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It seems that Andrew Breitbart’s spirit may already be intervening in Hollywood.  This Big Hollywood Headline caught my attention: Weekend Box Office: ‘Hunger Games’ Still #1, ‘Titans’ Solid #2, Julia Roberts Weak #3

Last week, when Hunger Games was #1 as well, Lipstick Underground noted:

In a live interview, Wolfie tried uber-hard to pin a gotcha moment on Mitt Romney for taking his grandchildren to the Hunger Games. “It’s PG-13. Is it a little too violent for young kids?”

Having already read the popular teen-novel, Romney replied, “I think it’s a little disturbing for young kids, “ but that his grandkids are about 13 and everyone enjoyed it.

What I wish Mittens has said, and what I think Blitzer (and Statists everywhere) fears, is that the Hunger Games is about Freedom….with a healthy dose of battling evil with honor…and a plot driven by the importance of knowing how to hunt, skin, and eat animals.

So go ahead, W.B, be the nanny all you want, meanwhile millions and millions of teenagers everywhere cannot get enough of this story.

P.S. Just Google “Hunger Games Freedom” …I promise it will make you smile.

I did, and here are the heartening results:

Word Warrior was out this weekend, and viewed “Wrath of the Titans”. He noted that the movie’s producers may have sent an unintended conservative message: that order is maintained by traditional values, personified by the gods; and that without these, chaos is unleashed.

He and I agreed on one point: If they make a sequel to this sequel, there has to be some goddesses. I sense our reasons differ for this, however.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the fact that Julia Robert’s “Mirror,Mirror” is floundering . This proves that insulting your potential customers is an entertainment business model that is full of fail. It is also proves somewhat Word Warriors’ contention that: Apparently the lady deities suffered more acutely from a lack of worshiper’s love than their male counterparts, fading away all the quicker. Come to think of it that is perhaps the one thing in this film that rings the truest!

Yep. Except it is an entirely different consequence for this goddess!!! You dis the Goddess of Capitalism, you will feel her wrath.

I guess when Hollywood wants a profit, they are willing to unleash the conservative memes. I guess the spirit of Breitbart may now control Hollywood.


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