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Dear Readers:  It is hard to express the joy I felt when hearing the news that Gov. Scott Walker rocked the recall election, blowing-out his challenger and sending a strong message about how taxpaying Americans feel about union thuggery.    At times, the written word just doesn’t suffice.  So, here’s an image that represents how I felt  last night:

I was delighted to see that Carl DeMaio will be in contention for Mayor this November, opposing the odious Bob Filner.   Fiscal sanity made a big return in the Golden State, as pension reform won not only in San Diego but it much bluer San Jose as well.  It seems our politically connected union-leader-lead-opponents, as in Wisconsin, are going to use the courts to challenge the voter-passed reform measures.   Current San Diego Mayor, Jerry Sanders, predicts that DeMaio will get the Walker-recall-treatment if he wins in November.

In fact, Californians are so unmoved by calls for tax hikes, they rejected the usually easy-to-pass “sin tax” on cigarettes to fund another behemoth bureaucracy.  It seems the vote was quite close, and the advocates are not conceding defeat.  I would like to think the California Tea Party Ballot recommendations put out by the San-Diego Local Order of Bloggers (SLOBs) were helpful in ensuring this tax-hike got spiked.  I can’t but think that the tax increases Brown intents to thrust on the ballot in November will get a similar treatment.  Interestingly, a pay panel is slashing the Governor’s salary, along with state lawmakers, by 5% starting this December.

Here are some related  thoughts from my fellow SLOBs:

Also, Charles Caesar has a nice round-up of other California June 5th election highlights:

In San Diego, during a conversation with a young establishment Republican, we commented, “we are tea partiers here to make sure the good guys win.” The look of alarm was on his face was disarmed by my friendly smile.

The election results were terrific with one major exception. First, the good news:

  1. Carl DeMaio, a San Diego mayoral Republican candidate and fiscal reformer won, but will be in a clearly defined run off against establishment Democrat Bob Filner.
  2. State Proposition 29. Increased cigarette taxes failed with 51% voting against.
  3. San Diego Proposition A. Bars the city from requiring Project Labor Agreements on municipal construction contracts passed decisively (58%)
  4. San Diego Proposition B. Reformation of  San Diego City Employee Retirement Benefits passed overwhelmingly (66%).
  5. El Cajon Proposition D. Proposed Charter City passed (57%). Grants the city of El Cajon increased flexibility in it’s budget.

The bad: State Proposition 28. The deceptively worded expansion of term limits was passed.

Getting back to the video highlights:

And, if all of this awesomely awesome news weren’t enough, there seems to have been a major defection in the Democratic Party: BILL CLINTON HAS GONE ROGUE.  Hillary is 44 has the absolute best analysis on this subject:

Bill Clinton’s candidates badly beat up Obama’s candidates last night in the primaries. Bill Clinton in the past week declared he “liked” Donald Trump (you know the guy who beats up on Obama and regularly calls Obama a Kenyan), trumpeted Mitt Romney’s “sterling” business record, demanded the election discourse be a Bain-free zone, and put down a marker for Obama to state specifically what he has done and what he will do if reelected.

Bill Clinton is no dope and Bill Clinton has been running campaigns since the George McGovern days. Bill Clinton knows more than anyone about campaign messaging and Bill Clinton knows that what he has done is take an ax to the Obama campaign message.

Finally, no celebration is complete without the HITLER PARODY VIDEO.  Word Warrior has the Youtube, with a fabulous take on last night’s events:   Civil Servants are supposed to serve the public; not lord it over them. But over time, the roles have become reversed; with the public seen by Unions and their hand-picked politicians as a cash-cow to be milked to dry.  Well, in most states the cow is running dry!

Yes, the Tea Party scored major victories yesterday — even in this sapphire blue state.  Truly, this is the first day of November 2012.

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Dear Readers: So Cal Tax Revolt Coalition (SCTRC) is the original home and organizers of San Diego tea party events and activism, including the first local tea party on February 27th, 2009, annual Tax Day Tea Parties, and over 40 rallies, protests, petition drives, film screenings, and educational seminars. Representatives of our group will be hosting a booth at the “Stand Up for Religious Freedom” event, which is one of many nationwide that will be held at the same time and date. The rallies are scheduled to demonstrate the enormous concerns about the detrimental impact of the Health and Human Services (HHS) mandate forcing religiously affiliated institutions to support medical practices contrary to faith practices. The San Diego rally, one of over 50 “Stand Up” functions, will be held:

Time: Noon – 1 pm Date: Friday – March 23, 2012
Location: San Diego County Administrative Building; 1600 Pacific Highway.

SCTRC will be on-hand to distribute information packet on the specific details of the Affordable Care Act legislation, better known to most Americans as “Obamacare”. SCTRC’s main focus will be informing participants of the enormous costs associated with the program’s implementation, most of which has been put-off until well after the Nov. 6th election. Additionally, we will offer many other details about the Act, to show that the HHS mandate is only one of the many unconstitutional aspects of Obamacare.

More details, including quotes from SCTRC representatives and prominent Catholic clergy are at my Catholic site: As Catholics and Americans, My Son and I will be “Standing Up for Religious Freedom” this Friday

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I wanted to thank the lovely and gracious LaDona Harvey for kindly having me review the Michael J. Kobulnicky press coverage today.

Click here to listen (I am at the halfway point, about minute 17).

My title today refers to the fact that an equivalent situation to the press handling of Kobulnicky (as detailed HERE) would be for me to plaster “Leslie Eastman – KOGO Celebrity Pundit” all over my website after my appearance today, get arrested for some drug charge 2 days later, and then have the press title the piece “Kogo Celebrity Pundit Arrested on Drug Charges”.

Can the media activists not see how stupid they look, because of their lack of fact checking.

And, if you can, check out even more coverage from our San Diego Local Order of Bloggers (SLOBs). Also, for something a little different, the next installment of the “Age of Arthur” series can be found HERE.

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Continuing from yesterday:

Accused Rapist Kobulnicky NOT Associated with San Diego Tea Party Organizers, So Cal Tax Revolt Coalition

There have been at least 75 rapes and sexual assaults within the “Occupy Wall Street” protest camps. Has the elite media reported any of these awful incidents in the titillating detail that it has spent on the alleged sexual assault suspect Michael J. Kolbulnicky, a supposed “Tea Party Leader” who is in reality unknown to actual citizen coordinators that are directly involved in the local San Diego Tea Party activities?

Not so much.

Very little information related to these vile crimes makes the “big press”.  But a “Bing” search reveals some stories that are neither promoted or spread by progressive activists and their media minions, even while they smear our people most falsely.


Alinsky Rule 4: Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.

To start with, a “Bing” search reveals  detestable examples of Occupy’s “War on Women”:

Note: Over 6 million blog posts are featured, yet nary a word from the elite media on the treatment of women at the Occupy camps. Perhaps this “War on Women” is not terribly concerning to our vaunted “watchdogs” because they follow Tacitus: “We will make a silence and call it peace.”

The San Diego Union Tribune published this calumnySex assault suspect a tea party leader. If we apply the rules that Union Tribune Reporters Susan Schroder and Chirstopher Cadelgo applied to their story, here are some revised headlines.

I could go on, but I think my point is made. I need each one of you who reads this today to go onto the websites reporting on the Kobulnicky story.  Use the “Comment” section to include that tie OCCUPY WALL STREET LEADERS to the rapes and assaults that occur IN THEIR CAMPS and DURING THEIR PROTEST ACTIVITIES.

I am a clearly a woman. I have attended dozens of Tea Party events. The are fewer places that are safer for women anywhere on the planet.

Getting back to the story that the Abbot and Costello of print journalism generated about this event, let’s dissect the lede a bit:

Police on Friday announced the arrest of Michael Kobulnicky, spokesman for the San Diego Tea Party, on suspicion of kidnapping a woman and then sexually assaulting her on Fiesta Island last month.

Frankly, when we talked to the actual San Diego Tea Party spokesman, he was a little surprised to learn the UT’s designation of the suspect, who as the story notes MUCH LATER in the piece, has not been involved with the group since January.

This is a contemptible example of journalistic malfeasance, the last in a long string to which we citizens will now respond to using our own version of the Alinsky tactics. I would ask that every citizen who reads this today go to a website reporting on a the “tea party rapist” and utilize these same techniques to highlight some, if not all, the Occupy Wall Street crimes.

A good place to start our application of Alinsky Rule 4 would be here, with the local NBC affiliate, and a report filed by Lauren Stuessy. Sex Assault Suspect a Tea Party Leader.

If you want to, go the next step and apply Alinsky Rule 6: “A good tactic is one your people enjoy” and contact the Ms. Stuessy about the quality of her reporting and the fact her proudest achievement seems to be to have “exposed the Danes to American cynicism.” Click HERE for the contact information, or simply Tweet her @LaurenSteussy .

Have even more tweeting fun by using the hashtag – #WarAgainstWomen!!!!

Left Coast Rebel recalls Steussy “as this woman wrote up the inaccurate article describing the bald-headed, Chihuahua-donning infiltrator dude that attempted to disrupt the anti-Obamacare tea party rally at which I met Sarah and Leslie? Recall that NBC cameras were rolling and panning to that guy before he started causing a scene?”

Lauren — Here is what my Pulitzer Prize winning journalist father taught me: Stick to who, what, where, when and why. Never leave a trace of yourself in the report. It seems someone forgot to tell you this in journalism school. Quite frankly, you are a glorified hack by the standards that true journalists have.

Returning back to the UT Report for a moment, I would like to say this to Christopher Cadelago: Just because you talked to a few tea party activists, does not make you a “tea party expert”. Cadelago did a reasonably fair piece on citizen attitudes about gas prices, talking to several “Tea Party Leaders”, including Sarah Bond. Hey Chris: Why didn’t you call Sarah and ask her about Kobulnicky first, before rushing out this hot, swirling mess of inanity???

If Chris had bothered to do what a REPORTER is supposed to do and actually conducted BASIC RESEARCH, he could have called Sarah. Within a relatively short period of time, Chris would have learned Kobulnicky is a “Tea Party Leech”, not a “Tea Party Leader”. Several members of SoCal Tax Revolt Coalition reported him trying to insert himself into our speaker roster, request videos of him at events so he could promote himself, and had otherwise been a pest.

And, as W.C. Varones notes: If Kobulnicky’s a “prominent” “spokesman,” wouldn’t his name come up in news stories prior to his arrest?

As an aside, I talked to a real reporter yesterday: Aaron Hirschorn of 10 News. Let’s compare the UT and NBC coverage to what a real journalist doing real journalism does:

Man Accused In Fiesta Island Rape Arrested

SAN DIEGO — A 50-year-old landscaper was in custody on Friday on suspicion of abducting a pedestrian in Linda Vista, taking her to Fiesta Island and raping her, authorities reported.

About 7 p.m. Feb. 25, Kobulnicky allegedly spotted the alleged victim while driving on Linda Vista Road, pulled over and asked her if she wanted a ride home, SDPD Lt. Anastasia Smith said.

The 56-year-old woman accepted the offer and got into Kobulnicky’s vehicle, Smith said. When they reached the woman’s residence, however, he kept driving and continued on into the Mission Bay area.

After parking on Fiesta Island, the 6-foot-3-inch, 205-pound suspect allegedly pulled the victim out of the vehicle and sexually assaulted her, the lieutenant said. He then drove off, leaving her behind.

The woman immediately reported the alleged crimes, and investigators gathered evidence, including surveillance video. Six days later, police released some of the footage to local news outlets. The resulting publicity generated “numerous” tips that helped detectives identify Kobulnicky as the alleged assailant, Smith said.

Kobulnicky, who is employed as a landscape supervisor, was booked into county jail on suspicion of rape, kidnapping and forcible sex with a foreign object. He was being held without bail pending arraignment, scheduled for Monday afternoon.


Finally, I would like to bring up a point that SoCal Tax Revolt Coalition President Dawn Wildman mentioned last night: The reporters chose to feature Kobulnicky’s dubious Tea Party ties throughout this ridiculous article. Why did they fail to highlight the fact he is also a teacher????

The very last bit of the article notes he works at:

California Miramar University and Ashford University in San Diego and an elementary schoolteacher at Val Verde elementary school in Riverside County.

It seems to me that if a reporter were truly interested in the safety of women and children, this is the aspect of Kolulnicky’s life that would have been featured. If he truly did commit this heinous act, then perhaps some women on campus have had some relevant stories. Did Shroder, Cadelafo, or Stuessy bother to call California Miramar University, Ashford University, or Val Verde elementary school for background information or to determine if there were any past incidents?

I would bet not.

Based on my experiences, a female student would be in far more jeopardy than a cute citizen activist surrounded by chivalrous former military members.  I would ask consumers of the Union Tribune and NBC to consider this information when assessing the quality of reporting they get.

Yes, regular Americans should apply Alinsky Rule 4 to each and every topic our elite media covers. Now, through Nov. 6th and beyond. It’s our duty in the “War Against Women”.

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Dear Readers:  HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY.  Given that I am prepping a feast for a couple of my favorite SLOBs, I can’t fully address this matter in the excoriating detail I would like.  Know, then, I will be delving into this subject Monday.




So Cal Tax Revolt Coalition (SCTRC) is the original home and organizers of of San Diego tea party events and activism, including the first local tea party on February 27th, 2009, annual Tax Day Tea Parties, and over 40 rallies, protests, petition drives, film screenings, and educational seminars.

We are not affiliated with, nor have we worked with the newer organization titled “San Diego Tea Party.” We are not familiar with self-proclaimed “spokesperson” for that organization, Michael John Kobulnicky of Lemon Grove. He has never been an organizer, speaker, or volunteer for our company or events. We do not know what his actual involvement is with the other tea party organization. We are not familiar with the Mission Valley Tea Party that Kobulnicky reported to have founded.

Leslie Eastman, SCTRC Media Director states: What I find fascinating is that the some in the media wish to rush into reporting that a person is a “Tea Party Leader” or otherwise active member without fully vetting the subject whenever there is a potential criminal case. A simple background check would have found that Kobulnicky essentially took a leave from the “San Diego Tea Party” in January and had neither interacted nor worked with them since that time. Furthermore, a fair-minded reporter who was well-informed about “Tea Party” activism would recognize that there are no “Tea Party Leaders”. Some individuals may proclaim this status; however, anyone following today’s citizen activism would be astute enough to view such claims with a healthy degree of skepticism.

This is a blatant example of the blatant double standard taken by some journalists. There have been dozens of brutal rape cases associated with the “Occupy Wall Street” movement. Specifically, those crimes have occurred in camps during their designated protest activities. Yet, many press reports have minimized brutality associated with the dozens of reports that are known. And the news reports don’t try to paint the suspects as “Occupy Wall Street Leaders.”

So Cal Tax Revolt Coalition is an organization founded and run by women, and we consider rape and all forms of sexual assault to be violent, unacceptable crimes. We expect anyone found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt of serious, violent crimes to be sentenced accordingly. We trust that the San Diego Police Department will follow the case fully and professionally, and that all due process will be observed and justice will prevail.

Finally, we are praying for the victim and her family at this time as we know she is the one who needs our attention, not the alleged perpetrator of the crime.

The co-founders of the Southern California Tax Revolt Coalitions:
Sarah Bond
Chief Executive Officer

Dawn Wildman

Leslie Eastman
Media Director

DISCLAIMER: Please The Southern California Tax Revolt Coalition, LLC and Tea Party Patriots are not associated with the Republican Party, the Democratic Party, the Libertarian Party, or any other political party or entity.

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Dear Readers:  I am preparing a lesson on political cartooning for the Young Prince’s 4th grade class, an infiltration into the public school system that is an unexpected blessing.  One of the touchstones of political cartooning is the selection of iconic images that strike a chord with most viewers.  Star Wars, for example, offers so many options for creating a strong visual message.  A case in point: The Death Star being converted into Debt Star (a touchstone of W.C. Varones’ blog).

When thinking about the sad loss of citizen warrior, Andrew Breitbart, I am reminded of Star Wars’ Jedi mentor, Obi-Wan Kenobi.  Kenobi was struck down just as the Rebels were about to face their biggest challenge against the Empire.  Kenobi’s words to Darth Vader before his death: If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you could possibly imagine.

Tammy Bruce and Jim Hoft (Gateway Pundit) attended Breitbart’s funeral yesterday, and both remarked that the conservatives in attendance plan to use their time, energy and resources to push-back against the culturally toxic environment created by statists, progressives, and those who want to silence Americans who don’t share their elite values. They seem more motivated to do so, not less.

Today, our ranks are now joined by a new champion from the entertainment-bureaucracy complex.  Clearly, his new-found activism is another legacy from Breitbart.

Producer to Hollywood Left: ‘F–K You. I Am Andrew Breitbart: Daniel Knauf, a major Hollywood producer (e.g., HBO’s Carnivale, Spartacus – Blood and Sand), was triggered by an odious stream of toxic tweets into pushing-back on the entertainment industry’s blacklisting of conservatives.

Now, after just getting “Game of Thrones/ Season 1” in the mail from Amazon yesterday, I am going to have to add the “Spartacus” series to the Shrine’s movie collection. I bet there are dozens of iconic images to utilize for punditry in Knauf’s work. But I digress…

Let’s take a look at some of the Knauf Tweets and see what set him off!

Upon learning of Breitbart’s death, Knauf tweeted this:

After the elitist liberals reading his Tweets responded with a barrage that was a seething mixture of vulgarity and inanity, Knauf concluded the dialog with:

Knauf also describes this chilling episode:

Over the ensuing years, I continued to remain silent whenever confronted by the toxic, batshit-crazy, knee-jerk, anti-intellectual, when-in-doubt-blame-America Leftism that pervades Hollywood. I saw what happened to others if they spoke up or disagreed with the party line. I actually witnessed one writer, who foolishly expressed his support for the war in Iraq, set-upon and viciously berated by no less than six crew-members for almost 20 minutes straight.

That night, he found his car had been keyed in our secure lot.

Hmm… must’ve been a random vandal.

Incidentally, though he had a storied career, an amazing list of credits and is one of the most versatile, talented writer-producers I know, the jobs gradually dried up for him and now he can’t, as they say, get arrested in this town.

As a consumer of entertainment, I been indirectly affected. I love great movies, especially those featuring history and adventure. I am angered by this tragic and disgraceful waste of talent. How many great movies and TV shows have I and my family been deprived of, because the left chooses to punish those who go off the reservation and silence them??

Breitbart is dead, but his “FORCE” is guiding more and more activists to get engaged in one of the greatest challenges we face: Defeating Obama, who seems content to gin-up civil unrest for his own purposes.

Breitbart understood we had to change not only the government and politics, but the culture and media as well. Word Warrior, who is in the entertainment industry and deals with Hollywood types regularly, shares his thoughts:


I have worked the last couple years in television; and experienced the same thing… And when I lived in Union-dominated Detroit for 7 years (my in-laws were mostly all United Auto Workers Union guys and gals); and when I lived and worked a year in both Chicago and Detroit! The hatred on the Left for we on the Right goes WAY beyond disdain we often feel for their leftist ideas.

To paraphrase the parlance of “The Godfather”, for us it’s just politics. For the Left, it’s personal.

Plainly, we tax-payers who are conservative (or centrist, but personally responsible), are beginning to challenge the assertions and narratives of those who want to force their standards on us. Andrew Breitbart mentored us on the “hows”, and people all over the blogosphere and other venues are carrying on the work.

For example, Professor Jacobson of Legal Insurrection, is challenging Carbonite on their hypocrisy of dropping Rush Limbaugh after the host’s “slut”/apology combo — while the firm felt fine retaining host Ed Schultz after a similar incident. Americans everywhere are shaking things up, as the company’s stock price is tumbling. We won’t let a fake coed, a 30-year old lefty activist who can’t accept an apology with grace, dictate the field of cultural battle.

The Goddess of Capitalism is most pleased.

I guess no Beer Summit for Fluke, Limbaugh, Obama and Biden!!!!

I am a small, Catholic woman. I am a working mom. I do not have a radio show or TV spot: I operate only a computer with a free blog site. However, I AM ANDREW BREITBART, TOO. That means, I am going to do what I can to contribute to push-back on the elite cultural and political script — with whatever tools, talent, and gusto God pleases to give me.

To that end, as I Democrat, I do have sources that some of my friends may not share.  I have news about yesterday’s primaries that should be of extreme interest to all citizen activists. No, it isn’t about the GOP primary. It is the Democratic primary in Oklahoma.

Randall Terry Wins a Delegate in Oklahoma

President Barack Obama won Tuesday’s Oklahoma Democratic primary, but in a slight embarrassment, antigay, antiabortion campaigner Randall Terry swiped a delegate from him. Mr. Terry, one of two challengers to Mr. Obama, garnered 18% of Tuesday’s vote, crossing the 15% bar for earning a delegate to the Democratic nominating convention this summer. Oklahoma had 45 of 50 Democratic delegates in play Tuesday, with the remaining five attending the convention as uncommitted. The voter turnout of 116,000 was the lightest in the state’s history for a Democratic primary.

As Hillaryis44 noted in the New Hampshire primary (in which Obama lost 20% of the vote), a significant number of Democrats detest the policy consequences of Team Obama and are making their ire known early.  So, when the media rips the Repbulicans for “lack of unity” and “lack of enthusiasm with the base”, please do not lose sight of the fact that it isn’t all wine-and-roses over at Empire Central, either.!!

I am also going to continuing helping my fellow activists with “Managing Media” concepts. I am also going to use whatever platforms Fate provides to help teach “messaging”, such as my son’s class.

I will conclude with a graphic that shows Breitbart’s influence will not wane with his death. This is the first political cartoon published by my 10-year old son.

Yes, Breitbart is now more powerful than his opponents can possibly imagine. We are standing up to Obama’s elite cultural Stormtroopers.


Anna Puna chimes in on the latest leftist hypocrisy
: Robert Kennedy Jr. uses the term for prostitute to describe Sen. Inhofe’s sensible energy policy. Check it out.

A big thanks to Hillary is 44 for the link in their awesome piece: Andrew Breitbart Strikes From The Grave: Barack Obama The Race-Baiter Protected By Corrupt Big Media. Hillary44 dishes on a video tape that was being held by media elites, snippets of which are only now being parceled out by our cultural betters.

From Mark Meckler: Breitbart is Here – T-Shirt, Graphics, etc. Support the family…make it viral…put Breitbart everywhere!

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Dear Readers: I am in lovely San Juan Capistrano today, having been invited to do a presentation of managing media effectively as a citizen activist at a strategy meeting for the California Tea Party Groups, as I am the Media Director of the Southern California Tax Revolt Coalition. One of the main objects of my talk was to help our volunteers get over their fear of being insulted (especially in the comments section of news websites). As my dear friend Word Warrior might put it: If you ‘re taking flack, you’re over the target”.

Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson and MUT

Another guest, whom I was thrilled to meet, was Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, founder of B.O.N.D. and the South Central LA Tea Party. He was also discussing a similar concept with these activists: Having courage in the face of false charges of “racism” bandied about by our opponents.

After the conclusion of the Reverend’s uplifting, energizing, unifying chat, an event occurred that underscored the importance of new media and standing strong against the false charges of racism. Our “Tea Party” was crashed by “Public Enemy”.

Meet three of Tea Party’s opponents:


  • And REGGIE DONALD (Who was so brave that didn’t want his picture with his “WHITE POWER” sign taken, when I specifically asked to get a picture).

They caused a disturbance just as Rev. Jesse was wrapping up his chat.  The three dragged in bags of hoods, Confederate flags, and racist signs into our conference center room.  They were trying to, as Reggie put it “distribute them because we want to give you want you need.”

Very tired, very uninspired.  But a great example of the crap that Rev. Petersen said he routinely has to handle.

This three “heroes” are good example of the silly, useless tactics that will no longer undermine citizen efforts to get out our message on fiscal sanity, personal responsibility, and governance based on Constitutional principles.

Needless to say, I went into my “intrepid reporter” mode, grabbed by notebook and camera, and went full media on these three gentleman. The results were most illuminating.

First, I identified myself as a freelance journalist. I asked specifically if I could interview them. I asked them, as I do in these situations, for their names. I think these three thought that we Tea Partiers were culturally inept.  For example, one of them decided to use the name of a hip-hop artist instead of identifying who he really was.

Hey Rosco — How can you be proud of a message when you would not be willing to use your real name when presenting it?

Next, I asked if they belonged to a specific group. Reggie hemmed and hawed as he mocked my handwriting several times to distract me (Hey Reggie — I know my handwriting is shitty, but I have a Master’s Degree and my dignity — what do you have???). After asking the same questions several times, I got a vague story of how they got together four years ago, and drove in a van to distribute things.

Hey Reggie — if you can’t explain with pride why you are doing something, then probably you shouldn’t be doing it.

Then the clever one, Rosco, offered that they were from “Public Enemy” (and noted publicenemy.com with Chuck D. as the website).

Guess what Rosco — some of our pop-culture, music-loving members actually recognized that band and has one of their CD’s. Yes, some of our tea party activists are tuned into the black music and entertainment scene!!!

I must say, I actually respected Bunky Box the most. A false name, true. However, he offered the most honest reason why these three young men were in California:


Bunky — stay true to yourself, run on that platform, and you might become a member of Congress. I know I would vote for you in preference to Maxine Waters if I had a choice.

I asked all three of them how they had happened to come here today. They mumbled something about “Google searching for Tea Party”. For some reason, I sense another lie. I suspect they were wanting to harass Rev. Peterson, whose message  resonates with Americans of all races everywhere and who is slowly undoing the stranglehold of victicrat leaders.

One last point: Reggie asked me why I was upset with the “White Power” sign. I told him blatantly that he was a racist.

In fact, I shocked him into silence.  He look stunned.

Then, I informed him that I did several news stories that promoted the businesses of black small business owners, and how could Reggie be against a movement that wanted such men to succeed in the free market. I then told him that he knew absolutely nothing about my race, so how dare he presume.

For you see, I don’t have white guilt. My great-grandmother was a Romanian gypsy sold into slavery in a Turkish harem by a black man. My great-grandfather’s brother died in the Civil War, having joined to help abolish slavery.  I know who I am, and no insult is going to undermine my beliefs.

But it isn’t my past that holds me strong, but my future. The single most racist statement I ever heard was in Legoland, from the lips of a young black boy. This boy said: “There are too many white people here”.

This was in earshot of my then 5-year old son. It is my grizzly-mother instinct to work for a world that ensures we change things so that a man is judged by the content of his character, per the words of Martin Luther King Jr.

Three thoughtless young hipsters will not stop our efforts. Instead of making themselves larger, they lost some of their souls today and inspired many Californians to fight for a better country.

I suspect this is not the result they expected.



A thanks to Mark Meckler for the link: CA Tea Party Coalition Meets “Public Enemy” – It’s Mutteriffic!  I would also direct my readers to his post on our event today:  More in the “Waning Tea Party” Series – Liveblogging the California Tea Party Coordinators’ Conference in San Juan Capistrano, CA

Believe it or not…we even had protesters outside the event while Rev. Peterson was signing books.  There were a few young black people who were trying to hand out white hoods and confederate flags and saying that “you forgot your hoods.”  They were carrying signs that said “White Power.”  Contrary to their obvious intentions (they came equipped with video equipment), they were unable to create a stir.  Instead, they were invited in for lunch, and offered water and sodas.  The irony of the contrast between their actions and Rev. Peterson’s message was clearly lost on them.

As a side note:  It seems a cameraman was scoping the Conference Center for several hours, checking out for Rev. Peterson’s arrival.  If these young men are a small sample of the hostility with which the Reverend has had to deal with over the years, God bless his good work.  Rev. Peterson has his work cut out for him.

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Dear Readers:  As you know, I am a history lover — especially when that history is UN-PC.  I have often featured the site “Badass of the Week“, which highlights the exploits of exceedingly brave men and women through history overcoming extreme odds. So, this week I wanted to do my own feature in homage: SOCAL TAX REVOLT COALITION BADASS OF THE WEEK — Kira Davis.

Kira Davis: Mom, Actress, and Kick-Ass Tea Party Activist

I really can’t use the spicy language of the original “Badass” site with proper effect. However, I wanted to share with you a YouTube video she did in 10 minutes in between a dance class and her kid’s little league. It is an excoriating “apology” that rips the Obama Administration’s 3-page bendover to Hamid Karzai that essentially made handling Afghanistan much harder for our troops (and has cost American lives).

Kira, over to you

The video has now close to 1 million views, so the My Fox LA station had this passionate activist over to the studio with a chat. Her interview is also well worth seeing: A Mock Apology To President Obama…Blogger Kira Davis Explains On Studio 11 (click link HERE for video).

Then, on the “outrage de jour“: Dear Ms.Sandra Fluke: I Don’t Wanna Pay for Your Sex

I am looking forward to following her work, especially as 2012 is developing into a historically key year for California and national elections that will drive policy well into the future. What caught my eye was this:

Kira Davis: “I am an actress, writer, blogger and talker. I am also a mother, wife, proud American and black conservative who is concerned about the nation’s shift away from traditional American values and Constitutional principles. Kiradavis.net is a site dedicated to arguing and defending conservative values and principle in politics and pop culture. It is a home for emerging bloggers, pundits and all things Kira Davis-y. Not all views expressed on this site represent my views or opinions.”

As we mourn the loss of Andrew Breitbart, I recall one of the statements he made about the Tea Party: Most of the Tea Parties around the country were started by women. I know ours was co-founded by 3 engaged women, all of whom ran small businesses and had kids we were trying to raise. It comforts me to know that young, energetic patriots are out there who continue working for fiscal responsibility, limited government, and US Constitutional principles.

I wanted to point out that Kira has a radio show at 10pm ET, 7pm Pacific on the CDNews Network on Blogtalk Radio. It is called THE DARK SIDE WITH KIRA DAVIS. As an American of Romanian heritage, who loves tales of vampires and werewolves, how could I not be drawn in??? I was longing for a Sunday night show to replace the Drudge show, which I have been missing these many years. I think I found it.

Please check the blogroll a little later today, as Kira Davis’ website will be featured. Happily, she is based in Orange County, so we have another SoCal agitator to help shake things up in Sacramento and beyond.

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Thank you Legal Insurrection, and welcome to friends of Professor Jacobson!!!

Dear Readers: SoCal Tax Revolt Coalition President Dawn Wildman emailed today, hoping to spread the word about Tea Party response to a spate of letters to local organizations from the Internal Revenue Service. Big Government provides some background: IS THE IRS ATTEMPTING TO INTIMIDATE LOCAL TEA PARTIES?

In January and February of this year, the Internal Revenue Service began sending out letters to various local Tea Parties across the country. Mailed from the same Cincinnati, Ohio IRS office, these letters have reached Tea Parties in Virginia, Hawaii, Ohio, and Texas (we are hearing of more daily). There are several common threads to these letters: all are requesting more information from these independent Tea Parties in regard to their nonprofit 501(c)(4) applications (for this type of nonprofit, donations are not deductible). While some of the requests are reasonable, much of them are strikingly onerous and, dare I say, Orwellian in nature.

A citizens group, GOOOH (Get Out of our House, www.goooh.com) has already responded:

It appears the IRS has decided to aggressively investigate multiple non-profit, politically active, patriotic groups. If you are one of those being investigated, you will probably want to join a call that has been organized for tomorrow, Tuesday, 2/28 at 6pm Eastern. Click on this link CLICK HERE) to register for the call.

The call is for the organizations that have received a letter from the IRS concerning their application for tax exempt status. Those who have not yet received such correspondence from the IRS, should contact the group to be kept updated during this process.

One of the impacted groups, the Kentucky 912 project, has responded (click here for full response)

Word Warrior has a review for “Act of Valor”: The quick response to one of the most chilling actions taken by a federal agency since Obama unleashed the First-Amendment-Undermining HHS contraception provision is a great example of an “act of valor” by average citizens. I pray to God we are as successful as the Navy Seal team in the film.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TEA PARTY!!! Here is your IRS Audit Package. Hugs and kisses, Obama (there’s even more!!!).

SLOB News:

We had a great Beer Summit this weekend. W.C. Varones has a full description. I took my usual “Presidental Straw Poll”. It a nutshell, the winner was….ROMNEY WITH A SIDE OF PAUL.I hope to have more details tomorrow.

SLOBs at their regular Beer Summit

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Dear Readers: My last post featured mayoral candidate Carl DeMaio, who initiated a sensible and well-developed SAN DIEGO PENSION REFORM Ballot measure in an attempt to stave off fiscal disaster for the city.

Therefore, I was delighted to hear LaDona Harvey report that, despite a union-backed attempted to remove the measure from the June election, a judge has ruled that the properly filed petition to place the roadmap in front of the voters can go forward. Details can be found here: Judge: Pension Reform Initiative Will Stay On June Ballot.

I don’t expect the union elites to just let this go, however: They will cheat, manipulate, and prevaricate to protect their power and perks.

Speaking of unions, let’s now feature a win for parents against the enormous behemoth that is the education bureaucracy! Mark Meckler reports on a new law:

Parent Trigger Laws Force Education Reform on Underperforming Schools

This is from the website, ParentRevolution.org: “What is the California Parent Trigger?

The California Parent Trigger is an historic new law that gives parents in California the right to organize and demand a real change at their child’s failing school. Under the Parent Trigger, parents at persistently low-performing schools can organize and transform their school based on what’s good for children, not adults. If they are able to gather 51% of parent signature at their school their district must implement one of four turnaround models (including in-district reforms such as staff changes and out-of-district reforms such as charter conversion).”

In other news, I am delighted to see some serious citizen-pushback against eco-activists. For example, KFMB-CBS-8 News tried to generate some faux outrage against the California Fish and Game President, who legally bagged himself a fairly sizable cougar. I was delighted to see so many comments supportive of the hunter’s legal right to hunt. I will also point out that mountain lions are becoming habituated to humans, and some of these powerful animals are stalking us as prey. Frankly, I like being at the pinnacle of the food-chain, and I am not inclined to let eco-activists persuade me otherwise. For a reminder that this threat is real, here are some news clips:

Mountain lion reported near schools
SAN DIEGO – Two schools and a Boys and Girls Club were locked down Monday after a mountain lion sighting was called into authorities, deputies said. The mountain lion was seen on Winecreek Road in 4S Ranch just before 1 p.m. causing Oak Valley Middle School and Stone Ranch Elementary School to keep students inside, according to the San Diego Sheriffs Department.

Big Bend mountain lion attacks boy, 6

A 6-year-old boy was attacked by a mountain lion while walking near the lodge at Chisos Basin in Big Bend National Park with his family Sunday night. The boy suffered non-life-threatening injuries — scrapes and puncture wounds to his face, according to park officials. His father was able to fight off the cat by stabbing it with a pocket knife.

I am second to no-one (well, perhaps KT) in my love of felines. But I personally want cougar hunts re-established in California. We need these animals to relearn their fear of us. They aren’t pets: They are high-end predators.I do not want any child sacrificed on the altar of eco-activism.

I am also bone-tired of reasonable fuel-policy being scuttled based on the theology of man-made global warming. It seems that the citizens of California got a break, as the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure of the U.S. House of Representatives authorized the Secretary of Interior to resume oil and gas leasing off the Santa Barbara/Ventura and Santa Maria coasts beginning no later than July 1, 2014. Hopefully, with a new Senate and new President in elected this November, this may actually reopening would re-employ Californians.

In related news, Shrine friend Roger Cohen is, again, featured in a Wall Street Journal opinion piece: Concerned Scientists Reply on Global Warming

In summary, science progresses by testing predictions against real world data obtained from direct observations and rigorous experiments. The stakes in the global-warming debate are much too high to ignore this observational evidence and declare the science settled. Though there are many more scientists who are extremely well qualified and have reached the same conclusions we have, we stress again that science is not a democratic exercise and our conclusions must be based on observational evidence.

The computer-model predictions of alarming global warming have seriously exaggerated the warming by CO2 and have underestimated other causes. Since CO2 is not a pollutant but a substantial benefit to agriculture, and since its warming potential has been greatly exaggerated, it is time for the world to rethink its frenzied pursuit of decarbonization at any cost.

This publication is especially timely, especially in light of recently uncovered Man-Made Global Warming Fraud. Blog-father Instapundit summarizes the latest installment of scientific quackery related to this — Global Warming Fanatic Blames Victims for His Abuse (Click Here for Glenn’s list of related links).

Finally, there are reports of a Worldwide Tea Party being planned (rumor has it April 14th). Caesar Charles has a report and a video featuring citizen activists working for fiscal sanity, smaller government, and personal liberty around the world.


SLOB highlights!

Two last notes:

1) I am sick of being viewed as a mobile pleasure vehicle by both of our national parties. I AM TOTALLY UNCONCERNED ABOUT NOT HAVING ACCESS TO CONTRACEPTIVES for a wide variety of reasons. See my list of concerns ABOVE! Lipstick Underground hits it out of the park with this piece: Quit Making Me Root for Romney.As the Final Four are gearing up for yet another debate, let’s hope they have balls enough to return the dialog to where it belongs: TRUE CRONY CAPITALISM and CORRUPTION, JOBS, NATIONAL SECURITY, AND SENSIBLE BUDGET POLICY.

I will be ranting more about this shortly.

2) After venting, I now direct you to Word Warrior for a little humor: NEW TERMS FOR AMERICAN WORKPLACE. A sample —

BLAMESTORMING: Sitting around in a group, discussing why a deadline was missed or a project failed, and who was responsible.

SEAGULL MANAGER: A manager who flies in, makes a lot of noise, craps on everything, and then leaves.

ASSMOSIS: The process by which some people seem to absorb success and advancement by kissing up to the boss rather than working hard.

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