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Dear Readers: I am slowly recovering from the trip to Arizona this weekend. I had tale that I wanted to regale you with, underscoring the “New Civility” that seems en vogue among the leftists post-Tucson.

So, my family walks into Starbucks before dropping me off the the Sunday portion of the American Policy Summit. To make sure my camera was working, I snapped this picture:

When I got up to get napkins for my son, the owner of the above laptop was by the utensil stand. She totally gave me the evil eye! My sin? My Summit Badge was emblazoned: MEDIA – FOX BUSINESS.

I guess the pesticide-free owner did not care to COEXIST with a FOX-connected pundit!

My next posts will deal with some great items about True the Vote outreach, and California Governor Jerry Browns plans to make all our elections mail-in only (allowing for fraud at rates that will truly be unprecedented). Stay tuned!

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Dear Readers: Dawn Wildman, one of the co-founders of our local Tea Party group and a coordinator of the Tea Party Patriots (TPP), called in with the Straw Poll results for the American Policy Summit presidential picks. Happily, they seem to make more sense than those at CPAC. Even better — my personal pick, Sarah Palin, does very well in the large field of potential candidates.

TPP broke the results into 2 groups — online (where Ron Paul has a very strong presence of engaged supporters) and live (reflecting the opinion of attendees). When reviewing the results, it is helpful to know three things:

1) Paul, Tim Pawlenty and Herrman Cain spoke at the APS convention.
2) Dawn and several other participant in Phoenix said Cain did an outstanding job.
3) Both Dawn and I agreed Pawlenty had improved considerably, in terms of giving speeches (even to a highly receptive audience).

With this in mind, here are the results:


Herman Cain 12%
Ro Paul 12%
Sarah Palin 9%
Mike Huckabee 6%
Tim Pawlenty 5%
Newt Gingrich 5%


Herman Cain 22%
Tim Pawlenty 16%
Ron Paul 15%
Sarah Palin 10%
Mitt Romney 6%

Translation: Paul was not the runaway winner, even online. And the top-performer of those who didn’t come was my personal pick, Palin. I hope this is instructive. Those who wish someone else to prevail in the primary, please recognize that you disrespect Palin at great peril to your choice. Palin supporters are a great engine of fundraising, drive, and creativity. You will need them behind the candidate (should it NOT be Sarah) in the general election if Obama is to be defeated. Additionally, most conservatives seem ready to shake things up, and establishment-blessed candidates need not apply.

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Dear Readers: I have a ton of notes and interviews to share with you from the American Policy Summit in Phoenix, which I was able to join yesterday. I forgot my camera connection at home, so the pics I took featuring some of the great Americans I met will have to wait until next week. I think the biggest thing I wanted to report was the dynamic energy and creative enthusiasm that filled the audience at Tea Party Patriots’ first policy summit. Dawn Wildman, one of the co-founders of our local Tea Party group who now networks nationally, was one of the forces that brought together over 3,000 attendees to the Phoenix Convention Center and over 2,000 online. Very exciting, and Dawn indicates the TPP team was thrilled at the level of participation.

One of the best moments of the event for me was meeting fellow blogger Walter Hudson, a pundit hailing from Minnesota. He has prepared his initial report, Vile Racist Fear-Mongers Convene in Phoenix to Revel in Hate. Walter and I both agree that

  • getting more Citizen Journalists reporting on local/state matters and keeping an eye on their representatives is an important contribution that the Tea Party is making. As Walter reflects, after attending a break-out session for Tea Party reporters: Your opinion is worth precisely nothing, because everyone has one. It becomes empowered when informed by fact. Digging for the story within the data, the truth concealed beneath the surface of rhetoric, is what leads to original content that will attract and retain a following.

    Another great moment for me was meeting Jenny Beth Martin in-person. Her graciousness, intellect, and energy was evident through the entire 12-hour plus day. Politics and Government had an interview with her: Tea Party summit: A 40-year plan to take America back. From the linked article: In an interview with One News Now, Martin said it took a generation to produce the “cultural shift” that has led us to this point, and it will “take a full generation to instill Constitutional principles again.”

    I was very excited to hear PJTV’s Bill Whittle of “Afterburner”, which as a highlight of the general session. There were politicians who spoke Saturday, including Presidential hopefuls Tim Pawlenty and Ron Paul. The representative that made the biggest impression on me was Arizona’s freshman congressman David Schweikert. Schweikert was part of a panel that included WSJ’s John Fund and economist Alex Brill, which reviewed the oncoming “Debt Ceiling Limit” debate that will be occurring in the not-too-distant future.

    I was privileged to sit-in on a special session of the California Tea Party cooridinators. They were formulating plans to address the numerous problems plaguing California, not the least of which involves the Public Employee Unions (PEUs). They are featuring their nhew website: californiateapartygroups.org. A few key items: The California Teams hope to promote an “adopt-a-politician” program, so that an individual citizes can focus on the activities of only one representative. The combined effort will really shine the light of day on the dark dealings in Sacramento! Speaking of Sacramento, NoCal Tea Party coordinator Ginny Rapini is organizing a great April 15th Tax Day Tea Party for our state’s capitol. It is hoped that citizens will converge on Sacramento to send a powerful message to California’s politicians that the days of fiscal insanity are numbered.

    It is interesting to note that some of the biggest cheers during all meetings came when people mentioned Scott Walker. I can tell you that all engage Americans are paying attention to the Badger State, as we recognize that the WI battle has national ramifications. Do not let any of the elite media pundits tell you that Walker’s popularity is decreasing. It is patently untrue.

    Check back in throughout the week for updates! 🙂

    PS. Beers with Demo has a report that I called in, trying to work-around the lack of WiFi: We’re assuming they do have indoor plumbing. Thanks BwD!!!!

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