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Dear Readers: Lots of news to touch on, but I think all of the items I cover today have an underlying theme: Americans plan to offer stinging rebukes to statist establishment figures!

1) The Scorpion Queen. Tammy Bruce reports that after Arizona Governor Jan Brewer’s confrontation with Obama on the tarmac, sales of her book (Scorpions for Breakfast) rose 2.2 million percent.B-Daddy reports that the SD Rostra had a “caption this” contest for the now iconic picture; below is my entry:

Check Hillbuzz.org to see why this caption works out so well.

The consequences of the Brewer-Obama confrontation have been so negative on Team Obama that the President had to do damage control essentially using this time-tested argument: “Who are you going to believe, me or your own lying eyes”.

2) Rebel Scientists Plainly Reject Faith-Based Global Warming Science.Many of you may recall my piece featuring the lecture of premier American scientist Roger Cohen. Scientists Challenge the Fraud and Emotionalism Behind CA’s Cap&Trade Rules

Left Coast Rebel then went on to feature Roger’s work in a premier Daily Caller series:
Global warming lies, damn lies and easy rebuttals

One of the biggest lies, and there have been many, about global warming is that there is “universal consensus”. Well, Roger and 15 other scientists have written a Wall Street Journal piece that debunks that falsehood, and hits several other prevarications as well. This piece for nationwide attention yesterday, as it was featured on the Rush Limbaugh Show. Here is my favorite part of this fantastic piece:

No Need to Panic About Global Warming: There’s no compelling scientific argument for drastic action to ‘decarbonize’ the world’s economy.

Candidates should understand that the oft-repeated claim that nearly all scientists demand that something dramatic be done to stop global warming is not true. In fact, a large and growing number of distinguished scientists and engineers do not agree that drastic actions on global warming are needed.

3) Florida Tea Party Groups Endorse Newt Gingrich. Legal Insurrection has been following the Florida primary carefully, and notes with increasing disdain the coordinated attacks on Gingrich from the establishment GOP.

As the Media Director for SoCal Tax Revolt Coalition, I can tell you from personal experience that most independent Tea Party groups are loathe to endorse a specific candidate — especially at the national level and especially with a such flawed candidate. However, the awful tactics implemented against Gingrich by the elite in the establishment GOP has generated exactly the kind of backlash that I thought it would. The elites in the Republican party have undermined Romney among grassroots citizen activists. Add this to the fact that the Florida Attorney General said Romney will be bringing Romneycare to all 50 states, I can’t see how a tea party participant can do anything else but vote for Gingrich at this point.

This bit from KT Cat puts it all in perspective: Mitt Romney Is Driving Me Out Of The Republican Party

And this chestnut is for any Palinista out there: Video of Newt defending Palin during VP candidacy.I will note that Newt’s vigorous defense of Palin in 2008 came at a time when the elite GOP Beltway types were running away from her.

4) Californians are organizing against SACRAMENTO STUPIDITY. Californians have recently been treated to lots of inane, new legislation from Sacramento. Mark Meckler has an update on the citizen-pushback on the proposed expensive and useless high-speed train: If Gov. Brown is Seeking a Legacy, Let’s Build a Statue Instead of $100 Billion High Speed Rail Project. Beers with Demos also has more updates.

Sadly, it seems the walls of sanity have been breeched in another area: California Votes to Mandate More Electric CarsI suspect a lot of green-based crony capitalism is occurring, and I plan to explore Brown and the Democratic Legislature’s financial connections to this work in the future.

Jerry Brown: Green-Dog Democrat.

The SoCal Tax Revolt Coalition (SCTRC) is joining other Tea Party groups throughout the state in organizing a citizen “call to action” in order to stop the passage of California Senate Bill 810 “The California Universal Health Care Act of 2009”. It seems that California’s legislators are more interested in resurrecting an unpopular monster of a bill, as a previous version (SB840, SB 840 – “Medicare for All”) was tabled after it became the focus of protests from Californians concerned about the loss of choice and quality medical care.

Tea Parties throughout the state are informing their membership an anticipated vote on the reworked “Single Payer” plans in SB810 is slated for Jan. 31, 2012. Citizen activists are providing contact information and encouraging citizens who do not want a massive bureaucratic injection into personal healthcare choices to make their concerns known to California’s legislators.

The following representatives have been identified as people who should be contacted so that a “NO” vote can be urged.

Christine Kehoe (Chair) DEM 916-651-4039

Mimi Walters (CoChair) REP 916-651-4033

Elaine Alquist DEM 916-651-4013

Bill Emmerson REP 916-651-4037

Ted Lieu DEM 916-651-4028

Fran Pavley DEM 916-651-4023

Curren Price DEM 916-651-4026

Sharon Runner REP 916-651-4017

Darrell Steinberg DEM 916-651-4006

Senator Michael Rubio (Fresno/Bakersfield area)
Email: Michael.Rubio@sen.ca.gov
Phone: (916) 651-4016

Senator Alex Padilla (Pacoima/LA area)
Email: Senator.Padilla@sen.ca.gov
Phone: (916) 651-4020

Senator Juan Vargas (San Diego area)
Email: Juan.Vargas@sen.ca.gov
Phone: (916) 651-4040

Senator Rod Wright (Los Angeles area)
Email: Senator.Wright@sen.ca.gov
Phone: (916) 651-4025


5) My stinging rebuke to Democrat Bob Filner. I had the privilege of having an email read by LaDona Harvey yesterday during the 4 pm hour: CLICK HERE FOR THE PODCAST. Her topic — Why San Diego Democrats aren’t going for Bob Filner for Mayor.

My main points:

a) I am a Democrat who is focused on fiscal responsibility and sensible spending for needed government services. This makes me a “Blue Dog”. Bob Filner said at a Coffee Party meeting a couple of years ago that Blue Dogs such as myself should be kicked out of the party. Apparently, unless you are a foaming anti-capitalist, abortion-supporting, statist he thinks you have no place in our party.

b) 2) His most recent act as Congressman was to sign onto a Reasonable Profits bill for the oil industry, which would have bureaucrats deciding what qualifies as excessive — and the tax rate in these profits could be as much as 100%. This is exactly the sort of attitude I want kept away from San Diego. I could seeing him going after local breweries for “excessive profits” because they charge too much for a gallon of beer. This attitude directly threatens the success of businesses and the fiscal security of families belonging to Democrats, Republicans, and all other Americans.

c) He is a crony capitalist himself. Just Google “Southwest Airlnes” and “Bob Filner” sometime to see what type of perks and benefits he directly enjoys at the behest of a single company.

d) Filner staffers think California Belongs to Mexico. No, at least not since 1846.

You can always tell the nature of a person by the surrounding personnel. I want Filner’s staffers nowhere near any office that can significantly influence this city.

I went onto make a further point: I am the co-founder of the SoCal Tax Revolt Coalition, the San Diego Tea Party group comprised of truly independent Californians and passionate citizen activists. While our group is not likely to give a formal endorsement, as we tend to support legislation and not specific candidates, I can tell you directly that most of the membership I interact with regularly all back Carl DeMaio. Our team of bloggers will be following Carl, and given the fact that he is the only one with truly innovative fiscal solutions to or economic problems AND he directly challenged the unions when they ran that hideous “petition signature fraud ad”, I can assure you our coverage will be supportive.

In conclusion, in homage to my favorite female politician in office today, I say: I AM WOMAN, FEEL ME STING.

You know, I might be A-OK with a brokered convention: JAN BREWER FOR PRESIDENT 2012.


A big thanks to Mark Meckler, for considering me someone sane who offers “consistently great blogging” — I am delighted and humbled.

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