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Dear Readers: Today, it’s MUT’s movie round-up.  Like Legal Insurrections’s Professor Jacobson, I find it difficult to interpret the SCOTUS decision as anything other than a battle loss.  From the class movie, “The Lion in Winter“:  I’ve suffered more defeats than you have teeth. I know one when it happens to me.   However, for those of you who simply want to focus on rigged polls and embrace desolation and depression, I have this line from “Moonstruck” for you:

The WAR can still be won!

ObamaTAX (the independent-conservative rechristened Obamacare) will not be implemented until 2014, and Romney says its repeal will be his first act upon becoming President.  Therefore, the day after his signature is dry on that executive order, this DEMOCRAT will be working for Romney’s re-election.  Romney has raised more than $4 million (as of this writing) since the senseless SCOTUS decision came down.  Happily, most of my fellow citizen activists do not seem to be inclined to roll over for this classless President — whose first act was to tweet:  BFD.

So, my response is this:  YOU CAN KISS MY ROYAL ROMANIAN ASS.

Shrine Friend Lorraine Yapps Cohen published a list of the 10 Reasons Obama is going to be crushed like the “Terminator” on Nov. 6th.  I think it is a great place to start to regain some enthusiasm:

Top ten reasons why Obama will lose the 2012 election

#1. In 2008, Americans were charmed by a newcomer who promised hope and change in the midst of growing national discontent….Now we know Barack Obama: who he is and who he isn’t; what he promised vs. what he delivered; what he says he’ll do and what he actually does; what he’s really about, where his values lie, and what he stands for, which is mostly his narcissistic self. Americans now know the real Barack Obama and don’t want any more of him.

#2. In 2008 when Obama took office, unemployment among Americans stood at 6.1%. Unemployment soared to 10% in the first two years of his administration. Today, it stands at 8.2% despite that the reporting is statistically manipulated to pose a prettier picture.

#3. Americans want to be all they can be and free of the social polices that stunt what made America exceptional. Democracy based on the Constitution works. Socialism doesn’t….Obama’s brand of socialism simply doesn’t jive with the American spirit. And constitutionality cast to the wind won’t win him votes.

#4. America is known as the land of opportunity….By his actions, Obama favors equality of outcome, not equality of opportunity. We don’t get opportunity when government instead assigns equality according to race, color, creed, gender, or religion.

#5. We will not re-elect a President who has spent too much on green technologies that don’t work.

#6. Political polarization runs rampant. Americans are tiring of the extremes that divide. Obama promised to unite us. Instead he uses class warfare to divide us. We are not going to vote for more of that.

#7. Our homes have lost their luster as the embodiment of the American Dream. The housing market is dying, if not dead as a doornail in some locations already. Houses have lost 30-50% of their former values. …Where is the Obama-made change in housing that we were promised?

#8. The national debt increased to $15.7 trillion under Obama’s spending spree. This puts our children and their children in financial bondage to government. By not electing Obama, we eliminate more of the same for four more years, putting an end to the horrific prospect of interminable debt.

#9. Obama has no idea how to generate wealth. His scheme for making money is to tax whatever wealth Americans earned for themselves while declaring war on businesses that created wealth in the first place.

#10. And finally, Americans cannot and will not re-establish as President an apologist for our national greatness. ..
President Obama might take national demise down the paths of such righteousness, but he won’t win another election that way.

The entire post offers further details and links, so please check back. Meanwhile, the San Diego Local Order of Bloggers (SLOBs) is a source of great analysis and inspiration:

  1. The ruling didn’t expand the power of the commerce clause to infinity.
  2. Most conservatives had always felt that had the mandate been honestly labeled as a tax, it would have never been challenged.
  3. I always thought the mandate’s financial penalty was too weak to force compliance.
  4. Because the mandate is a tax, it’s repeal can’t be filibustered in the Senate, where the rules on filibuster do not apply to spending bills.
  5. The mandate has no criminal enforcement provision, including asset forfeiture in the portion of the tax code in which it resides.
  6. The ruling on the Medicaid portion is likely to be more substantive.
  7. The Chief Justice worked to protect the reputation of the court.
  8. This is likely to help Romney, who is making the argument that the only way to get rid of Obamacare is to get rid of Obama.
  9. The court has ruled officially that Obama has raised taxes on the middle class.
  10. Ultimately the public got what it deserves for electing Democrats in such overwhelming numbers, including the 2008 nominee, who lacked the experience to inject any leadership into this miserable bill. We are reminded of why we need a tea party movement to restore government to constitutional limits because we, the people, demand it.

I must disagree with B-Daddy on Point #10 — In 2008, Team Obama perpetrated the most significant fraud on the American Public in history — portraying Obama as a centrist. This meme was helped along by the elite media. Needless to say, the new media has been a dynamic force to set the record strait, which is reason #11 for both the above lists:

Reason #11 Obama will loose (Courtesy of Charles Caesar of Doo Doo Economics):

Original by Charles Caesar of Doo Doo Economics.

(MUT Note: Hey, Reason and Powerline — we SLOBs had this graphic first).  Yes, it is a TAX!

Reason #11 NOT to give into despair: THE NEW MEDIA WILL NEVER REST. Via Pat_Ess on Twitter, Tammy Bruce got the word out that Obamacare has been Transformed into ObamaTAX!#ObamaTax now resides as the hottest new Twitter Hashtag:

And if you want to help the process along, contribute an entry to #ObamaCareInThreeWords

One last thought: Which iconic movie man do you want to be, facing extreme challenges and daunting odds —

The whiner in “Aliens”:

Or John McClane in Die Hard?

This is what I will be saying as I head to the polls Nov. 6th:

Yippee ki yay, Mother Fucker!!!

(Quick — call the civility police — a Tea Party leader just swore at Obama).

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Dear Readers:  It is hard to express the joy I felt when hearing the news that Gov. Scott Walker rocked the recall election, blowing-out his challenger and sending a strong message about how taxpaying Americans feel about union thuggery.    At times, the written word just doesn’t suffice.  So, here’s an image that represents how I felt  last night:

I was delighted to see that Carl DeMaio will be in contention for Mayor this November, opposing the odious Bob Filner.   Fiscal sanity made a big return in the Golden State, as pension reform won not only in San Diego but it much bluer San Jose as well.  It seems our politically connected union-leader-lead-opponents, as in Wisconsin, are going to use the courts to challenge the voter-passed reform measures.   Current San Diego Mayor, Jerry Sanders, predicts that DeMaio will get the Walker-recall-treatment if he wins in November.

In fact, Californians are so unmoved by calls for tax hikes, they rejected the usually easy-to-pass “sin tax” on cigarettes to fund another behemoth bureaucracy.  It seems the vote was quite close, and the advocates are not conceding defeat.  I would like to think the California Tea Party Ballot recommendations put out by the San-Diego Local Order of Bloggers (SLOBs) were helpful in ensuring this tax-hike got spiked.  I can’t but think that the tax increases Brown intents to thrust on the ballot in November will get a similar treatment.  Interestingly, a pay panel is slashing the Governor’s salary, along with state lawmakers, by 5% starting this December.

Here are some related  thoughts from my fellow SLOBs:

Also, Charles Caesar has a nice round-up of other California June 5th election highlights:

In San Diego, during a conversation with a young establishment Republican, we commented, “we are tea partiers here to make sure the good guys win.” The look of alarm was on his face was disarmed by my friendly smile.

The election results were terrific with one major exception. First, the good news:

  1. Carl DeMaio, a San Diego mayoral Republican candidate and fiscal reformer won, but will be in a clearly defined run off against establishment Democrat Bob Filner.
  2. State Proposition 29. Increased cigarette taxes failed with 51% voting against.
  3. San Diego Proposition A. Bars the city from requiring Project Labor Agreements on municipal construction contracts passed decisively (58%)
  4. San Diego Proposition B. Reformation of  San Diego City Employee Retirement Benefits passed overwhelmingly (66%).
  5. El Cajon Proposition D. Proposed Charter City passed (57%). Grants the city of El Cajon increased flexibility in it’s budget.

The bad: State Proposition 28. The deceptively worded expansion of term limits was passed.

Getting back to the video highlights:

And, if all of this awesomely awesome news weren’t enough, there seems to have been a major defection in the Democratic Party: BILL CLINTON HAS GONE ROGUE.  Hillary is 44 has the absolute best analysis on this subject:

Bill Clinton’s candidates badly beat up Obama’s candidates last night in the primaries. Bill Clinton in the past week declared he “liked” Donald Trump (you know the guy who beats up on Obama and regularly calls Obama a Kenyan), trumpeted Mitt Romney’s “sterling” business record, demanded the election discourse be a Bain-free zone, and put down a marker for Obama to state specifically what he has done and what he will do if reelected.

Bill Clinton is no dope and Bill Clinton has been running campaigns since the George McGovern days. Bill Clinton knows more than anyone about campaign messaging and Bill Clinton knows that what he has done is take an ax to the Obama campaign message.

Finally, no celebration is complete without the HITLER PARODY VIDEO.  Word Warrior has the Youtube, with a fabulous take on last night’s events:   Civil Servants are supposed to serve the public; not lord it over them. But over time, the roles have become reversed; with the public seen by Unions and their hand-picked politicians as a cash-cow to be milked to dry.  Well, in most states the cow is running dry!

Yes, the Tea Party scored major victories yesterday — even in this sapphire blue state.  Truly, this is the first day of November 2012.

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Dear Readers:  I wanted to take a moment to feature 2 of my favorite blog-sites, and to personally thank them for their support of the Shrine of Flaming Capitalism.  I can only adore Captain Capitalism (Rantings and tirades of a frustrated economist.), given his moniker.   I wanted to express my gratitude in his featuring my Queen Tausert-Egyptology post in a recent round-up.  It was nice seeing that piece, which I put some blood, sweat, and tears into, get a little attention!

Thanks so much Captain!!!

I think his post today is an example of his amazing awesomeness: Updating the Factors of Production. He adds a fifth factor to the following 4 factors of products: 1) Land; 2) Labor; 3) Capital; 4) Entrepreneurs

However, I would like to tender a fifth.

I’m doing this not to make things more complicated or to somehow be enshrined in the Economics Hall of Fame, but because our economy today practically proves there is a fifth and final factor of production that is required to produce, but is not accounted for in the current list. That fifth component is:

A future.

Some would call it “political” or “economic certainty.” I’m calling it a future simply because if there is no hope an economy will be stable, MORE SO that you will be able to keep the majority of your gains….

Captain Capitalism will be on the blogroll under both “Capitalist Hero” and “Admired Patron”, because I can’t decide between the two. And his support and all the interested readers will inspire a few more Egyptology posts on a regular basis!  THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! 🙂

I also wanted to thank the Lonely Conservative, a New York working mom who was the winner of the Circle of Mom’s Political Moms contest. She and I have been corresponding, and I think I made her feel sorrier for my blue state status. This occurred when we were discussing New Your Senator Chuck Schumer’s proposed “exit tax”. I informed her that in 2009, the braniacs in Sacramento proposed an exit tax for those fleeing the Golden State.

She has the following take on the Catholic groups suing the Obama Administration over the Contraception Mandate.

Dozens of Catholic organizations are suing the Obama administration over the mandate to provide employees coverage for birth control, sterilization and abortion-inducing drugs. The administration had to see this coming, but they didn’t care. Now these schools, charities, dioceses and health care providers will spend a great deal of money bringing these suits, while the taxpayers will foot the bill for defending them. It was all so avoidable.

Speaking of California, here are some gems that we should know:

Legislature attacks California property rights

A bill was passed by the Assembly [AB 2299] Thursday which would allow a newly created, protected class of individuals to legally hide ownership of property by claiming a public safety classification.

By hiding their ownership information, these individuals would be able to conduct business outside of the scrutiny of the public, undoubtedly resulting in different classes of property owners, as well as the demise of California’s constructive notice property rights system…..

And AB 2299 would make it impossible for a member of the public to verify ownership of their own home. Under AB 2299, only the government could verify real property ownership.

The California Newspaper Publishers Association is opposed to AB 2299 and expressed concerns at a recent hearing about how a confidentiality program might be used to perpetrate fraud: “AB 2299 would bar journalists and the public from investigating the situation unfolding in Los Angeles where the assessor is accused of collecting campaign contributions from property owners in exchange for lowered property assessments. The bill would completely insulate and protect any public safety official who might be involved in this type of scheme and would eradicate any public scrutiny, oversight or accountability.”

Assembly hearings expose Brown budget gaps
Like a woman with a shopping addiction, California politicians are going to bankrupt the Golden State. California has a $16 billion deficit, a $4.6 billion budget spending increase since January, a credit rating which will probably be lowered and a big fat $10 billion debt owed to the K-14 public schools.

It doesn’t look good. Someone needs to cut up the state’s credit cards and put the Legislature on a Weight Watchers plan for big spenders.

UPDATE:  A Shrine friend notes:  Leslie, the debt is now 18 billion.  There was an accounting error just realized late last week per Senator Dutton’s office.

And Chris Reed gets us ready for the response to the above story: ‘Terrorists’ who oppose tax hikes: Prepare for the onslaught

Will Jerry Brown get lots of blame for his $4-billion-in-extra-revenue fantasy that he concocted last June? It’s made a dire situation much worse.

Will anyone in the media point out that contracts with gov unions that Jerry approved this fiscal year not only continue providing “step” increases for time on the job — in other words, just for showing up — but overall pay hikes?

Will anyone in the media point out that the people with power in this state have blocked all fundamental reforms — except the one (prisoner “realignment”) that allowed them to shift costs to local governments?

No, no and no.

Instead, we’ll see the usual one-two punch to explain all that is wrong with California.

1. Those damn Republicans who oppose tax hikes are to blame.

2. Prop. 13 is to blame. It ruined the state.


SLOB Stories:

One last note:  I have been reading Edward Klein’s amazing book on the realities of the Obama Administration.  The most concerning thing I heard was how much a serious policy player Michelle Obama is — and you can click HERE to see a number of reasons for that worry.  Tammy Bruce has details and a public podcast that is essential listening.   Go check out Tammy Bruce (click HERE).

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Dear Readers: I had an interesting morning. After reading that a group of successful Chief Executive Officers have deemed that California is in the “9th Circle of Business Hell”, I came across a new map that I thought might be of interest.

As pundits are digesting news that France has voted against austerity and elected a socialist to head that country, the SLOBs (San Diego Local Order of Bloggers) has also been mulling over what the results may mean. Here are my initial thoughts after the French elected a man who thought the following was a sensible fiscal platform: 1) Raise taxes (including a marginal tax rate for earnings above $1 million to 75%); 2) lower retirement age; and, 3) boost spending levels.

I am not normally one to disagree with Legal Insurrection opiners, who noted that French foreign policy under Hollande a toss-up. However, in this instance, I must. Fellow SLOB Shane Atwell, who knows France and something of French politics, is deeply concerned about the potential new direction that country will take after the election. Shane had these words of caution:

One little known aspect of Hollande is that he is very sympathetic to Muslims. This fact has been going around in private e-mails in France, but not discussed openly in the media. And, sadly, their blogosphere is probably smaller than what we have in San Diego. Hollande has publicly called for a reconciliation of cultures (i.e., Western and Islamic). His campaign staff was largely Algerian and North African. Anyway, he’s going to encourage the submersion of the French culture and rise of Islam in France. I guess the multi-culturalist bastards deserve it, but its still sad. And very unjust for those in France who see what’s wrong and wish to fight it.

I wonder how the French wine-growers are going to reconcile their business with the anti-alcohol tenets of Islam? Word Warrior remarked that the gays and women so keen to vote for Hollande are very likely to experience fresh new hells under an increasingly Muslim France. And the Jews, a population that tends to be a leading indicator on the safety and stability of a region, are fleeing France for Israel in the wake of France’s vote.

Shane offered a few French articles to highlight his concerns. I have the links below, with a Google Translate Version, and a snippet for detial.

François Hollande utilise honteusement Jaurès pour se prosterner devant l’islam! Francois Hollande Jaures shamefully used to worship Islam! : On a television, Holland, arrested by Emmanuel Todd on his refusal to protectionism, had mumbled that he was an internationalist, (7) which earned him to be dried by Todd – much better when he speaks of globalization that of Islam – who had struck him fiercely that the defense of the Indian proletariat he would not win the next election. In fact, it’s even worse, the internationalism of Holland and his socialist comrades, their “new civilization” is the prostration before the dictatorship of the umma, the universal community of enslaved and submitted, as required by the Islam and its apologists.

L’Équipe de campagne de François HOLLANDE 2.
The Campaign Team of Hollande 2: There are more than a century, Jean Jaurès (MUT Note -a compatriot of Hollande’s) defined by these words his vision of coexistence between people from both sides of the Mediterranean “socialist action will occur in each country, with even more strength and authority it will be universal and universally probe, and no one will suspect a trap there. ” These days, we celebrate the great festival of solidarity and sharing what Eid-al-Fitr. At the end of the fasting month of Ramadan, the highlight of joy, exchange greetings and gifts, it illuminates the lives and homes of millions of our fellow Muslim culture. Following a long tradition and rich cultural heritages of carrier, the values it carries and it is the social ideal, it is fully in this process of universality.

Sultan Knish/Daniel Greenfield (an Israeli-born New York blogger) has an analysis based on a currently popular French hip-hop tune. Here is a section of the full article, which is a must-read:

The Qataris have met with a Hollande associate at the Royal Monceau, a French hotel owned by Qatar, and the Al-Thanis have been major investors in Correze, where Hollande served as President of the General Council and Hollande has been suitably grateful. Qatar has been investing in French politicians for a while. Take Jean-Christophe Lagarde, a Vice-President of the National Assembly, Executive Chairman of the New Centre Party and President of the Assembly’s Friendship Group with Qatar.

Hollande is all for higher taxes, but Qatar wants to make sure that the higher taxes don’t apply to it. Qatar is exempt from Capital Gains taxes in France, which gives the Al-Thani royals a solid commercial advantage when buying up French assets. And tethering that economic power to a growing domestic minority by way of the banlieues makes it all but impossible to budge Qatar. With the banlieues, Qatar doesn’t just have some French banks and hotels, it has France’s Muslim minority with all its ready capacity for violence at its disposal.

Compared to Turkey’s thuggish attempts to take charge of Germany’s Muslim minority, the Qataris know how to be subtle. That’s something the makers of “48 H AVEC FH” don’t know how to be. The video isn’t really about the little grey man who smiles awkwardly while holding up his ballot to the camera, it’s about the colonized colonizing the colonizers. But it’s not the Somalis or the Algerians, like Kamel Hamza, ANELD’s president who famously described himself as Algerian and French, who will really do the colonizing.

If the Republic of France becomes an Emirate, it will not be ruled by the riffraff out of the banlieues (suburbs), no more than the mobs of Tahrir looting their way across Cairo will inherit with the Muslim Brotherhood. The mosques of the banlieues are calling for the faithful brothers and sisters to come out for the little grey man, the bank teller of socialism, who will sign over Qatar’s checks to them, but it is the Emirs who plan to rule the Emirate of France..

Shane also offered this video, and noted: “There’s not much solid there either, except at the end where Hollande says — “There are some who are richer than you, but you are more numerous.” Class warfare and thinly veiled thuggery.”

KT Cat opines about the Hollande Statement that “my real enemy is the world of finance”: How do you get to the point where you’ve borrowed their money to the point where defaulting on your payments will utterly ruin them and you hate them? Make no mistake, Hollande’s government has the power to completely destroy the French “world of finance.” All they need to do is carry out his campaign promises and they will do just that.

His recommendation: Time to dump the Euro bonds!

All of this has Political Junkie Mom wondering about the potential success of American austerity measures. And the Lonely Conservative is amused that Obama is telling Hollande to ditch the campaign rhetoric (e.g., not to spend in excess and increasing taxes). However, as the gays are discovering, double-speak is Obama’s native language.

As the Goddess of Capitalism notes:

Revenge is a dish best served cold. And Caramel Pudding is served very cold, indeed.

That is, until it is dragged into the center of Hell!  However, I would rather have pudding than government-enforced vegetables.  Hopefully, our country won’t be joining the French — though some seem quite happy to follow France into the dark realms of fiscal doom.

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Dear Readers: A little culture today, with a new series inspired by my passion for world music. As I have been recovering from my hip surgery, I have been listening to some awesome tunes while I do my exercises. Here is one from an artist from Central Asia, Yulduz Usmanova, entitled “Kunglim Guli” (Flower of My Soul):

Happily, I was able to discover this translation:

The flower of my soul
Snow will fall on these stones
Pomegranates will ripe in the gardens
When will my lonely soul ( here is as the wordplay- mountain)
Meet with you (here is as the wordplay- garden)
Hey, majestic bird on the mountain
Don’t lie on the cold stone
There is one girl in this field
Who is very lonely ( wordplay- whose pillow is half-empty)

Yulduz is a bit like a Central Asian version of Madonna — but prettier, more tasteful, and much more talented. She was born in Uzbekistan, and served in their parliament at one time. Due to political travails and artistic restrictions, she has been forced to go into quasi-exile to Russia, the US, and later to Turkey. Yulduz is one of the most popular world singers, given the number of fans throughout Central Asia,Turkey, and the surrounding regions.

Here is something fun, showing her range:

Now, for a news round-up, that features The World:

And SLOB items that caught my eye:

Finally, to round-out this post with a little Egypt imagery, comes this gem from Smitty of the Other McCain: France To U.S.: We Will Make The Election Of Obama Seem Smart

Hat-Tip: The Other McCain

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Dear Readers:  Before I give another pro-capitalism inspired news analysis, I would like to thank everyone who voted for me in the Circle of Moms Top 25 Political Mom’s competition (I am at #38 as of now!!!).  Apparently, like in Ron Paul polling, you can vote more than once — on different days and computers.  So, please help promote the Shrine and its associated SLOBs site and click HERE (how to vote for Temple of Mut).

It seems that Andrew Breitbart’s spirit may already be intervening in Hollywood.  This Big Hollywood Headline caught my attention: Weekend Box Office: ‘Hunger Games’ Still #1, ‘Titans’ Solid #2, Julia Roberts Weak #3

Last week, when Hunger Games was #1 as well, Lipstick Underground noted:

In a live interview, Wolfie tried uber-hard to pin a gotcha moment on Mitt Romney for taking his grandchildren to the Hunger Games. “It’s PG-13. Is it a little too violent for young kids?”

Having already read the popular teen-novel, Romney replied, “I think it’s a little disturbing for young kids, “ but that his grandkids are about 13 and everyone enjoyed it.

What I wish Mittens has said, and what I think Blitzer (and Statists everywhere) fears, is that the Hunger Games is about Freedom….with a healthy dose of battling evil with honor…and a plot driven by the importance of knowing how to hunt, skin, and eat animals.

So go ahead, W.B, be the nanny all you want, meanwhile millions and millions of teenagers everywhere cannot get enough of this story.

P.S. Just Google “Hunger Games Freedom” …I promise it will make you smile.

I did, and here are the heartening results:

Word Warrior was out this weekend, and viewed “Wrath of the Titans”. He noted that the movie’s producers may have sent an unintended conservative message: that order is maintained by traditional values, personified by the gods; and that without these, chaos is unleashed.

He and I agreed on one point: If they make a sequel to this sequel, there has to be some goddesses. I sense our reasons differ for this, however.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the fact that Julia Robert’s “Mirror,Mirror” is floundering . This proves that insulting your potential customers is an entertainment business model that is full of fail. It is also proves somewhat Word Warriors’ contention that: Apparently the lady deities suffered more acutely from a lack of worshiper’s love than their male counterparts, fading away all the quicker. Come to think of it that is perhaps the one thing in this film that rings the truest!

Yep. Except it is an entirely different consequence for this goddess!!! You dis the Goddess of Capitalism, you will feel her wrath.

I guess when Hollywood wants a profit, they are willing to unleash the conservative memes. I guess the spirit of Breitbart may now control Hollywood.


SLOB Stories

And Mark Mecker is reporting on other rogue Democrats: Mayors Take On Teachers Unions – DEMOCRAT Mayors

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Dear Readers: I got a call this morning from the always inspiring Left Coast Rebel. It seems he had just heard Congressman Brian Bilbray interviewed on the radio show, and the Congressman sounded defensive on his voting position. Left Coat Rebel inquired after the primary challengers, since the representative seems less than impressive with voting on matter of fiscal sensibility.

Since it seems that Bilbray is now my Congressman, after all the redistricting, I decided that I would go ahead and check into my Congressman and the current batch of primary challengers.

CA-52 Congressman Brian Bilbary

Let’s take a look at Bilbray’s record: It seems that he is a Pro-Choice Roman Catholic, but seems to be deeply conflicted in votes between various “pro-life” matters. I get very concerned when fiscal liberals pass themselves off as conservatives, based on faith. His main claim to conservatism is a strong stance on controlling immigration so that people come into this country legally. He is also on subcommittees for Energy & Power, and Oversight & Investigations — neither seeming to have any control on serious matters impacting Americans today.

W.C. Varones chimes in with specifics that fail to warm the heart of local Tea Party advocates. Specific Bilbray votes include:

I am less than impressed. So, let’s take a look at Bibray’s Primary Challenger: John Stahl

John Stahl

This comes from Stahl’s website:

John K Stahl – Conservative

* Fiscally conservative (Will maintain “A” ratings from the National Taxpayers Union)
* Does not accept PAC money from special interest groups
* Naval Aviator – Distinguished Naval Graduate
* Business background, Officer at three public traded companies
* Pro Life

I have to say, as a Blue Dog, I am not blown away by this summary. My vote is mainly dependent on fiscal policy, respect for free and fair markets, sensible energy policy, and limited regulatory restrictions. Pro-life/Pro-Choice – meh. Again, so many fiscal liberals mask themselves as conservative with their stances on abortion. And while I respect military service, the lack of it does not make someone less qualified and the possession of it does not make one more qualified (see Randy “Duke” Cunningham). And, as many of my dear SLOBs will attest, vast business experience does not a Tea Party candidate make.

Shane Atwell had a chance to catch Stahl’s interview on the radio this morning. He has this to report:

He was interviewed on Slater this morning. Much better than Bilbray, who is pretty awful. Talked a lot about cutting regulations and agencies. Called himself a “common sense conservative”.

Only chink was when he implied that we should get rid of NAFTA to improve domestic jobs. Also, no mention of the Constitution at all.

Seems like a solid “fiscal conservative” even if he’s not a tea party style candidate. I’d vote for him over Bilbray any day.

It may be of interest to note that in 1994, Stahl challenged a 14 year incumbent, E. Clay Shaw Jr., a Republican representing FL’s the 22nd district (Palm Beach, Broward, Miami-Dade). If you are interested in hearing more to come to your own conclusions, Stahl will be on the radio – AM1170, 7 – 8 pm.

So, as a Blue Dog Dem, my question became whether their might be a fellow Democrat who may be an option. Here are the current options:

Scott Peters. “Scott Peters, a port commissioner and former San Diego councilman, announced he will run for Congress and challenge incumbent Republican Brian Bilbray. Peters, a La Jolla resident for 22 years, was a councilman for District 1, which includes most of La Jolla, for eight years. […] Peters said his priorities will be to create jobs in our area, develop an energy policy that reduces dependence on foreign oil, to keep our commitments to veterans and their families, and to end the ‘irresponsible patterns of spending that created a skyrocketing national debt.’” [The La Jolla Patch, 10/19/11]

Scott Peters

Lori Saldana. “‘It’s official: I’m running for Congress in the new 52nd District,’ Saldaña told friends and supporters on the social networking site Facebook. ‘I’ve watched the debt-ceiling debacle, attacks on Medicare, and credit rating downgrade. This has to stop.’ In a brief interview Saturday, Saldaña said she was running to restore education funding, prevent interest rate increases on student loans that put so many college students in debt, expand access to affordable health care and protect Medicare for seniors.” [UT San Diego News, 8/13/11]

Lori Saldana

Let’s get a few opinions on their records. This on Scott Peters, from the editorial pages of the San Diego Union Tribune:

Scott Peters’ determination to leave San Diego a worse place than he found it is once again on display. It’s bad enough that the city councilman played a key role in approving the 2002 pension underfunding that ruined the city’s finances and helped make it a national laughingstock. It’s bad enough that he didn’t want the public to be told the size of his taxpayer-paid attorney bills, saying citizens had no right to know how much his negligence was costing them. It’s bad enough that he considers himself a victim in the scandal.But now he is acting in ways that could make it painfully likely we’ll have an ugly third chapter to the pension debacle and its fallout.The first chapter was the actual City Council insanity that triggered the city’s fiscal meltdown.

If you don’t want someone directly responsible for San Diego’s pension woes, how about Saldana? SoCal Tax Revolt Coalition President Dawn Wildman notes:

I’d rather keep Bilbray with these choices — especially NOT a fan of Saldana…she is very progressive.

It seems Saldana has a liberal rating record of 97 out of 100. Also, for Californians experiencing a loss of employment because of restrictive, destructive state environmental policy, she She co-authored the Global Warming Solutions Act — yet has no degree in anything related to climate science.

At this point, I think the best bet for any San Diegan is to call the Stahl show and directly ask specific policy questions, then select the Devil you want to dance with.

SLOB Stories and other links:

Charles Caesar had a great insight looking at the headlines: ALINKSY RULE 13: RADICALIZE THE MESSENGER. Essentially, because Obama and his team are proposing so many radical, toxic policies, anyone who reports on them appears radical. Looking at the headlines at the Washington Times, it is hard to argue:

Mark Mecker offers a perspective on a Congressional Candidate that Tea Partiers can get genuinely excited about!

And around California:

All of the above may explain this Instapundit remark: #JERRYBROWNFAIL: Exodus: California Tax Revenue Plunges by 22%.

And Just to offer an example of some relatively sensible Democrats in the state:  Dem Legislators Urge Cal State to Disclose True Amount of Executive Compensation

In response to a CalWatchDog.com investigation series, two Democratic state legislators are calling on the California State University system “to come clean with a complete and detailed look at just how CSU executives are paid.” In a letter sent Tuesday afternoon to Cal State Chancellor Charles Reed, Assemblymember Anthony Portantino, D-La Cañada Flintridge, and Senator Leland Yee, D-San Francisco, urged CSU to end its repeated attempts to mislead the public about the total compensation of its top executives.

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Dear Readers: I hope you had a great Valentine’s Day! The Young Prince gave me a couple of pieces of chocolate from his collection, and Horemheb sent a card from the Great Northern Outpost of Santa Barbara. I hope that Hathor, the Egyptian Goddess of Love and Beauty, smiled on you today as well.

Hat-tip: orderwhitemoon.org

A bit of a news update: Today, we welcome a new blogger into the San-Diego Local Order of Bloggers: Word Warrior.It is by Barry J., who co-posted with me about “Real Men“. His first piece on the blog (A Tale of Two Revolutions) is a great sampling of the amalgam of history, current events, and insight that makes Word Warrior a great addition to our band of agitators.

Barry also has a military history site: The Deadliest Blogger. Both sites will be going onto the blogroll.

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