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Dear Readers:  Many of you know that my community of San Diego just lost one of its brightest lights.  It seems the former Chargers linebacker and community champion, Junior Seau, took his own life yesterday.  I would like to take this opportunity to offer prayers for his soul and the comfort of his friends, family, and fans.

I hesitated to write about this, as I am not a big fan of football (I watch exactly 1 game annually – the Superbowl). But, upon reflection, I wanted to share some thoughts and experience with Seau that people in my life have had. My husband, Horemheb, follows football much more closely, especially in 1994, when San Diego made their first and only visit to the Superbowl. He was shocked, noting the “Seau seemed to have it all” and wondering what demons drove him to take his own life. Horemheb sounded subdued when we talked on the phone later in the day, as surprise deaths of people so young and physical forces others to reflect on their own mortality and relationships.

Junior Seau joins eerie death list of 1994 Chargers Super Bowl squad; its seems the former linebacker is eighth player to die from the squad since they appeared in the Super Bowl.Many are wondering if head injuries incurred during NFL games may be contributing to grizzly suicide statistics for former football professionals.

This morning, my mom-in-law was driving me around to various shops, and recalled sitting next to Seau on a plane. She remembered how friendly and caring he was. My mom-in-law noted that his thighs, visible because he was wearing shorts, were each larger than his torso. “He was so physical, so full of life,” she said.

I was listening to LaDona Harvey yesterday, and what struck me was how many people called to share experiences of how he helped them personally — financially and otherwise. It was as if being a “football legend” was only a small portion of what the man truly was.

The only experience I have at all related to Seau is being a regular visitor to his restaurant in Mission Valley, “Seau’s”. For example, when the other 2 co-founders of the SoCal Tax Revolt Coalition (Dawn Wildman and Sarah Bond) and I had are planning meeting after the first Tea Party in 2009, that is where we met: In part, because “Seau’s” is so iconic to San Diego. We had a couple of “Tea Party” election events there as well, which were fun, causal and full of energy. It seems that the restaurant truly reflected its owner.

Seau’s The Restaurant

The video of Seau’s mother is heart-wrenching. I am still haunted by her words: “I pray to God, please, take me, take me, leave my son.” No parent should outlive their child, especially under such circumstances, so I will pray mainly for her consolation.

Today, I am hugging my son more — and reaching out to my friends and family. I recall the line from Elizabeth Taylor’s “Cleopatra”: There has never been such a silence.I think the equivalent here is: There has never been such a darkness.

I recall the San Diego Blackout this past September. It seems we have lost another source of light in this city. This is a very dark time, indeed.

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