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Dear Readers: While I doubt I will add anything new into the discussion of Mitt Romney’s pick of fiscally savvy Congressman Paul Ryan for being his Vice Presidential teammate, I did want to share a few worthy links that highlight my delight and enthusiasm for the choice.  Numbers do not lie, and this race is going to be oriented on a subject that I see no evidence that Obama ever passed in school:  MATH.

The first link is to Tammy Bruce, who has a special report on this development that is open to the public: Public Podcast: Special Report==> Paul Ryan Selected for VP  She, like myself, were not anticipating such a bold choice. But, the arrangement forces Americans to make a clear and stark choice this November: Fiscal responsibility or economic disaster. Math does not lie.

Fellow SLOB KT Cat has these enthusiastic words:

What a fantastic VP pick by Mitt Romney. Ryan was my #1 choice by miles. With the Ryan pick, Romney is forcing the debate on our out-of-control spending and total capitulation on the budget process. While Barack Obama is running ads accusing Mitt Romney of killing women with cancer, Mitt is picking a guy with the courage to take on our totally unsustainable entitlement spending.

B-Daddy is also jazzed:

Romney’s pick of Paul Ryan as his VP, ending months of speculation, has me both nervous and delighted. Nervous, because I am by nature conservative about risk and would have gone with Portman or McDonnell from a pure electoral math perspective. … I am delighted because this has the potential to be a game changer in a different way that Palin was a game changer (which I still believe was a great pick at the time.) …

Ryan is also the voice of the next generation. Brother blogger Dean has voiced his belief that a new battle has been joined in which his generation will have to fight for the future of America. Paul Ryan is a member of that generation and young enough to know that without true reform, the federal deficit will wreck his generation’s ability to have any semblance of a retirement. Picking Ryan signals that Romney is ready to take on the serious issues of governing that will face this nation in the next four years.

That the uber-leftists and progressive media types are howling is indicative they were NOT prepared for an innovative choice. For example, Andrea Mitchell (mindlessly promoting the War on Women meme) said: “This is a base election. This is not a pick for suburban moms, this is not a pick for women.”

PaperSalad Merchandise by Lipstick Underground

You know, Andrea is absolutely right. This is a pick for EVERY AMERICAN. Romney made the choice in November transparently clear. In fact, many women are thrilled, including Lipstick Underground, who has this: ROMNEY/RYAN 2012 T-SHIRTS DESIGNED BY A WOMAN FOR WOMEN.

Because math does NOT have to be ugly!

W.C. Varones, a long-time libertarian, is also delighted with Ryan’s selection: It’s a bold choice. Most folks thought Romney was a wimp and would go for a safe choice like Rob Portman. Ryan has actually proposed a budget plan (something the Senate Democrats haven’t done for years), which leaves him open to the Democrat attack machine about what might get cut. They’ll try to scare seniors in particular that he wants to take away their Medicare. He also offers the “Graphic of the Day” (to the right):

My New York friend, Lonely Conservative, sums up our opponents views on the choice nicely:

In short, don’t listen to the Democrats on TV. They’re freaking out, just like Obama.

Oh, and did I mention that Romney raised over $2 million after the announcement by this afternoon?

Their snark is in direct proportion to their desperation. However, our side does snark extremely well, too — but this snark is tinged with joy. For example, citizen activists everywhere are looking forward to the Biden/Ryan debate on Oct. 11th, as the Twitter trending topic #BidenDebateLines.

Besides the snark, the other sign that the extreme left did NOT see this coming is the fact they immediately played the race card, as noted by Professor Jacobson/Legal Insurrection.It shows that the “granny of the cliff” meme is such a loser that this nasty bit of business has immediately been launched. Ryan’s supposed racist crime: Using the term “anchor baby“. Despite the left’s recent revision, the original and sane definition has no racial overtones. But, this sort of thing is going to be seen as elevated by the time Nov. 6th rolls around.

Paul Rahe sums up my take on today nicely: Romeny’s Declaration of War.

I have predicted that Romney will win by a landslide. The choice of Paul Ryan means that Romney has chosen the path that will maximize the significance of his victory and its impact on the races for seats in the House and Senate. As in 1980, this is going to be a national election — in which local particularities count for much less than usual.

American Thinker offers the following take: Triumph of Math.

Yes because:

Number rules the universe.

And the electoral numbers are going to send a loud message that will reverberate all the way to Washington, D.C.


Please click HERE for a podcast of Silvio Canto’s great BlogTalkRadio.com show, in which I discuss “Tea Party Democrats” and the devolution of the Democratic Party with Silvio and his guest, Frank Burke. I go into detail about specific Tea Party difficulties with Republican party elites, discuss what a “Palin Democrat” is doing as a citizen activist, and history buffs may enjoy my rendition of the atomic bomb drop on Nagasaki (a story that often gets overlooked in the wake of Hiroshima).

Silvio and his guest tonight, Clayton Cramer, discuss the Ryan pic entertainingly and in detail!

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Dear Readers:  Thanks to Captain Capitalism, I got a big spike in views! 🙂  I wanted to introduce my potential new fans to SLOBs (San Diego Order of Bloggers) Music Weekend, when our blogging team members chime in with their music picks of the week.  Given my background, I cover the World Music beat.  I also highlight a trending topic or two on Twitter.

Today’s feature is Persian singer, Azam Ali, with a Middle Eastern lullaby, “Nami, Nami” (translation follows):

Go to sleep little one
Let us rest on this straw mat
Go to sleep while it is yet dark
Soon the clouds will disappear
And reveal a great light to light up the neighborhood

Tomorrow your father will return home
With money from the lemons he sold
He will bring you clothes and a scarf
To keep you warm in December
My beautiful one, with the lovely handpicked black hair
Whomever does not love you or kiss you
Knows not what they are missing

EdgeoftheSandbox, a “Circle of Mom’s blogging friend” also featured Persian music on her site, too. However, she focused on Persian Heavymetal — I did not know such a thing existed. She goes into detail here: IRANIAN METALHEADS.

Edge has the full translation: Trust me, it is not kind to the current regime in the least. A snippet:

our Cyrus gave them culture
no pain no sigh no torture
to live in peace is our nature
not killing like a vulture

Speaking of Persia/Iran: Benjamin Netanyahu said Obama’s sanctions haven’t slowed Iran’s nuclear bomb program down one bit. Meanwhile, the head of Israel met with Mitt Romney, who looks so presidential that I have decided to consider him POTUS as of right now. It is hard to believe that starting tomorrow, there will be less than 100 days until the general election and we make this a reality.

Loney Conservative, another Circle-of-Moms friend, has a great write-up of Romney’s magnificent speech in Jerusalem in her post: Mitt Romney Gives Speech in Jerusalem, ‘The Capital of Israel’. She highlights this part.

In a bit of cleverness the Romney team sent out the text of the speech with this header: “Mitt Romney today delivered remarks to the Jerusalem Foundation in Jerusalem, Israel.” That is a deliberate dig at this administration. which has repeatedly put out documents suggesting that Jerusalem isn’t in Israel and has attempted to scrub from the White House Web site the reference to Israel’s capital.

Meanwhile, we citizen activists have been burning up Twitter with our hot wit. Today, I participated in #WhenObamaIsGone — mentioning that after my celebratory hangover has ended, I would be off to Disnleyland (Great minds think alike – MOTUS is headed to Disneyworld.)  However, my “Tweet of the Week” was Harriet Baldwin’s!

Other topics of note: #ConceptsProgressivesCantGrasp and #RomneysFirst100DaysAsPOTUS

Hillaryis44 has a fabulous, must-read analysis of Romney’s world tour, featuring the allies most abused by Team Obama: THIS WEEK IN JERUSALEM! The mantra to be repeated is:

“Obama simply cannot be trusted. Obama cannot be trusted on any issue. Obama cannot be trusted by his friends. Obama cannot be trusted by his enemies. Obama cannot be trusted.”

In conclusion, it is time to say “Good night and good bye” to Obama — the phrase “President Romney” will be music to my ears!

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Dear Readers:  Before I go on to today’s theme, a programming note — our favorite BlogTalkRadio host, Silvio Canto, had a special request. Therefore,  I need to share an awesome interview with businessman Joey Norris , in which they discussed the political and economic state of black America today. I also wanted to mention that our own SLOB, Dean of Beers with Demo, will be on the show Thursday (7 pm Pacific, 9 pm Central). Click here for podcasts or to listen.

Now, onto the Shrine’s new role: Suicide Hotline for Nervous Romney Supporters.

Part of the reason is that I have to talk Horemheb off the electoral ledge, as his duty station is in midnight blue Santa Barabra (where the cheap cable package offers only CNN and MSNBC. When he dies, my husband is going to heaven, because he has officially done his time in purgatory). He focuses on the questionable polls offered by these equally questionable news organizations, wondering how Romney is ever going to beat Obama.

A few points:

  • All the polls are being done too early with too variable a sampling to be meaningful at this point in the election cycle (CLICK HERE to listen to this podcast with Silvio and independent centrist and the Prairie Editor Barry Casselman for a thorough analysis).
  • Obama is hitting Romney with all he’s got, and he isn’t moving the poll numbers.
  • The elite media has no interest in presenting this race has the Romney landslide it will be, because that doesn’t make for good ratings.

Romney didn’t get where he is at , nor marry such a great lady, by being dumb.  He has spent the past few years figuring out how to beat Obama, who only relies on a limited number of 12 Alinsky rules during his campaigns.  Romney also has a much more social media savvy band of supporters than McCain did, which helps to return volley on those aforementioned Alinsky rules.  For example, Obama wanted to get some serious mileage out of Romney’s time at Bain Capitol.  The Wall Street Journal is wringing its hands that “Romney needs to explain better”.

Screw that.

Obama has essentially committed verbal harikari with his “You Didn’t Build it” slip.  This has unleashed Romney, who will now have a platform to detail why attacking business success will not lead to a better economy — in full-throated and experienced detail.  (Or as Hillary is 44 notes – Psycho Killer Barack Obama Beaten Senseless By Mitt Romney ) With employment and sales data numbers looking bad, this is a message that will resonate in the coming months.  Additionally, Team Romney fans have fired up social media in a most thorough application of Alinsky Rule 5: RULE 5 -“Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.”  (Hat-tip, the blog-father, Instapundit).

Stay unemployed, my friends.

As Michelle Obama’s Mirror notes:  ALINKSY WORKS FOR US NOW!!!

There have been a series of Twitter Hashtag skirmishes, in which I have exchanged fire. The obvious one is #YouDidntBuildThat. However, after the Hollywood attempt to game the election with a Batman villain being named “Bane”, there was a ton of great tweets on #ObamaComicBookVillains.

Now, a bunch of Republicans are asking Romney to grab his ankles and release his tax records. Why? Has Romney failed to comply with specific laws — if not, then shut-the-hell up. Obama hasn’t released a fraction of the information Americans across the country have requested — school records, Fast and Furious documents, etc. The fact Romney is man enough to tell them to stuff it is REFRESHING.

So, to those of you who think Romney is going to McCain this election, here is the official MUT prophesy for the day — Obama is going to lose by such numbers, “to be Obama-ed” is going to become the new verb form for a complete and total electoral refudiation. Yes, he will finally hit a bottom so low his name will become a verb.

So, instead of second-guessing the Romney Team, get in and contribute with such talents you have. It will be a far better use of your emotional energy. And, keep in mind, the only poll we should be concerned with is this one on Nov. 6th:

SLOB Stories

A few links to friends of the Shrine:

Finally, prayers being sent to Lonely Conservative, who is being targeted for harassment because she won the “Circle of Moms” contest, in which I met her on-line.  I know you only take flak when you are over the target, but to be exposed to such sensless hatred must be soul-draining.  I hope she finds the strength to endure, and she would be a good example for all of us to continue the good fight.

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Dear Readers:  As you know, I joined Word Warrior Barry Jacobsen on Silvo Canto’s awesome BlogTalkRadio show, Canto Talk.  We featured California’s economic insanity and regulatory inanity.   (Click HERE to listen)!!!

It turns out that like myself, Silvio is a fan of world music — especially flamenco, Spanish Guitar, and Cuban.  I am thrilled to be getting some suggestions to expand my collection, and wanted to share this recommendation with you (a theme he is thinking to use when I guest on his show):  The Sands of Egypt!

Related to Canto Talk, one of Silvio’s other angel’s, Jeanie-Ology, shared the fact that Team Obama can’t spell “Israel” correctly!

Also, as Legal Insurrection and Twitchy.com notes, #WhatObamaTaught me was a big-time trending topic yesterday on Twitter. Some of our SLOBs got into the act (thanks Beers with Demo and B-Daddy!)

I guess #WhatObamaTaught be is that Israel is actually spelled “Isreal” and our long-time ally is about to get totally screwed!!!!

I guess the narcissist-in-chief is too self-focused to recognize the “El” in Hebrew-based words refers to “God”.

As a palate cleanser, I would like to share one of Silvio’s other picks:


From Spain, The Gypsy Kings are a modern group……some of their music is good….this song is “Look at the gypsy mora girl”……”Mora” is a girl who has blood from the Moors who were in Spain for 700 years…….

In the last “gypsy” song, the man is singing about how he came across this “gypsy mora girl” and he immediately falls in love…..he repeats how she dances under the moonlight and to the rhythm of a guitar…..the pictures in this video are rather amazing……he sings over and over about she dances and dances and he can’t walk away..

MUT Note:  Next hashtag take-over target – #retroactive!

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