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THANKS PROFESSOR REYNOLDS AND WELCOME INSTAPUNDIT READERS. Please check out more San Diego Tea Party punditry from out SLOBs (San-Diego Local Order of Bloggers).

Dear Readers: My beloved husband, Horemheb, was listening to Obama’s Labor Day Rally in Detroit and wanted me to share with you that the speaker before him (UPDATE: Teamster’s President Jimmy Hoffa — hat-tip to Right Scoop) said that tea partiers were “sons of bitches”. A nice example of that new civility, which pairs sooooo sweetly with Rev. Jesse Jackson saying that we tea party types support the slave amendment.

As I have said before: Your new civility can kiss my Tea Party posterior. Nothing will satisfy these power-mongers except our complete silence and capitulation. However, like my husband, I find it exceptionally interesting that POTUS is A-OK with this attack on fellow citizens on Labor Day, as many of these wealth-generating Americans labor hard under the burdensome tax and regulatory atmosphere his administration has created.

UPDATE #2: Full quote – Hoffa called for a war on the Tea Party and said “Let’s take these son of a bitches out!”

Great way to say thanks to a whole lot of hard-working fellow Americans, buddy!

UPDATE 3: I would like to that volt007 for pointing out that we can directly attribute the next physical attack on tea party attendees or their political representatives to Jimmy Hoffa because of his “inflammatory language“.

UPDATE 4: If Hoffa’s speech was suppose to be part of grand plan to gin up excitement about the President’s speech, it totally backfired. Here is the Drudge Report headline:

That Obama sure is a uniter (/sarc).

The focus is no longer on that speech, which may be fortunate for Obama. Apparently, the essence was “re-elect me, and the rest of America will be as prosperous as Detroit“.

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