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Dear Readers:  I am preparing a lesson on political cartooning for the Young Prince’s 4th grade class, an infiltration into the public school system that is an unexpected blessing.  One of the touchstones of political cartooning is the selection of iconic images that strike a chord with most viewers.  Star Wars, for example, offers so many options for creating a strong visual message.  A case in point: The Death Star being converted into Debt Star (a touchstone of W.C. Varones’ blog).

When thinking about the sad loss of citizen warrior, Andrew Breitbart, I am reminded of Star Wars’ Jedi mentor, Obi-Wan Kenobi.  Kenobi was struck down just as the Rebels were about to face their biggest challenge against the Empire.  Kenobi’s words to Darth Vader before his death: If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you could possibly imagine.

Tammy Bruce and Jim Hoft (Gateway Pundit) attended Breitbart’s funeral yesterday, and both remarked that the conservatives in attendance plan to use their time, energy and resources to push-back against the culturally toxic environment created by statists, progressives, and those who want to silence Americans who don’t share their elite values. They seem more motivated to do so, not less.

Today, our ranks are now joined by a new champion from the entertainment-bureaucracy complex.  Clearly, his new-found activism is another legacy from Breitbart.

Producer to Hollywood Left: ‘F–K You. I Am Andrew Breitbart: Daniel Knauf, a major Hollywood producer (e.g., HBO’s Carnivale, Spartacus – Blood and Sand), was triggered by an odious stream of toxic tweets into pushing-back on the entertainment industry’s blacklisting of conservatives.

Now, after just getting “Game of Thrones/ Season 1” in the mail from Amazon yesterday, I am going to have to add the “Spartacus” series to the Shrine’s movie collection. I bet there are dozens of iconic images to utilize for punditry in Knauf’s work. But I digress…

Let’s take a look at some of the Knauf Tweets and see what set him off!

Upon learning of Breitbart’s death, Knauf tweeted this:

After the elitist liberals reading his Tweets responded with a barrage that was a seething mixture of vulgarity and inanity, Knauf concluded the dialog with:

Knauf also describes this chilling episode:

Over the ensuing years, I continued to remain silent whenever confronted by the toxic, batshit-crazy, knee-jerk, anti-intellectual, when-in-doubt-blame-America Leftism that pervades Hollywood. I saw what happened to others if they spoke up or disagreed with the party line. I actually witnessed one writer, who foolishly expressed his support for the war in Iraq, set-upon and viciously berated by no less than six crew-members for almost 20 minutes straight.

That night, he found his car had been keyed in our secure lot.

Hmm… must’ve been a random vandal.

Incidentally, though he had a storied career, an amazing list of credits and is one of the most versatile, talented writer-producers I know, the jobs gradually dried up for him and now he can’t, as they say, get arrested in this town.

As a consumer of entertainment, I been indirectly affected. I love great movies, especially those featuring history and adventure. I am angered by this tragic and disgraceful waste of talent. How many great movies and TV shows have I and my family been deprived of, because the left chooses to punish those who go off the reservation and silence them??

Breitbart is dead, but his “FORCE” is guiding more and more activists to get engaged in one of the greatest challenges we face: Defeating Obama, who seems content to gin-up civil unrest for his own purposes.

Breitbart understood we had to change not only the government and politics, but the culture and media as well. Word Warrior, who is in the entertainment industry and deals with Hollywood types regularly, shares his thoughts:


I have worked the last couple years in television; and experienced the same thing… And when I lived in Union-dominated Detroit for 7 years (my in-laws were mostly all United Auto Workers Union guys and gals); and when I lived and worked a year in both Chicago and Detroit! The hatred on the Left for we on the Right goes WAY beyond disdain we often feel for their leftist ideas.

To paraphrase the parlance of “The Godfather”, for us it’s just politics. For the Left, it’s personal.

Plainly, we tax-payers who are conservative (or centrist, but personally responsible), are beginning to challenge the assertions and narratives of those who want to force their standards on us. Andrew Breitbart mentored us on the “hows”, and people all over the blogosphere and other venues are carrying on the work.

For example, Professor Jacobson of Legal Insurrection, is challenging Carbonite on their hypocrisy of dropping Rush Limbaugh after the host’s “slut”/apology combo — while the firm felt fine retaining host Ed Schultz after a similar incident. Americans everywhere are shaking things up, as the company’s stock price is tumbling. We won’t let a fake coed, a 30-year old lefty activist who can’t accept an apology with grace, dictate the field of cultural battle.

The Goddess of Capitalism is most pleased.

I guess no Beer Summit for Fluke, Limbaugh, Obama and Biden!!!!

I am a small, Catholic woman. I am a working mom. I do not have a radio show or TV spot: I operate only a computer with a free blog site. However, I AM ANDREW BREITBART, TOO. That means, I am going to do what I can to contribute to push-back on the elite cultural and political script — with whatever tools, talent, and gusto God pleases to give me.

To that end, as I Democrat, I do have sources that some of my friends may not share.  I have news about yesterday’s primaries that should be of extreme interest to all citizen activists. No, it isn’t about the GOP primary. It is the Democratic primary in Oklahoma.

Randall Terry Wins a Delegate in Oklahoma

President Barack Obama won Tuesday’s Oklahoma Democratic primary, but in a slight embarrassment, antigay, antiabortion campaigner Randall Terry swiped a delegate from him. Mr. Terry, one of two challengers to Mr. Obama, garnered 18% of Tuesday’s vote, crossing the 15% bar for earning a delegate to the Democratic nominating convention this summer. Oklahoma had 45 of 50 Democratic delegates in play Tuesday, with the remaining five attending the convention as uncommitted. The voter turnout of 116,000 was the lightest in the state’s history for a Democratic primary.

As Hillaryis44 noted in the New Hampshire primary (in which Obama lost 20% of the vote), a significant number of Democrats detest the policy consequences of Team Obama and are making their ire known early.  So, when the media rips the Repbulicans for “lack of unity” and “lack of enthusiasm with the base”, please do not lose sight of the fact that it isn’t all wine-and-roses over at Empire Central, either.!!

I am also going to continuing helping my fellow activists with “Managing Media” concepts. I am also going to use whatever platforms Fate provides to help teach “messaging”, such as my son’s class.

I will conclude with a graphic that shows Breitbart’s influence will not wane with his death. This is the first political cartoon published by my 10-year old son.

Yes, Breitbart is now more powerful than his opponents can possibly imagine. We are standing up to Obama’s elite cultural Stormtroopers.


Anna Puna chimes in on the latest leftist hypocrisy
: Robert Kennedy Jr. uses the term for prostitute to describe Sen. Inhofe’s sensible energy policy. Check it out.

A big thanks to Hillary is 44 for the link in their awesome piece: Andrew Breitbart Strikes From The Grave: Barack Obama The Race-Baiter Protected By Corrupt Big Media. Hillary44 dishes on a video tape that was being held by media elites, snippets of which are only now being parceled out by our cultural betters.

From Mark Meckler: Breitbart is Here – T-Shirt, Graphics, etc. Support the family…make it viral…put Breitbart everywhere!

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Dear readers:  No further comments today, as Professor Jacobson reports that Tea Party warrior Andrew Breitbart is dead.

Prayers for his soul and the comfort of his family.

Update: Shrine friend and citizen activist Mark Meckler goes into detail on impact that the loss of Andrew will mean to the blogosphere, as well as some background on Breitbart’s heart problems. From Mark, whose thoughts correspond with my own:

Andrew did things that no one has ever done before. He fought fights in which no one else was willing to engage. He was a slayer of dragons, a knight in shining armor, and who I sincerely and personally hoped would help to save the day, and by extension, the country. He will be terribly missed. There is no one else like him. Others will step in to fill the void he has left, and Big Journalism (and his other projects) will continue. But it will not be the same.

Death of Arthur

UPDATE 2: To those of you who become upset at the nasty comments about Breitbart on the lefty sites and on Twitter that will appear today, I can only suggest that you keep this in perspective: They lose a piece of their soul with each insult they type. Pity them. Then annoy them with your prayers.

In fact, take the time today and “flag” them for abuse on those websites. Instead of complaining, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Andrew would have wanted it so.

Then tomorrow, channel that energy into commenting more yourself on lefty and standard news sites.


And, finally, Tammy Bruce who wept at times during today’s podcast.  Her thoughts and those of her TAMily can be found here:  ANDREW BREITBART, RIP.

And some more from the SLOBs:

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