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Dear Readers: I had an interesting morning. After reading that a group of successful Chief Executive Officers have deemed that California is in the “9th Circle of Business Hell”, I came across a new map that I thought might be of interest.

As pundits are digesting news that France has voted against austerity and elected a socialist to head that country, the SLOBs (San Diego Local Order of Bloggers) has also been mulling over what the results may mean. Here are my initial thoughts after the French elected a man who thought the following was a sensible fiscal platform: 1) Raise taxes (including a marginal tax rate for earnings above $1 million to 75%); 2) lower retirement age; and, 3) boost spending levels.

I am not normally one to disagree with Legal Insurrection opiners, who noted that French foreign policy under Hollande a toss-up. However, in this instance, I must. Fellow SLOB Shane Atwell, who knows France and something of French politics, is deeply concerned about the potential new direction that country will take after the election. Shane had these words of caution:

One little known aspect of Hollande is that he is very sympathetic to Muslims. This fact has been going around in private e-mails in France, but not discussed openly in the media. And, sadly, their blogosphere is probably smaller than what we have in San Diego. Hollande has publicly called for a reconciliation of cultures (i.e., Western and Islamic). His campaign staff was largely Algerian and North African. Anyway, he’s going to encourage the submersion of the French culture and rise of Islam in France. I guess the multi-culturalist bastards deserve it, but its still sad. And very unjust for those in France who see what’s wrong and wish to fight it.

I wonder how the French wine-growers are going to reconcile their business with the anti-alcohol tenets of Islam? Word Warrior remarked that the gays and women so keen to vote for Hollande are very likely to experience fresh new hells under an increasingly Muslim France. And the Jews, a population that tends to be a leading indicator on the safety and stability of a region, are fleeing France for Israel in the wake of France’s vote.

Shane offered a few French articles to highlight his concerns. I have the links below, with a Google Translate Version, and a snippet for detial.

François Hollande utilise honteusement Jaurès pour se prosterner devant l’islam! Francois Hollande Jaures shamefully used to worship Islam! : On a television, Holland, arrested by Emmanuel Todd on his refusal to protectionism, had mumbled that he was an internationalist, (7) which earned him to be dried by Todd – much better when he speaks of globalization that of Islam – who had struck him fiercely that the defense of the Indian proletariat he would not win the next election. In fact, it’s even worse, the internationalism of Holland and his socialist comrades, their “new civilization” is the prostration before the dictatorship of the umma, the universal community of enslaved and submitted, as required by the Islam and its apologists.

L’Équipe de campagne de François HOLLANDE 2.
The Campaign Team of Hollande 2: There are more than a century, Jean Jaurès (MUT Note -a compatriot of Hollande’s) defined by these words his vision of coexistence between people from both sides of the Mediterranean “socialist action will occur in each country, with even more strength and authority it will be universal and universally probe, and no one will suspect a trap there. ” These days, we celebrate the great festival of solidarity and sharing what Eid-al-Fitr. At the end of the fasting month of Ramadan, the highlight of joy, exchange greetings and gifts, it illuminates the lives and homes of millions of our fellow Muslim culture. Following a long tradition and rich cultural heritages of carrier, the values it carries and it is the social ideal, it is fully in this process of universality.

Sultan Knish/Daniel Greenfield (an Israeli-born New York blogger) has an analysis based on a currently popular French hip-hop tune. Here is a section of the full article, which is a must-read:

The Qataris have met with a Hollande associate at the Royal Monceau, a French hotel owned by Qatar, and the Al-Thanis have been major investors in Correze, where Hollande served as President of the General Council and Hollande has been suitably grateful. Qatar has been investing in French politicians for a while. Take Jean-Christophe Lagarde, a Vice-President of the National Assembly, Executive Chairman of the New Centre Party and President of the Assembly’s Friendship Group with Qatar.

Hollande is all for higher taxes, but Qatar wants to make sure that the higher taxes don’t apply to it. Qatar is exempt from Capital Gains taxes in France, which gives the Al-Thani royals a solid commercial advantage when buying up French assets. And tethering that economic power to a growing domestic minority by way of the banlieues makes it all but impossible to budge Qatar. With the banlieues, Qatar doesn’t just have some French banks and hotels, it has France’s Muslim minority with all its ready capacity for violence at its disposal.

Compared to Turkey’s thuggish attempts to take charge of Germany’s Muslim minority, the Qataris know how to be subtle. That’s something the makers of “48 H AVEC FH” don’t know how to be. The video isn’t really about the little grey man who smiles awkwardly while holding up his ballot to the camera, it’s about the colonized colonizing the colonizers. But it’s not the Somalis or the Algerians, like Kamel Hamza, ANELD’s president who famously described himself as Algerian and French, who will really do the colonizing.

If the Republic of France becomes an Emirate, it will not be ruled by the riffraff out of the banlieues (suburbs), no more than the mobs of Tahrir looting their way across Cairo will inherit with the Muslim Brotherhood. The mosques of the banlieues are calling for the faithful brothers and sisters to come out for the little grey man, the bank teller of socialism, who will sign over Qatar’s checks to them, but it is the Emirs who plan to rule the Emirate of France..

Shane also offered this video, and noted: “There’s not much solid there either, except at the end where Hollande says — “There are some who are richer than you, but you are more numerous.” Class warfare and thinly veiled thuggery.”

KT Cat opines about the Hollande Statement that “my real enemy is the world of finance”: How do you get to the point where you’ve borrowed their money to the point where defaulting on your payments will utterly ruin them and you hate them? Make no mistake, Hollande’s government has the power to completely destroy the French “world of finance.” All they need to do is carry out his campaign promises and they will do just that.

His recommendation: Time to dump the Euro bonds!

All of this has Political Junkie Mom wondering about the potential success of American austerity measures. And the Lonely Conservative is amused that Obama is telling Hollande to ditch the campaign rhetoric (e.g., not to spend in excess and increasing taxes). However, as the gays are discovering, double-speak is Obama’s native language.

As the Goddess of Capitalism notes:

Revenge is a dish best served cold. And Caramel Pudding is served very cold, indeed.

That is, until it is dragged into the center of Hell!  However, I would rather have pudding than government-enforced vegetables.  Hopefully, our country won’t be joining the French — though some seem quite happy to follow France into the dark realms of fiscal doom.

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Dear Readers: A little culture today, with a new series inspired by my passion for world music. As I have been recovering from my hip surgery, I have been listening to some awesome tunes while I do my exercises. Here is one from an artist from Central Asia, Yulduz Usmanova, entitled “Kunglim Guli” (Flower of My Soul):

Happily, I was able to discover this translation:

The flower of my soul
Snow will fall on these stones
Pomegranates will ripe in the gardens
When will my lonely soul ( here is as the wordplay- mountain)
Meet with you (here is as the wordplay- garden)
Hey, majestic bird on the mountain
Don’t lie on the cold stone
There is one girl in this field
Who is very lonely ( wordplay- whose pillow is half-empty)

Yulduz is a bit like a Central Asian version of Madonna — but prettier, more tasteful, and much more talented. She was born in Uzbekistan, and served in their parliament at one time. Due to political travails and artistic restrictions, she has been forced to go into quasi-exile to Russia, the US, and later to Turkey. Yulduz is one of the most popular world singers, given the number of fans throughout Central Asia,Turkey, and the surrounding regions.

Here is something fun, showing her range:

Now, for a news round-up, that features The World:

And SLOB items that caught my eye:

Finally, to round-out this post with a little Egypt imagery, comes this gem from Smitty of the Other McCain: France To U.S.: We Will Make The Election Of Obama Seem Smart

Hat-Tip: The Other McCain

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