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Dear Readers:  Scanning the web today, I had an eco-update to my “Environmentalists Gone Wild” post of yesterday.  It seems that California activists are saying CALIFORNIA’S CAP AND TRADE IS RACIST!!!  Cool.

A coalition of environmental justice and civil rights activists has filed a complaint alleging that cap-and-trade provisions in California’s pioneering program to reduce greenhouse gas emissions discriminate against people of color.

Eco-activists vs race-baiters. I have just 2 words:

I wonder if Capt. Capitalism will consider this fight “well-rounded”. BUTT I digress.

Speaking of insanity, DNC-head Debbie Wasserman Schultz sent a survey to us Democrats. The odor of desperation so potent it managed to waft through the computer screen. Here is a sample of the questions asked: I suspect that the DNC will be none too happy with my response.


The Democrats in Sacramento are also madly working to manipulate a series of spot-bills that will help making passing tax increases on us minions much easier. From Cal WatchDog: NEW: ‘Big three’ budget talks behind closed doors

Earlier in the year I reported about the 80 spot bills — empty bills awaiting bill language — which were moved from the legislative budget committees to the Assembly and Senate floors.

The now includes Proposition 25, majority vote by the Legislature to pass a budget; and Proposition 26, requiring a supermajority vote to pass fees and taxes by the Legislature. So the majority Democrats are making major policy changes and potential tax increases by dropping either in trailer-bill language.

By using the spot bills, and now budget-trailer bills, the majority party is avoiding the usual and legal committee process, and the public will never hear the policy and financial debate surrounding the bills.

This means legislators are not always given have a chance to weigh in on and debate the bills.

The tactic raises serious questions about the questionable lengths the majority party will go to jam through legislation without the historically and legal processes.

How can such insanity be dealt with? Per Alinksy Rule 5 — some mocking is in order. Fellow SLOBs Beers with Demo and Charles Caesar, and Conservative Mom Friend Zilla, have been leading the way with the newest Twitter-blitzkrieg: #characterstospare, mocking Obama’s lame insult of the Romney campaign.

              I LOVE US!!!

KT Cat has a series on European Insanity — that is, their debt crisis. His pieces on what is going on over across the pond are essential reading, as this is likely to really impact us hard. For example, in a bat-shit crazy-ass move, new French President Hollande just LOWERED the retirement to 60. I guess because German workers are just aces about working to 80 to support them.

Quick — call the civility police — I just used the words ass and shit.

To conclude, a little tune called “Blue Insanity”.

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Dear Readers: San Diego Tea Party group SoCal Tax Revolt Coalition has issued the following statement today. LaDona Harvey has kindly invited me on her show today at 3:30 pm to highlight this information.

SAN DIEGO, CA – The Southern California Tax Revolt Coalition (SCTRC) members have reviewed the information that Gov. Brown released regarding his 2012-13 budget plan. Unwilling to tackle the entitlement spending or platinum pension levels for state workers, he targeted the cuts on K-12 schools, state universities and courts (threatening them with substantial reductions if California voters fail to pass his $7 billion tax-increase initiative in November.) He also adds additional layers to our gargantuan bureaucracy.

Dawn Wildman, SCTRC President, offers this statement: “The Governor’s budget is entirely irresponsible, in light of the current economic situation. I am sure Californians do not wish to become the American Greece. Citizen groups across the state are poised to push-back on Sacramento’s current proposal. Interestingly, California is obligated under law to devote 40% of the budget to education. That being said, I find it very sad that Brown thinks the best approach to ensure his initiatives pass is to threaten taxpayers with their quality of their children’s lives.”

Leslie Eastman, SCTRC Media Director, offers this statement:
“Brown’s budget proposals are based on so many false premises that I hardly know where to begin. For example, the ‘cuts’ that he touts are very meager, indeed. Though he seems to trim just 1.3% from the total number of state employees, it is important to note the average pay for each state worker is about $80,000. Brown says this ‘sacrifice” will pare 9.2 billion from the budget; the real number is a substantially lower $240 million. The rest of the budget is filled with similar gimmicks, so I anticipate our assembly will be spending another long summer in Sacramento trying to pass a budget.”

Sarah Bond, SCTRC CEO, offers this statement:
Despite the fact their income dropped by 8% during our continuing economic unrest, Brown tags the Californians earning $250,000 a year as wealthy and wants to raid their incomes even more. Brown’s campaign will be they don “pay their fair share”; the truth is, they pay for nearly everything. It is god to remember the people in that income bracket are generally the wealth creators, unless they are public sector employees. California has lost over five companies a week to other states last year, and Brown’s scheme will mean more potential employers will relocate to business friendly environments.

New Agencies to be Created Instead of Dissolved: SoCal-TRC holds that there are too many redundant agencies within the state. Therefore, when it comes to spending proposals, we are opposed to the addition of new layers of bureaucracy, which can only further negatively impact the business climate of the Golden State. For example, there is a new Business and Consumer Services Agency that blends consumer affairs, “fair” employment offices, business licensing and inspection functions, and then adds the newly restructured Department of Business Oversight (which has never actually existed prior.) Individually, each of these agencies hinders the successful set-up and running of enterprises with very little consumer or taxpayer benefit. Brown also intends to establish another entirely new state agency, the Department of State Hospitals, which puts even more layers of paperwork and regulation between patients and healthcare providers. Furthermore, there are no solid plans for funding AB-32 (Global Warming Solutions Act) and the High Speed Rail System, both of which our organization decries as unnecessary and detrimental to the state of our State. Therefore, taxpayers and employers remain in serious of risk of being squeezed so hard we have an economic apocalypse.

For all these reasons, Brown’s budget is dead-on arrival, in terms of support from hard-working California taxpayers.

Thank you.

Dawn Wildman
Sarah Bond
Leslie Eastman

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Dear Readers: I am heading out of town with the Young Prince for my own version of the Sarah Palin American Exceptionalism tour! Stops include Mt. Vernon, Yorktown and Cape Canaveral.

As you recall, Palin’s emails were recently microscopically examined by the elite media (with an assist from volunteers), and found to contain nothing of importance to those who want to tear her down. However, Palin’s supporters have been giving those emails a close look, too. For example, Conservatived4Palin published this gem: #Palinemails Show that the Center-Left Superintendent of the Anchorage School District Praised Palin for “Her Vision [and] Leadership”

My self-appointed task as part of the Conservatives4Palin email review has been scanning the emails for notes from other Democrats who support Sarah Palin. I would like this post to be used as a counter-argument that “Democrats will never vote for Palin”. Actually, yes they will — and here is proof.

I found quite a few (for reference, click HERE for the Crivela West Palin email upload page, and search “Democrat”). Below are my findings.

I would like to highlight my personal favorite:

Sent: Tuesday, April 08, 2008 4:29 PM
To: Governor Sarah Palin (GOV sponsored)
Subject: Oil&Gas

Governor Sarah. I remember back when I was still working,.. and a real good friend of mine named Don Graber, told me that you might make a real good governor. Now me being a Jay Hammond democrat most all my adult life, and you being a republican, ..well I had to think about what Don said. When you did run against the previous governor, and after listening to you, and learning about you, well I joined the rest of most of the folks in Alaska and voted for you. I’m glad I did. I know they are too. You have done more for this state than anyone else since Jay Hammond. I hope you realize what you have helped accomplish for Alaska. I think you do. I just want to thank you for myself, and future generations of Alaskans, for your faith in Alaska and its people. You have carved your name into Alaskan history… and I’m so glad to have been here as it unfolds. History is being made. Again Sarah,.. thank you.

Here are the remainder:

Sent: Wednesday, December 26, 2007 11:45 PM
To: Governor Sarah Palin (GOV sponsored)
Subject: Other

I wish there were more people like you winning Republican (and Democrat) primaries! I’m a Democrat myself but would love to see more moderation (and especially less money/corruption) in politics and you seem to be a shining example of the direction politics should take. Good luck!!

To: Governor Sarah Palin (GOV sponsored)
Subject: Health-Care
Web mail from: Mr. Joe Gray

Dear Governor,
God Bless you and your family to include your new child with Downs Syndrome. I just read what you have done in your term as Governor of Alaska. Although a liftetime Democrat, I applaud you for what you have accomplished and are doing for your State. In both major political parties, we need many more people like you!

Sent: Monday, July 28, 2008 11:04 AM
To: Governor Sarah Palin (GOV sponsored)
Subject: Other

This State employee, despite the fact that I am a Democrat, thinks you are doing a great job., Don’t change the way you look after Alaskans.

Sent: Thursday, December 27, 2007 7:48 AM
To: Governor Sarah Palin (GOV sponsored)

I jut read an article about you and while I am a democrat I admired many of your positions and undertakings. Although I am certain thta we differ on some positions, I admire the manner in which you have acted a governor, so I just thought I would send you this message and let you know.

Sent: Saturday, June 30, 2007 11:38 AM
To: Governor Sarah Palin (GOV sponsored)
Subject: Budget


Thanks for sticking to your guns and keeping the legislature in check. While some of the projects may have been personally lucrative (I’m in construction), None of the vetoed items are critical at this time. Thanks again, keep up the good work,


Sent: Tuesday, August 05, 2008 8:00 AM
To: Governor Sarah Palin (GOV sponsored)
Subject: Other

Hello Governor Palin…
I just want to take a moment here to thank you for the excellent job you are doing for the citizens of the Great state of Alaska. I have had no regrets for the vote I gave you. I have enjoyed pointing out to my visitors this year how we Alaskans have a new governor and she is just the new cut of representative we needed for the people here. Please keep up the work you are doing and know that you have the support of many as you move us all proudly forward.

Thanks again K.J.
K-8 teacher and a democrat of 36 years

Sent: Thursday, July 31, 2008 11:27 AM
To: Governor Sarah Palin (GOV sponsored)
Subject: Public-Safety

Governor Palin,
Lots of average citizens support you! Stand strong and keep your courage! 2′ m a democrat but support you and your policies in many areas .Copy of my e-mail sent to Senator Elton for your info.

To: ‘gov.sarah@yahoo.com’
Subject: May 1 Bill Signing Info

Here is all the info on tomorrow’s event, as well as your remarks. Kris will hand-deliver your briefing packet to you tonight. The seniors are very excited to see you at the event – one, a retired nurse and professing Democrat, said she loved you so much, she even voted for you.

Sent: Friday, May 09, 2008 4:39 PM
To: Governor Sarah Palin (GOV sponsored)
Subject: Other

Dear Gov. Palin,
Thank you for your hard work in office. Despite being a Democrat, I’ve found many of your decisions in office to be exceptionally practical and bold. I look forward to a very productive term in office. And speaking of a productive term . . my main purpose in writing is to congratulate you and your family on the birth of your son. My own son is a happy, wonderful 5 year old who deals with Autism. I don’t know much about your faith, but I hope you won’t mind me sending you a little prayer: I bless you all in.the journey of raising a new child, who will be delightful and challenging in brand new ways–you know, like every kid 🙂

May you and your husband be transformed again by the power of love and a new life. May your son grow strong in character, mind and body, and be a blessing to every one he meets. May your older children be blessed by their brother and receive all that they need. May you and your husband receive an extra helping of energy, and the ability to rest well. May the boldness and common sense you have shown in office be a service to you in your parenting.

In the name of Jesus, Amen.God has prepared you all for each other and its gonna be beautiful–but you already knew that.

Sent: Thursday, June 19, 2008 10:15 PM
To: Governor Sarah Palin (GOV sponsored)
Subject: Oil&Gas

I attended a town meeting tonight in Wasilla on the gas pipeline. I want to first tell you a bit about myself and background. I amnow and always have been a registered Democrat. I went across party lines to vote for you for Mayor of Wasilla both times. The first time was because I didn’t like your opponant and you were a woman. The second time because I liked what you did for Wasilla. I and my staunch democratic husband both voted for you for Govenor because we liked what you did for Wasilla and were sure you would do the same for Alaska. We are a bit miffed as to why the “all Alaskan gas pipeline” girl has been taken over by the Canadians? My husband says its because if we keep it in state you can’t line your pockets.He is very sceptical about “politicians”. I am praying that is not the reason. I believe we should ask the people of Alaska in a vote if they want Canada to have that much control over our gas or if we want to use the infrastructure already in place in the oil pipeline to build it ourselves. I am concerned by the opportunities for Canada to use our gas by diversion or by using our gas to devolope Canadian fields. Or by charging exorbinant terrifs. It just seems to me there are too many ways we can loose by accepting this Trans-Canada proposal.

Why can’t we simply build it side by side of the existing pipeline? Funding? I bet the people would vote to use the permanent fund with the reassurance that their used dividens would be replaced with interest, once the pipeline was built. It only makes sense to me to keep it “all Alaskan “, creating jobs in the building and exporting, keeping all the revenues to ourselves. I see a grim future if we stay thinking along the lines of not keeping it all Alaskan. We did it before ………… we can do it again!!!! Sincerly,
P.S. You are always in my prayers as a mother and govenor . God Bless you

I would like to think that this post highlights that there are Democrats out there who actually respect their fellow citizens, even if they hold a different party registration. It seems that basic civility from the extreme left within my party has been lacking; it is nice to be able to show that average Democrats appreciate an honest, hard-working representative of any party.

Related to this point, I would like to point out that its was the California State Controller who tossed out the pseudo-budget offered by our legislators as “balanced” — in a scramble to meet the legally-set deadline and collect their pay. Contoller, and fellow Democrat, John Chiang had this statement:

“My office’s careful review of the recently-passed budget found components that were miscalculated, miscounted or unfinished,” said Chiang. “The numbers simply did not add up, and the Legislature will forfeit their pay until a balanced budget is sent to the Governor.”

My Tea Party peeps know what to do! If Democrat Alaskans can email Sarah Palin with a few kind words, we can contact Chiang (who is probably coming under a bit of “friendly fire” from Sacramento Democratic representatives who didn’t think he was going to make the law legal).

John Chiang
CA State Controller’s Office

FACEBOOK http://www.facebook.com/pages/State-Controller-John-Chiang/22930503694

P.O. Box 942850
Sacramento, CA 94250-5872
(916) 445-2636 Office
(916) 322-4404 FAX

Los Angeles

777 South Figueroa Street, Suite 4800
Los Angeles, California 90017
(213) 833-6010 Office
(213) 833-6011 FAX

UPDATE: This is from the comments section of Chiang’s Facebook page: I’m a life-long Democrat from a family of Democrats. You absolutely did the right thing withholding the paychecks. The legislators who are griping about it are foolish. Are they trying to ensure no re-election for themselves? We don’t want to hear them complain. We want to see them craft a budget solution. Good job.

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