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Dear Readers: If you are laboring on this Labor Day, the Goddess of Capitalism hopes that you are being profitable. Today has been designated “Empty Chair Day“. Professor Jacobson over at Legal Insurrection is celebrating, by publishing pictures from around the county featuring empty chairs. This has been a clever extension of the “Eastwooding” Twitter campaign that began in the wake of Clint Eastwood speech at the Republican National Convention.

From the Professor:

The Twitter hastag is #EmptyChairDay.  A Facebook page Eastwooding Obama (added, also National Empty Chair Day) has been set up.

Here is my contribution to the efforts. The quality of the photo is questionable — but I hope you all enjoy the snark!

The Goddess would be pleased to add more images!  Please post links to your items in the comments section, or email them to mutnodjmetlpe at gmail.com and I will upload them as I get them.

UPDATE 1:  A Classic LOL Catz Take on the subject

UPDATE 2: A damning photo essay from Beers with Demo. We’re going to spend part of the day, running around and taking pictures of empty chairs in relevant locations. We’ll be using Twitter and this updated blog post later in the day to document our efforts.

And BwD’s Empty Chair tour continues:

Cool little Tiki-themed store shuttered about six months ago..

Another recent storefront closure…

Poon? Apparently, #Obama -proof.

UPDATE 3: From Dawn Wildman, cofounder of the SoCal Tax Revolt Coalition and California Tea Party Coordinator, showing something Obama has forgotten:

UPDATE 3: From Ellen Wetherill –

UPDATE 4: From Mark Meckler of “Across the Fence” and the California Tea Parties: At the highway at the end of my country drive.

UPDATE 5: From Ermais – Inspired by Clint Eastwood and in HONOR of Barack Obama here’s our submission for “National Empty Chair Day” featuring a couple of Obama’s favorite past times. Photo was taken in front of the Berlin Wall Monument on Miracle Mile in Los Angeles. Thanks!

UPDATE 6: From KT Kat

The thrift store closed. The *thrift store*

Look! It’s a nonprofit chair!

All chair, no business.

UPDATE 7: SittingAtTheEdgeOfTheSandbox has one that does homage to today’s featured Alinsky Rule: #6 – A good tactic is one your people enjoy!

UPDATE 8: From WC Varones there was an apparent spontaneous unsolicited Eastwooding in my neighborhood yesterday.

UPDATE 9: From Manmountain Molehill

UPDATE 10: From Redding, CA —


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Dear Readers: So Cal Tax Revolt Coalition (SCTRC) is the original home and organizers of San Diego tea party events and activism, including the first local tea party on February 27th, 2009, annual Tax Day Tea Parties, and over 40 rallies, protests, petition drives, film screenings, and educational seminars. Representatives of our group will be hosting a booth at the “Stand Up for Religious Freedom” event, which is one of many nationwide that will be held at the same time and date. The rallies are scheduled to demonstrate the enormous concerns about the detrimental impact of the Health and Human Services (HHS) mandate forcing religiously affiliated institutions to support medical practices contrary to faith practices. The San Diego rally, one of over 50 “Stand Up” functions, will be held:

Time: Noon – 1 pm Date: Friday – March 23, 2012
Location: San Diego County Administrative Building; 1600 Pacific Highway.

SCTRC will be on-hand to distribute information packet on the specific details of the Affordable Care Act legislation, better known to most Americans as “Obamacare”. SCTRC’s main focus will be informing participants of the enormous costs associated with the program’s implementation, most of which has been put-off until well after the Nov. 6th election. Additionally, we will offer many other details about the Act, to show that the HHS mandate is only one of the many unconstitutional aspects of Obamacare.

More details, including quotes from SCTRC representatives and prominent Catholic clergy are at my Catholic site: As Catholics and Americans, My Son and I will be “Standing Up for Religious Freedom” this Friday

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Dear Readers: I am in lovely San Juan Capistrano today, having been invited to do a presentation of managing media effectively as a citizen activist at a strategy meeting for the California Tea Party Groups, as I am the Media Director of the Southern California Tax Revolt Coalition. One of the main objects of my talk was to help our volunteers get over their fear of being insulted (especially in the comments section of news websites). As my dear friend Word Warrior might put it: If you ‘re taking flack, you’re over the target”.

Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson and MUT

Another guest, whom I was thrilled to meet, was Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, founder of B.O.N.D. and the South Central LA Tea Party. He was also discussing a similar concept with these activists: Having courage in the face of false charges of “racism” bandied about by our opponents.

After the conclusion of the Reverend’s uplifting, energizing, unifying chat, an event occurred that underscored the importance of new media and standing strong against the false charges of racism. Our “Tea Party” was crashed by “Public Enemy”.

Meet three of Tea Party’s opponents:


  • And REGGIE DONALD (Who was so brave that didn’t want his picture with his “WHITE POWER” sign taken, when I specifically asked to get a picture).

They caused a disturbance just as Rev. Jesse was wrapping up his chat.  The three dragged in bags of hoods, Confederate flags, and racist signs into our conference center room.  They were trying to, as Reggie put it “distribute them because we want to give you want you need.”

Very tired, very uninspired.  But a great example of the crap that Rev. Petersen said he routinely has to handle.

This three “heroes” are good example of the silly, useless tactics that will no longer undermine citizen efforts to get out our message on fiscal sanity, personal responsibility, and governance based on Constitutional principles.

Needless to say, I went into my “intrepid reporter” mode, grabbed by notebook and camera, and went full media on these three gentleman. The results were most illuminating.

First, I identified myself as a freelance journalist. I asked specifically if I could interview them. I asked them, as I do in these situations, for their names. I think these three thought that we Tea Partiers were culturally inept.  For example, one of them decided to use the name of a hip-hop artist instead of identifying who he really was.

Hey Rosco — How can you be proud of a message when you would not be willing to use your real name when presenting it?

Next, I asked if they belonged to a specific group. Reggie hemmed and hawed as he mocked my handwriting several times to distract me (Hey Reggie — I know my handwriting is shitty, but I have a Master’s Degree and my dignity — what do you have???). After asking the same questions several times, I got a vague story of how they got together four years ago, and drove in a van to distribute things.

Hey Reggie — if you can’t explain with pride why you are doing something, then probably you shouldn’t be doing it.

Then the clever one, Rosco, offered that they were from “Public Enemy” (and noted publicenemy.com with Chuck D. as the website).

Guess what Rosco — some of our pop-culture, music-loving members actually recognized that band and has one of their CD’s. Yes, some of our tea party activists are tuned into the black music and entertainment scene!!!

I must say, I actually respected Bunky Box the most. A false name, true. However, he offered the most honest reason why these three young men were in California:


Bunky — stay true to yourself, run on that platform, and you might become a member of Congress. I know I would vote for you in preference to Maxine Waters if I had a choice.

I asked all three of them how they had happened to come here today. They mumbled something about “Google searching for Tea Party”. For some reason, I sense another lie. I suspect they were wanting to harass Rev. Peterson, whose message  resonates with Americans of all races everywhere and who is slowly undoing the stranglehold of victicrat leaders.

One last point: Reggie asked me why I was upset with the “White Power” sign. I told him blatantly that he was a racist.

In fact, I shocked him into silence.  He look stunned.

Then, I informed him that I did several news stories that promoted the businesses of black small business owners, and how could Reggie be against a movement that wanted such men to succeed in the free market. I then told him that he knew absolutely nothing about my race, so how dare he presume.

For you see, I don’t have white guilt. My great-grandmother was a Romanian gypsy sold into slavery in a Turkish harem by a black man. My great-grandfather’s brother died in the Civil War, having joined to help abolish slavery.  I know who I am, and no insult is going to undermine my beliefs.

But it isn’t my past that holds me strong, but my future. The single most racist statement I ever heard was in Legoland, from the lips of a young black boy. This boy said: “There are too many white people here”.

This was in earshot of my then 5-year old son. It is my grizzly-mother instinct to work for a world that ensures we change things so that a man is judged by the content of his character, per the words of Martin Luther King Jr.

Three thoughtless young hipsters will not stop our efforts. Instead of making themselves larger, they lost some of their souls today and inspired many Californians to fight for a better country.

I suspect this is not the result they expected.



A thanks to Mark Meckler for the link: CA Tea Party Coalition Meets “Public Enemy” – It’s Mutteriffic!  I would also direct my readers to his post on our event today:  More in the “Waning Tea Party” Series – Liveblogging the California Tea Party Coordinators’ Conference in San Juan Capistrano, CA

Believe it or not…we even had protesters outside the event while Rev. Peterson was signing books.  There were a few young black people who were trying to hand out white hoods and confederate flags and saying that “you forgot your hoods.”  They were carrying signs that said “White Power.”  Contrary to their obvious intentions (they came equipped with video equipment), they were unable to create a stir.  Instead, they were invited in for lunch, and offered water and sodas.  The irony of the contrast between their actions and Rev. Peterson’s message was clearly lost on them.

As a side note:  It seems a cameraman was scoping the Conference Center for several hours, checking out for Rev. Peterson’s arrival.  If these young men are a small sample of the hostility with which the Reverend has had to deal with over the years, God bless his good work.  Rev. Peterson has his work cut out for him.

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Dear Friends: I wanted to invite citizen activists to a special event tomorrow.

The Southern California Tax Revolt Coalition (SCTRC) is joining several of the area’s citizen action groups tomorrow for a press conference that offers support to Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and members of his state’s legislature as they join together to pass a responsible budget reform bill (and, perhaps, now Indiana). The details of this conference are:

11:00 am – Wednesday, Feb. 23, 2011
Kearney Mesa Park
Corner of Mesa College Dr. & Armstrong St.; 3170 Armstrong St, San Diego, CA 92111-5703

Members of our group will join Richard Rider of San Diego Tax Fighters, who will be the lead spokesperson for this event. We will be joined by representatives from Stop Taxing Us, Vista Tea Party Patriots, the Eagle Forum, and others. In fact, Richard Rider has a few interesting thoughts:

But for me, this union howling is refreshing — and inevitable. The public employee unions are under attack, and they are fighting back with everything they have. And they are alienating folks with their antics.

Anyone expecting these thugs to go quietly into the night is delusional. The battle is joined in Wisconsin, and hopefully will soon be coming to my California state and local governments.

Sarah Bond, SCTRC Chief Executive Officer, offers this statement: “This past week, the citizens of Wisconsin and America have witnessed the patently LAWLESS behavior of Wisconsin Democrat Senators (hiding from their sworn duty to represent the taxpayers), educators wasting taxpayer money by burning “sick” days to protest, and the physicians colluding teachers to defraud the taxpayers…all in the name of some tortured definition of Fairness.

“What this behavior truly illustrates is that Wisconsin Public Employees and their advocates have no regard for the hardships crushing the taxpayers in this economy. Who is covering the desperate single mother trying to find a last minute babysitter because teachers have forced schools to close. Who is going to help HER pay the rent this month because she has to miss valuable days at work? Why are the taxpayers servants to the Public Employees and their tantrums?

“The roll of the government is to provide protections of our basic rights, civil liberties-minded public safety, and a limited safety net for the truly vulnerable in society. The roll of government is NOT to be an employer. The public employees of Wisconsin do not have a right to their jobs. The lawmakers of Wisconsin have a duty to put the priorities of the TAXPAYERS ahead of employees
The Southern California Tax Revolt Coalition, with thousands of registered members in the San Diego County and greater Southern California area, has spearheaded many citizen action items related to state and national legislative measures”.

Groups are welcome and encouraged to invite members to join us for a stronger showing, however, please share that this is not an open-mic and that any signage needs to focus on the specific theme of supporting Wisconsin budget reform and Gov. Walker. Because of the short notice, I have prepared downloadable 8.5” x 11” signs for anyone that needs one:


Budget Reform Now (PDF) http://www.box.net/shared/k27xn65r1b

Budget Reform Now (JPEG) http://www.box.net/shared/oqxhsokqmi

Support Walker (PDF) http://www.box.net/shared/5eoms1436p

Support Walker (JPEG) http://www.box.net/shared/c6vbk64oik


Great posts from our local Tea Party pundits, that I have to share:

CHARLES CAESAR: SMALL VICTORY ON KPBS. Charles describes his radio-challenge of two global warming believers. ESSENTIAL READING:

* SHANE ATWELL: ALTRUISM EMPOWERS EVIL (Something for my Star Wars and LOTR fans) and his weekly regulatory excess round-up.

* BEERS WITH DEMO: JOB WANTED AD FOR PERSON TO CREATe FAKE ON-LINE PERSONA:The US government is offering private intelligence companies contracts to create software to manage “fake people” on social media sites and create the illusion of consensus on controversial issues.

* B-DADDY: Tea Party Presidential Handicappingand Wisconsin, Bargaining Rights and SEIU Tactics


* WC Varones: SILVER NEVER SLEEPS. Neither, does it seem, does oil.

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Dear Readers: I am phone-banking this weekend for the YES on PROPOSITION 23 campaign. Proposition 23, the initiative to suspend California’s costly global warming law. Prop 23 would save more than a million jobs and stop electricity and gasoline price increases for families. The website to do the phone-bank yourself is here: YES ON 23! VOLUNTEER CALL CENTER!

I figured it would be a good example to others if I live-blogged my experiences. Cold-calling is a challenge, so I hope I break-the-ice and inspire more citizen activists with my approach. WE CAN DO IT!

Think about it: What is a better use of our Tea Party passion — phone banking or attending a psedo-rally in Washington DC this weekend? I think we all know the answer.

Here is how I started: I signed in, and the site has a convenient script and answers to commonly asked questions. I will follow these, as well as mention that I am an environmental professional. Here is the sample of the script:

My name is _________ and I am a volunteer calling on behalf of Yes on Proposition 23, the initiative to suspend California’s costly global warming law. Prop 23 would save more than a million jobs and stop electricity and gasoline price increases for families.

PHONE CALL 1: I left a Voice Mail Message.

PHONE CALL 2: A very pleasant lady indicated she was a yes vote.

PHONE CALL 3: Number not in service. 😦

PHONE CALL 4-8: I left a Voice Mail Messages (MUT Note — it seems these people are out working; perhaps a good sign that they will support this effort).

Check back for updates. I will be phone-banking on and off all weekend. This has been more fun than I imagined. Interesting to note that if I were an SEIU employee, I would be paid for the campaigning that I am doing. But at least I have my dignity!

P.S. On a related note, Southern California Tax Revolt Coalition’s Sarah Bond wants everyone to check the VOTER FRAUD REPORT APP!

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Dear Readers: An action alert from the Southern California Tax Revolt Coalition:

Why is Congress demanding governors and mayors fire teachers, cops, and firefighters before cutting ridiculous spending like this:

  • $120,000,000 spent on state-run liquor stores – Washington State
  • $39,608,662 spent on neighborhood & recreational services – Newark, New Jersey
  • $7,000,000 spent on museums – Oakland, California
  • $1,607,367 spent on awards and prizes at county fairs – Illinois
  • $1,000,000 spent on mural art – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • $750,000 spent on the opera house – Baltimore, Maryland

From upholdtraditionalvalues.com

The Porkulus II:

Forces states to take bailout dollars, bypassing Governors who refuse the money, and forbidding them from making necessary budget cuts.

  • Gives teachers unions roughly $50 – $100 million through trickle-down.
  • Will increase the deficit by $12.6 billion, according to the Congressional Budget Office.
  • Will result in a permanent tax increase of $9.7 billion for U.S. multinational companies – increasing the cost of doing business and risking jobs during the recession. (Interestingly, the revenue from these same tax increases have already been spent…twice, in two other pieces of legislation!)

The fact is the federal government cannot afford to bailout states who refuse to cut back spending. In case Nancy Pelosi forgot, the American people still fund the federal government. If states can’t afford it, neither can the federal government. Bailing out states and extending failed stimulus programs only perpetuates states’ reliance on the federal government.

Follow this link (CLICK HERE) for the essential contact list to fight for some fiscal sanity. Afterall, it seems unfair all of the wealth and prosperity of this country seems to be funneled into Washington DC.

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UPDATE: Apparently, 7 of our “illustrious” council members are OK with the “Reconquista”. It seems this panel has formally rebuked Arizona: San Diego City Council denounces Arizona’s new immigration law
. Therefore, it is on the individual citizen to act in support of Arizona by joining the BUY-cott (click here for FACEBOOK details, including key business links or click HERE for the Southern California Tax Revolt Coalition website related to this event).

Dear Readers:  An urgent action alert for all my San Diego peeps.  I touched upon it in my previous post, but this is flaming-skull hot, so I hope you can take the time to email/call your San Diego representatives:

Council considers resolution denouncing Arizona law

The San Diego City Council Monday will consider a resolution denouncing an Arizona law that requires police to determine if detainees are in the country legally.

The resolution was requested by Council President Ben Hueso.

“This law will inevitably lead to racial profiling, in violation of the United States Constitution,” Hueso wrote in a memo to his council colleagues.

Similar resolutions are being considered in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

As if there weren’t more urgent matters for them to discuss! The council-member information is found by clicking HERE; also, here is a list for convenience:

* District 1 Councilmember Sherri Lightner E-mail: sherrilightner@sandiego.gov
* District 2 Council President Pro Tem Kevin Faulconer E-mail: kevinfaulconer@sandiego.gov
* District 3 Councilmember Todd Gloria E-mail: toddgloria@sandiego.gov
* District 4 Councilmember Tony Young; E-mail: anthonyyoung@sandiego.gov
* District 5 Councilmember Carl DeMaio; E-mail: carldemaio@sandiego.gov
* District 6 Councilmember Donna Frye; E-mail: donnafrye@sandiego.gov
* District 7 Councilmember Marti Emerald E-mail: martiemerald@sandiego.gov
* District 8 Council President Ben Hueso E-mail: benhueso@sandiego.gov

Here is the letter that I prepared to Marti Emerald, in case you want a template:

I am a constituent in Tierrasanta. It has come to my attention that at 2 pm on May 3rd the council will vote on a measure that seeks to rebuke Arizona.

I have read through that Arizona law. My readings about this topic and the opinions of legal experts on the Arizona statute fully refute the charge that people will be pulled over for “driving while Mexican”. Based on the wording of the law (which has its foundation in Federal immigration rules http://www.courthousenews.com/2010/04/16/AzSB1070.pdf ), police offers can’t simply pull you aside if you’re on your way to get ice cream with your kid because they think you may be here illegally. They must have probable cause to act.

I am also the Democratic Co-founder of the Southern California Tax Revolt Coalition, one of the largest citizen action groups in the region. We need you to support our police by supporting the Arizona law. It is critical to note 70% of Americans (as well as 50% of those with Latino heritage) agree with Arizona’s stance. I am attaching a summary sheet with further details.

The members of the Southern California Tax Revolt Coalition will be following the results of that vote closely, and noting how each council member voted. I plan to report the details in full on my nationally-known website and the San Diego News Network. I would also like you to note that we have organized a BUY-cott of Arizona, and May 5th is Arizona Money Bomb Day — and these actions have nationwide backing.

I hope you consider this information in preparation for tomorrow’s vote.

(From Michelle Malkin, Photo credit: El Marco, Denver)

Reconquista” is the name of the action that the Spanish took to reclaim Spain from the Moors, The Spanish had literally to re-conquer thier own land and save their own culture, they were victorious in this quest. It seems now that some are looking to do a hideous distortion of this historical event, this their take-over target being of this region of the USA. The extremists’ new invasion style involves a combination of overwhelming illegal immigration, corruption, violence, and inept representation.

Councilmen like Ben Hueso are part of the problem; you need to be part of the solution. Write or call NOW!

In a related post, check out The Liberator Today’s post: Illegal Immigration Incentives

I just don’t get it. Why insert yourself into the another state’s business? Especially, as the Arizona law is based the federal version: Police offers can’t simply pull you aside if you’re on your way to get ice cream with your kid because they think you may be here illegally, as they must have probable cause to act. It is not like San Diego doesn’t have more pressing matters. Please check out Richard Riders blog to stay apprised of key city issues.

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WELCOME MICHELLE MALKIN AND GATEWAY PUNDIT READERS. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and all the other patriots holding events today.

Dear Friends: As the news has reached us of the passage of “Deem and Pass”, its likely use for future legislation, threats, obfuscations, lies, betrayals, sacrilege, misdirection, and bribes have reached our Tea Party members, the co-founders of the Southern California Tax Revolt Coalition have now organized a FLASH PROTEST. Our lovely Sarah Bond has the details:

For MAXIMUM IMPACT please bring signs that say “KILL THE BILL” or “HANDS OFF MY HEALTHCARE.” Download a PDF of the Kill the Bill image here:

Sat., March 20, 2010
10:00am – NOON
Broadway between 2nd and 3rd
Downtown, San Diego

Paid Parking available at Horton Plaza.



Hat-tip to Professor Athena — Peggy Noonan’s WSJ piece: Now for the Slaughter

Possible delay on the horizon!

Need to brush up on the costs of Obamacare? Info here:

Oh, and breaking news on what they’re hiding from us!

And you have to love the new IRS powers…


MUT News and Views:

My nickname among our merry band of agitators is “Spitfire”, which I actually cherish. However, I recognize that I need..occasionally…to be restrained. Three people do this for me, and I am extremely fond of them and cherish their presence in my life for this reason. Yet, each has found unfolding events to be extremely upsetting.

The Anchoress is appalled at Pelosi’s invocation of St. Joseph to promote a bill that essentially provides federal funding for abortion (and in my opinion, will be eventually used to promote it should Obamacare become law-of-the-land).

The Anchoress: Pelosi Doesn’t Know from St. Joseph

I’m sorry. Almost nothing that has come from this woman’s mouth has infuriated me like this.


Then, by dear friend and assistant, Caesar Charles — who is one of the most even keel individuals I have ever met, also indicates a new level of fury over current events:

Last night I watched Jonathan Gruber, Obama’s head “health care economist” have a q&a on cspan. It made so angry that smoke is still rolling out my ears.

As you know, I do my best to be balanced and reasonable in my discussions with people, but it is clear that these people are completely dishonest and using “credentials” as excuses to lie under the guise of expertise.

When I think of the specifics of his argument, they are so fundamentally flawed that it first SHOCKS me, then I am in AWE of their unabashed deceit.

The ego-centric, technocratic, government solution offered moves health care away from where technological progress and scientific reality has lead it. This bill substitutes reality for the ego of a few people who do not know what they are talking about. The cost of this bill will not only be in trillions of dollars, but also in millions of lives.

I hate to be so radical in this evaluation, but medicine is a race against disease evolution. It is a race that we can lose. The best case scenario is that some other country takes up the reigns of innovation, because this bill takes the reigns of innovation from science and gives it to bureaucrats.

My dear sweet husband, Horemheb, seemed to be grateful (finally) for my Tea Party agitation, as he was delighted to hear were were spreading the news of the Fish Fry Kickback to our two Central valley Congressmen, that turns the spigot back on to our Central Valley (which has been held-up under EPA rulings to protect an invasive fish species). Just wait until I tell him I have another Tea Party event to promote! 🙂


UPDATES: More events in the regions, which are now critical!


Saturday, March 20th, noon-2 pm
Foothill/Day Creek, Rancho Cucamonga
Foothill/Euclid, Upland

Sat. March 20th
Laguna Hills Mall/Circuit City
El Toro Road/5 Freeway
Lake Forest, CA 92630

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Dear Readers: Dawn Wildman, the president of the Southern California Tax Revolt Coalition, sends this message in regards to the healthcare reform measures now in the U.S. Senate.

YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!! You received the alert below and took action. You have completely overwhelmed the Senate switchboard. I have received emails stating that calls to some of the Senators below were being re-directed to Sen. Reid’s office and other Senators in the Democratic leadership. I have had reports that the voice mail boxes are full. Some of you have stated that you received messages stating the calls could not go through. Some have received a message asking you to put in the mailbox number or phone number. (If you receive this message, simply put in the phone number with area code that you just dialed) The phone numbers we sent out were taken directly from the Senators web sites.

Keep up the great work! You are making a difference in this battle! I have included the phone numbers of the Senators district offices below. Please call them as well… Let’s go get ’em !!!

We are at a critical point in our fight against government run healthcare.

We need to have the same urgency and intensity level that we displayed at the Congressional Town Hall Meetings during the August recess. We must not diminish our fight to defeat the Senate healthcare bill. Many “Blue Dog” Democrats and some GOP Senators have stated that they don’t see the same intensity level opposing the Senate Healthcare bill that we displayed opposing the House version. They are beginning to believe that we do not strongly oppose the Senate Healthcare bill. We need to let them know that is not true.

President Obama and the Senate Democratic leadership are pulling out all the stops to pass this Senate Healthcare bill. They are putting enormous pressure on the “Blue Dog” Democrat Senators to pass the bill.

We urgently need you to make phones today and tomorrow to the Senators listed below. Please call their District Office and their D.C. office. Also, please continue to contact your Senator. Forward this to your email lists and ask them to make phone calls.

The latest Rasmussen Poll showed that 60% oppose this healthcare bill.

Please make phones calls to the Senators listed below.

Targeted Senators

Sen. Ben Nelson, Nebraska
DC Office Number: 202-224-6551, DC Fax Number: 202-228-0012

Washington, D.C.
720 Hart Senate Office Building
United States Senate
Washington, DC 20510
Tel: 1-202-224-6551
Fax: 1-202-228-0012

7602 Pacific St.
Suite 205
Omaha, NE 68114
Tel: (402) 391-3411
Fax: (402) 391-4725

440 North 8th Street
Suite 120
Lincoln, NE 68508
Tel: (402) 441-4600
Fax: (402) 476-8753

Sen. Jim Webb, Virginia
DC Office Phone Number: 202-224-4024, DC Fax Number: 202-228-6363

308 Craghead Street
Suite 102A
Danville, VA 24541
Phone: 434-792-0976
Fax: 434-972-0978

Hampton Roads
222 Central Park Ave.
Suite 120
Virginia Beach, VA 23462
Phone: 757-518-1674
Fax: 757-518-1679

Northern Virginia
7309 Arlington Boulevard
Suite 316
Falls Church, VA 22042
Loehmann’s Plaza

756 Park Avenue, N.W.
Norton, VA 24273
Mail to: 756 Park Avenue, N.W.
P.O. Box 1300
Norton, VA 24273
Phone: 276-679-4925
Fax: 276-679-4929

507 East Franklin Street
Richmond, VA 23219
Phone: 804-771-2221
Fax: 804-771-8313

3140 Chaparral Drive
Building C, Suite 101
Roanoke, VA 24018
Phone: 540-772-4236
Fax: 540-772-6870

Washington, D.C.
248 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510
Phone: 202-224-4024
Fax: 202-228-6363

Sen. Mark Warner, Virginia
DC Office Phone Number: 202-224-2023, DC Fax Number: 202-224-6295

459A Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510
Phone: 202-224-2023
Fax: 202-224-6295

180 West Main Street
Abingdon, VA 24210
Phone Number: 276-628-8158
Fax Number: 276-628-1036

101 W. Main Street
Suite 4900
Norfolk, VA 23510
Phone Number: 757-441-3079
Fax Number: 757-441-6250

919 E. Main Street
Suite 630
Richmond, VA 23219
Phone Number: 804-775-2314
Fax Number: 804-775-2319

8000 Towers Crescent Drive
Suite 200
Vienna, Virginia 22182
Phone: 703-442-0670
Fax: 703-442-0408

Dawn adds:

PriceWaterhouseCooper released an independent study of the Senate Finance Committee version of the government takeover of health care bill. The study showed that American family’s budgets will be severely impacted by the bill and that health insurance premiums will increase dramatically. You may wish to read the study and use this as supporting documentation when you contact the Senators.

She then provides this timeline:

    Cloture Process and Timeline

Approximately 6 days minimum, if all time used

· Day 1: Cloture filed on the managers’ amendment, the Reid substitute amendment, and the bill (Note: there is a lot of mischief that can happen on Day 1 but that is not included in this memo).

· Day 2: Cloture motions ripen

· Day 3: Cloture vote on the managers’ amendment occurs one hour after the Senate convenes; 60 votes are required to invoke cloture on the managers’ amendment. If cloture is invoked, no other Senate business may be conducted during the 30 hours of post-cloture time

· 30 Hours later: The up/down vote on the managers’ amendment occurs. A majority vote is required to agree to the managers’ amendment. Immediately after the up/down vote on the managers’ amendment, the Senate proceeds to the cloture vote on the Reid substitute amendment (as amended by the managers’ amendment). 60 votes are required to invoke cloture on the Reid substitute amendment. If cloture is invoked, no other Senate business may be conducted during the 30 hours of post-cloture time

· 30 Hours later: The up/down vote on the Reid substitute amendment occurs. A majority vote is required to agree to the Reid substitute amendment. Immediately after the up/down vote on the Reid substitute amendment, the Senate proceeds to the cloture vote on the health care reform bill (as amended by the substitute amendment, which has been amended by the managers’ amendment). 60 votes are required to invoke cloture on the health reform bill, as amended. If cloture is invoked, no other Senate business may be conducted during the 30 hours of post-cloture time

· 30 Hours later: The up/down final passage vote on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, as amended, occurs. A majority vote is required to pass the bill, as amended.

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Dear Readers: Today, I turn “The Shrine” over to a guest blogger, who has been a regular on at the Southern California Tax Revolt Coalition Tea Party events. This post is from “The World Is Not Enough”:


I have had interesting conversations with highly pessimistic conservatives for a few years now. During the dark days of Bush’s second term these conversations were grim. “Conservatism is dead, the liberals are going to ride through the nation like the four horsemen of the apocalypse and set fire to the nation releasing plague and famine whilst consuming the first born males.” They shouted. I was just a little more optimistic than that. I felt conservatism was not dead. And the true character of a nation is reflected in how its political leaders legislate. Not what the mainstream media is telling them.

I told them the nation was becoming ever the more conservative, right before their eyes. They just had to look for it.

Hat-Tip: Ex-pat Abroad

Gay marriage was a political loser that the media tried to spin into a winner. I heard over and over again about how gay marriage was polling. The time for gay marriage had come they declared a popular KFI 640 radio host. But they were not looking at the results of the legislation nor were they examining the roots of the current debate. Massachusetts put gay marriage front and center with their decision in 2004 just before the election. The backlash of support for traditional marriage went towards political support for Republicans. The issue helped get George Bush reelected. Gay marriage had never won at the ballot box and has been rejected by over half the states in the union while all states that had gay marriage had it via judicial fiat, not the consent of the people. So while the pessimist saw polls the real politik was going in the other direction. “As California goes so goes the nation!” That’s one quote you won’t be hearing in the mainstream media very soon…

Expanding gun rights during Bush’s term also made me hopeful. The tragic shootings at Virginia Tech in years past would have been just the catalyst the left needed to move for stricter gun laws, but a strange thing happened on the way to Brady bill part two. People didn’t want less protection, they wanted more, and didn’t trust those who were supposed to provide the protection. Shortly before the shootings Virginia Tech was made a “gun-free zone.” The national debate following the shootings was for prevention via protection not protection by limiting the rights of lawful guns owners. Virginia Tech was the last straw. People simply do not trust a policy to protect them. Too many times have the gun free zones been violated by those intent on killing. This was another sign that the nation, was inching its way towards freedom.

When the Supreme Court threw aside the constitution and ruled against Kelo the nation set about strengthening their property rights laws. No fewer than 11 states put anti-Kelo legislation on the ballot in 2006. Louisiana even passed a constitutional amendment strengthening property rights.

In 2007 the Supreme Court upheld the ban on partial birth abortion in a 5-4 decision…

There was plenty of reasons to believe that the country was becoming more conservative. When the pendulum swings one way it must swing back. The further the pendulum swings in one direction the further it must swing in the other. What was happening during Bush’s second term was the beginning of that process.

Look at where we are today. The nation is rebelling against government expansion at every turn. The harder Obama pushes for larger government, no matter his argument, people fight against it. The left has lost every major battle since immigration. The media was able to get Obama elected, and that is exactly what people think , but they aren’t able to get his agenda through Congress. Cap-and-Trade, Single-payer (or its varied Trojan horses), closing Gitmo, Card Check, they all have been stymied if not killed all together. The nation does not want his agenda.

The conservative Democrats and independents have been reminded of what Democrat leadership looks like and they don’t like it. The ride to 2010 should be fun!

MUT News and Views:

I am often asked to give my opinion on various candidates. I hesitate to do so: The Tea Party/Tax Revolt movement has demonstrated quite clearly that no politician can be completely trusted to do as they promise. Therefore, our merry band of agitators is focused on specific election issues, initiatives and propositions; and focusing on critical state issues.

If I could distill the Golden Rule for distinguishing Tea Party candidates from the dross, it is this:

Find a successful person NOT warmly embraced by the elite of either major political party.

NY-23 is unfolding as a example of how a successful Tea Party-packed representative will be identified, supported, and hopefully succeed in the current political atmosphere. I think this campaign provides a sound template for how other Tea-Party candidates will also promoted and elected outside the antiquated insider mechanisms.

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