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Dear Readers: Thrilling news! It’s going to be a dynamic week on Canto Talk, as we will be featuring two of my favorite Capitalist Heroes! Tonight, Captain Capitalism Aaron Clarey will be chatting about his book, “Worthless” — and I will be featuring some tales from College Insurrection that make his point that sensible young people will study Science-Technology-Engineering-Math, learn a skilled trade, or join the military (CLICK HERE FOR LINK TO CANTO TALK).

In his video today, Aaron show us why he is the Grand Master of Capitalism:

Today’s College Insurrection pieces that make the case for “Worthless – The Young Person’s Indispensable Guide to Choosing the Right Major” (purchase at Aaron’s site, click HERE and hit icon at left)

Occasionally, something happens on American campuses that makes the Goddess smile: Jersey college student starts 24/7 condom delivery service

As if all this capitalism goodness were not enough, Thursday we feature fellow SLOB and good friend Barry Jacobsen of Deadliest Blogger.  He will be discussing his excellent “The Age of Arthur” series.

Hat-tip: http://deadliestblogpage.wordpress.com/

In it, we will be comparing the Myth and Legend of Camelot to what is actually known about 5th and 6th century Britain via written and archeological records. Some of the topics to be covered.

  • Was there a King Arthur who ruled Britain?
  • Who exactly were the “Knights of the Round Table”?
  • Was there a Queen Guinevere, and if she existed, would she have been involved with Sir Lancelot?
  • Was Merlin real or fantasy?
  • How did Arthur die?

Both shows should be fun and informative!


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