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Dear Readers: I got a call this morning from the always inspiring Left Coast Rebel. It seems he had just heard Congressman Brian Bilbray interviewed on the radio show, and the Congressman sounded defensive on his voting position. Left Coat Rebel inquired after the primary challengers, since the representative seems less than impressive with voting on matter of fiscal sensibility.

Since it seems that Bilbray is now my Congressman, after all the redistricting, I decided that I would go ahead and check into my Congressman and the current batch of primary challengers.

CA-52 Congressman Brian Bilbary

Let’s take a look at Bilbray’s record: It seems that he is a Pro-Choice Roman Catholic, but seems to be deeply conflicted in votes between various “pro-life” matters. I get very concerned when fiscal liberals pass themselves off as conservatives, based on faith. His main claim to conservatism is a strong stance on controlling immigration so that people come into this country legally. He is also on subcommittees for Energy & Power, and Oversight & Investigations — neither seeming to have any control on serious matters impacting Americans today.

W.C. Varones chimes in with specifics that fail to warm the heart of local Tea Party advocates. Specific Bilbray votes include:

I am less than impressed. So, let’s take a look at Bibray’s Primary Challenger: John Stahl

John Stahl

This comes from Stahl’s website:

John K Stahl – Conservative

* Fiscally conservative (Will maintain “A” ratings from the National Taxpayers Union)
* Does not accept PAC money from special interest groups
* Naval Aviator – Distinguished Naval Graduate
* Business background, Officer at three public traded companies
* Pro Life

I have to say, as a Blue Dog, I am not blown away by this summary. My vote is mainly dependent on fiscal policy, respect for free and fair markets, sensible energy policy, and limited regulatory restrictions. Pro-life/Pro-Choice – meh. Again, so many fiscal liberals mask themselves as conservative with their stances on abortion. And while I respect military service, the lack of it does not make someone less qualified and the possession of it does not make one more qualified (see Randy “Duke” Cunningham). And, as many of my dear SLOBs will attest, vast business experience does not a Tea Party candidate make.

Shane Atwell had a chance to catch Stahl’s interview on the radio this morning. He has this to report:

He was interviewed on Slater this morning. Much better than Bilbray, who is pretty awful. Talked a lot about cutting regulations and agencies. Called himself a “common sense conservative”.

Only chink was when he implied that we should get rid of NAFTA to improve domestic jobs. Also, no mention of the Constitution at all.

Seems like a solid “fiscal conservative” even if he’s not a tea party style candidate. I’d vote for him over Bilbray any day.

It may be of interest to note that in 1994, Stahl challenged a 14 year incumbent, E. Clay Shaw Jr., a Republican representing FL’s the 22nd district (Palm Beach, Broward, Miami-Dade). If you are interested in hearing more to come to your own conclusions, Stahl will be on the radio – AM1170, 7 – 8 pm.

So, as a Blue Dog Dem, my question became whether their might be a fellow Democrat who may be an option. Here are the current options:

Scott Peters. “Scott Peters, a port commissioner and former San Diego councilman, announced he will run for Congress and challenge incumbent Republican Brian Bilbray. Peters, a La Jolla resident for 22 years, was a councilman for District 1, which includes most of La Jolla, for eight years. […] Peters said his priorities will be to create jobs in our area, develop an energy policy that reduces dependence on foreign oil, to keep our commitments to veterans and their families, and to end the ‘irresponsible patterns of spending that created a skyrocketing national debt.’” [The La Jolla Patch, 10/19/11]

Scott Peters

Lori Saldana. “‘It’s official: I’m running for Congress in the new 52nd District,’ Saldaña told friends and supporters on the social networking site Facebook. ‘I’ve watched the debt-ceiling debacle, attacks on Medicare, and credit rating downgrade. This has to stop.’ In a brief interview Saturday, Saldaña said she was running to restore education funding, prevent interest rate increases on student loans that put so many college students in debt, expand access to affordable health care and protect Medicare for seniors.” [UT San Diego News, 8/13/11]

Lori Saldana

Let’s get a few opinions on their records. This on Scott Peters, from the editorial pages of the San Diego Union Tribune:

Scott Peters’ determination to leave San Diego a worse place than he found it is once again on display. It’s bad enough that the city councilman played a key role in approving the 2002 pension underfunding that ruined the city’s finances and helped make it a national laughingstock. It’s bad enough that he didn’t want the public to be told the size of his taxpayer-paid attorney bills, saying citizens had no right to know how much his negligence was costing them. It’s bad enough that he considers himself a victim in the scandal.But now he is acting in ways that could make it painfully likely we’ll have an ugly third chapter to the pension debacle and its fallout.The first chapter was the actual City Council insanity that triggered the city’s fiscal meltdown.

If you don’t want someone directly responsible for San Diego’s pension woes, how about Saldana? SoCal Tax Revolt Coalition President Dawn Wildman notes:

I’d rather keep Bilbray with these choices — especially NOT a fan of Saldana…she is very progressive.

It seems Saldana has a liberal rating record of 97 out of 100. Also, for Californians experiencing a loss of employment because of restrictive, destructive state environmental policy, she She co-authored the Global Warming Solutions Act — yet has no degree in anything related to climate science.

At this point, I think the best bet for any San Diegan is to call the Stahl show and directly ask specific policy questions, then select the Devil you want to dance with.

SLOB Stories and other links:

Charles Caesar had a great insight looking at the headlines: ALINKSY RULE 13: RADICALIZE THE MESSENGER. Essentially, because Obama and his team are proposing so many radical, toxic policies, anyone who reports on them appears radical. Looking at the headlines at the Washington Times, it is hard to argue:

Mark Mecker offers a perspective on a Congressional Candidate that Tea Partiers can get genuinely excited about!

And around California:

All of the above may explain this Instapundit remark: #JERRYBROWNFAIL: Exodus: California Tax Revenue Plunges by 22%.

And Just to offer an example of some relatively sensible Democrats in the state:  Dem Legislators Urge Cal State to Disclose True Amount of Executive Compensation

In response to a CalWatchDog.com investigation series, two Democratic state legislators are calling on the California State University system “to come clean with a complete and detailed look at just how CSU executives are paid.” In a letter sent Tuesday afternoon to Cal State Chancellor Charles Reed, Assemblymember Anthony Portantino, D-La Cañada Flintridge, and Senator Leland Yee, D-San Francisco, urged CSU to end its repeated attempts to mislead the public about the total compensation of its top executives.

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Dear Readers: As I have often said, one of the sole joys of being a Democrat in California is that I get to vote against Boxer — twice.

I know many of my Tea Party compatriots are less than thrilled at some of the primary results. In fact, some are in despair, as indicated by this Hot Air commenter: Conservatives have no home in California. I’m not even gonna bother voting. My views have no impact so it doesn’t matter. It’ll be whatever. I’m just gonna shelter my assets as best I can.

I would like to be a small voice of optimism, even if we Tea Party aficionados did not get all that we hoped for!

The one results I wanted to obtain from the Secretary of State was this: HOW MANY DEMOCRATS CHOICE A NON-BOXER CANDIDATE? The answer — 20%. I think this reasonably represents the body of independent Democrats in this state. Mickey Kaus described quite succinctly the mood of many Democrats, like myself, in this state:

Now, I haven’t traveled around the state on a “listening tour.” I’ve been living my life here in Los Angeles. But almost every day I run into someone–my doctor, maybe, the friend of a friend, a neighbor walking his dog–and I hear a version of the same thing. “I’m a good Democrat. I’ve been a Democrat all my life. I’m for all the good Democratic things–ending discrimination, fighting poverty, health care, the environment. But I don’t like what’s happening. I don’t like what the unions are doing to the schools.” … Or “I think we’re going broke because we’re paying too many government employees too much money to retire.” … Or “I don’t like what the Democrats are doing on immigration.” … Or “this isn’t the Democratic Party I signed up for.”

I call these people Common Sense Democrats. I’m running for the Senate to give them a way to make their voices heard. They’re not being heard now.

(MUT NOTE: The rest of his essay, Where I am Coming From, is essential Tea Party reading).

I think these Common Sense Democrats will help ensure Boxer is forced into retirement this November.

Trust me, Fiorina was not my first pick — my heart belonged to Chuck (who I think will have an amazing political career that will conclude in the White House). However, as I commented to W.C. Varones in the midst of his despair:

I will remember 2 specific things about Babs Boxer when I pull the November ballot lever: Her insulting treatment of General Walsh and her aggressive support of economically toxic cap&trade. Once we remove Boxer, we are on-top of the new Senator continuously — and working on promoting a conservative challenger next time.

I also found a somewhat smaller percentage of California’s Democrats said no to Former Governor Moonbeam: 15% of California’s Democrats went for someone else — and I will note that my pick, Richard Aguirre, was the top of the pack for second place.

While neither my beloved husband, Horemheb, or my Tea Party friends are particularly jazzed about the GOP selection of Whitman for the Republican slot on the November ballot for Governor, I wanted to restate the best case I hear in support her win: Independent Conservative radio pundit Tammy Bruce says that she is told there is an “evil Meg”, who makes grown men quake in their boots. Tammy also indicated public sector union leaders are a personal target Whitman has. I think Tammy hopes Meg will take the aggressive tact of New Jersey Governor Christie, which is making him popular with conservatives of all stripes nationwide.

I think my Tea Party compatriots should applaud themselves for a job well-done. Even if we didn’t get all that we wanted, we developed networks, communicated ideas, and built a foundation for the November election and 2012 — which will be truly critical.

Those people who want instant results, like the Hot Air commenter I quoted, will be doomed to disappointment. They also condemn our incipient movement to failure. The entire system is damaged; it will take several election cycles — perhaps a dozen years’ worth — to undo the worst of it. The only way to succeed, and actually embrace your responsibilities as a citizen as the Founding Fathers envisioned, is to stay engaged.

Other members of the San-Diego Local Order of Bloggers (SLOBs) weigh in with worthy insights:


One more reading suggestion (also by Michael Barone), which I hope will further inspire my Tea Party frieds: The transformative power of Rick Santelli’s rant

UPDATE: Congrats to Kevin Beiser, who won the race for San Diego Unified District Education Board.

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Dear Readers:  I voted in today’s election already.  It was in a little Tierrasanta garage, and about 12 people had already voted this morning when I arrived.  Basically, I stuck to my ballot recommendations. This morning, my first vote went for Mickey Kaus — the Democratic Senatorial candidate challenging Babs Boxer.

Mickey Kaus

Mickey Kaus prepared an essay summarizing the reasons for his run, as well as some of his new insights after participating as a candidate. THIS ARTICLE IS ESSENTIAL READING FOR ALL TEA PARTY PATRIOTS! A snippet is below —


It’s a self-perpetuating machine. State of the art. Unfortunately it increasingly listens only to those who run it. Average citizens aren’t consulted, and when they speak up they aren’t listened to. After all, who are they? The Democratic machine—increasingly—serves neither their interests, nor the requirements of common sense. It’s leading our state and nation into a dead end. Unless we change it, it will destroy our party.

There’s more, but it should serve as a wake-up call to fair-minded Democratic citizens everywhere. Please read it.

So, after returning from the vote, I noticed an email from Mickey Kaus in the”inbox”. So, I dash off a note of support: Yours was the first name I filled in on the ballot. God Bless you, and thank you for this very brave run. Voting for you was my sole joy today. I will pray you make a good showing.

And a minute later, I received this kind and personal response from Mr. Kaus:

My email note from Senatorial Candidate Mickey Kaus

Those few, personalized words to my short note was far more than any I gave ever received from the robo-letters generated by Boxer’s staff in reply to my many notes of protest.

However, I must admit, I also enjoyed voting for Jay LaSeur for Sheriff very much, too. I have met him several time during Tea Party events, in which he was personable, sensible and seemed to convey he was there to serve San Diego’s citizens.

Jay LaSeur for Sheriff

I will have thoughts on the results to share with you tomorrow. However, I wanted to share Tammy Bruce’s assessment of the grim Gubernatorial selection. [MUT Note — I ended up voting for Richard Aguirre for Governor — as he is 1) a businessman; 2) a San Diego resident; and, 3) NOT Jerry Brown].

Richard Aguirre for Governor

Tammy Bruce is going for Meg Whitman
(as a non-declared voter, she can select from any party’s primary — and is doing the Republican ballot). She says that she is told there is an “evil Meg”, who makes grown men quake in their boots. Tammy also indicated public sector union leaders are a personal target Whitman has. I think Tammy hopes Meg will take the aggressive tact of New Jersey Governor Christie, which is making him popular with conservatives of all stripes nationwide.

I have previously provided evidence that she won’t hesitate to use strong-arm tactics to get what she wants. Perhaps, Tammy thinks this approach will serve Californians best. Additionally, Tammy was most impressed by Dick Cheney’s endorsement of Whitman.

My only other specific recommendation is for Kevin Beiser, who I had the pleasure meeting at the Tierrasanta Patriots Day Parade. He was campaigning the old-fashioned way, face-to-face with individual voters. He is the Math Teach of the Year, has business management experience, and wants to trim wasteful spending and bureaucracy. In other words, he is everything that I want in a candidate at the local level.

Kevin Beiser for SDU School Board

Have a great day people. And, for my cherished readers who are not Californians, please pray that we make the best choices possible to set us up for our “Remember November” campaign.

UPDATE: Kevin B. wrote me too! Thanks.

UPDATE 2: I am thrilled by San Diego Network News column on my ballot choices is towards the top of their most popular list! 🙂

Thank you, readers! 🙂

UPDATE 3: Left Coat Rebel notes his voted for Chuck Devore, Jay LaSeur and Meg Whitman. He summarizes nicely:

HP exec Carly Fiorina and Meg Whitman are the expected winners today which leaves me less than excited to ponder another round of tech titans with ‘r’s instead of ‘d’s but Boxer curbside is something exciting that I thought we would never see.

Check out his site for continued updates. 🙂

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