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SHRINE URGENT UPDATE: Monkees Singer Davy Jones Dead at 66 From Heart AttackDavy was my first big crush, so this is a very sad day. Prayers for his spirit and the comfort of his family. My favorite Monkees tune:

Dear Readers: Horemheb emailed me from the Shrine's outpost in Santa Barbara last night, very pleased that Mitt Romney won the primaries in Michigan and Arizona. It seems it was a solid win in my home state of Michigan, too — as he garnered more votes this year than in 2008. My husband was thrilled, and I must admit I was delighted.

How did our attitudes evolve into this position?

I think the Beer Summit discussions last week highlights that Romney has been very lucky in his circumstances regarding other challengers. At this point, no other Republican presidential candidate seems to have the gravitas, endurance, or the golden karma Romney has. So, with Rand Paul being mentioned as a possible Vice Presidential choice, it is hoped by many of our citizen pundits that Team Romney recognizes they have to pay attention to grassroots concerns. In a nutshell, many of our band of agitators hope for Romney with a side of Paul.

W.C. Varones expressed the idea that he would be happy if Romney tapped Ron Paul as Treasury Secretary. As a fan of John Bolton, I was heartened when the former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations and ultra-sensible foreign policy guru endorsed Romney. Here are Bolton’s words: I believe it’s absolutely critical to defeat Barack Obama in November. I think our country would be in dire straits domestically and internationally if he gets another four years. And I think Gov. Romney is the person who can best lead the party, best articulate our conservative principles and is most likely to beat Barack Obama…. Romney is conservative enough for me and I think he’s the one most likely to get elected, and I think that’s critical.”

In my view, it would help if Romney indicated he would tap Bolton as Secretary of State.

The grassroots enthusiasm for Ron Paul and his domestic positions cannot be understated. As a Palin supporter, I know how invigorating a VP-nod can be to otherwise staid supporters, who will then actually want to go out and do the leg-work so critical in a successful general election run. While the Beer Summit support for Romney was not 100% and can best be described as tepid, a nod to Tea Party sensibilities by Team Romney would do a lot to get the ball rolling for November.

So, as of right now, I start to underscore the positives that Romney will bring to the General Election and highlight his need for a Tea Party vice-president.

For example, Word Warrior published a piece today that I want to share: SOMETIMES IT TAKES A HERO. In 1996, 14-year-old Melissa Gay from Connecticut disappeared in NYC. After about a week of fruitless searching, the father turned to his boss for help:

Robert Gay’s boss didn’t hesitate. He said, ‘I don’t care how long it takes, we’re going to find her.’ A few hours later, he and other executives of the Boston-based firm were on the shuttle to New York; preparing to organize a huge volunteer effort. “My business partner stepped forward to take charge”, Robert Gay recalls. “He closed the company and brought almost all our employees to New York.” For Melissa Gay, a hero had appeared.

That hero was Mitt Romney.

The search that Romney spear-headed eventually helped reunite Melissa with her father. The story is compelling, and I urge you to read the piece by following the link. Compare it to what Barak Obama would likely do in a similar situation. I think the story demonstrates how Mitt would actually be a leader in a time of crisis, and I think that is extremely important to know. I like what I read.

We cannot have Obama unchecked, being unconcerned with reelection for the next 4 years. For those of you venting against the probable Romney nomination, I would urge you to start digging around for reasons to pull the lever for him in November. There are many: Better First Lady, more sane Supreme Court pics, more lucid foreign policy, apt to be much more respect to following Constitutionally-based procedures….

Otherwise, if you are going to sit out or vote third party, at least have the cojones to actually pull the lever for Obama – it is the most honest outcome to your internal drama.

(MUT Note: The Beer Summit vote include one purely abstaining member, one clear vote for Paul, one clear vote for Santorum, and absolutely none for Gingrich: Check out the SLOBs and see if you can figure which was who).

(MUT Note 2: Santorum completely wiped out any inkling support that he had from me with his ill-considered remarks about JFK’s speech regarding religion and the state. Listen to it, in full, and see if it makes you want to “vomit”. It is Santorum’s take that makes me queasy. Happily, it seems Romney will now have the opportunity to use JFK’s words during the general election):

(MUT Note 3: Snowe’s retirement is the first Tea Party win of 2012, achieved without casting a vote).

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Dear Readers: Three wonderful items juxtaposed themselves into my thoughts last night: 1) Reminders from Michelle Malkin and the Anchoress of open-border rallies held in early May — on socialist Labor Day (May 1st) or Cinco-de-Mayo (May 5th); and, Beers with Demo’s suggestion Americans select a specific day to “Money Bomb” Arizona and send a message of support to its citizens and leadership for actually enforcing the law and promoting the national security.

(MUT Note: Beers with Demo’s Dean had a wonderful compendium of all the problems and consequences associated with Obamacare that have been discovered only after its passage makes for chilling reading..but read it none-the-less: Nancy’s Nuances: A journey of discovery).

As I predicted in my San Diego News Network column (thanks, Left Coast Rebel for the link), grassroots calls for a BUY-cott in support of Arizona have expanded to a formal call for this action via formal, national-scale Tea Party networks.

I would like to call for one, additional step. To counter “Mexican President Felipe Calderon’s demagoguery on Arizona’s immigration enforcement law,” let all we Americans unite in support of Arizona’s citizens by engaging in a “Money Bomb” on the day that many of us might of spent money on Dos Equis, margaritas, and tacos, and send it to people trying to handle this century’s border crisis.

Here is how it works. Firstly, though it is based in New York, we all must buy Arizona Ice Tea. It is a win-win — we annoy the extreme leftists AND get a refreshing drink (though, perhaps, not as alcoholically pleasurable as cerveza).


Next, we “Money Bomb” Arizona’s Jan Brewer, who is running for re-election. Click HERE to contact her formal website. I am in the process of determining the donation site, and will update this post as soon as I figure it out.

Then Americans from across the nation can review the list of Arizona-based businesses, and see what they can do on May 5th to send some money their way. Here is the list I have; I will update with more as I get information:

Arizona Cardinals (Football)
• Arizona Diamondbacks (MLB Baseball)
• Best Western Buffalo Exchange (Second-hand clothing)
• Cable One Phoenix, AZ Source Web Form
• Circle K (Convenience Store)
• Clear Channel Outdoor
• Cold Stone Creamery
• Dial
• Discount Tire Company
• Fender Music Instruments
• Greyhound Corp.
• GoDaddy
• Harkins Theatres
• Kona Grill
• Knight Transportation
• Massage Envy
• PF Changs
• Ping (Golf)
• • Phoenix Suns
• PetSmart
• Ramada Hotels
• Sky Mall
• Surf City Squeeze
• U-Haul Phoenix,
• University of Phoenix
• US Airways

For example, on May 5th , Texans in the Houston area can go to the Arizona Diamondbacks game (and, as a Padres fan, it kills me to make this suggestion). Perhaps those of you planning a trip to that state can actually make your reservations on May 5th to fly via US Airways or stay at A Ramada later in the year. Contact the Arizona Tourism Center and let them know you plan to go, and ask for recommendations. I know I plan to make a run to PetSmart for supplies for my Egyptian mau.

This year, let’s make May 5th a special day for Americans.

UPDATE: The Southern California Tax Revolt Coalition is planning a tea party day with the Padres when the Diamondbacks come to town in July; stay tuned for details!


MUT’s News and Views:

W.C. Varones: End TBTF (Too Big to Fail).

Michelle Malkin: Barack Obama, America’s Selective Salary Policeman

Hot Air: GDP growth drops to 3.2% in first quarter of 2010 and Ryan: GM repayment claims a “shell game”

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Dear Readers: My husband Horemheb and I were following the news about the violent protests of open-border extremists following the passage of the new Arizona immigration law — that 60% of Americans and 70% of Arizonans support. Michelle Malkin has a post containing pictures of these protesters — yet, the mainstream media is silent about denouncing them “as angry, racist extremists”.

From Michelle Malkin: http://michellemalkin.com/

Arizona’s Senator John McCain, during one of his finest moments of the 2008 Presidential Campaign, said “Today we are all Georgians” to show solidarity with that country — then being bullied by the Russians. Today, Arizona and many other states, including my own California, are undergoing another type of invasion. This time, Arizona is fighting back.

Today, we are all Arizonans.

Please contact Governor Jan Brewer to voice your support. She has got to know — NOW — that her fellow Americans (WHO FULLY SUPPORT LEGAL IMMIGRATION) have her back.


The full mailing address is:
The Honorable Jan Brewer
Governor of Arizona
1700 West Washington
Phoenix, Arizona 85007

Telephone (602) 542-4331
Toll Free 1-(800) 253-0883
Fax (602) 542-1381


What is especially disconcerting to me as a new Catholic is that Los Angeles Cardinal Mahony decided to chime-in, deriding the new state law geared to protect is border and the sovereignty of the United States as: “German Nazi and Russian Communist techniques.” I wonder what he says, then, about Mexico’s own aggressive policies against Southern American illegal immigrants crossing though its southern border. And talk about double-standard if an American “illegal” tries to get free government services in Mexico!

This comes from The New American:

According to Mexican immigration law, only foreigners having the money necessary to support themselves and their dependents are permitted inside Mexico. Foreigners who violate immigration laws, including forgery of papers, working without a permit, or overstaying their visas, are routinely and severely punished, often by summary deportation, but sometimes by lengthy prison terms. Illegal immigration is a felony in Mexico, with violators subject to two-year prison sentences. Even airlines and other transportation companies carrying illegal immigrants into Mexico are fined.

And I have news for GOP-chair Michael Steel — the new Arizona law is family-protection based! Enforcement of sane border policies will protect American families from the loss of beloved members — such as the family of rancher Robert Krentz, killed by an illegal immigrant.

One of the key factors in the extreme left’s response to the Arizona law AND the upcoming amnesty battle (which is likely to occur between Memorial Day and July 4th) is that the term “racist” has lost its sting. It has been bandied about so trivially by opponents to the Tea Parties, and shown to be a vile lie by Andrew Breitbart, that open-borders advocates will find that we border-enforcement supporters will remain undeterred during the next few months.

Gibbs: The DOJ is still reviewing Arizona’s law but let’s call it “fundamentally unfair” anyway

Some Pics of Sunday’s Immigration Protest in AZ You Won’t Be Seeing on MSNBC

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