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Dear Readers: I a great chat with Silvio Canto Jr. and Word Warrior Barry Jacobsen on Canto Talk last night. Barry covered the politics and history behind the Petraeus resignation, from a military and masculine point of view. I offered my feminine perspective. (Click here to listen to the show; we start at about minute 35).

During the podcast, I note that Paula Broadwell’s jealous emails were a warning to men about the dangers of combining oxytocin with the social media. Gentlemen — this is not the era when a passionate, handwritten note can be safely hidden. A hormone obsessed woman is apt to feature her entire relationship history on Facebook, Twitter or other social media venues. Exercise due caution.

In other words, don’t do “Mad Men” in a “Mad Max Media” world!

And for the women involved in the story, they rate the Goddess Facepalm:

Today’s entry in the continuing saga centers on a question by a reporter for Sen. John McCain: What is the bigger security issue, Benghazi or the Petraeus affair. McCain’s response was perfect: “Well, I say with great respect, that’s one of the dumbest questions I’ve ever heard.”

I’ll say it without the respect.

So, it seems when you need a crucial matter investigated by the press, you have to have a sex scandal. Let’s see how this might work!

For example, would there be more interest in Fast and Furious if Eric Holder was banging a couple if interns?

How about the FEMA director giving his sweetheart luxury items found in the wake of Hurricane Sandy?(Though, in a related story, Madonna is stripping for donations — but that’s another natural disaster).

And I hear rumors that this woman is somehow involved with the $16 Trillion deficit!

A couple of more items posted today on the Petraeus story: Judge Andrew Napolitano thinks the General is being railroaded and the Obama administration is hiding something, and the FBI agent whose investigation triggered the events that lead to the resignation may be being railroaded as well.

Just another day of boobery and incompetence for our elite media! Brace yourself for another 4 years of inane Press Conference fun!


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