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Dear Readers:  Went and voted first thing today — easy in, easy out.  According to the poll workers, it was a very slow morning here in the Golden State (unlike Wisconsin, which is reporting over 80% participation).  They attributed it party to mail-in-voting (about half of our precinct already voted) and partly to non-thrilling offerings in national-level races.  So, to spice things off, I offer this perspective on California:

Because life will never be dull in California, even if it will be overly taxed and expensive, here is a story that may inspire more population relocation to another of our 56 states: Rattlesnake bites increase, venom more toxic

More San Diegans are being bitten by rattlesnakes and the venom seems to be getting more toxic, health officials said Monday.

Western Diamondback rattlesnake. — Associated Press

“While San Diego County is seeing a rise in snake bite cases each year, the more alarming factor is the toxicity of the bite,” said Dr. Richard Clark, director of the Division of Medical Toxicology at UC San Diego Health System.

Interestingly, it seems Resident Obama is campaigning more aggressively in California than in Wisconsin. According to Breitbart: The Obama campaign has not sent out an email reminding Democrats to vote in Wisconsin’s Tuesday recall election, even though it sent an email urging California Democrats to vote in California’s primary, which is on the same day. I guess Obama hasn’t heard of our local efforts on behalf of California’s native son. It seems I am not the only Democrat unhappy with the Once.

Fellow SLOBs share their thoughts today:

  • WC Varones: What I’m watching: Wisconsin, obviously. The second most important election this year. The polls are looking good for Gov. Walker to defeat the union machine. Let’s hope they are right and he wins convincingly.  Locally in San Diego, Props A and B should win; it would be a huge financial and governmental setback if either failed.
  • B-DaddyI played high school football and tonight feels like Thursday night before an important Friday game, not the big game, but an important one we need to win. Team taxpayer is favored to win two important contests tomorrow, the Wisconsin governor’s recall and Proposition B in San Diego.

Chris Reed asks: Will San Diegans stand up to Sacramento bullies? We’ll find out Tuesday.  He also has details on mayoral race, especially in regards to CarlDeMaio and Nathan Fletcher, that are will worth reading.

The mayor’s race has the attention of many in this state, including Cal Watchdog:

Dumanis lags, but polls are otherwise close, making a November runoff certain, and organized labor has gone all out to try to keep {Carl] DeMaio from advancing. Driving the animus: The 37-year-old Georgetown graduate has been a powerful advocate for basic changes in how government works, pressing for outsourcing, an end to generous defined-benefit pensions and a renunciation of the pay practice under which workers get automatic “step” raises many years just for showing up on the job.  This assault on the San Diego City Hall status quo has produced a vicious response from individual union members and union organizations. DeMaio and his supporters were taunted and harassed while gathering signatures for a sweeping benefits reform measure that’s on Tuesday’s ballot as Proposition B. The first-term councilman, who is gay, has also been baited for his sexual orientation and subjected to an ugly whispering campaign. Last week, the city police union began airing a grossly misleading attack ad that implied DeMaio didn’t think the families of dead cops should get survivor benefits.

The good news is: Team SLOBs have had thousands of hits on our ballot recommendations, which will help mitigate the vile union tactics being used.

MUT Note: I actually had a chance to talk to Scott Sherman, who is running for City Council District 7. I was happy to say that I had already voted for him (and so did Horemheb), and he seemed gratified to hear so. After being represented by Marti Emerald, I am looking forward to the upgrade.

Anyway, if you haven’t done so, go out and vote. Then, for the history-fans among my readers, check out Word Warrior’s Age of Arthur series (part 11 of the fabulous epic is up). If the results of today’s voting is good, I plan an Egyptology-rich entry in the next few days to celebrate.

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