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Dear Readers: My thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Colorado, who are having the kinds of wildfires that are normally experienced in my part of California. Via fellow Silvio’s Angel, Melanie Sturm’s, paper, the Aspen times:

Colorado blaze too dangerous to assess damage

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — A raging wildfire destroyed dozens of houses overnight and charred land on the edges of the Air Force Academy on Wednesday, while thick smoke and intense, towering flames kept officials from learning the full scope of damage to Colorado’s second-largest city.

The wildfire doubled in size overnight to about 24 square miles, and has so far forced mandatory evacuations for more than 32,000 residents, Colorado Springs emergency management director Brett Waters said. Among those urgently evacuated Tuesday evening were residents at the U.S. Air Force Academy.

Shrine friend, Capt. Freedom of the American Freedom Network, lives in those parts. He indicates he is OK, but the smoke is hard to take and he is off to assist emergency services. Also, new media star Michelle Malkin has been evacuated from her Colorado Springs home — she has photos and details.


Speaking of disasters, California is poised to create one for our citizens: Our state Senate has cooked-up a bill to stop the citizen initiative process we Tea Partiers have been using effectively for the past few years, and the one that resulted in the taypayer-wealth-saving Proposition 13. The details are here — SB1233 SILENCING YOUR VOICE.

Short summary: Senate Democrat Alex Padilla created SB 1233 to effectively cut off California citizen’s ability to use the initiative and referendum processes. SB 1233 would make that process cost prohibitive by forcing signature gathers to, at all times, carry the initiative or referendum in up to 11 different languages!

This will price grassroots campaigns out of the market of government reform as the cost of printing the petitions in these languages would skyrocket. Citizen activists could be fined $1000 or jailed for failing to the complete suite of languages!

Click this LINK to get contact California Senators
most involved in this outrage; click this LINK for California Senate contact information. If we don’t act, we loose one of the important tools in the Tea Party arsenal that actually works in the Golden State.

I guess we don’t have to wait for Santa Ana’s to destroy our way of life this year. Thanks Sacramento!

Speaking of wildfires, firefighters are battling blazes outside Jerusalem, Israel. Here is a part of the report that is most concerning, in terms of this being an act of terrorism a man-made-disasaster:

Seven people have been arrested in the past month for allegedly lighting fires in open areas. Abras said in the past two weeks firefighters have dealt with more than 200 cases of suspected arson in open areas and forests around Jerusalem.

And for Israel’s Bonus Extra: Courtesy of Tammy Bruce, I heard that one of the Muslim Brotherhood “Foreign Relations” heads refused to answer questions during a French TV interview, because the second panelist was an Israeli.

{Nader} Amram’s unwillingness to take part in a discussion with an Israeli is a good indication of the possible troubles ahead in relations between Egypt and Israel. When the panel’s host pointed out that the two countries are at peace, Amram said he was not speaking for his country, just himself. The problem is that the Brotherhood certainly has many, many more men like Amram in its ranks. Anti-Semitism is in the Brotherhood’s DNA.

See the 15:10 mark in the video here.

At seems the new Egyptian leadership is doing no better with “Domestic Relations” either, as they seem to hate Christians as much as Jews. Salafi Islamists (the ones that have the great idea of waxing the pyramids) are at it again. The group has threatened to burn a church down while Christians prayed inside.

According to a story in yesterday’s Mideast Christian News, Muslims in the village of Basra in Alexandria, Egypt, surrounded the local Coptic church, St. Lyons, during divine liturgy, “demanding that visiting Copts leave the church before the completion of prayers, and threatening to burn down the church if their demand was not met.”

. . . As they drove away, Muslims hurled stones at their buses, and the priest was warned by “salafis and extremists” never again to allow visitors to the church, otherwise they would “destroy it.”

What is that smokey smell??? It’s the scent of Arab Spring!

Yep — Even Isis, Osiris, and Amen-Ra have fled Egypt at this point.  Legal Insurrection has more about “Arab Spring” in Syria.

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