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Dear Readers: I encouraged San Diego resident who could, attend two panel discussions that were related to each other by the goal — determining how the city would get out of its financial quagmire. Richard Rider has been instrumental in focusing attention on local matters, and he kindly publicized the importance of these discussions with local politicos.

San Diego City Hall

San Diego City Hall

Richard provides this report:

Today (10/22/09) I did a forum debate before the subsidy-seeking San Diego Downtown Partnership group. They discussed the three downtown pyramids they want to build.

I critiqued the new city hall and convention center expansion, while SDCTA CEO Lani Lutar expertly dissected the fatally flawed new downtown library proposal (she did much better than I did).

Actually it was a surprisingly fair and largely civil forum. Given that the Partnership and I never agree on anything, it went pretty well.

They had selected crusty old real estate mogul Malin Burnham as the spokesperson for the new city hall. If nothing else, Malin is candid.

Painfully so for his side, as it turns out. See the damning SAN DIEGO UNION-TRIBUNE article below.

Malin made a FABULOUS admission. Here’s the opening excerpt of the article:

Malin Burnham

Malin Burnham

Here is the Money Quote from Malin:

A key backer of building San Diego a new $432 million City Hall argued against a public vote on the project Thursday, saying the general public won’t be able to understand it.

“There’s less than 1 percent of the citizens in the United States of America that understand the complexity in how to put these kinds of projects together, so why would we want to ask the other 99 percent?” said real estate mogul Malin Burnham.

Malin’s continued to turn on the charm. Richard reports that he came over after the debate, yelling and calling Rider and SD City Councilmember DeMaio “idiots”!

I have a free PR tip for Malin and other business leaders. In the new era of Tea Parties and citizen activism, you will probably want to AVOID a headline such as this in the future….

Backer of new City Hall doesn’t want public vote

…just sayin’!

The arguments for and against three specific city projects are detailed in the signonsandiego piece, which I linked above (and is essential reading for city residents). A sample is below:

Lani Lutar, president of the San Diego County Taxpayers Association, questioned the wisdom of approving a project when fundraisers acknowledge they remain $36 million short of their goal. She said the city could easily end up paying the operating costs of a huge library it can’t afford.

“We can either be realistic and really be honest about the trade-offs or we can push through a project that is going to repeat the mistakes of the past,” Lutar said, referring to the 2002 decision to significantly increase city employee pension benefits without identifying a way to pay for them.

MUT Note: The title from the piece comes from “Blazing Saddles”. “Badges…We don’t need no stinkin badges.” Today, I discovered this line has its origins in the Humphrey Bogart Classic – Treasure of the Sierra Madres:

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Dear Readers: I had the pleasure of listening to my friend, and fellow founder of the Southern California Tax Revolt Coalition, Lipstick Underground, chat with a freelance reporter in front of the Senate Offices as part of the July 17th nationwide protests on Cap-and-Trade and Obama’s “single payer” proposals.

One of the things she reported is that the Senate version of the proposed healthcare reforms had bureaucratic organizations to implement “Community Transformation Plans”. Teams that would assess the individuals that make up each community and begin drafting plans for healthier living. The bill, with the Orwellian name of the Affordable Health Choices Act, would direct money to “community organizations” so they could promote government health care and tailor citizens’ diet and exercise programs healthy lifestyles — based on their opinion of what constitutes such lifestyles. In a nutshell, American lifestyles would be dictated by “Community Transformers”.

Buried on pages that start about halfway through the 600 plus page legislative hydra is the following requirements:

“Activities within the plan shall focus on (but not be limited to)— (i) creating healthier school environments, including increasing healthy food options, physical activity opportunities, promotion of healthy lifestyle and prevention curricula, and activities to prevent chronic diseases;

“(ii) creating the infrastructure to support active living and access to nutritious foods in a safe environment;

“(iii) developing and promoting programs targeting a variety of age levels to increase access to nutrition, physical activity and smoking cessation, enhance safety in a community, or address any other chronic disease priority area identified by the grantee.”

The proposals continue, giving the “community transformers” the ability to monitor citizens’ compliance with the plan, in terms of weight loss, exercise, and diet. The community transformers report back to government administrators on the progress their neighborhoods are making and then develop plans and training courses so that these transformation goals can be implemented elsewhere.

This act has an analogy to something carried out in China — The One Child Policy. I just read a wonderful book, Out of Mao’s Shadow: The Struggle for the Soul of a New China. One of the themes was how teams of Chinese “population transformers” would monitor couples, and harass pregnant women into terminating their pregnancies. They would report back to their “superiors” on the success of their population reduction plans. A great deal of evil has been perpetrated on Chinese men and women by bureaucrats who want to meet their numbers so that they may be rewarded by the government.

This video is a great look into the future under this vision:

Because I am a Democrat, I offer his observation from my party’s founder, Thomas Jefferson:

Sometimes it is said that man cannot be trusted with the government of himself. Can he, then, be trusted with the government of others?

We Americans cannot allow such legislation to pass.

Many Obamacare supporters say they do not want CEO’s to decide on the healthcare of patients. I agree; I would prefer to go to free market systems in which doctors with whom patients have histories are able to decide on treatment regimens. Healthcare providers are usually in the business because they are compassionate. My mom’s dentist, for example, lowered his fees and altered his payment schedule so she could have major and needed dental work expedited.

Americans are also compassionate. My mom needed money to go forward, and I loaned her the funds to pay a reasonable rate for first rate care. No government agent was needed.

Furthermore, I would expect much more compassion from a family man and a CEO than an ACORN-style activist — ask yourself if you want your life directed by one of these people. Furthermore, recall that it was ACORN-style activism that helped create the conditions for the banking system collapse that created the bad economic environment we now face.

Obama is attempting to take the Jedi-Mind-Trick approach to the presidency, and has informed “his subjects” that healthcare will pass. In fact, my blog patron The Anchoress has an exceptional summary of the imperial manner in which President is handling the healthcare revolt. She uses the word “FINK” (if you don’t recall the term, then please read her post — it suits!). Michelle Malkin notes that the Obama magic is fading, and his poll numbers are heading south as he tries to enforce his grand visions.

My fellow Americans, do we really want Community Transformers dictating that we can’t have a steak, with a bottle of wine, and must eat organically grown potatoes — only if we jog 5 miles daily? If you don’t, you need to contact your representatives TODAY!!!!! A complete list of Blue Dog Democrat Congress and Senate numbers can be found by clicking HERE.

Happily, many of you have been agitating to protect our imperfect, but still highly functional healthcare system. Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey reports links to a video that shows that centrist democrats are trying to team up with Republican counterparts because of the astonishing costs This coalition will also help empower centrists, too — so that Pelosi and minions no longer hold such sway over the Congress.

I will remind my fellow Tea Party goers that we NEED Democrats if we are to stop the big power grabs. Not all of us are ignorant about basic economics! Or poll data!

I will conclude with this quote from another famous Democrat: Andrew Jackson. I think it is an apt description of the proposed legislation.

“A lot of people are concerned about what’s in these things because it says one thing and means another. You’ve really got to research it.”


Mut’s Money Links:

FIRE ANDREA MITCHELL (God, I love that blog name!): As more people learn about ObamaCARE, the less people support it. 83 million would lose their private coverage under ObamaCARE

ANN ALTHOUSE: How Obama Lost Me (the post based on her originalHow McCain Lost Me). Brilliant, damn brilliant.

ROSITA THE PROLE: Petty Tyrants of the Every Day

JAMMIEWEARINGFOOL: Democrat Operative: I’m Nervous.

BIG HOLLYWOOD: U.S.A. vs. Canada: The Healthcare Debate

FOUNDING BLOGGERS: Ghost of Obamacare Future!

LITTLE MISS ATTILA: As a member of the real media, I have held the CBS News Crew in contempt for as long as I remember. In an outstanding post, Miss Attila reminds readers how the new media would have handled the Tet Offensive. Brava!

ALLAHPUNDIT/HOT AIR: A special video of our dear leader explaining: In some ways, African-Americans are more fundamentally rooted in the American experience because they don’t have a recent immigrant experience to draw on. Yes, this is the man that wants to Transform Our Communities!

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Dear Readers: I wanted to prepare a brief note on the San Diego Tea Party Tax Revolt at Spanish Landing today. I have a few pictures, too! I will have more personal stories, interviews, and photos to post throughout the week. The stories and comments from citizen protesters is insightful and heartening.

Approximately 1500 citizens were there. As I mingled and chatted with the attendees, their comments mainly hit three points: 1) raising taxes is not the solution to deficits, trimming budgets and cutting waste was; 2) today’s politicians service their careers before serving citizens; and, 3) personal liberty is important –there was a nearly unanimous citation of the US Constitution, Bill of Rights, or other foundational documents. People must be reading Mark Levin’s “Liberty and Tyranny“, or something.

The Southern California Tax Revolt Coalition wants to thank the Port of San Diego and the Harbor Police. Their presence was appreciated, as well as their obvious concern at maintaining an organized event. They smoothed the way for us to gather together, and it is deeply appreciated. Apparently, our concerns about A New Way Forward were unfounded. In interesting review of ANWF’s views is at Founding Bloggers!

I special thank you goes to Rick Amato, who was our first speaker today. Rick is a San Diego’s KCBQ radio talk show host who is intending to heavily promote the Tea Party movement and focus on local issues that are related to it (1170 AM, 9:00 pm Sunday – Thursday). He had a wonderful “teleprompter” joke, and gave a very impassioned speech about the failures of our current representatives to live up to their constitutional responsibilities. Rick very cordially met with many of the local citizens, hearing their comments and concerns in preparation for discussions during his KCBQ show as well as his Washington Time podcast, “Inside the Story”.

Rick Amato Speaks at April 11th San Diego Tea Party

Rick Amato Speaks at April 11th San Diego Tea Party

Roger Hedgecock, the national talk show host who has been instrumental in both making people aware of specific Tea Parties throughout the country as well as helping them figure out how to organize one effectively, made a discreet appearance. In a gesture worthy of a true patriot, he stepped out of the limelight and focused his attention on hearing the speakers and listening to his fellow Americans while mingling in the crowd. Though several (justifiably excited) people attempted to try and get him to speak publicly, it was very apparent he did not want to become the story. We look forward to his broadcasts associated with the upcoming April 15th Tea Parties. (MUT NOTE: Roger’s national program is on KOGO AM 600 3:00-6:00 pm weekdays, and his website is HERE for podcasts and community forums).

After this event, I feel very blessed to have such a great media presence in San Diego. The Southern California Tax Revolt Coalition would also like to give a special shout-out to Kelly Jones from Channel 8 KFMB TV, who prepared an exceptionally informative report on this grassroots protest — despite the fact that local GOP Chariman Tony Kravaric snuck in 5 minutes before the end of the Tea Party with his crew and shanghaied all the film crews at the event, in order to give the impression that a “new” GOP was somehow directly involved with this NON-PARTISAN EFFORT. She professionally extracted his hijack and prepared a terrific report. Interestingly, it seems San Diego is not the only location where this is a problem. While I haven’t seen the reports from KUSI or Channel 6, stations which both sent crews, I am certain that also did an outstanding job. I will post these clips when I get them.

I have more to say, and will do so throughout the week. I will be preparing posts taken from all the wonderful interviews I had today. Additionally, I will be supporting the April 15th Tea Party effort by joining KCBQ’s Jesse Lipscomb during in broadcast starting at 7:00 p.m. that evening.

I will conclude by showing one of my favorite pictures taken from today:

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UPDATE: Check out this inspirational message from a newly minted American citizen.

Dear Readers: Yesterday, I recounted a story told to me by a serious-minded organizer working with the Tax Day Tea Party group. It appears that a Tea Party was slated to be held at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office in San Francisco at a specific date and time, as organized by a newbie grassroot tax revolter. However, the more experienced leftist malcontents posted phony and confusing dates/times for the event. Subsequently, the Tea Party had only 20 protesters on site, instead of the anticipated 500. Needless to say, the elite San Fransisco media mocked this effort.

The members of the Southern California Tax Revolt Coalition would like to extend our support to our northern citizens, who struggle mightily against toxic combination of do-gooder-ism and political hypocrisy rampant in the Bay Area. The correct information, and the event we would LOVE to get everyone to focus on in Northern Californian, IS:

Date: Wednesday, April 15th.
Time: 11 am – when the tea is done.
Location: Meet at Civic Center Park in front of city hall. March will start at San Francisco City Hall and go to federal building where House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office is located.

This tale has a couple of important points:

1) Use caution in selecting your Tea Party location, and make sure you are joining a group that matches your sensibilities. It seems some Tea Parties may be set-up by politicians, political groups, and Third Party agitators to expand their mailing lists. Two places to start looking for organizations that are non-partisan and grassroots are at Pajamas TV and Tax Day Tea Party.

2) It would be wonderful to really see a HUGE turnout at Madame Pelosi’s SF portal. Pelosi is one of the leading representatives whose taxing ways has brought on the Tea Party Revolt. For instance, she crammed through the Democrat-special-interest-rich Porkulus bill and threatens a second one. Her hypocrisies are legion. A significant protest at her office would send a strong message, especially given the location.

We respectfully ask all Northern Californians interested in being involved in a Tea Party to try and come to the San Francisco Tea Party on April 15th. For more details and related links, go HERE!

Related links:

* The Anchoress has compelling reading about views of abortions as blessings, which seems very Pelosi-like.
* HotAir has some interesting Sarah Palin news, as well as a detailed look at Obama’s bow to the King of the Saudis.
*Ace of Spades has a description of Obama’s future tax hikes, but the administration has no clue the 8.5% unemployment number may be related. Bizzyblog has a detailed look at these numbers.

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Dear Readers: I wanted to share with you a story of a rebellion within a rebellion. I hope that these words will reach the hallowed halls of national groups attempting to coordinate local Tea Party events. I want them to exercise extreme caution in whom they put forth as the face of the Tea Party movement. The national Tea Party network heads need to know – NOW – how angry grassrooters are that Newt Gingrich is being heralded as an important voice of the Tea Party movement. Frankly, all of my Tea Party compatriots see this potentially damaging to our credibility as a true non-partisan effort. We want no blessing from him, or any other old-style politician. We do not want Newt as the face associated with the Tea Party movement.

By way of background, I was a hereditary Democrat who voted for President Clinton in 1992. After Clinton’s team jacked up my taxes, I joined the Republican Party. I donated to the party in 1994, because I was a very impressed with Newt’s Contract with America”. His ten-point plan promised to reshape the federal government by decentralizing authority, deregulating industry, reducing taxes, reforming social programs, and increasing power for states. Ideas I liked then, and ideas I am striving to promote now.

And that is part of the problem! The Republicans wrested control of the US Congress from the hands of the Democrats, who had held the till for 40 years. The GOP had it for a full 12 years. What did they do with it? Is the federal government any smaller? Are the states any more independent? Potentially devastating Democratic acts (e.g., Carter’s Community Reinvestment Act 0f 1977, which led to the excesses of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac) were not repealed. There were no significant reforms to Social Security, which is a heinous Ponzi scheme. There is no significant development of our refineries, oil fields, nuclear power, and all other technologically reasonable energy sources. Then, of course, there were the Republican scandals (e.g., Rep. Cunningham bribery case, the Sen. Criag bathroom bru-ha-ha).

With all this history in mind, you will excuse me for NOT being excited when ex-Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich releases this video, in which he promotes his “partnering with the Tax Day Tea Party movement” AFTER thousands of non-politically-connected American citizens demonstrated!

I re-registered Democrat again, in the wake of continuous GOP loss in this state.I do not think Newt’s invitation will inspire one extra person to come to our events. The opposite, I fear. Newt Gingrich is a Republican with a lot of baggage, and bears some blame for our current crisis. I cannot think Independents, Democrats (even the deepest purple of the blue dogs), Libertarian, or Constitution Party members will consider the Tea Party movement authentically non-partisan if he is strongly associated with it.

Our friend Nik sums up our feelings about this video succinctly: His video insults me personally. His “partnering” with the “tax day tea party movement” to “develop a real protest” implies several things I find objectionable. The Tea Party movement isn’t solely run or organized by the people at Tax Day Tea Party. Further he implies that the efforts until now by real regular Americans (as exampled by the folks at American Freedom Network) haven’t been “real protests”. He is seeking to gain, politically, from the grassroots effort of the Tea Party Movement. He is seeking to skim the cream from the citizens’ initiative and, at this late date, have it associated with him for his own personal gain of power and influence.

Keep in mind, both Nik and I find Newt worthy of respect. The former Speaker of the House is a highly intelligent man and a very effective organizer. He managed to get much needed, and effective, Welfare Reform pushed through and signed by President Clinton during his congressional tenure. His American Solutions organization promotes some very sound policy ideas, such as Drill Here-Drill Now-Pay Less. He is a good communicator with a grasp on modern technology and a keen observer of the American political landscape and its trends. However, his flaws are such that they diminish the authenticity which makes our Team’s grassroots efforts so special.

The flaws go to character, which our friend ssgconway details: That his ambition and vanity are, together, his pole star, I think is plain. He cannot be trusted. Character does count. I accept a normal amount of frailty, error, vanity and even corruption (within limits – ‘honest graft,’ if you will, as in Cassius), but I would have a hard time, after hammering Bill Clinton, not doing likewise to someone who was impeaching a President for things that he was also doing at the very same time. Add to that his telling his first wife that he was divorcing her while she was in a cancer ward, and you have an ugly character.

Then, there are those pesky ethics charges related to Gingrich. These charges include one in which he was fined $300,000 claiming tax-exempt status for a college course run for political purposes. This was the first time in the House’s 208-year history it has disciplined a speaker for ethical wrongdoing. Then, there was a very loud public outcry related to a $4.5 million book deal from Harper Collins. These distractions led to a near revolt among the congressional Republicans in 1998, an historic loss it that year’s House elections, and thwarted completion of the “Contract with America”. This is NOT the face we need.

I am a hardworking member of the grassroots organizational staff of a local Tea Party event planning group. I have worked avidly with the other members of American Freedom Network to promote American values and sensibilities. My friends on this network are also heavily engaged in their local Tea Party efforts. We want warn the people who tout themselves as the “leaders” or “go-to-girls” of the Tea Parties that we want no part of politics as usual.

Should Newt be the direction that the GOP is headed, then a Third Party Option will be more appealing to me and many Tea Party goers. I know that my dear spouse, Horemheb, has already rescinded his long-held GOP membership and is now a registered Independent. I am finding it hard to convince him to donate to either the state or national political organizations. It behooves Republican Party to recognize that the protests against unwise tax-and-spend politics-as-usual apply to both parties: representatives should not jump to the conclusion that the thousands at the Tea Party protests automatically translate into GOP votes during the next election cycle.

Perhaps the most insidious aspect to his “partnering” is that I think he is trying to jumpstart his presidential campaign on the backs of the Tea Party protesters. Newt’s interjection into the Tea Party movement is even more aggravating, because he actually supported TARP I (Troubled Assets Relief Fund, the initial bank bailout program that was suppose to quickly heal the economy when it sailed through congress last fall)!

Newt is worthy of respect, not automatic allegiance. This is SO NOT the face we need right now. I am sure our energetic band of Tax Revolters can locate a fresh new voice with economic acumen, street savvy, a strong backbone and sound character.

If the Tea Party Movement needs a “Face”, then I vote for this one: Lloyd Marcus!


Fur more information on other California Tea Parties, especially those that will be among the over 300 across the country on April 15th-Tax Day, check the Southern California Tax Revolt Coalition website.

As a side note, Gingrich isn’t the only one getting on the Tea Party Boat!

PS! Insta-readers, welcome to the Shrine! I am delighted you stopped by. If you want to be really stylish at the next Tea Party, check out the designs from my friend, Lipstick Underground:

Tax Revolt Collection

Tax Revolt Collection

Also, check out our Tea Party video! It makes some good points about taxes and communism that are worth considering:

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Dear Readers: The Goddess of Capitalism pronounces the following mortals Free Market Champions. She is delighted that these individuals promote the values of hard work, rugged individualism, and and understanding of the basics of risk/reward systems that work.

Hero Daniel Hannan: British Member of the European Parliament. Most of us freedom-minded, capitalism-supporting, pajama-wearing types have seen his magnificent speech already. He berates British Prime Minister Gordon Brown for following plans similar to Obama’s. MUT’s money quote (Full Text of Speech HERE):

Prime Minister you cannot go on forever squeezing the productive bit of the economy in order to fund an unprecedented engorging of the unproductive bit.

You cannot spend your way out of recession or borrow your way out of debt.

He is on the radio with Sean Hannity now, warning Americans to ignore media-driven healthcare myths and to fight against plans to nationalize health care.

Hero Mike Rowe: Host of the fabulous and educational “Dirty Jobs” on Discovery channel. He presents a sensible view of the ginned-up outrage against AIG exectuives. MUT’s money quotes:

If, as a contracted employee who signed on for the sole purpose of making money, I did everything I was supposed to do to earn a payout of $5 million dollars, I would expect to be paid. I assumed a level of risk, and preformed as asked. A deal is a deal. The only circumstance that could justify a non-payment, would be the bankruptcy of the firm. (That’s the biggest part of the risk I assumed, working in a volatile and competitive industry.) However, if the company stays in business, or is not allowed to fail, I’d absolutely expect my money. And if I got it, and was then suddenly asked to return it because the government realized it looked politically stupid and fiscally foolish for subsidizing my big fat bonus with taxpayer money, I might be inclined to say “I’m sorry, but I’m a tax-payer too. If you didn’t want to pay me what I was legally owed, you should have let the company fail. My deal was with AIG, not you.”

This “bonus rage” would not be happening in a world that respected consequences, because in that world, those companies who can not afford to pay their bills would simply fail, the way they’re supposed to.

We need more Tea Party Heroes like these! Please join a local Tea Party Tax Revolt. As a reminder, the San Diego Tax Day Tea Party activities are:

San Diego Tea Party Rally
— April 11th (Saturday); 11:00 am – noon; Spanish Landing Park (by Lindbergh Field); we will be having fun with pinatas of some of our favorite tax revolt targets.

San Diego Tax Day Protests:
April 15th (Wednesday); 6:00 pm – midnight near the following post office locations:

1) Sports Arena Midway: 2535 Midway, San Diego, CA 92110 E
2) El Cajon: 401 W. Lexington Ave., El Cajon, CA 92020
3) North County: 11251 Rancho Carmel Dr., San Diego, CA 92199
4) Escondido: 403 N. Escondido Blvd.

Please see the Southern California Tax Revolt Coalition website for further information. And don ‘t forget to order your fashionable protest wear from Zazzle and Cafe Press from our dear friend, Lipstick Underground.

PS. The Goddess of Capitalism would also like to condemn a few Tea Party villains, too. I refer to Rahm Emmanuel, Obama Chief-of-Staff, whose short stay at the corrupt Freddie Mac netted him a cool $320,000 off our sweat and George Soros, who indicated he is “having a very good crisis“.

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Hi! Check out the Tina Fey/SNL Parody we did at the Oct. 17th Tea Party, where we mock the mocers. Click HERE.

UPDATE! Thanks to a new link from RadioVoice Online, I have had some visitors here. If you are interested in protesting these idiot ACORN rabble, then check my new post on the Connecticut Tea Parties being held April 15th!

I have been reviewing the mob-mentality being generated by the Obama administration and the Democrat-led Congress today. One of the more interesting developments is that a group leading a tour to harass fellow American citizens is Connecticut Working Families Party, which is co-founded by ACORN. ACORN is a radical group, with a strong anti-capitalist agenda that perpetrated voter fraud in the November Presidential Election.

In the interest of Fair Play, I offer this information about the participants of this truly reprehensible venture. The confirmed attendees are below.

Dianna Vazquez
Administrative Coordinator – CWFP Staff
Hartford, Connecticut
(Perhaps the same as this 23-year old disaffected college student?)

Dylan Wardwell
Hartford, Connecticut

Assad Jackson,
Hartford CT

Brian Mills,
(Perhaps working for the State of Connecticut?)
Hartford, Connecticut

When interviewed, Mills said “It seemed like a fun thing to do,” said Brian Mills, a 23-year-old student, before an organizer shooed away reporters, telling them to speak with “designated speakers.

Jon Green
Hartford, Connecticut
(Director of this Mad Tour; a link with video is HERE and his rage against capitalism is HERE)

Stacey Zimmerman
New Haven, Connecticut

Joe Dinkin
Hartford, Connecticut
(You can read some of Dinkin’s anti-capitalist rantings HERE; needless to say “change” is a featured word; hope, not so much).

I have posted the pictures of the attending members of the Harassment Bus Tour for those without Facebook. Once again, bloggers have done the job that the elite media has failed to do.

If you want to let these attendees know how YOU feel about this mob action, you can email this Joe here:
joedinkin@gmail.com. You can also contact the Connecticut Working Families Party via their website.

Protein Wisdom has related thoughts, HERE.

BizzyBlog as a great synopsis of capitalism, HERE. The money quote:

Properly understood, free-market capitalism works. Free-market capitalism has always worked when allowed to work. Free-market capitalism will work again, if we let it, but US and world leadership seem tragically bound and determined to thwart it.

UPDATE: Apparently the media outnumbered the protesters, as only 40 agitators showed up for the bus tour. Also, these ACORN-based agitators were in for an organic store surprise:

One amusing anecdote: The protesters stopped at one point in an organic grocery store and were suprised to learn that many AIG execs were shoppers there, and that according to the store’s proprietor, they were actually very nice people.

The flummoxed protesters spent several minutes outside trying to figure out how such “evil” people could be nice to an organic grocer.

The Goddess of Capitalism deems this enterprise an EPIC FAIL!

Concluding Thought: What is up with these 23-year olds in Connecticut? Let’s take a moment to reflect on some 23-year old patriots who truly value American freedoms.

SUNDAY UPDATE! Egad! Now I know the meaning of Instalanch! Along with Jammie lanch! Thanks for stopping by the Shrine. While you are here, please stop by and visit my more capitalistic endeavors:

Tea Party protest t-shirts are now available through Zazzle and Cafe Press (I even have a cool messenger bag, which has had a TON of compliments)!

The Southern California Tax Revolt Coalition is hosting Tax Week activities (April 11th and April 15th San Diego Tea Party Tax Revolt Protests), and has a great Hall of Shame. More HERE!

UPDATE: The AIG Executives are staging their own protest!

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NEWEST UPDATE: Click HERE for information on our April 15th events.

UPDATE! Check our new, fully operational, website: Southern California Tax Revolt Coalition.

Dear Readers: Some exciting news!!! Our local band of tax protesters has scheduled the next demonstration: 11 am – noon, April 11, 2009 (Saturday) at Spanish Landing Park (by the harbor, next to the airport).

We encourage all Californian’s who detest the tax-and-spend attitudes of federal, state and local representatives to bring their signs, tea-bag-covered apparel, and energy to agitate against the irresponsible use of hard-earned taxpayer money. Don’t forget to wear your formal protest apparel, as we hope to catch the eye of local and national media.

A few programming notes:

1) We have semi-organized our protest group as the Southern California Tax Revolt Coalition, SoCal-TRC for short. You can get timely updates and share member information with others by joining the Facebook group (click HERE).

2) We are planning Tax-Day protests on during the evening hours on April 15, focused on the three main post offices. Permits and arrangements are being finalized, so be sure to check the Shrine of Flaming Capitalism or the SoCal-TRC Facebook page for further details.

3) A webpage is under development for the SoCal-TRC, which will help Californians coordinate their efforts with fellow citizens and other Americans across the country. The site will contain contact information for our federal, state and local representatives, as well as the most pertinent information on upcoming tax proposals or budget-busting pork-barrel expenditures. Check back here for information on the status of the new webpage.

A few hat tips:

Bydesign001 for the great photo!
Anchoress, for her wonderful send-up of Obama’s Saturday Night Live Presidency!
And a great website, Accuracy in Media, asks the timely question: If a revolution happens, and no reporters cover it, will it make a sound?
A great review of the large-scale John and Ken Fullerton Tea Party (attended by 15,000) is from the Shrine’s designated artist: Lipstick Underground.
Michelle Malkin highlights the criminal and hypocritical actions of one of America’s most corrupt and corrupting politicians: Maxine Walters of Los Angeles!

Finally, the best piece is the Wall Street Journal’s The Obama Rosetta Stone. The title itself beckons to Egypt-lovers everywhere, but the article itself details how Obama plans to target “the rich”.

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