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Dear Readers: I am in lovely San Juan Capistrano today, having been invited to do a presentation of managing media effectively as a citizen activist at a strategy meeting for the California Tea Party Groups, as I am the Media Director of the Southern California Tax Revolt Coalition. One of the main objects of my talk was to help our volunteers get over their fear of being insulted (especially in the comments section of news websites). As my dear friend Word Warrior might put it: If you ‘re taking flack, you’re over the target”.

Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson and MUT

Another guest, whom I was thrilled to meet, was Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, founder of B.O.N.D. and the South Central LA Tea Party. He was also discussing a similar concept with these activists: Having courage in the face of false charges of “racism” bandied about by our opponents.

After the conclusion of the Reverend’s uplifting, energizing, unifying chat, an event occurred that underscored the importance of new media and standing strong against the false charges of racism. Our “Tea Party” was crashed by “Public Enemy”.

Meet three of Tea Party’s opponents:


  • And REGGIE DONALD (Who was so brave that didn’t want his picture with his “WHITE POWER” sign taken, when I specifically asked to get a picture).

They caused a disturbance just as Rev. Jesse was wrapping up his chat.  The three dragged in bags of hoods, Confederate flags, and racist signs into our conference center room.  They were trying to, as Reggie put it “distribute them because we want to give you want you need.”

Very tired, very uninspired.  But a great example of the crap that Rev. Petersen said he routinely has to handle.

This three “heroes” are good example of the silly, useless tactics that will no longer undermine citizen efforts to get out our message on fiscal sanity, personal responsibility, and governance based on Constitutional principles.

Needless to say, I went into my “intrepid reporter” mode, grabbed by notebook and camera, and went full media on these three gentleman. The results were most illuminating.

First, I identified myself as a freelance journalist. I asked specifically if I could interview them. I asked them, as I do in these situations, for their names. I think these three thought that we Tea Partiers were culturally inept.  For example, one of them decided to use the name of a hip-hop artist instead of identifying who he really was.

Hey Rosco — How can you be proud of a message when you would not be willing to use your real name when presenting it?

Next, I asked if they belonged to a specific group. Reggie hemmed and hawed as he mocked my handwriting several times to distract me (Hey Reggie — I know my handwriting is shitty, but I have a Master’s Degree and my dignity — what do you have???). After asking the same questions several times, I got a vague story of how they got together four years ago, and drove in a van to distribute things.

Hey Reggie — if you can’t explain with pride why you are doing something, then probably you shouldn’t be doing it.

Then the clever one, Rosco, offered that they were from “Public Enemy” (and noted publicenemy.com with Chuck D. as the website).

Guess what Rosco — some of our pop-culture, music-loving members actually recognized that band and has one of their CD’s. Yes, some of our tea party activists are tuned into the black music and entertainment scene!!!

I must say, I actually respected Bunky Box the most. A false name, true. However, he offered the most honest reason why these three young men were in California:


Bunky — stay true to yourself, run on that platform, and you might become a member of Congress. I know I would vote for you in preference to Maxine Waters if I had a choice.

I asked all three of them how they had happened to come here today. They mumbled something about “Google searching for Tea Party”. For some reason, I sense another lie. I suspect they were wanting to harass Rev. Peterson, whose message  resonates with Americans of all races everywhere and who is slowly undoing the stranglehold of victicrat leaders.

One last point: Reggie asked me why I was upset with the “White Power” sign. I told him blatantly that he was a racist.

In fact, I shocked him into silence.  He look stunned.

Then, I informed him that I did several news stories that promoted the businesses of black small business owners, and how could Reggie be against a movement that wanted such men to succeed in the free market. I then told him that he knew absolutely nothing about my race, so how dare he presume.

For you see, I don’t have white guilt. My great-grandmother was a Romanian gypsy sold into slavery in a Turkish harem by a black man. My great-grandfather’s brother died in the Civil War, having joined to help abolish slavery.  I know who I am, and no insult is going to undermine my beliefs.

But it isn’t my past that holds me strong, but my future. The single most racist statement I ever heard was in Legoland, from the lips of a young black boy. This boy said: “There are too many white people here”.

This was in earshot of my then 5-year old son. It is my grizzly-mother instinct to work for a world that ensures we change things so that a man is judged by the content of his character, per the words of Martin Luther King Jr.

Three thoughtless young hipsters will not stop our efforts. Instead of making themselves larger, they lost some of their souls today and inspired many Californians to fight for a better country.

I suspect this is not the result they expected.



A thanks to Mark Meckler for the link: CA Tea Party Coalition Meets “Public Enemy” – It’s Mutteriffic!  I would also direct my readers to his post on our event today:  More in the “Waning Tea Party” Series – Liveblogging the California Tea Party Coordinators’ Conference in San Juan Capistrano, CA

Believe it or not…we even had protesters outside the event while Rev. Peterson was signing books.  There were a few young black people who were trying to hand out white hoods and confederate flags and saying that “you forgot your hoods.”  They were carrying signs that said “White Power.”  Contrary to their obvious intentions (they came equipped with video equipment), they were unable to create a stir.  Instead, they were invited in for lunch, and offered water and sodas.  The irony of the contrast between their actions and Rev. Peterson’s message was clearly lost on them.

As a side note:  It seems a cameraman was scoping the Conference Center for several hours, checking out for Rev. Peterson’s arrival.  If these young men are a small sample of the hostility with which the Reverend has had to deal with over the years, God bless his good work.  Rev. Peterson has his work cut out for him.

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