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I wanted to thank the lovely and gracious LaDona Harvey for kindly having me review the Michael J. Kobulnicky press coverage today.

Click here to listen (I am at the halfway point, about minute 17).

My title today refers to the fact that an equivalent situation to the press handling of Kobulnicky (as detailed HERE) would be for me to plaster “Leslie Eastman – KOGO Celebrity Pundit” all over my website after my appearance today, get arrested for some drug charge 2 days later, and then have the press title the piece “Kogo Celebrity Pundit Arrested on Drug Charges”.

Can the media activists not see how stupid they look, because of their lack of fact checking.

And, if you can, check out even more coverage from our San Diego Local Order of Bloggers (SLOBs). Also, for something a little different, the next installment of the “Age of Arthur” series can be found HERE.

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