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Dear Readers: While I was away (engaged in a flagrant act of capitalism), my friend Charles went to the rally for Free Market Healthcare reform, being held today in front of the Senate offices of Boxer and Feinstein (as opposed to this type of reform that is celebrity endorsed).

Here is his report:

About 50 bipartisan protesters gathered outside Senators Boxer and Feinstien’s offices Wednesday at noon. Waving flags and demanding that big government keep its hands off health care the protesters were clearly “fed up!” Pink slips, signed by protesters and members of the sidewalk using public, were delivered to the Senators’ offices.

Helma Walser, a woman who was born in Germany, protested that “ObamaCare is a powergrab!” Her message was delivered to wake up America to the possibility of a socialist repeat of history. Other protesters warned that the concentration of power, profits, and media control by the current administration will destroy the middle class.

Other events coming up, which San Diegans may wish to attend so they can voice their opinions to various representatives

(MUT Note — I would be delighted to share information from anyone who goes to these events, so that we can all benefit from a greater understanding of local government).

(Hat-tip, W.C. Varones)

WHEN: Monday, October 26th; 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm

WHERE: Office of Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher
9909 Mira Mesa Boulevard, Suite 130
San Diego, California 92131


When: 7 a.m. tomorrow (Oct. 22)
Where: Town and Country Resort, 500 Hotel Circle N., Mission Valley.


When: 11:30 a.m. tomorrow (Oct. 22)
Where: Hilton San Diego Bayfront Hotel, 1 Park Blvd., downtown San Diego.

Summary of the panel’s discussionc can be found in this article by Craig Gustafson: City’s future: building or bankruptcy?.Per his article:

Two groups of San Diego leaders will gather tomorrow to discuss incongruous approaches to the city’s future: building three grand civic projects and filing for municipal bankruptcy.

Only in America’s Finest City would both be considered alternatives for a public entity facing a $179 million budget deficit for next year.

The dueling panel discussions begin with a breakfast forum hosted by the San Diego County Taxpayers Association. The title: “Municipal bankruptcy: Is it a feasible option for cities facing fiscal disaster?”

Mr. Rider indicates that the some of the city’s representatives intend to follow the federal “stimulus” approach — spending us into prosperity. If you think this will be the EPIC FAIL that the national stimulus package has been, please make an effort to attend one of the two panel discussions. This is where you can make your voice truly heard.

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WELCOME! Please check out our Aug. 28th March on Sacramento Opposing Eco-Tyranny. More information at SAC828.ORG Tea Party Patriots is having nationwide healthcare rallies Aug. 14; check out the story with the Logan’s Run references and cool pics!.

Dear Readers: I will be updating with reports from today’s Congresswoman Susan Davis’ townhall as I can. This report is from our cherished compatriot, W.C.Varones:

I’m at the town hall right now. We’ve been had. Obammunists lined up around the block with pre-printed signs before opponents even knew the town hall was on.

WC Varones has more on the SAN DIEGO SWINDLE! Including videos and pictures. I am so disgusted that I am physically ill. A curse on Davis, the SEIU, and their willing minions of mindlessness.

UPDATE: W.S. Varones was so perturbed by this sham that he left without attending the townhall. Sarah Bond, the CEO of Southern California Tax Revolt Coalition, actually made it into the meeting. Here are the highlights.

* Sarah indicated that Susan Davis slipped seemed to say that healtcare reform will evolve into a single payer system. Sarah has the first video up; in this clip, Davis indicates that all doctors will be using one form — the only way to achieve this is via the single payer system!

* Susan Davis lied and said there were no provisions for illegal immigrants in HR3200, the Congressional Healthcare Proposal. PLAINLY A LIE, PER PAGE 50 OF THE BILL.

* Susan Davis lied, telling a citizen questioner that the plan did not “provide incentives for business to drop insurance plans and utilize the government system (PLAINLY A LIE, PER PAGE 150 OF BILL). When said citizen tried to cite the bill, the crowd of Organizing for America supporters shouted her down saying “No follow-up questions”. Untrue — Only pro-Davis people got to get those follow-up questions though.

* The pre-printed signs were developed by Organizing for America. The group of administration supporters were lead by obviously experienced activists — who inquired of our grassroots citizens group “where where YOU bused in from”.

Can we say Kabuki theater, anyone?

Sarah noted that Susan Davis’ staff lied directly to Southern California tax Revolt representatives, when directly asked if there was a townhall this evening. They said there wasn’t, when plainly there was.

Talk about paid flacks! Check here for breaking news on the kids-for-cover staging approach Obama. Do these cretins actually think they would get away with this miscreant, odious deception?


Update from Congressman Brian Bilbray’s event from our friends at North County Conservatives:

NCC attended Congressman Bilbray’s second “Community Coffee” (sans the coffee) this morning, Tuesday, 11 August. This early morning “town hall” was more like a recent prime time presidential news conference; with “Obama-Care” the news of the day, the Congressman proffered a number of vignettes about his former life as a local politician instead of spending the hour plus on health care. With the majority of the 125 to 150 attendees being senior citizens, NCC felt that the Congressman missed an opportunity to allay their concerns, especially as related to “end of life” decisions

Following the meeting, NCC was approached and queried by a lady identifying herself as a member of the Escondido Democratic Club. Wearing our North County Conservatives T-shirts and knowing that we are not funded by BIG bucks, as has often been alleged by the current administration and the media, the point was made that the attendees were everyday people with genuine concerns about the direction in which their country is being taken. NCC also encountered a lawyer who plans a 2010 run for the seat currently being held by Congressman Bilbray. When NCC commented that tort reform was needed to cut the cost of health care, she retorted that this was not so. Maybe she never heard of former Senator and Presidential Candidate John Edwards, a lawyer who accrued millions suing doctors and hospitals, then swaying jurors for judgements that were, in fact, caused by “acts of God.” This possible candidate for Congress has also written about the current health care controversy (go to http://www.sdnn.com/sandiego/2009-08-10/news/tracy-emblem-the-politics-of-health-care-coverage) and follows the Obama mantra of blaming the insurance industry for rising health care costs. She writes, “Now these same people have stepped it up a notch inciting people to become vigilant and mob-like at town hall meetings around the country. They are being told to disrupt public forums which are being held to open the dialogue about the need for health care reform.” This did not happen at today’s gathering.

Another lady approached NCC and said that “Medicare is government health care; why is everyone protesting… they haven’t read the bill.” NCC simply replied, “they shouldn’t be voting for it if they haven’t read it!”

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UPDATE: Blue Dog Democrat contact information can be found HERE.

Dear Readers: Before heading to Disneyland for my birthday today, I wanted to quickly post a few items of interest related to the July 11th Healthcare Tea Party rally in San Diego from which I just returned. I meet many wonderful patriots, including a couple of fellow Democrats at the event.

The first agenda item is that we can add this San Diego rally to the tally of Tea Party victories. Approximately 12 Soros-funded, Obama-embracing agitators counter-protested. This is in contrast to the 200 citizens demonstrating in favor of of free market oriented solutions to our healthcare issues. Here is a glimpse:

One of the most interesting people I met today was Dr. Joanna Bryant, an emergency room physician who has a frontline view of what is happening in the trenches of the American medical system. Her husband, also a doctor, originally hails from Canada. The quote that I used for my title today stems from something Joanna shared with me — how the Canadians have been brainwashed into not seeking healthcare services when need.

“The Canadian doctors told my mother-in-law that the emphysema she had would kill her before her cancer did,” explained Joanna. “She didn’t seek cancer treatment as she said that she didn’t want to be a burden to the system. She died recently. I don’t want my son’s generation to be brainwashed like this.” Here is a picture of Joanna and her patriot son:

In a related, but humorous, take that reinforces Joanna’s point, HERE is a LINK to a video via Hot Air from the Sam Adam’s Alliance on Healthcare Rationing 2015: Health rations and YOU!

I couldn’t do justice to all the wonderful information and experience I had at this event in one short post, so I will be providing updates as I can through this week.

I met two fellow Democrats, Tim and Diana. They were passing by the rally, and though they didn’t like Obama’s current proposals, they were hesitant to join in — until they head my speech, where I indicated I was a Democrat. They left very excited to have met us, and wanted to join the Southern California Tax Revolt Coalition. I think it is safe to say that all Democrats do not view Obama as their savior. (MUT’ Note: There was a citizen trying to gather signatures for Mason Weaver to run for Congress; he was very respectful when I said no, I would not sign, as I was a registered Democrat and needed to do a detailed look at each candidate. Yes, it is SAFE to be a Democrat at a Tea Party).

One of the canards tossed at Tea Party’s is that they are nothing but white republicans trying to get back power. Here is something for the Diversity Police to ponder. Here is a picture of the 12 Obamacare supporters (forgive the quality; one of my fellow agitators promises to have video up shortly featuring this group of miscreants):

Here are some of our speakers and participants:

Keynote speaker Mason Weaver:

Former Canadian, and current patriotic American Claudia Busath — who literally fled her native country for her life (her story will be posted in a later blog).

A young doctor and his lovely wife, who I met as I was leaving the area to race home for the Disneyland trip. We exchanged emails, and they will provide much needed information and insights for future events and action items.

It was wonderful meeting a great group of patriots who consider themselves American first, with any other description being entirely secondary to the important matters of the day.

Two last points:

1) Join us for the July 17th nationwide rally, please. Details for are HERE and HERE.

2) Californians have an additional burden – we need to defeat the state-sponsored single payer plan SB 810. Contact your state reprsentatives TODAY! Click HERE to get started.

One last note: I gave a shout out to our Admired Patron, Michelle Malkin, today during my speech. I appreciated deeply the links she gave to this humble site last week, and allowing us to spread the message in a larger sphere:

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