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Dear Readers: The MUT family went to the California Science Center yesterday. The Young Prince is a big fan of science and technology, so he, Horemheb, and sister were delighted to see the Space Shuttle Endeavor:

So, in honor of the visit, here is something from Discovery News by contributor Ian O’Niell: Mission to Mars Could Mess With Your Brain

Space exploration is really bad for our squidgy bodies, but you want to know the worst news? According to new research, it’s really, really bad for our squidgy brains too. The high-energy particles that buzz around outside of our protective magnetosphere aren’t only a trigger for nasty cancers, they may also trigger certain brain defects, such as Alzheimer’s disease.

NEWS: How a Mission to Mars Could Kill You

“Galactic cosmic radiation poses a significant threat to future astronauts,” said M. Kerry O’Banion, a professor in the University of Rochester Medical Center (URMC) Department of Neurobiology and Anatomy, in a URMC press release. “The possibility that radiation exposure in space may give rise to health problems such as cancer has long been recognized. However, this study shows for the first time that exposure to radiation levels equivalent to a mission to Mars could produce cognitive problems and speed up changes in the brain that are associated with Alzheimer’s disease.”

And that, my friends, is very bad news if you want to see mankind as a multiplanetary species.

Usually, the human body is protected from the ravages of space radiation as we all live deep inside a thick atmosphere surrounded by an invisible force field — our global geomagnetic field, the magnetosphere. Highly charged particles generated by the sun and deep space sources (such as supernovae) are deflected and absorbed as they strike our atmosphere.

But for astronauts aboard the space station, they are well above most of the protective layers we enjoy here on Earth, so they live in a higher-radiation environment and have to be warned of solar flare events, for example. But send astronauts further into interplanetary space and they’ll be completely on their own, drenched in the most energetic forms of radiation. Although shielding inside spacecraft will be essential, O’Banion URMC team has identified one type of radiation that will be very tricky to shield against.

ANALYSIS: The (Space) Drugs Don’t Work

High-mass, highly-charged (HZE) particles are heavy ions that are generated by supernovae. The most common high-energy particles to be emitted from our sun — protons — are low mass and therefore can be relatively easily shielded against. HZEs come in various types, but they are the “bunker busters” of high-energy radiation.

As they carry more mass, they have huge energies and are capable of penetrating the thickest shielding on spacecraft and spacesuits. “Because iron particles pack a bigger wallop it is extremely difficult from an engineering perspective to effectively shield against them,” said O’Banion. “One would have to essentially wrap a spacecraft in a six-foot block of lead or concrete.”

For the study, the researchers focused on the impact of energetic iron ions generated by particle collisions at the NASA Space Radiation Laboratory at Brookhaven National Laboratory on Long Island on the brains of mice. Of particular interest was whether the mice experienced neurodegeneration, particularly the biological processes that can trigger Alzheimer’s disease.

After the four-legged astronaut analogs were exposed to the equivalent amount of HZEs real astronauts would be exposed to during a hypothetical 3-year mission to Mars, the mice brains’ showed signs of the onset of Alzheimer’s.

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Dear Readers:  I have a good friend whose daughter has reached an age when thoughts of young men with round, strong arms fill the head.  So, based on his concerns, I wanted to update one of my favorite posts involving biochemistry.

Additionally, my good friend Captain Capitalism recently noted: Too Close to the Truth?

Feminism has been around far longer than game. I’ll tell you what, game works best on feminists, girls so assured of themselves and filled with fake confidence based on their education and careers that they never see it coming. Most feminists honestly believe that game doesn’t exist or would never work on someone like them.

Captain Capitalism and I don’t disagree much — and here we are in complete agreement. He takes a sociological approach to the matter. I, on the other, am going the pure science route. Here is the compound responsible for the above-stated truth:

As a truly independent-minded woman with a science background, the tenet of feminist propaganda’s “you can have it all” approach that galls me most is:

Women can “hook-up” exactly like men and suffer no emotional consequences.

Today, I am going to delve into the chemistry-based realities showing that this canon is a complete lie. Before I begin, I would like to note that I am not addressing the morality and theology related to the benefits of a “just say no” approach. I am sticking strictly to biochemical reactions.

Birth control and abortion options, which have expanded considerably in the past 40 years and hailed by feminists as emancipating women, seem to give both sexes the mistaken notion that they can have brief sexual encounters with serial partners and face no consequences that can’t be handled by a visit to a clinic.

For men, that remains somewhat true — or as true as it has been throughout history. However, for women, that remains as untrue today as it has been since Eve (for “intelligent designers”) or Lucy (for Darwinian evolutionists). The reason is oxytocin.

“Love is the drug” and oxytocin is that compound! When pumped into the bloodstream, oxytocin acts as a “neuromodulator,” giving people the warm-and-fuzzies and increasing the emotional bond between that person and the second individual (whose presence is stimulating the production of this hormone). One article lists 10 REASONS WHY OXYTOCIN IS THE MOST AMAZING MOLECULE IN THE WORLD. Chief among these reasons:

Often referred to as the “love molecule”, oxytocin is typically associated with helping couples establish a greater sense of intimacy and attachment. Oxytocin, along with dopamine and norepinephrine, are believed to be highly critical in human pair-bonding. But not only that, it also increases the desire for couples to gaze at one another, it creates sexual arousal, and it helps males maintain their erections. When you’re sexually aroused or excited, oxytocin levels increase in your brain significantly — a primary factor for bringing about an orgasm. And during the orgasm itself, the brain is flooded with oxytocin — a possible explanation for why (some) couples like to cuddle after.

Its power is not to be underestimated.

During millions of years of human evolution, the female system has been designed to begin a cascade of oxytocin production during two specific events: 1) When being intimate with a male; 2) When breast-feeding an infant. On the other hand, human males have very limited oxytocin levels (and actually release some of the little oxytocin they produce when “involved” with the woman of the moment).

Now, oxytocin is a wonderful thing. It energizes people, and makes them feel good about life. It enhances the immune system, as well as boosts other biochemical processes in the human body. Personally, after strawberry margaritas, oxytocin is my favorite chemical (and I have a graduate degree in chemistry, so I know chemicals).

However, as with everything else pleasurable in life, there can be a bit of a downside. Once a woman generates oxytocin, she will usually want to do everything in her power to keep up the production levels. For example, there are tales of women who nurse their babies past toddler-hood (until 3, 4 or 5 years in age). This is related to the fact these women want to continue releasing oxytocin (even though they will have other rationalizations).

The same thing is true following intimate relations. Oxytocin production can be stimulated in a woman through her lover’s voice, scent, sight and touch. This fact explains a wide range of female behaviors that follow intimacy. For example, women will call up their new partner frequently. They will steal their lover’s shirts to enjoy the scent. They will invent excuses to see the man-of-the moment. And the more oxytocin these women generate when with their lovers (or by talking to them), the more emotionally attached they get.

A few points to bear in mind, so that the role of oxytocin in human dynamics can be fully appreciated:

  • Though men do generate oxytocin, they don’t match the production levels in women.
  • Men can release small amounts of oxytocin into a woman (increasing her “rush”), thereby creating more of a bond between them.
  • Women will generate fairly substantial amounts the first time they are intimate with anyone (therefore, the biochemical basis for the focus on virginity), and increasing all the affects I have previously described.

These aspects are not necessarily bad, especially if a woman is involved with a nice man and is in a committed relationship. However, it can really complicate life if those conditions are not met. And, the bad thing about it is, the presence/voice of a lover or former beau can trigger oxytocin production in an affected female for up to 2 YEARS!!!!!!!

Basically, to guarantee a man will no longer have an affect on a woman, she can never hear/see/touch the man in question for up to two years. Fortunately, once the gentleman is “out of her system”, that same individual tends not to trigger such production again.

Ever wonder why woman goes back to a man who beats and abuses her? Or question why supposedly smart women can’t make up their mind whether to dump boyfriends that impregnate someone else? How about ex-girlfriends who call endlessly?  Then, there is the scary extreme of stalkers.

Whatever relationship path women travel, unlike “gender feminists”, I want my female compatriots to make fully informed decisions.  I hope that they consider the information I have given and avoid mistakes that result in needless pain, heartache, life-altering consequences, and the following award:

Thirty years of birth control and abortion cannot get around this basic biochemistry, designed to create strong bonds between a female and her provider (the male) and offspring (her children). To think otherwise is arrogance and/or stupidity.

No, women cannot “hook-up” like men. 

Dr. Bruno B. Averbeck’s recent research confirms clearly that a powerful neuro-transmitter like oxytocin has dramatic effects on high-level human behavior.

An intense biochemical bond is formed when women are intimate with men. To break that bond is exceedingly difficult, and places women in the position of having to quench a biochemical reaction, and in doing so, causing both physical and emotional stress that is unnecessary and unhealthy. Casual sex is devastating to women in so many different ways, and to pretend that women can have serial sex with many partners and not be physically and emotionally diminished by this is foolish.

I would like to commend noted lecturer, Dr. Patricia Allen, whose talk inspired my investigation into this topic many years ago.  For those of you who are interested, I recommend the following video: No.1 Mistake Women Make With Men.

Millions of Years of Biology vs 50-years of Feminist Dogma — THE CHOICE IS YOURS!

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Dear Readers:  Just a reminder that I will be attending the “Stand UP for Religious Freedom” event todayThe Anchoress  has an awesome roundup related to the nation wide event.  For San Diego, here are the details about the push-back on the Obamacare mandate:

Time: Noon – 1 pm   Date: Friday – March 23, 2012
Location: San Diego County Administrative Building; 1600 Pacific Highway.


As I haven’t done so in awhile, here is a science and technology news roundup.
Nanopatches: A High-Tech Band-Aid for Broken Hearts:

But none of these treatments fix damaged tissue to heal the heart itself, says Biomedical Engineer David Stout of Brown University. The inadequacy of current treatments is reflected in some daunting statistics: scarred and damaged heart muscle results in heart failure for millions of heart attack survivors worldwide each year, and over half of heart attack survivors will have another heart attack within five years.

A new treatment option may be on the way, however. Stout and his graduate advisor, Biomedical Engineer Thomas J. Webster, have created a new material that could one day patch–and help restore–healthy heart tissue.

The Rise of Antibiotic Resistance -Consequences of FDA’s Inaction: By allowing big food to self-regulate when it comes to using antibiotics as a growth promoter in animals, the FDA is setting us up for disaster.

As a reminder to how vital anitbiotics effectiveness to all of this, at all levels of society, I offer this take in the era before them. President Coolidge lost his son to a simple injury, plunging him into a grief that impacted his effectivness:

On June 30, Coolidge’s two sons, eighteen-year-old John and sixteen-year-old Calvin Jr., played tennis on the south grounds of the White House. Young Calvin had worn sneakers but no socks. A blister developed on one of his toes but he ignored it. When he fell ill on July 2, White House physician Joel Boone discovered red streaks running up the boy’s leg. Laboratory tests soon showed that Calvin Jr. was suffering from pathogenic blood poisoning. In less than a week, the boy was dead.

THAT, my friends, is what we return to if our current crop of antibioics fail AND we drain pharma companies of their incentive and abilities to develop new ones.

Hantavirus detected locally, RivCo health officials issue safety reminders : Two deer mice collected last month near the Sage area southeast of Hemet have tested positive for Hantavirus, the California Department of Public Health announced today.

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Dear Friends: Proving that I am descended from Romanian gypsies who could foresee the future, my previous post described the Occupy Movement as a disease. Prescient, that. It seems Occupy Atlanta’s main tent has tested positive for DRUG RESISTANT TUBERCULOSIS (TB) (hat-tip Instapundit).

Tuberculosis Bacteria and its Target Organ

Tuberculosis Breaks Out At Occupy Atlanta’s Base

The Fulton County Health Department confirmed Wednesday that residents at the homeless shelter where protesters have been occupying have contracted the drug-resistant disease. WGCL reports that a health department spokeswoman said there is a possibility that both Occupy Atlanta protesters and the homeless people in the shelter may still be at risk since tuberculosis is contracted through air contact.

It was just a short time ago that this country that was in a panic to vaccinate everyone from a flu that proved to be mild. Now, I see a complete lack of action responding to the potential infection of hundreds of citizens (if not more) to a deadly disease. As an infectious disease specialist, this is disturbing to me.

Most Americans do not recall the heady days of sanitoriums. I, therefore, offer this reminder as to why my fellow mothers and I get regular TB tests when we volunteer for school activities. (Yes, I am TB free!)

From the CDC:

“TB” is short for tuberculosis. TB disease is caused by a bacterium called Mycobacterium tuberculosis. The bacteria usually attack the lungs, but TB bacteria can attack any part of the body such as the kidney, spine, and brain. If not treated properly, TB disease can be fatal.

TB is spread through the air from one person to another. The TB bacteria are put into the air when a person with active TB disease of the lungs or throat coughs, sneezes, speaks, or sings. People nearby may breathe in these bacteria and become infected.

Sanitorium for TB Victims

Millions of people have died over the course of over 4,000 years from this disease. Famous sufferers include Honoré de Balzac, Emily Brontë, Dashiell Hammett, Vivien Leigh, Paul Gauguin, Frédéric Chopin, Igor Stravinsky, Cardinal Richelieu, and Saint Bernadette Soubirous. Here are the recent statistics on TB:

Despite all the drugs available today, tuberculosis is still a problem in many nations. According to World Health Organization (WHO) estimates, each year, 8 million people worldwide develop active tuberculosis and nearly 2 million die. While the overall rate of new tuberculosis cases has continued to decline in the United States since national reporting began in 1953, the annual decrease in tuberculosis cases has slowed dramatically. TB continues to kill between 2 and 3 million people every year. The WHO estimates that 36 million people will die of tuberculosis by 2020 if it is not controlled.

TB has the potential to kill many more people that student loan defaults. I had little comment when the OWS crowd was giving itself STDs. However, this disease is highly communicable, especially in the environs of a typical Occupy camp. I am a small government supporter, and I feel the government is regulating too much. However, protecting its citizens is the first order and prime duty of government. Now, it is up to state, local, and federal jurisdictions to begin acting on the behalf of all citizens.

Shut the Occupy movement down, now. It has become a danger to public health. It seems to me that if the Obama Administration was so keen on preventing an H1N1 epidemic, then they should be as diligent is stopping the spread of TB.

The Occupy Movement is just like the Tea Party….minus the personal hygiene, civic responsibility, and respect for private property.

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Dear Readers: I have been enjoying some podcasts by the pool during my American Exceptionalism tour. I was listening to the bru-ha-ha over Mark Halperin’s description of Obama and his behavior during the President’s most recent class warfare presser. I have to ask: What is the fuss about?

Frankly, as a happily married woman, I am fairly fond of the appendage to which Halperin referred — finding it highly useful. I would liken Obama more to an appendix — a vestigial organ that serves no significant function, yet under certain circumstances can cause life-threatening health problems that need prompt treatment.

Only complete removal of the organ in 2012 will restore our country’s economic heath. Fortunately, we don’t have to get approval from one of the Obamacare death panels to go forward with this treatment option.

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Dear Readers: I wanted to return to my science roots and share with you an awesome video I gleaned from the Anchoress. It is an extremely interesting 46 minute BBC report on “How the Japan Tsunami Happened”:

As I watched it, these things stuck me strongly:

These things struck me strongly:

* The tsunami wave water traveled inland 8.5 km — just astonishing.

* Given the scale of the magnitude 9 quake, it is remarkable how little damage and how quickly Japan would have recovered with little effect if it weren’t for the following tsunami.

* One of those towns with the sea wall was featured on a National Geographic special on tsunami’s made in the early 90’s, because of its sea walls and drills.

* The image that will stick with me are the Japanese search and rescue teams poking in the mud for the dead, and sticking flags in when they locate a body. Haunting.

Here is another video that caught my attention today. It comes via my friends at HillBuzz — who have a brand new site that is amazing. and is also earth-shattering:

This week will be remembered as the one in which the two contenders for 2012 had the first campaign speeches of the cycle: Obama’s, which was essentially a toddler’s rant at Paul Ryan and quite distasteful; and, Palin’s Tea Party address in which the phrase, “fight like a girl” takes on new meaning. As Left Coast Rebel noted, there Sarah has many fans among Tea Party types.

I was a bit skeptical that Palin was going to mount a 2012 challenge. That was, until I saw this speech. She is obviously in it to win it. I am glad, as the rest of the likely field has failed to move me — or others. To out it in perspective: North of 8,000 people came to the Madison event, vs 50 people for a Trump event and 200 for a Pawlenty speech.

The SoCal Tax Revolt Coalition, co-founded by three “girls” , is still in the fight for smaller government, free markets, and sound government fiscal policies. As a reminder, our TAX DAY TEA PARTY EVENT starts at 6 PM this MONDAY at the MIDWAY POST OFFICE in San Diego. Stop Taxing Us hosted an event this Friday in Oceanside. The reports coming in shows: GAME ON!

From Kimberly Dvorak of the San Diego Examiner: More than 2,000 citizen’s show-up for the ‘Stop Taxing Us’ annual Tax-Day Tea Party held at the Oceanside Pier, just north of San Diego.

The speakers at the event were not elected politicians, just community activists making the trek to the beach to show their solidarity with the movement that spontaneously erupted shortly after Barrack Obama became president and rammed through the very unpopular “stimulus” bill.

Left Coast Rebel was also in attendance, had had this report: Donald’s (NOTE; The Palin supporter in the above picture) a great guy and a true patriot that loves America with all he’s got. Hangin’ with him reminded me of something that limited government activists engaged in the good fight electronically or otherwise often don’t realize: face-to-face contact with fellow patriots is incredibly reinvigorating.

So, I hope you can all join us!

Stop Taxing Us Oceanside Tea Party 2011

Turning to our other SLOB (San Diego Local Order of Bloggers) members: I have to say B-Daddy has been setting mini-quakes in San Diego this week. Please check out his review that details San Diego pension issues and image problems related to the state GOP.

Beers with Demo has a report and video of launch of the USNS William McClean.

Shane Atwell has his review of “Atlas Shrugs”, which I must respect — he is our Randian Objectivist. For me, the money quote is: At the moment Rotten Tomatoes has Atlas Shrugged at 10% among critics and 85% among viewers. Is this another example of the divide in America between the leftist, intellectual ‘leadership’ and the immeasurably more honest, rational and selfish general public? As Shane’s impressions also seem to correspond with those of Capt. Ed of Hot Air, I will strive to see this film (though I share B-Daddy’s opinion of Rand).

As I seem to be featuring videos in this post, Dueling Barstools has a video of my least favorite MSNBC pundit, Rachel Maddow, being analyzed by someone who knows US History (Jack Hunter). Fabulous!

Lorraine Yapps Cohen, another savvy female patriot, has a wonderful analysis that brings it all back to geology as part og her exceptional look at how prosperity relates to energy consumption): Colorado shale — On the report’s world map showing where those resources exist is a blob in the Rocky Mountains. This is Colorado shale. Extracting the energy in those rocks stopped before getting started. And it hasn’t started up in earnest since, for the environmentalist furor against producing our own.

Update: The Anchoress, who is quite circumspect in her assessment of potential 2012 candidates, was impressed by Sarah’s Madison Speech: Sarah Palin in Wisconsin: Wit, Clarity, Coherence.

Shane Atwell
noted that Andrew Breitbart gave a great speech introducing Sarah; I share it below:

Update 2: Via Left Coast Rebel — one of their pundits, not previously a fan of Palin, can now see supporting her for President: Rational Nation Rethinking Sarah Palin,

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Dear Readers: Regular visitors to the Shrine followed the efforts of California’s Tea Party groups (including the Southern California Tax Revolt Coalition) to promote Proposition 23 in November’s General Election. Proposition 23 would have delayed the implementation of California’s version of Cap&Trade (aka AB-32 – Global Warming Solutions Act). Sadly, it went down to defeat (and, even more sadly, it seems our opponents think it hurt Texas oil companies more that it will hurt California’s citizens). However, there was a proposed ruling issued yesterday that gives our team good hope that the impact of the economy-crushing AB-32 will be nullified:

Calif. cap-trade plan dealt blow by S.F. judge, by Wyatt Buchanan

The California Air Resources Board violated state environmental law in 2008 when it adopted a comprehensive plan to reduce greenhouse gases and again last year when it passed cap-and-trade regulations, a San Francisco Superior Court judge has ruled in a tentative decision.

….In his decision, Superior Court Judge Ernest Goldsmith ruled that the air board approved the larger plan to implement AB32 prior to completing the required environmental review, and that the board failed to adequately consider alternatives to cap and trade.

Superior Court Judge Ernest Goldsmith determine that the air board approved the blarge-scale implementation plans for AB32 without properly conducting an environmental review or considering alternatives to Cap and trade.

I must note that the plaintiffs are not exactly Tea Party types: The plaintiffs, who include “the Association of Irritated Residents”, initially backed AB32 and were opponents of Proposition 23. It seems these plaintiffs have problems with the ethics of how the Global Warming Solutions Act would be implemented.

Welcome to the Tea Party, my friends. You all may want to check out this website, to get a full scope of the eco-tyrants that YOUR ideology has inflicted on the rest of California’s wealth producers.

Anthony Watts of Watts Up with That (a great website mingling science, culture, and commentary) had an assessment of the Proposition 23 battle that should be reviewed by ALL CALIFORNIANS in light of the proposed ruling: A money quote is: And while we are on the subject of money, I want to say that money has turned the Prop 23 issue into a veritable circus here. TV radio and web is being carpet bombed with anti prop 23 ads. It’s so bad that some other political candidates are complaining they can’t buy ad space on radio and TV.

One of the main anti-Prop 23 contributors was Hollywood’s James Cameron (he of the Titanic fame), who will never have to worry about making payroll for a small business nor making a decent salary for his family. Never forget the Ruling Class includes entertainment elites!

The rest of Watt’s analysis is essential Tea Party reading (click HERE to do so).

While I am not thrilled at who brought to lawsuit, the fact is I am delighted with the outcome. I will keep an eye on this situation closely. It seems like CARB isn’t the only rogue agency we need to worry about, either. They are all around is, it seems.

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UPDATE 1: I am pleased to report that some major media is checking on Dr. James Enstrom’s unfair firing from UCLA, which is detailed below.

UPDATE 2: Left Coast Rebel has a great take on the same subject in his latest post on the Daily Caller, done in his inimitable style – Of smurf and swine: James Cameron should read The Daily Caller. Check it out, and please support his work on The Daily Caller by commenting and sharing. 🙂

Dear Readers: I was amused to hear my least-favorite-director James Cameron fled from a debate with “anti-Global Warming Swine” today. This was especially humorous, because last week I engaged in a hearty debate with a global-warming believer using the Cohen 3-Point Plan described so ably by Left Coast Rebel. Perhaps Cameron has become aware that some of America’s leading scientists are now leading the charge to refute man-made global warming inanity.

Adding to my happiness, Gateway Pundit reports: Obama Scrubs White House Website of Climate Change Promises, Media Mum

Hat-tip, Gateway Pundit

But this joy is tempered with some sorrow. It turns out that one of my personal heroes, a man who was leading-the-charge against the voodoo science perpetrated by the California Air Resources Board, was punished by a group of academic eco-tyrants: UCLA School of Public Health Fires Professor James Enstrom Because It Does Not Like His Research Findings

Dr. James Enstrom, American Hero

Needless to say, many of us in citizen action groups focusing on the environmental kleptocracy that our state’s bureaucracy has become, are upset. The California Dump Truck Owners Association has taken action, and written the following letter to UCLA (full TEXT, click HERE):

The undersigned association directors, company owners and interested parties write to protest the actions taken by UCLA to terminate Dr. James Enstrom as a member of the UCLA research faculty after more than 35 years of exemplary work. We believe that the actions are being taken in retaliation for Dr. Enstrom’s
efforts to expose scientific and professional misconduct by UCLA Faculty members, including Dr. John Froines and Mary Nichols. Both brought on criticism of UCLA because of their misuse of their faculty status and participation in conduct that was unethical while serving the State of California (their appointments due in part to their status as UCLA faculty members). Their conduct involved the cover-up of violations of state statutes by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) in its management of a key author of at least two key CARB scientific reports. It is now a fact that CARB head researcher, Hien T. Tran fraudulently represented that he had a PhD. We know that Dr. Froines and Mrs. Nichols knew of Dr. Enstrom’s participation in efforts by citizens groups to uncover the scandals, and the timing of these actions
to lay off Dr. Enstrom by UCLA is no coincidence. Mr. Skip Brown alerted UCLA administrators of these faculty members unethical actions in 2009, to no avail (see attached Delta letter of November 13, 2009).

In addition, Dr. Enstrom’s extensive studies showing no deadly effects of diesel PM2.5 (specific to Californians) refute the stated positions of other professors at the UCLA Department of Environmental Health Sciences (EHS), namely Drs. Jackson and Winer along with SPH Dean Linda Rosenstock (http://www.arb.ca.gov/lists/truckbus08/426-public-health-letter–truck-and-bus-rule-dec-2008.pdf). UCLA is now involved in retaliation against a long-term, honorable member of the faculty in order to protect, cover up or intimidate (or all three).
This matter is a public matter, since it has the smell of retaliation against Dr. Enstrom for exposing UCLA faculty for misconduct and revealing a serious and continuing problem of UCLA looking away from misconduct. CARB and CA EPA have provided UCLA and UC with tens of millions of grant research dollars over the years and these campuses have returned political correct conclusions, justifying onerous CARB regulations. These draconian Regulations command the destruction of personal property; the resulting actions will guarantee that California will not recover from its current financial debacle.

We ask you to rescind the dismissal of Dr. Enstrom, as we refuse to consider it a justifiable “non reappointment.” Please be mindful that we are men of experience and we know retaliation when we see it. Dr. Enstrom is not a popular person at UCLA in the faculty lounges where the consensus rules, but many scientists have been scorned and vilified for holding a minority position that was eventually vindicated. Dr. Enstrom’s receipt of notice of acceptance for the paper, “Criteria Pollutants and Mortality in the NIHAARP Diet and Health Study Cohort,” by the Health Effects Institute (July 6, 2010) speaks favorably of his status and continued excellent scientific efforts and peer approval in his area of expertise, even if he has suffered from a great deal of intolerance at UCLA. His continued position at UCLA will allow him to
complete this important work.

The undersigned individuals are representative of many trade associations and several thousand California business owners who want this matter promptly and fairly resolved in favor of one UCLA faculty member they consider to be an ally in the effort to demand fair treatment by California agencies in these harsh economic times.

For those of you who would like to write UCLA directly to protest this unfair action — especially if your kids are alumni, and the university expects more dollars from you — then here is who and where to write:

Chancellor Gene D. Block
Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost Scott Waugh
University of California
2147 Murphy Hall
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1405

And, being the Tea Party activist I am, I always encourage the personal touch of a call or email:

Phone: 310-825-2151
Fax: 310-206-6030
E-mail: chancellor@ucla.edu

I have been working with Scott Watson a bit on this matter, and earlier he had prepared a wonderful essay on Diesel-gate, which I will share with you now. Scott is promising to update me on the situation with Dr. Enstrom shortly.


Climate scientists falsifying data…fake PhD’s…global warming….dogs and cats living together…..mass hysteria!

Yes admittedly over dramatic but are we witnessing the death of real science? You remember like I do from grade school that science was supposed to be a bastion of truth. The scientist develops a theory and then sets about through experimentation to either prove or disprove their theory. It never seemed to me that it was open to interpretation. It was supposed to contain no ambiguity or interpretation, no room for a hunch or gut feel or the hairs on your neck standing up or little angels or devils on your shoulder questioning you. It was supposed to be one of the last frontiers of truth…so much so that to prove the theory one had to be able to replicate the experiments over and over again because that was the objective…scientific FACT.

Well it appears that I have bee naive and will have to file science along with the Tooth Fairy and Easter Bunny….enduring fairy tales that make you feel warn and fuzzy but have no basis in fact.

I have often wondered why it is that science has so much debate and it seems patently obvious now…it’s money. Research money….the life blood of any scientific research organization. But we also have just recently watched the discussion in Copenhagen where we have witnessed walk outs by the poor countries against the rich countries. The poor countries agree that everyone needs to take action against global warming but for the poor countries to be able to participate they need one thing….money from the rich countries. Now perhaps I am a hopeless cynic but consider this for a moment. Is it within the realm of possibility that a country such as Somalia of Gabon of Fiji or Guyana could pledge to fight the global warning fight along with the rest off the world…happily accepting their several million dollars to do their part to combat global warming only to suddenly not have enough funding and to need more money because the last money they were given has disappeared or been exhausted according to their claims?

Say it ain’t so…Dieselgate?

So we live in an era off science cooking the data to prove whatever the highest bidder wants to make into a certainty. Science is now about the money and inherently corrupted. It also seems that we can no longer leave these academics to police them because there is too much money in it. Now we, as members of the laymen populous now have to begin policing the science so that we can have some faith that what is determined is for real instead of some buy off. We have no choice in this any longer. Just like police forces or the military, there is the feeling that unless they are watched by the regular people, that they will always protect themselves and must be monitored. Apparently that is now the model of practicality – don’t let an organization police itself because they are inherently corrupt – so let’s get together a group of people that we will charge with watching them. And why is this the case….because we ….the mindless sheep populous are the ones that ultimately have to pay for the follies of this science.

That is right, we all pay for the cost of these moves by our supposed “protectors” to help protect us from ourselves, but of course it is less popular is we all have to actually pay directly so whom better to shove the regulation onto but business. And yes. We all ultimately pay for is in the goods and services as a hidden tax on all of us.

But let’s bring this theory back to the State of California and we have our own examples of the corruption of science…..what I am now branding as “Dieselgate”…

Never mind that California has a record unemployment rate but the Air Resources Board is in the middle of taxing small business and therefore consumers via the diesel regulations that are being enacted. Never mind that the lead scientist who’s name shows on the report falsified his PHD to get the position he did in handling this important regulation. Never mind that the data was skewed and that the peer review process that the ARB is supposed to be administering is a joke.

Yes, the peer review process is another tool of the scientific community used to check their work before publishing it. The idea is that the report or finding before publishing is shared with a group of peer scientists that review the work to offer an opinion as to the scientific value and validity of the entire exercise.

Yet we have a problem here as well under CARB. It seems that CARB s so busy burying business under arcane regulations that they have failed to properly follow the rules of the peer review appointments – resulting in peer review scientists that are on the peer review committee unfairly ort illegally. But honestly, who needs to worry about things like rules when the intent is not to have any real scientific review at all, but instead a rubber stamp of what has already been concluded in the report? Of course the review doesn’t matter when you can buy the conclusion you want but it actually making the existence of CARB self-perpetuating. Who could imagine that a state department would actually justify its own existence and value by concluding that the regulations necessary are vital to the state of California? Gosh! What a surprise that is…I liken it to some of my children trying to justify an increase in weekly allowance and then asking the other children is the report of why they should get more allowance was valid.

I for one am disgusted with the whole thing. Now we the layman’s need to police these run away rouge agencies to make sure that we are not getting a rotten Red Herring slipped into the process while no one is looking. And this has lead to a theory of my own developed in countless hours on the soccer field as a referee and equally as many hours on the baseball diamond as an umpire. If both sides of teams and spectators at any game leave equally unsatisfied after the outcome of the game – it was probably a fair game buy the officials. So let’s take all of the data and assumptions that are used in these 2.5PM diesel regulations (and any other for that matter) models to “protect” us – lets all average them to the middle. That way no one can skew the science until such time that they figure out that they have to skew the possibilities to get the outcome they want.

For example the diesel regulations are said to reduce “premature death by 3,900” per year. Okay fair enough…….we all treat life with respect and this is a good thing. But think about this for a moment. Premature death. What the heck is premature death? By virtue of the phrase its simple enough to decide that it is 3900 deaths that otherwise would not have taken place. Okay….so how long is their life extended? Well, we don’t have an answer for that. But if you think about the term, it seems obvious to me that it is purposely constructed to resonate with an uneducated public. Saving people from premature death is a good thing. But it really doesn’t mean anything other than in theory. We all have heard that life expectancy in the US stands at 78.1 years in the US and it is 77.9 in the state of California[1] for a person born today but what about the people that die in traffic accidents? A quick search on Google says that in 2006 there we a total of 4,195 deaths by traffic accidents per year in the State of California. I would consider those to be “premature deaths” all be it in another category I suppose. But the next question is how many of those that dies in traffic accidents would have otherwise died from premature death from 2.5PM? I don’t have a clue but I am sure there is a statistician that could come up with a figure somewhere. So since I can’t trust science to calculate the difference for me – we will attempt to do it ourselves. The difference nationally and in California is 0.2 years of life or 73 days out of 365 in the course of a year. So is this a fair number? Well it is for my purposes of evaluation so let’s say that those 3,990 people all would have averaged an increase of life – had they not lived in California of 73 days. So it would seem reasonable to say that we could have extended those 3,990 lives by 73 days each? If we were able to do that then we would equal the national average….but at what price?

Estimates of cost range from 4.5 Billion dollars per year up to 20 billion a year for the cost of these diesel regulations. So let’s apply my own theory and say that we will take an average number of $12.25 billion dollars per year. That comes out to $3,070,175.44 per each of the 3,990 deaths that CARB is trying to prevent each year. Now, we have to ask the ugly question is a single life extended by 73 days worth $3.07 million dollars per year or $42,057.20 per day for each of those additional 73 days. I for one will tell you that I don’t think that I am worth that much more, but I consider myself a pragmatist. So then we are tasked with trying to quantify the value of a portion of an individual life and believe it or not, it has been done. I had no idea that statisticians had the models available to quantify the cost of a life and have studied it for purposes of this opinion but I am going to suggest to you that the cost of this debacle is an exercise in futility.

Now I suppose that the first attack from the proponents of the diesel regulation would be that the costs that I have estimated are in total and are spread over say 10 years. Once a truck is converted then one need not spend any additional cash for the remainder of the life of the truck. Okay so we take the savings of life as suggested by the regulation and multiply that times 10 and we now have 39,900 people that are saved over the 10 year period. So back to the costs – $12,250,000,000 and we divide that by 39,000 lives and come up with a cost per person of $307,017.54. Still not worth it in my own circumstances in my opinion.

Now, my final point for those of you ready to drool down your face like I am. Life expectancy for someone born in the United States in 1850 was 38.3 years. In 1900 it was 50.23. In 1950it was 66.31 years in 1990 72.7 years[2] and today as stated earlier it is now 77.9 in California. We have gained an additional 10 years during my lifetime and when is it enough? Surely the horrible 2.5PM that I have lived through should have done me in by now but I can expect to live 10 years longer in my generation than the one before and assumedly, those born today will live even longer so what is it that we are ultimately doing? Trying to preserve life when we have already made incredible gains? And for what? Some footnote for those that somehow believe they are making a difference when that difference – if any is almost imperceptible.

I view this as I do many things….keep the government and it’s supposed “help” the hell out of my life. There are already enough things in my lifetime that I need to work on because of myself let alone have some bureaucrats out there trying to prolong my life by 73 days.

Enough is enough…
MUT’s Money Links

* Michelle Malkin: White House War on Jobs
* Big Hollywood: Exclusive: James Cameron Talks Tough, Runs From Fight, Let’s Flunkie Take Blame
* Big Government: pro-Neutrality Network Coalition is Collapsing
* Big Journalism: Gulf? What Gulf? Right on Schedule, It’s ‘Hurricane Katrina’ Week in the MSM!
* The Anchoress: Rhetorical Axes and Park51

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Dear Readers: As you know, The Shrine has always been at the front-line of the battle against ECO-TYRANNY. Last week, Left Coast Rebel (Tim Daniel) and I collaborated on his awesome piece —
Global warming lies, damn lies and easy rebuttals. We hoped to provide savvy tactics on how to engage eco-tyrannical global-warming proponents and spread the word on the Yes on 23! campaign. LCR’s piece uses references from a post I did, featuring Dr. Roger Cohen’s 3-point method of challenging the theology of man-made global warming.

Like the battle-hardened veteran of political forum discussions, I stayed around to handle the comments. It was a fire-fight with aggressive and nasty eco-activists.

I wanted to share with you some special moments, which highlight the effectiveness of the Cohen 3-Point Method. I hoped to also encourage my readers to chime into LCR’s article, as the more comments he gets, the better positioned his articles will be on The Daily Caller.

“The insulting and arrogant responses to this piece just show how effective it is,” Daniel said. “My first piece in this series didn’t spark this reaction, which tells me the Rebuttal piece hit a sore nerve. The environmental activists are clearly upset that is an easy-to-use guideline on how to challenge them. Actually, their remarks provide great examples for following the Cohen Method.”

1) The Global Warming Alarmist’s “Appeal to Authority”The eco-activists refuse to acknowledge the legitimacy of the 31,000 signatures on The Petition Project, the concerns of 266 experienced and distinguished physicists expressed in an American Physical Society Petition calling for a new assessment of man-made global warming theories, or the credentials of dozens of highly-placed climate science professional who signed a recent open letter to the UN Secretary General challenging the United Nations Climate Change Conference to produce convincing OBSERVATIONAL EVIDENCE for their claims of dangerous human-caused global warming. A classic response was from WaterMephit:

Wow! You’d think that any credible person would be embarrassed to cite a petition, who’s signatories include Ginger Spice, Hawkeye Pierce and Bozo the Clown. If that’s the best “evidence” that you can provide to dispel Global Warming, I don’t think the real scientists have anything to worry about.

A thorough check of The Petition Project shows that none of these fictional characters were listed.

Another proponent, karmakaze, tried to insinuate that the signatures of a bulk of those signers of The Petition Project had no meaning:

“Atmosphere, Earth, & Environment (3,805)”

“I) Atmospheric Science (112)
II) Climatology (39)
III) Meteorology (343)”

Karmakaze completely fails to note the detailed credentials in other fields germane to climate, chemistry, and environmental health — all of which go to the meat of the matter. These include such unrelated areas like geology (not too big a stretch to say geologist understand something about the Earth) and medicine (scientists trained in the functional and environmental requirements of human beings on the Earth). For example, I personally, I took 2 semesters in college on meteorology and climate history, and am sure other geology professionals met similar requirements.

2. Global Warming’s “Precautionary Principles” – Global warming alarmists typically ignore the economic ramifications of drastic legislative measures, and this was clearly the case here (another diamond of global warming wisdom from karmakaze):

I thought we were talking about climate science? When did this turn into a economics debate?


Now, we have reached the part about which I have most concern. California citizen activists are struggling against an array of organizations and politicos that have financial interests in expanding government and restricting liberties: BOTH Gubernatorial candidates, venture capitalists in green jobs corporations wanting to diminish competition and force everyone to use their energy sources, and big government regulators who want more power and wealth for themselves.

And I thought environmental activists were for the “little people”. Not when there is tons of money to be made in Cap&Trade schemes! Here is what implementation of California’s Cap&Trade/Global Warming Solutions Act/AB-32 will cost:

… an average family cost of about $3,900 per year, a small business cost of about $50,000 per year and a total loss of output in the range of $180 billion in order to comply.

Sadly, the argument has gone beyond controlling Carbon Dioxide emissions! It seems the White House is teaming up with eco-tyrants around the nation to grab millions of acres of land via executive fiat under the “Great Outdoors Initiative“. Michelle Malkin has some details that are utterly chilling:

GOP Rep. Rob Bishop of Utah has released the complete Bureau of Lands Management memo outlining a stealth federal land lock-up plan covering an area the size of Colorado and Wyoming combined….BLM (Bureau of Land Managemen) dismisses criticism of the document by characterizing it merely as “brainstorming.” It’s become the standard alibi for Obama officials caught planning radical changes through regulatory means outside the legislative process.

Malkin also has a description of “listening sessions” that are filled with evidence that they were stacked and biased in favor of the anti-jobs, anti-growth enviromental radicals. As an extra bonus, the EPA is poised to regulate farm dust.

“It’s plain common sense, we don’t want to do anything detrimental,” said (Oklahoma) farmer Curtis Roberts. “If the dust is detrimental to us, it’s going to be to everybody. We’re not going to do anything to hurt ourselves or our farm.”

Roberts, a fourth generation farmer and rancher in Arcadia, said regulating dust in rural areas will hurt farmers’ harvest, cultivation and livelihood.

“Anytime you work ground, you’re going to have dust. I don’t know how they’ll regulate it,” Roberts said. “The regulations are going to put us down and keep us from doing things we need to be doing because of the EPA.”

The Daily Caller has another, related piece: EPA Regulations: A Step in the wrong direction. It doesn’t take too great a stretch of imagination to note that should the EPA possess these powers, then they could grant “exceptions” to certain farmers or producers — who would be allowed to work without the restrictions. Think that is nuts? Pelosi just arranged some FDA exceptions for a big-time Democrat donor for special use of a restricted drug.

3. The Alarmist “Pure Anger” Approach“ Finally, if the number of insults and vulgarities are any indication, Daniel’s piece clearly shows global-warming advocates are losing the day, big-time. Here some of the finer examples of the wit and wisdom of the global warming activists:

“Easy rebuttals” my butt. “Retarded rebuttals” more like.

If you fall for this crap, you’re a bigger idiot than he is.

Because you are a propagandist or a fool.

I wanted to thank W.C. Varones for his gracious comments about my previous pieces on this subject. Finally, in two somewhat related posts, Beers with Demo shows how important honest and effective journalism can be when getting out the truth (something that has been sadly lacking in American coverage of Global Warming). The Scratching Post covers the California IOU situation, that goes to the state of the state I have noted above:

The government owns GM. Ford is a private company. If you can use IOUs to buy government products, but nothing else, then Ford is at a significant disadvantage. This example is Federal, but it illustrates the entangling nature of fascism. Working with the government becomes the preferred means of doing business when the government grows in all directions. Anyone left outside has all kinds of problems, from regulatory ones to being able to be paid.

If I were the legislature in California, I’d pass this thing right away. After that, I’d propose all kinds of new regulations that required fees so that those IOUs would never have to be paid in real cash because they’d all be coming back in the form of mandatory payments for the new regulations and fees.

SHHHH! KT! Don’t give ’em any ideas!

UPDATE: Read How the CA Controller’s Race Could Change Everything in Big Government.

Unfortunately, Republicans have not worked hard enough to expose the Bell California/John Chaing type stories. One reason is that Republicans around the country do not value holding the State Controller offices nearly enough. That office has the power to audit every phase of state government and to expose government waste at every turn. Indeed, John Chiang’s office knew (or should have known) of the Bell, California spending scandal and did nothing about it until the LA Times, of all outfits, made it a story.

All of which brings us to Tony Strickland. He may well be the ideal candidate to start this Republican Controller’s tide. As an Assembly member, he stood alone and sued then Governor Gray Davis because Davis refused to disclose the details of the awful energy deals he signed. Those terrible deals were costing Californians billions and until Strickland stood alone – Davis was getting away with it. Strickland won his lawsuit, forced disclosure of contracts, and with that you can trace not only the end of those rip-off Enron energy contracts but also the end of Gray Davis’ political career. California desperately needs a Controller like that today as opposed to John Chaing who is resisting government reform at every turn.

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Dear Readers: I wanted to take a moment to share with you some great examples of Tag-Team Blogging, which underscore how the social media is helping Tea Party activists get their message out to fellow Americans. I have been working with Tim Daniel of Left Coast Rebel, who is using his new spot on The Daily Caller, to help promote an important story I posted regarding scientists formally challenging man-made global warming theology.

His new piece is: “Manhattan glaciers, Moscow heat wave highlight need for effective global warming rebuttal.” It is a must read, as it will lead into a second part that ties into my more detailed piece, develop after I attended a special conference. I will post that second part tomorrow.

Thank to Tim, a lot of good people are going to get a change to learn that some of America’s leading scientists do NOT buy into the belief that man is causing global climate change. They are also going to learn how to combat, with some solid science, the tired tenents of extremist environmentalists. For example, one of the problems supporters of Proposition 23 face (Note – Prop 23 will delay CA’s implementation of Cap&Trade, at least) is the enormous amount of money green lobbying firms have. These means well-paid employees of organizations such as National Resources Defense Council (check them out HERE) have tons of time and incentive to flood the media with global warming inanity and lies about the “vast amount of monies we will get from green jobs!” There assertions are laughable, especially upon thoughtful reflection as provided in the John Stossel article, The Fallacy of Green Jobs.

Tim’s two pieces will help a lot in this fight to save California’s jobs and prosperity.

I would also like to note that Beers with Demo’s piece shows how one blog inspires another – Tag Team: Start with a running theme here at Beers with Demo, add some word-smithing by KT and then finish it off with a priceless photo shop effort by Temple of Mut and you have an image that will soon be sweeping the interwebs.

A little more link-love for the other members of this team:

* The Liberator Today covers some surprises in the news.
* W.C. Varones welcomes the new government employee overlords….and keep an eye for posts about Ben Bernacke’s decision at the Fed today.

And, last…but not least, Kimberly Dvorak has that update on the Laredo, TX ranch that WAS taken over by a Mexican Drug Cartel: Rancher claims Mexican cartels takeover Texas ranch -Police blotter confirms story is not a hoax


MUT News and Views:

* Sadly, despite my numerous calls and our best efforts, Stimulus II passed today.
* Patterico has a wild news item: Levi Johnston Shopping Reality Show
* Gateway Pundit highlights the left’s summer of discontent: Top Leftie Blogger: Obama Campaign Asked Me to Do ‘Dirty Work’ in 2008, and I Did
* In news related to my main topic, Bizzyblog reports: Copenhagen Dashed: AP Reports Lament That Bonn Climate Talks ‘Slip Backward’ and ‘Stumble’

Finally, The Anchoress has a news item that underscores the new image many people have of his administration reign: Obama Refuses Perry’s LetterGov. Rick Perry’s meeting at the Austin airport with President Barack Obama on border security lasted a mere 34 seconds, and Perry had to hand a letter on the issue to presidential adviser Valerie Jarrett because Obama declined to personally accept it…. Iguess it’s a president who believes he is a prince, not an executive, a president who thinks he is supposed to rule, rather than lead, and a president who dares not accept a letter from a Governor because then he won’t be able to say he never read it or hasn’t seen it.

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