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Dear Readers:  So I am getting my nails done today, and I nearly fall off the chair, ROFLMAO-style, when I hear an ad from the San Diego Firefighters Union slamming San Diego’s future Mayor, Carl DeMaio, by quoting one of my least favorite local politicos, Donna Frye.

About Carl, Donna had this to say:  He is a “Political Sociopath”.

Frye ran for San Diego Mayor herself, offering full-of-fail ideas about how to spruce up the city — from playing music at traffic crossings to putting up a moving, octopus sculpture near a traffic-clogged bridge. So, I take what she has to say and reverse it, which usually directs me to the most correct course of action.

Therefore, what I actually heard was:

Carl DeMaio is an awesomely awesome reformer who isn’t going to be a tool of the public employee unions or the hand-maiden of corrupt pompous bureaucrats, so go out and donate big time to his campaign today.

Thanks, Donna, I think I will: Donate to Carl DeMaio for Mayor

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