fixed costs are going up.

The way you stimulate jobs is to make it less expensive to hire new workers, and though the payroll tax has the appearance of being that, it won’t prompt much hiring, first of all because it is so incremental (not enough cumulative front-end effect) and second because it is expected to be temporary. Businesses do not budget workers short-term, and instead do their planning at least a year in advance. For short-term needs, they have overtime and temporary workers who can be used much more inexpensively to meet production needs.

Why is the administration repeating the same mistake, where they attempt to bully Congress into passing legislation designed to increase taxes to order to buy more middle class voter loyalty only to see it fail to make it past the House of Representatives? The answer is either that they are the definition of insanity, where you keep repeating the same experiment and expecting a different outcome. Or, it may be that they genuinely believe they can run against a Congress they can label as “do nothing”. If so, it is a weak political platform indeed, and they deserve to lose because of it.

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Dear Readers: While the Guru of Green Jobs, President Obama, gave his historic “jobs” speech last night, millions of Californian’s could not listen to it. They had no power, due to an unprecedented power outage impacting San Diego Country and several surrounding areas. Interestingly, the word “energy” was missing from Obama’s speech.

The MUT family weathered the energy crisis just fine. I managed to get the Young Prince to fencing practice, as we were headed in the opposite direction of home-bound motorists. The kids had a grand time with a special practice session in the dark. Happily, by the time we left the session, the horrendous traffic had dissipated, so returning home was no problem. My beloved husband Horemheb managed to get home from a job just as we pulled in the drive, so we got out the camp equipment and the battery power radio and waited for the power to come back on. Needless to say, the Young Prince was thrilled that school was cancelled for today.

The most special moment? The Young Prince and I spent the evening reading. My son’s eyes popped wide open when I told him reading by lantern light was how people normally spent the evenings before the advent of electricity. He also learned to appreciate the importance of radio as well!

After my family, the next person I was concerned about was my good friend — Beers with Demo. I know how much he was looking forward to the NFL opening game. Horemheb and I also remarked about the millions of dollars our sports bars were losing because of the power outage.

Fortunately, WC Varores had his own generator. That man knows how to plan! 🙂

I plan on listening to Tammy Bruce’s Mystery Science Theater 3000 podcast. Additionally, it seems that Professor Jacobson has distilled Obama’s campaign-oriented rhetoric down to its essence: Been there, done that.

Here are some items related to Obama’s energy policies:

*Obama Policies about to Shut Down Coal Plants
* FBI Raids Solyndra (the Green Jobs company that got tons of Stimulus money, whose owner is a big contributor to Obama and who has visited the White House often in the past couple of years. Crony capitalism!).


President of the San Diego Tea Party – SoCal Tax Revolt Coalition, Dawn Wildman, writes:

I just got word from Sacramento that Nathan Fletcher is looking to go “over the fence” for the tax extension. Evidently he thinks we are better served by more taxes in San Diego. Please get the word out to call him and go to his district offices and let him know we are watching and this is no way to begin his run for Mayor of San Diego! Keep in mind Mr. Fletcher also voted for SB 48 (which would ould amend the Education Code to include social sciences instruction on the contributions of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people!)

Here is where you can reach him

Capitol Office
State Capitol, Room 2111
Sacramento, CA 95814
(P) 916-319-2075
(F) 916-319-2175

District Office
9909 Mira Mesa Blvd., Suite 130
San Diego, CA 92131
(P) 858-689-6290
(F) 858-689-6296

WEBSITE CONTACT! (CLICK HERE) http://www.nathanfletcher.com/contact/?1=1&_c=zzdj3zuign9khj&_credir=1315583159&_c=zzdj3zuign9khj

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Dear Readers: There has been a ton of brilliant opinion-making today in the sites I normally review. So, today, I am going to point where you should click.

1) Kevin DuJan/HillBuzz Letter to Sarah Palin. This is the origin of my title, as Kevin deems here “American Artemis”. As a myth-loving blogger, I had to share. In this letter, Kevin details why Sarah Palin needs to run, as she is being called to serve during a revolution as was George Washington. MUT Money Quote: You are our American Artemis, when we need an epic hero more than ever.

Hat-tip: All Things Magik

Dialog, tailored a bit from a quote in Richard Riordan’s “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” series:

“That politico in Alaska,” Zoe said. “You turned him into a jackalope.”

“Ah, yes.” Artemis nodded, satisfied. “I enjoy making jackalopes…”

And she just completed 3 new jackalopes today: Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham and Erick Erickson.

2) Palinista Bashing. Speaking of those 3 jackalopes, I have a few comments to make about the above-named pundits ramblings about Palin’s “electability”. A few thoughts I share with Tammy Bruce (flaming capitalist promotion — Tammy is doing a Mystery Science 3000 review of Obama’s speech tomorrow. Keeping with my Greek-theme today, I liken it to Odysseus tying himself down to safely hear the Siren’s Song: If you are forced to listen, it is a way to keep yourself from dashing against the nearest rocks).

In terms of conservative-divas Coulter and Ingraham waxing negatively about Palin’s electability, I find it utterly fascinating long-time Republican/conservative pundits are now bashing Palin supporters. Coulter likens us to O-bots! After seeing the enthusiasm of the Palin crowds this weekend in Iowa and New Hampshire, shouting “RUN, SARAH, RUN”, they deride our passionate support for our candidate. I sense they now attack us, as Palin has not disappeared as the elites have long desired. They hope WE will go away.

If Palin isn’t “electable”, then what worry about her running or not? If she goes down to defeat, then one of Coulter’s or Ingraham’s approved choices will be the candidate — no big deal. However, until such time I find a person better than Palin to back, I will remain a Palinista. I am not planning to go.

I also understand Coulter will NOT watch “The Undefeated”. Why not, as it is a political documentary covering one of the post important figures in recent events? Coulter prides herself on being fully informed, so it makes me wonder from whom she is now getting her direction.

3) Thoughts from an American Sophocles. B-daddy has a piece on Social Security fixes that are excellent, and I must admit I had not considered the drawbacks of “forced accounts”. It is entitled, Why I Now Oppose Social Security Privatization, and is a must-read. A snippet:

* Current participation is constitutional only under the general power to tax granted Congress. A private account would not fit that definition.
* If private accounts were added, the only constitutional provision under which to compel participation is under the taxing authority. But that would give the government the authority to seize the proceeds for whatever purpose it saw fit.
* Is it a stretch of the imagination for the government, as a “shareholder” to require firms who receive investment dollars to promote social welfare and environmentally friendly policies. The scope for abuse is so great that I am surprised the left hasn’t embraced this idea as their own.
* How can we argue that Obamacare is unconstitutional, while turning around and advocating participation in another social welfare scheme, just because an individual is employed?
* What will compel the government to pay up, when the bill comes due. See Fleming v. Nestor above.

These are aspects I had not considered before. B-Daddy also offers sensible solutions.

4) My thanks to the American Dionysus! Beers with Demo gave one of my hand-crafted images the honor of being selected — Your mid-week, martini-worthy photo image! You need to go over and check which one made the grade!

5) The Oracle of Fiscal Delphi:
W.C. Varones gave the SLOBs a heads-up on Obama’s Solyndra crony-capitalist deal. It seems a company primarily owned by a big Obama donor got a super-sweet interest rate and the taxpayers are going to the BACK OF THE BUS when creditors get paid. Fellow SLOB Dueling Barstools has more thoughts HERE.

6) Gov. Brown is Like Sisyphus: CA Jobs ‘Solutions’ Push Boulder Up Hill There is no way for California to get to quasi-normal employment levels with the regulatory burdens imposed by AB32.

7) Into the pits of Hades: Horemheb has just flipped on the GOP debate. So, I am signing off until tomorrow.

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Dear Readers: The day’s title is a prophesy from the Goddess of Flaming Capitalism (freshly confirmed via Instapundit). It comes to me upon reflection on several news and history items I came across. I am inspired after seeing snippets Obama’s speech yesterday in Detroit, surrounded by race hustlers and union thugs who have decimated my hometown, which has lost over 60% of its population since they took over this once thriving metropolis.

So today, I am going to cite examples of cold, hard racism to remind all my fellow citizens what it really looks like.

Libya Today, Thanks to Obama

This gem comes via Beers with Demo:

Rebel forces and armed civilians are rounding up thousands of black Libyans and migrants from sub-Sahara Africa, accusing them of fighting for ousted strongman Moammar Gadhafi and holding them in makeshift jails across the capital.

Virtually all of the detainees say they are innocent migrant workers, and in most cases there is no evidence that they are lying. But that is not stopping the rebels from placing the men in facilities like the Gate of the Sea sports club, where about 200 detainees — all black — clustered on a soccer field this week, bunching against a high wall to avoid the scorching sun.

I will point out that Obama, who used the executive power of his office, placed those jailors into the position of power. How much has the mainstream media mentioned this? No so very much, but clearly this is an example of what real ethnic-endangering racism looks like.

America Yesterday, A Tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr.

During my trip through Arizona, I heard a reading from Martin Luther King Jr.’s Letter from a Birmingham jail:

But when you have seen vicious mobs lynch your mothers and fathers at will and drown your sisters and brothers at whim; when you have seen hate filled policemen curse, kick and even kill your black brothers and sisters; when you see the vast majority of your twenty million Negro brothers smothering in an airtight cage of poverty in the midst of an affluent society; when you suddenly find your tongue twisted and your speech stammering as you seek to explain to your six year old daughter why she can’t go to the public amusement park that has just been advertised on television, and see tears welling up in her eyes when she is told that Funtown is closed to colored children, and see ominous clouds of inferiority beginning to form in her little mental sky, and see her beginning to distort her personality by developing an unconscious bitterness toward white people; when you have to concoct an answer for a five year old son who is asking: “Daddy, why do white people treat colored people so mean?”; when you take a cross county drive and find it necessary to sleep night after night in the uncomfortable corners of your automobile because no motel will accept you; when you are humiliated day in and day out by nagging signs reading “white” and “colored”; when your first name becomes “nigger,” your middle name becomes “boy” (however old you are) and your last name becomes “John,” and your wife and mother are never given the respected title “Mrs.”; when you are harried by day and haunted by night by the fact that you are a Negro, living constantly at tiptoe stance, never quite knowing what to expect next, and are plagued with inner fears and outer resentments; when you are forever fighting a degenerating sense of “nobodiness”–then you will understand why we find it difficult to wait. There comes a time when the cup of endurance runs over, and men are no longer willing to be plunged into the abyss of despair.”

Race Hustling: A Contributor to Detroit’s Failure

Monica Conyers, wife to Congressman John Conyers, was sentenced to 3 years for bribe taking. While she was on the Detroit City Council, there was a race-based incident during a meeting. Here are the details:

The black nationalism that is now the dominant ideology of the council was on proud display, both at the table and in the audience… whites were advised by the citizens to, “Go home.”

Opponents were allowed to rant and ramble on uninterrupted about “those people” who want to steal Detroit’s assets and profit from the city’s labor.
A pitiful Teamster official who practically crawled to the table on his knees expressing profuse respect for this disrespectful body was battered by both the crowd and the council.

When he dared suggest that an improved Cobo Center would create more good-paying jobs for union workers, Conyers reminded him, “Those workers look like you; they don’t look like me.”

Desperate, he invoked President Barack Obama’s message of unity and was angrily warned, “Don’t you say his name here.”

MUT NOTE: Detroit’s condition is so bad under the corruptocrats that Time featured a photo essay entitled “The Remains of Detroit“.

Flash-Mob Victims Targeted by Race

Flash-mobs, which have used social network media to organize robbery and mayhem, have become so numerous that there is a website devoted to it: violentflashmobs.com. Gateway Pundit has been doing an excellent job covering at well.

“Oh, White Girl Bleeds a Lot” …Black Youth Mob Attacks & Stomps On Group of Whites in Milwaukee

The title sums up the piece, which is a must read. It was to the point that the local newspaper, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel made the following report:

Witnesses, though, told the Journal Sentinel that the attacks appeared to be unprovoked and racially motivated.

“You could just tell they were after white people. That was the main thing. If you were white, they were coming after you,” said Jon Stikl of Oak Creek.

He said he was stuck in traffic as a group of young people blocked cars near the fair gate on S. 84th St. near I-94 after he picked up family members attending the fair.

“We noticed a group of five to 10 young black males run up and jump a young white male for no other reason then him being white,” Stikl said.

They knocked him to the ground, and then a group of 15 black men kicked and stomped on him, Stikl said.

New Black Panthers and Race Politics at the Justice Department

If you want a real example of race-based citizen intimidation, you need look no farther than 2008 and the New Black Panthers:

Race-based politics meant the clear civil rights case was dismissed; the details can be found Here: Former Justice Department Lawyer Accuses Holder of Dropping New Black Panther Case for Racial Reasons
I guess Team Holder was too busy getting American guns into the hands of Mexican drug lords (perhaps of some sort of expansive race harmony policy?).

Living Guilt Free and Loving It

Obviously, America has had struggles with race. However, as the evidence is clear, no one race is innocent of this activity. It is individuals who choose to be tolerant or hateful; and, Tea Partiers coming together are about the most inclusive group in America today.

I will remind everyone that Andrew Breitbart is still offering $100,000 to anyone who can produce the video showing that members of the Congressional Black Caucus were actually called “N**gers by tea party members (a false charge that went with the lead-up to the 2010 election.

More recently, Indiana congressman Andre Carson slandered members of Congress who are members of the Tea Party by saying that they to see blacks “hanging from trees.” Jesse Jackson recently made up a whole new amendment to the US Constitution in order to smear fellow Americans. A Congressional Black Caucus member from Florida plainly states we, fellow Americans, were enemies.

Tea Party people like myself are working hard to reduce the regulatory strangleholds that cost jobs. We are working toward a sensible tax system and budget that provides the items what we need, identifies those we don’t, and ensures that earners are rewarded for hard work and those people who are truly in need are cared for. Given our goals, I would say Tea Party people care more for the constituents of race-baiting politicians than their representatives.

We will not stop working hard, and optimistically, for positive change. That being said, the spate of hate-language directed at citizen activists is concerning. Tea partiers are being dehumanized, I fear, so that actual attacks will then occur that will silence and frighten those who don’t capitulate.

In parting, I will share the single most racist item I personally ever heard. It comes from the lips of an 8-year old black child, in earshot of my then 4-year old son, while we were visiting Legoland: “There are too many white people here.” The death look I gave that boy was such that he turned around quickly, and his chaperone had the good taste to be embarrassed. However, I will not forget the feeling of helplessness — this entitled boy would get perks and advancements that my own son could only dream of. That young child got that attitude from the same place Conyers and the Black Panthers got theirs. Therefore, I will not allow them to project their racism onto me, and hope others follow this lead. I will also not be silenced by lies.

“For socialists, not just the wealth, but the guilt, must be redistributed”. (Andrew Sandlin)

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Dear Readers: The Shrine’s Hypocrisy Meter has blown a fuse. I wanted to run down a few irksome items that caught the ire of the Goddess of Capitalism.


I wanted to share with you a few excerpts from the San Diego Tea Party group – the SoCal Tax Revolt Coalition press release today, related to the statement from Congresswoman Maxine Waters that the “Tea Party can go straight to hell”.

Dawn Wildman, SCTRC President, offers this statement: “Here we see another Democrat who calls American citizens out for exercising their greatest of rights, their first amendment right. Is she, like Vice President Biden (who called us terrorists), just representing those constituents who agree with her, or is she representing all of her constituents? The Tea Party is made of many people with differing political philosophies, including Democrats. I am sure they were thrilled to be told to go to hell by a sitting US Congresswoman. This shows a complete lack of dignity on her part and a disgusting display by a sitting Congresswoman.” (Note: More on the wit and wisdom of Joe Biden can be found HERE).

Leslie Eastman, SCTRC Media Director, offers this statement: “There are two points that struck me about this whole, shabby event. The first is that the Tea Party is about getting people to stop depending on government and back to depending on themselves. A lot of people in her audience have been told that the government would take care of everything, including the mortgage and gas. They seem most unhappy about where there dependency has gotten them. They should hope for a return to the free market principles that are the focus of the Tea Party, so that they can get back to work or open their own businesses. This approach would truly serve Water’s constituents best.

“The second is the shear level of arrogance from a woman under a long-term ethics investigation by Congress. It seems that her constituents have not been completely informed about her record. One aspect of the Tea Party that has been vital is the work of our citizen journalists, who have been keeping an eye on all of our representatives. The three year ethics probe stems from allegations that Waters used her public office to help bail out OneUnited, a bank in which her husband had a significant investment. If I were one of her under-employed constituents trying to make ends meet, I would be extremely interested in the fact she was wheeling and dealing for her own benefit. She needs to start reaching across the aisle to compromise and find sensible solutions to our fiscal problems.”

Sarah Bond, SCTRC CEO, offers this statement: “I find it interesting that last week, Waters specifically asked permission of her constituents to go after President Obama, in terms of his poor performance. Waters essentially admitted that black Democrats in Congress don’t criticize him, because they fear a backlash from constituents. It seems she must have been redirected to attack the entity that the extreme left leadership fears most – the Tea Party. We are not going away. We plan to remain fully engaged, informed, and ready for the 2012 election cycle, including the Presidential race and the key Senate battles. There is a Tea Party group close to Water’s district, the South LA Tea Party, spearheaded by Jesse Lee Peterson. This group will ensure that Water’s constituents are fully informed about her style of representation prior to this next election.”


Long-term readers of the Shrine recognize that one of the most innovative and informative sites is HillBuzz, which is lead by one of the most dynamic American activists — Kevin DuJan. Kevin has returned to the battle-front, contending with elite programming geared to the gay community that demeans a special needs child.

HYPOCRISY ALERT! Ben Cohen to hold anti-bullying event August 30, 2011 at Sidetrack the Video Bar in Boystown, which is a bar that airs videos bullying special needs children, conservatives, Christians, and women

On Tuesday August 30th, Ben Cohen is making an appearance at Sidetrack the Video Bar here in Chicago to promote his “Ben Cohen Standup Foundation”, which claims to work against bullying of gay people. Cohen is a straight rugby player who started this foundation to assist various gay charities that support gay youth who are bullied growing up.

It’s a noble cause, but quite hypocritical of Cohen to hold the event at Sidetrack the Video Bar, because this same venue aired a high-profile bullying attack on Trig Palin on August 16, 2011 in the premiere episode of the gay talk show “Only@Brunch”. Because of national criticism of this bullying, The Jared Hall Company and Downtown Cupid Productions edited the attack on Trig out of the current video they’ve posted on YouTube (while deleting all comments calling their bullying out for the tasteless and unjustifiable attack that it was). Sidetrack the Video Bar, owned by Art Johnston and Jose Pepin “Pepe” Pena (and managed by Chuck Hyde), approved the original “Only@Brunch” video complete with the vile attack on Trig Palin and aired it in the most high-profile and prominent part of the bar.

Follow the link for more details and background from Kevin. I was honored to be part of the response team that managed to get the horrendously awful attack on Trig Palin removed from YouTube this Sunday. I was thrilled to hear LaDona Harvey of AM600 mention it on her show yesterday. Please follow the above link and call this uninformed group of trendy elites out on their odious hypocrisy. It seems anything Palin is enough to inflame the “Ruling Class” and their minions.


W.C. Varones is a member of the San Diego Local Order of Bloggers in good standing. According to W.C. Yours truly was called out in a post at Econbrowser, one of the web’s top economics sites. The exchange involves equations and high level econo-lingo, but W.C. has the last, best line that sums up the common sense view of things: Yes, gold has no value in your models. Meanwhile, gold owners are stupid all the way to the bank.Yes, Tea Party types are becoming well versed in economics, thanks to people like W.C.


Speaking of flaming hypocrisy, how about a heaping helping of more of that “smart diplomacy.” Beers with Demo has more on “Your unauthorized Libyan military kinesiology update”.

Elite union leadership is at work, ensuring their membership suffers so they can enjoy flexing some union muscle. B-Daddy has a great take here: Good Timing for a Grocery Strike?It seems that new healthcare costs are the primary reason for the strike. But I thought Obamacare was suppose to solve all our healthcare problems!

Shane Atwell continues to watch the unhindered growth of government in his newest installment of REGULATION WATCH. We are being strangled by thousands of small laws! KT Cat has related thoughts here: The Economy Will Improve If We All Spend More Time Filling Out Forms

Anna’s Clue Tank takes a look at 9-11 hate.

Michelle Malkin has a take on tweet-based hypocrisy here.

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