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Dear Readers: Lots of exciting news at the Shrine this week. The Goddess of Capitalism will be traveling this Sunday, Oct. 7th to join “Blogger’s Row” with a bunch of other savvy independent conservatives.

A little background on the event:

1) Ben Shapiro and Shannon Grove have committed to speak at the rally.

2) We reconfirmed by phone that Dennis Prager, Mark Meckler, Bill Whittle, and AlfonZo Rachel will be speaking.

3) We have received sponsorship forms, logos, and checks from 21 different groups.

The Wake Up America! 2012 Rally is about inspiring new and existing activists to work as hard as possible at the grassroots level in the last month before the election so that we can take back our country and begin to take back our state. With Obama in town for a fundraiser on the same day, our rally is also about sending a message to Obama, the media, and the rest of America that the conservative movement is alive and well even in the heart of liberal Los Angeles.

MUT Note:  I have been working with Team Prager to promote Prager University at College Insurrection. So far, the courses I have featured include, so I am really happy to go!

Prager U. Course: Adam Carolla on Luck

Prager U. Course: Proving Media Bias

New Prager University Course — The Laffer Curve

Dennis Prager Launches Online “College” To Combat Liberal Bias

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