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Dear Readers:  So I am getting my nails done today, and I nearly fall off the chair, ROFLMAO-style, when I hear an ad from the San Diego Firefighters Union slamming San Diego’s future Mayor, Carl DeMaio, by quoting one of my least favorite local politicos, Donna Frye.

About Carl, Donna had this to say:  He is a “Political Sociopath”.

Frye ran for San Diego Mayor herself, offering full-of-fail ideas about how to spruce up the city — from playing music at traffic crossings to putting up a moving, octopus sculpture near a traffic-clogged bridge. So, I take what she has to say and reverse it, which usually directs me to the most correct course of action.

Therefore, what I actually heard was:

Carl DeMaio is an awesomely awesome reformer who isn’t going to be a tool of the public employee unions or the hand-maiden of corrupt pompous bureaucrats, so go out and donate big time to his campaign today.

Thanks, Donna, I think I will: Donate to Carl DeMaio for Mayor

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Dear Readers: I am a firm believer that local issues and races should be the primary focus for us Tea Party types. So, I have been following the San Diego Mayor’s race closely: The primary for that office will be held on June 5th of this year, and the cast of characters is fascinating. And as many of you know, the Shrine is joined by many of my fellow SLOBs in supporting Carl DeMaio.

So, when Horemheb took a call yesterday afternoon saying that Carl was at our local Albertsons to meet San Diegans, answer questions, and introduce himself to potential voters, this intrepid citizen reporter grabbed her camera and went over to meet the man. It was a compelling experience, which strengthens my support even farther. I would like to share what happened with you!

Carl DeMaio at the Tierrasanta Albertsons

As Horemheb was taking the Young Prince and myself out to the movies that afternoon, I had to race out the door and could only spend about 20 minutes on site. I had hoped to personally thank Carl for his push-back on the foul radio ads that ran recently, which falsely tie signing petition signing to identity theft.Most Californians recognize that our ability to directly bring matters to the ballot via petitions helps maintain our liberties from the corrupt and power-hungry politicos in Sacramento. These ads, funded by public employee union leaders who want to maintain their perks and privilege, were the finest example of loathsome, cynical villainy that I have seen in some years. And coming during the Obama Administration…well, that is quite an achievement!!!

I sped over to the local Albertsons, to find Carl behind the petition signature table — right next to the Girl Scout cookie booth. As I walked-up, camera out and notebook poised, I think Carl’s aides sensed I was not the average petition signer. So, one of them came over, and asked about my interest. I mentioned I worked closely with Dawn Wildman and Sarah Bond of the SoCal Tax Revolt Coalition. I indicated that our group doesn’t endorse candidates, but I appreciated his taxpayer-first approach on finance and budgets, and was impressed that he came to meet people most directly. I asked if mayoral candidates actually meeting with citizens one-on-one like this was a common practice.

“No, meeting people directly is not often done,” explained the aide. “All the other candidates have sent out volunteers to gather signatures. Carl wanted to connect more directly with San Diegans, and most people who have come out appreciate this effort.”

However, it seems that Carl didn’t just meet supporters during this process — union leadership seems to have directed members to challenge Carl on his pension reform ideas. Shockingly, it seems unions feel entitled to platinum pension perks no matter the state of the city’s fiscal circumstances. One of these members was at Albertsons, arguing with Carl that his pension reform ideas were “wrong-headed”.

Impressively, Carl was extremely polite during the entire discourse — as well as extremely informative. It this time vile attacks based on bold-faced lies, such civilized dialog was quite refreshing and a testament to the adult approach so often lacking in today’s politics.

The union member insisted the entire pension problem could be solved by minor fixes. As Carl noted: “This is not something can be solved by going around the edges. The real solution means going to the core of the problem. The City of San Diego cannot have a budget that, at its center, is funded by a Ponzi Scheme.”

During this chat, I overheard the union member complain that he would lose all he paid into the system and its interest. In fact, his entire focus was on all HE would lose. Never mind all the tax dollars we other San Diegans are losing, paying for his benefits while we try to maintain our 401-Ks. Never mind the fact that he is only putting into the fiscal system a mere fraction of the monies that the full benefit package he will eventually receive is worth. Greece tried that approach; I will let you be the judge of what happens when you drain the wealth-producers of enough wealth to satisfy politically-connect bureaucrats:

That’s the new view of public service, people!

Any fair-minded citizen would consider Carl’s reforms highly rational and quite reasonable. Here are just some of the highly sensible ideas Carl presents:

End pension “spiking” and cap “pensionable pay.”
Carl has proposed specific reforms that will end pension “spiking” by excluding supplemental payouts from being calculated into long-term pension formulas. Presently, some city employees receive “add-ons” and “specialty pays” on top of their base salary. These extra pay amounts are then used in addition to base salary when calculating lifelong pension benefits. Reforming pensionable pay in this manner can save taxpayers up to $250 million in five years alone.

Reform the double-dipping pension programs.
On top of the overly generous pension benefits that city employees receive, city employees have the option to draw even higher retirement payouts at the taxpayers’ expense. The opportunities for double dipping must end, as a matter of both fairness to the San Diego taxpayers who could never imagine such generous benefits through their own jobs, and as a matter of financial common sense at a time when the city must make choices to resolve the budget deficit.

Require city employees to pay their full and fair share of the cost of their pension benefits.
Carl believes that city employees should share the cost of their retirement benefits with the taxpayers. This means splitting the contribution into the pension system equally with the city. The City Charter expressly requires employee payments be “substantially equal” to the payments that the city makes into the system with tax dollars. Carl proposes ending the city’s practice of providing “offsets” to the employee contributions, which increase the city’s costs.

Any reasonable person can see that these reforms are right and just. For example, how is hiking up your pay shortly before retirement to up the level of pension payout honorable? How does that serve the public? Finally, how can such an attitude of entitlement co-exist with a true sense of real “public service”. San Diegans want their public employees to be fairly paid for work that is well done. Carl’s fixes go to the core of many “cheats” that have been allowed to exist for too ling.

Furthermore, Carl assured the union member he would get back all he paid into the system, with the ability to put it into a private pension plan that could be far more lucrative and profitable then relying on pension programs directed by the politically connected for the benefit of the politically connected.

While I was waiting to meet Carl, I connected with another petition signer: S., who overheard I was a Democrat. He came over and introduced himself, as he was delighted to meet another “Democrat for DeMaio”.

“I am supporting Carl, because he is doing things the right way,” noted S. “This is not about Democrats or Republicans, but about San Diegans. It seems to me, he is the only one who gets it.”

Like myself, S. noted that a healthy economy with fiscally responsible budgets inherently leads to more personal liberty on social issues. S. said: “The more I earn, and the more I am able to keep, the more I have to spend to support issues that are important to me. Carl’s ideas for San Diego help taxpayers like myself in so many great ways.”

At last, I was able to meet Carl, briefly introduce myself, and thank him for his push-back on that odious union radio ad. He and I both concurred that he would be a big target of the unions, and that he recognized how key that the support of informed taxpayers and wealth-creators in San Diego and the entire southern California region would be to his campaign.

As I am fond of saying:

While I was researching the background for my post today, I came across a Twitter account that I want to share:

It seems that fiscal sanity is an issue that truly crosses party lines. Stay tuned!

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Dear Readers: Lots of news to touch on, but I think all of the items I cover today have an underlying theme: Americans plan to offer stinging rebukes to statist establishment figures!

1) The Scorpion Queen. Tammy Bruce reports that after Arizona Governor Jan Brewer’s confrontation with Obama on the tarmac, sales of her book (Scorpions for Breakfast) rose 2.2 million percent.B-Daddy reports that the SD Rostra had a “caption this” contest for the now iconic picture; below is my entry:

Check Hillbuzz.org to see why this caption works out so well.

The consequences of the Brewer-Obama confrontation have been so negative on Team Obama that the President had to do damage control essentially using this time-tested argument: “Who are you going to believe, me or your own lying eyes”.

2) Rebel Scientists Plainly Reject Faith-Based Global Warming Science.Many of you may recall my piece featuring the lecture of premier American scientist Roger Cohen. Scientists Challenge the Fraud and Emotionalism Behind CA’s Cap&Trade Rules

Left Coast Rebel then went on to feature Roger’s work in a premier Daily Caller series:
Global warming lies, damn lies and easy rebuttals

One of the biggest lies, and there have been many, about global warming is that there is “universal consensus”. Well, Roger and 15 other scientists have written a Wall Street Journal piece that debunks that falsehood, and hits several other prevarications as well. This piece for nationwide attention yesterday, as it was featured on the Rush Limbaugh Show. Here is my favorite part of this fantastic piece:

No Need to Panic About Global Warming: There’s no compelling scientific argument for drastic action to ‘decarbonize’ the world’s economy.

Candidates should understand that the oft-repeated claim that nearly all scientists demand that something dramatic be done to stop global warming is not true. In fact, a large and growing number of distinguished scientists and engineers do not agree that drastic actions on global warming are needed.

3) Florida Tea Party Groups Endorse Newt Gingrich. Legal Insurrection has been following the Florida primary carefully, and notes with increasing disdain the coordinated attacks on Gingrich from the establishment GOP.

As the Media Director for SoCal Tax Revolt Coalition, I can tell you from personal experience that most independent Tea Party groups are loathe to endorse a specific candidate — especially at the national level and especially with a such flawed candidate. However, the awful tactics implemented against Gingrich by the elite in the establishment GOP has generated exactly the kind of backlash that I thought it would. The elites in the Republican party have undermined Romney among grassroots citizen activists. Add this to the fact that the Florida Attorney General said Romney will be bringing Romneycare to all 50 states, I can’t see how a tea party participant can do anything else but vote for Gingrich at this point.

This bit from KT Cat puts it all in perspective: Mitt Romney Is Driving Me Out Of The Republican Party

And this chestnut is for any Palinista out there: Video of Newt defending Palin during VP candidacy.I will note that Newt’s vigorous defense of Palin in 2008 came at a time when the elite GOP Beltway types were running away from her.

4) Californians are organizing against SACRAMENTO STUPIDITY. Californians have recently been treated to lots of inane, new legislation from Sacramento. Mark Meckler has an update on the citizen-pushback on the proposed expensive and useless high-speed train: If Gov. Brown is Seeking a Legacy, Let’s Build a Statue Instead of $100 Billion High Speed Rail Project. Beers with Demos also has more updates.

Sadly, it seems the walls of sanity have been breeched in another area: California Votes to Mandate More Electric CarsI suspect a lot of green-based crony capitalism is occurring, and I plan to explore Brown and the Democratic Legislature’s financial connections to this work in the future.

Jerry Brown: Green-Dog Democrat.

The SoCal Tax Revolt Coalition (SCTRC) is joining other Tea Party groups throughout the state in organizing a citizen “call to action” in order to stop the passage of California Senate Bill 810 “The California Universal Health Care Act of 2009”. It seems that California’s legislators are more interested in resurrecting an unpopular monster of a bill, as a previous version (SB840, SB 840 – “Medicare for All”) was tabled after it became the focus of protests from Californians concerned about the loss of choice and quality medical care.

Tea Parties throughout the state are informing their membership an anticipated vote on the reworked “Single Payer” plans in SB810 is slated for Jan. 31, 2012. Citizen activists are providing contact information and encouraging citizens who do not want a massive bureaucratic injection into personal healthcare choices to make their concerns known to California’s legislators.

The following representatives have been identified as people who should be contacted so that a “NO” vote can be urged.

Christine Kehoe (Chair) DEM 916-651-4039

Mimi Walters (CoChair) REP 916-651-4033

Elaine Alquist DEM 916-651-4013

Bill Emmerson REP 916-651-4037

Ted Lieu DEM 916-651-4028

Fran Pavley DEM 916-651-4023

Curren Price DEM 916-651-4026

Sharon Runner REP 916-651-4017

Darrell Steinberg DEM 916-651-4006

Senator Michael Rubio (Fresno/Bakersfield area)
Email: Michael.Rubio@sen.ca.gov
Phone: (916) 651-4016

Senator Alex Padilla (Pacoima/LA area)
Email: Senator.Padilla@sen.ca.gov
Phone: (916) 651-4020

Senator Juan Vargas (San Diego area)
Email: Juan.Vargas@sen.ca.gov
Phone: (916) 651-4040

Senator Rod Wright (Los Angeles area)
Email: Senator.Wright@sen.ca.gov
Phone: (916) 651-4025


5) My stinging rebuke to Democrat Bob Filner. I had the privilege of having an email read by LaDona Harvey yesterday during the 4 pm hour: CLICK HERE FOR THE PODCAST. Her topic — Why San Diego Democrats aren’t going for Bob Filner for Mayor.

My main points:

a) I am a Democrat who is focused on fiscal responsibility and sensible spending for needed government services. This makes me a “Blue Dog”. Bob Filner said at a Coffee Party meeting a couple of years ago that Blue Dogs such as myself should be kicked out of the party. Apparently, unless you are a foaming anti-capitalist, abortion-supporting, statist he thinks you have no place in our party.

b) 2) His most recent act as Congressman was to sign onto a Reasonable Profits bill for the oil industry, which would have bureaucrats deciding what qualifies as excessive — and the tax rate in these profits could be as much as 100%. This is exactly the sort of attitude I want kept away from San Diego. I could seeing him going after local breweries for “excessive profits” because they charge too much for a gallon of beer. This attitude directly threatens the success of businesses and the fiscal security of families belonging to Democrats, Republicans, and all other Americans.

c) He is a crony capitalist himself. Just Google “Southwest Airlnes” and “Bob Filner” sometime to see what type of perks and benefits he directly enjoys at the behest of a single company.

d) Filner staffers think California Belongs to Mexico. No, at least not since 1846.

You can always tell the nature of a person by the surrounding personnel. I want Filner’s staffers nowhere near any office that can significantly influence this city.

I went onto make a further point: I am the co-founder of the SoCal Tax Revolt Coalition, the San Diego Tea Party group comprised of truly independent Californians and passionate citizen activists. While our group is not likely to give a formal endorsement, as we tend to support legislation and not specific candidates, I can tell you directly that most of the membership I interact with regularly all back Carl DeMaio. Our team of bloggers will be following Carl, and given the fact that he is the only one with truly innovative fiscal solutions to or economic problems AND he directly challenged the unions when they ran that hideous “petition signature fraud ad”, I can assure you our coverage will be supportive.

In conclusion, in homage to my favorite female politician in office today, I say: I AM WOMAN, FEEL ME STING.

You know, I might be A-OK with a brokered convention: JAN BREWER FOR PRESIDENT 2012.


A big thanks to Mark Meckler, for considering me someone sane who offers “consistently great blogging” — I am delighted and humbled.

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Dear Readers: I have a few news and notes today to share with you all before the busy weekend. As you may know, SONY is producing a movie about the heroic NAVY SEALs operation that lead to Osama Bin Laden’s Death. It is slated to help Obama’s re-election, as Team Sony and their Hollywood glitterati intend to release in in October 2012. They assert they have the Freedom of Speech.

I have a freedom, too. It is the Freedom of Spending. And their cinematic plans just cost SONY some money today.


I went to Staples to by CDs for my profit-center business. I need high-quality ones for the documentation I do. I was grabbing for the SONY brand, but when I recalled the movie stunt, I bought MEMOREX.

SONY: Your money-gram as arrived. NO SALE! Change the intended release date until after the November 2012 election, otherwise I will encourage others to express their own freedom of spending in ways you don’t like.

The Goddess of Capitalism is most displeased. Sony shall feel her wrath!

Speaking of money, 2 local politicians (North County Councilmen) have been caught not declaring the gambling winnings, despite state requirements to do so. Rules are for the little people.

Transition from gambling to WILDCARDS: Carl DeMaio for Mayor. DeMaio stood up for California Citizens, challenging the airing of the odious union-backed ad that tries to undermine our state’s petition process by false claims of identity theft. Sadly, the (un)The Fair Political Practices Commission has dismissed a request. . MUT task of the day: Call 1-866-275-3772 and thank these union hacks personally. It is bureaucracy like this that is driving our entrepreneurs out-of-state.

I am the last of our SLOBs to come out in support, as I recall how much DeMaio disappointed me during the incipient stages of the Tea Party. However, Palin has disappointed me, too (i.e.g, backing Fiorina instead of DeVore). But she stands strong where it matters — as does Carl. His initiating the request shows a perception that the focus of San Diegans is on small government that is there to serve the people (not the other way around). Palin was smeared as a “rogue” candidate. I have learned people are smearing DeMaio as a “wildcard”. I say — embrace it!

Hey Carl — if you read this, Sarah will probably work up a suitable Wild Card logo you personally! 😉 I think come 2012, Wild Card will be the winning hand.

Donate to Carl’s campaign here.

Professor Athena wanted me to link to the million-dollar punditry of Charles Krauthammer today: THE SYSTEM WORKS. The Money Quote:

Notice how the loudest complaints about “broken politics” come from those who lost the debate. It’s understandable for sore losers to rage against the machine. But there’s no need for the rest of us to parrot their petulance.

Finally, some more money spending ideas:

* The campaigns for the GOP challengers for the WI Recall elections next week.
* Mad Men fashion from Banana Republic.


PS. My thoughts on last night’s GOP debate?It was awful, and the biggest loser was the American public. I hold FOX partly responsible for the debate debacle. No questions on entitlement reform! No question on Social Security fixes! Romney got very little questioning about his late entry into the debate discourse and his “corporations are people” statement! And the focus was on the ever divisive social issue instead of the economy? And Byron York sounded like an elitist Beltway minion with his question to Bachmann about “submission”. If York gets anywhere in earshot of me today, I will teach him about “submission”.

Fellow SLOBs chime in. Beers with Demos has a plea to the media about their treatment of Hunstman. B-Daddy also seems unimpressed.

B-Daddy also has a review of Palin I utterly love.

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