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I wanted to thank the lovely and gracious LaDona Harvey for kindly having me review the Michael J. Kobulnicky press coverage today.

Click here to listen (I am at the halfway point, about minute 17).

My title today refers to the fact that an equivalent situation to the press handling of Kobulnicky (as detailed HERE) would be for me to plaster “Leslie Eastman – KOGO Celebrity Pundit” all over my website after my appearance today, get arrested for some drug charge 2 days later, and then have the press title the piece “Kogo Celebrity Pundit Arrested on Drug Charges”.

Can the media activists not see how stupid they look, because of their lack of fact checking.

And, if you can, check out even more coverage from our San Diego Local Order of Bloggers (SLOBs). Also, for something a little different, the next installment of the “Age of Arthur” series can be found HERE.

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Dear Readers:  HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY.  Given that I am prepping a feast for a couple of my favorite SLOBs, I can’t fully address this matter in the excoriating detail I would like.  Know, then, I will be delving into this subject Monday.




So Cal Tax Revolt Coalition (SCTRC) is the original home and organizers of of San Diego tea party events and activism, including the first local tea party on February 27th, 2009, annual Tax Day Tea Parties, and over 40 rallies, protests, petition drives, film screenings, and educational seminars.

We are not affiliated with, nor have we worked with the newer organization titled “San Diego Tea Party.” We are not familiar with self-proclaimed “spokesperson” for that organization, Michael John Kobulnicky of Lemon Grove. He has never been an organizer, speaker, or volunteer for our company or events. We do not know what his actual involvement is with the other tea party organization. We are not familiar with the Mission Valley Tea Party that Kobulnicky reported to have founded.

Leslie Eastman, SCTRC Media Director states: What I find fascinating is that the some in the media wish to rush into reporting that a person is a “Tea Party Leader” or otherwise active member without fully vetting the subject whenever there is a potential criminal case. A simple background check would have found that Kobulnicky essentially took a leave from the “San Diego Tea Party” in January and had neither interacted nor worked with them since that time. Furthermore, a fair-minded reporter who was well-informed about “Tea Party” activism would recognize that there are no “Tea Party Leaders”. Some individuals may proclaim this status; however, anyone following today’s citizen activism would be astute enough to view such claims with a healthy degree of skepticism.

This is a blatant example of the blatant double standard taken by some journalists. There have been dozens of brutal rape cases associated with the “Occupy Wall Street” movement. Specifically, those crimes have occurred in camps during their designated protest activities. Yet, many press reports have minimized brutality associated with the dozens of reports that are known. And the news reports don’t try to paint the suspects as “Occupy Wall Street Leaders.”

So Cal Tax Revolt Coalition is an organization founded and run by women, and we consider rape and all forms of sexual assault to be violent, unacceptable crimes. We expect anyone found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt of serious, violent crimes to be sentenced accordingly. We trust that the San Diego Police Department will follow the case fully and professionally, and that all due process will be observed and justice will prevail.

Finally, we are praying for the victim and her family at this time as we know she is the one who needs our attention, not the alleged perpetrator of the crime.

The co-founders of the Southern California Tax Revolt Coalitions:
Sarah Bond
Chief Executive Officer

Dawn Wildman

Leslie Eastman
Media Director

DISCLAIMER: Please The Southern California Tax Revolt Coalition, LLC and Tea Party Patriots are not associated with the Republican Party, the Democratic Party, the Libertarian Party, or any other political party or entity.

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Dear Readers:  I have some news to report about another shake-up involving Tea Party Patriots.  Mark Meckler, who was involved with the national organization since its inception, has resigned. Two other high-level members, Ginny Rapini (of NorCal Tea Party one one of the most brilliant, dynamic women I have been privileged to meet) and Mike Ruthenberg (the former national training coordinator), have also left.

My readers will recall that I have been unhappy with the direction that the national organization Tea Party Patriots (TPP) has taken for quite some time. It seems TPP has been overcome by the waste, fraud, and abuse we have been working against since the first tea parties in February, 2009.

For example, Board Member Debbie Dooley mocked and derided local activist Sarah Bond, when Sarah expressed deep concerns about grassroots money going to fund a GOP debate in which citizens would not be allowed to ask questions directly. Apparently, ridicule and disdain seems to be the standard operating practice for the national organization whenever they are confronted with reasonable complaints and sensible corrective measures by engaged and concerned members.

If Debbie was so keen to heap such scorn on a local tea party participant, I can’t imagine the magnitude of the sneering condescension Mark, Ginny or Mike have had to cope with in an attempt to redirect that national organization back to its foundational focus of personal liberty, fiscal responsibility, and constitutionally oriented governance. The resignation of these three patriots has left Tea Party Patriots bereft of leadership geared to regular Americans. It seems that establishment types lead by politically connected cronies are now fully in charge. Sadly, these beltway bandits, who hold a great deal of responsibility for the massive policy failures that impact us today, have become the “face” of the national organization.

If you are interested and wish to be fully informed, please refer to my previous posts for additional background and details:

So, how is this going to impact “the Tea Party”? Personally, I think most tea party types have recognized for a very long time that real change that will help real people comes from involvement on a more local basis. In fact, to rework a quote: Reform does not take place in Washington, DC. Reform takes place in the rest of country.

So, we are going to continue to be active and involved during the 2012 elections.

To that end, California activists are meeting March 3-4 in San Juan Capistrano. Please try to join us if you can! (Click HERE for more information)

California Tea Party Groups
Strategic Conference
San Juan Capistrano – Orange County, California 92675
Capistrano Inn/Best Western

(Note: I will be doing a presentation on how to navigate the media March 3rd)

We have tons of work to do. For example, it seems that two of the three tax-hiking ballot measures slated to be presented to California voters come from billionaires. Here is the information:

California Billionaires Bankroll Tax Hike Referenda

Tom Steyer, a billionaire hedge fund manager with major investments in renewable energy, is promoting a $1.1 billion tax on out-of-state businesses with operations in California to fund renewable energy projects. His initiative would make California an even more hostile place for businesses to operate, likely kill jobs and raise consumer prices, while diverting taxpayer money to corporate welfare for tycoons such as himself.

In 2010, Californians voters rejected the same tax increase on out-of-state businesses by a 58 percent to 42 percent margin

Molly Munger wants to increase income taxes on everyone to raise $10 billion annually. Munger is the daughter of billionaire Charles Munger (a partner of Warren Buffett at Berkshire Hathaway) and is a Los Angeles civil-rights lawyer. She has been credited for devoting some of her considerable fortune to support early childhood education, but she now seems intent on compelling everyone else to support the cause she has selected.

With many states actually wanting to REPEAL STATE INCOME TAXES, I am hard pressed to be convinced that the state government money grab is going to make California more appealing to wealth-producing tax-payers, and no amount of billionaire-sponsored advertising is going to convince me otherwise. Here is Flaming Capitalism Graphic of the Day:

Why is it that people with enormous wealth feel they know better how the rest of us should live? I think that we citizens will continue to shake things up so we are no longer shaken down!

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Dear Readers: My last post featured mayoral candidate Carl DeMaio, who initiated a sensible and well-developed SAN DIEGO PENSION REFORM Ballot measure in an attempt to stave off fiscal disaster for the city.

Therefore, I was delighted to hear LaDona Harvey report that, despite a union-backed attempted to remove the measure from the June election, a judge has ruled that the properly filed petition to place the roadmap in front of the voters can go forward. Details can be found here: Judge: Pension Reform Initiative Will Stay On June Ballot.

I don’t expect the union elites to just let this go, however: They will cheat, manipulate, and prevaricate to protect their power and perks.

Speaking of unions, let’s now feature a win for parents against the enormous behemoth that is the education bureaucracy! Mark Meckler reports on a new law:

Parent Trigger Laws Force Education Reform on Underperforming Schools

This is from the website, ParentRevolution.org: “What is the California Parent Trigger?

The California Parent Trigger is an historic new law that gives parents in California the right to organize and demand a real change at their child’s failing school. Under the Parent Trigger, parents at persistently low-performing schools can organize and transform their school based on what’s good for children, not adults. If they are able to gather 51% of parent signature at their school their district must implement one of four turnaround models (including in-district reforms such as staff changes and out-of-district reforms such as charter conversion).”

In other news, I am delighted to see some serious citizen-pushback against eco-activists. For example, KFMB-CBS-8 News tried to generate some faux outrage against the California Fish and Game President, who legally bagged himself a fairly sizable cougar. I was delighted to see so many comments supportive of the hunter’s legal right to hunt. I will also point out that mountain lions are becoming habituated to humans, and some of these powerful animals are stalking us as prey. Frankly, I like being at the pinnacle of the food-chain, and I am not inclined to let eco-activists persuade me otherwise. For a reminder that this threat is real, here are some news clips:

Mountain lion reported near schools
SAN DIEGO – Two schools and a Boys and Girls Club were locked down Monday after a mountain lion sighting was called into authorities, deputies said. The mountain lion was seen on Winecreek Road in 4S Ranch just before 1 p.m. causing Oak Valley Middle School and Stone Ranch Elementary School to keep students inside, according to the San Diego Sheriffs Department.

Big Bend mountain lion attacks boy, 6

A 6-year-old boy was attacked by a mountain lion while walking near the lodge at Chisos Basin in Big Bend National Park with his family Sunday night. The boy suffered non-life-threatening injuries — scrapes and puncture wounds to his face, according to park officials. His father was able to fight off the cat by stabbing it with a pocket knife.

I am second to no-one (well, perhaps KT) in my love of felines. But I personally want cougar hunts re-established in California. We need these animals to relearn their fear of us. They aren’t pets: They are high-end predators.I do not want any child sacrificed on the altar of eco-activism.

I am also bone-tired of reasonable fuel-policy being scuttled based on the theology of man-made global warming. It seems that the citizens of California got a break, as the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure of the U.S. House of Representatives authorized the Secretary of Interior to resume oil and gas leasing off the Santa Barbara/Ventura and Santa Maria coasts beginning no later than July 1, 2014. Hopefully, with a new Senate and new President in elected this November, this may actually reopening would re-employ Californians.

In related news, Shrine friend Roger Cohen is, again, featured in a Wall Street Journal opinion piece: Concerned Scientists Reply on Global Warming

In summary, science progresses by testing predictions against real world data obtained from direct observations and rigorous experiments. The stakes in the global-warming debate are much too high to ignore this observational evidence and declare the science settled. Though there are many more scientists who are extremely well qualified and have reached the same conclusions we have, we stress again that science is not a democratic exercise and our conclusions must be based on observational evidence.

The computer-model predictions of alarming global warming have seriously exaggerated the warming by CO2 and have underestimated other causes. Since CO2 is not a pollutant but a substantial benefit to agriculture, and since its warming potential has been greatly exaggerated, it is time for the world to rethink its frenzied pursuit of decarbonization at any cost.

This publication is especially timely, especially in light of recently uncovered Man-Made Global Warming Fraud. Blog-father Instapundit summarizes the latest installment of scientific quackery related to this — Global Warming Fanatic Blames Victims for His Abuse (Click Here for Glenn’s list of related links).

Finally, there are reports of a Worldwide Tea Party being planned (rumor has it April 14th). Caesar Charles has a report and a video featuring citizen activists working for fiscal sanity, smaller government, and personal liberty around the world.


SLOB highlights!

Two last notes:

1) I am sick of being viewed as a mobile pleasure vehicle by both of our national parties. I AM TOTALLY UNCONCERNED ABOUT NOT HAVING ACCESS TO CONTRACEPTIVES for a wide variety of reasons. See my list of concerns ABOVE! Lipstick Underground hits it out of the park with this piece: Quit Making Me Root for Romney.As the Final Four are gearing up for yet another debate, let’s hope they have balls enough to return the dialog to where it belongs: TRUE CRONY CAPITALISM and CORRUPTION, JOBS, NATIONAL SECURITY, AND SENSIBLE BUDGET POLICY.

I will be ranting more about this shortly.

2) After venting, I now direct you to Word Warrior for a little humor: NEW TERMS FOR AMERICAN WORKPLACE. A sample —

BLAMESTORMING: Sitting around in a group, discussing why a deadline was missed or a project failed, and who was responsible.

SEAGULL MANAGER: A manager who flies in, makes a lot of noise, craps on everything, and then leaves.

ASSMOSIS: The process by which some people seem to absorb success and advancement by kissing up to the boss rather than working hard.

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Dear Readers: I hope you had a great Valentine’s Day! The Young Prince gave me a couple of pieces of chocolate from his collection, and Horemheb sent a card from the Great Northern Outpost of Santa Barbara. I hope that Hathor, the Egyptian Goddess of Love and Beauty, smiled on you today as well.

Hat-tip: orderwhitemoon.org

A bit of a news update: Today, we welcome a new blogger into the San-Diego Local Order of Bloggers: Word Warrior.It is by Barry J., who co-posted with me about “Real Men“. His first piece on the blog (A Tale of Two Revolutions) is a great sampling of the amalgam of history, current events, and insight that makes Word Warrior a great addition to our band of agitators.

Barry also has a military history site: The Deadliest Blogger. Both sites will be going onto the blogroll.

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Dear Readers: A little good news from the Left Coast today, which clearly demonstrates the Tea Party is NOT dead (despite the current media meme in the wake of the Romney Florida Primary victory). Lipstick Underground has informed me that The California Senate tabled Senate Bill 810 (“Universal Healthcare Act of 2009), and its date to move forward has now expired.

LaDona Harvey chatted with SoCal Tax Revolt Coalition President Dawn Wildman on her show about the now-crushed bill. Click HERE for a hilarious and informative chat between two dynamic women.

As Lipstick Underground notes, this victory came without the help of any national-level organizational assistance. It is truly the work of Californians, by Californians, by Californians.

In light of the news, as a suggestion to BDaddy for the Weekend Chill, I offer this:

Though this has been scraped, Mark Meckler reports the news that our Democratic State Controller John Chiang reports our state is totally out of cash. We Californians have our work cut out for us.

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Dear Readers: I wanted to give you a heads-up that I begged Dawn Wildman to do the interview with LaDona Harvey regarding the California budget insanity yesterday. She did an amazing job, and is worthwhile hearing if you didn’t catch the original broadcast. (Click HERE to listen; her segment begins around minute 30).

And this is a helpful segue in how to recognize quality citizen leadership among various tea party groups. That is, people in a group should ask if their spokespeople are more interested in presenting the groups’ messages, or if they are there to promote themselves.

As a freelance journalist, I have directly seen the consequences of regular people exposed to a tremendous amount of media in a short period of time. If those people are well grounded and circumspect, then the experience is not detrimental to their character. On the other hand… well just take a look at Megan McCain and shudder:

So, continuing my Operation Steadfast series, here is the next segment of dialog between Patriot76 and myself:

Patriot76: Weren’t most of these organizations [i.e., tea party local, state, and national groups] initiated and organized by normal people?

Yes. Most still are. However, as Tammy Bruce notes, people exposed to sudden media attention can get publicity addiction. It occurs when a person begins using any and all occasions to get in front of a camera or reporter in order to become news.

Publicity addiction is, tragically, a common occurrence. For example, it makes people do things, such as convince themselves they can be the next Fox News Pundit after a gentle interview by one of the Fox News anchors. In one instance, media addiction convinced an activist he could be the next Governor of California with no political experience.

I became Catholic, in part, to focus on the having the humility necessary to avoid publicity addiction. I think I am mostly successful, though I really love going on Fox Business Network.

However, I will admit to one addiction. My name is Leslie Eastman and I am an Instalink addict. I love those spikes in page view. The adrenaline rush of realizing my punditry is going to be seen by millions of informed people around the world is thrilling. As Glenn Reynolds is an independent thinker, genius opiner, and one of the Internet’s most famous trailblazers, getting a link from him is an amazing experience.

I try to control it; so, I don’t email Professor Reynolds all my platinum punditry. Just most of it. 🙂 And I am totally emailing him this.

I would like to note I also suffer from link-addiction to the Anchoress, Legal Insurrection, The Other Mccain, HillBuzz, and the members of the San Diego Local Order of bloggers. I would also like to send a special shout-out to LaDona Harvey and Tammy Bruce for indulging some of this addiction as it relates to radio and podcasts.

I want to conclude with a compare and contrast to highlight my point. A while back, I was invited to do segments on Top Story with Chris Reed. It was a great honor to be asked. The theme was the local Tea Party views on the 2012 Presidential Primary.

Mindful that the SLOBs have a wide array of preferred candidates, I would confer with all of them to get a feel for what they were thinking. THEN I would mention the diversity of opinion.

On the other hand, it seems that Amy Kremer is going to go top-down in support of Rick Santorum. Santorum is not my cup of tea, and I am amazed any Tea Party national group would be so tone-deaf as to try and do a top-down endorsement of anyone from the current field. There is a vast diversity of opinion as to “electability”. Vast.

I wouldn’t do it. Then again, I am content being a happy asteroid in the galaxy of media rather than trying to be a mega-star. It usually doesn’t work out too well.

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Dear Readers: It seems the While House had a lavish Alice-in-Wonderland themed tea party that the administration wanted to hide from the public. A “behind the scenes” look underscores the entitlement mentality that infuses Team Obama.

While reading this, I was reminded of the American Tea Party of which I am privileged to be a part. If you recall, I am running a series entitled OPERATION STEADFAST. In it, I am highlighting the need for citizens to be personally involved to the best of their talents. I am also underscoring the need for national-level “tea party” organizations to return to the networking havens they originally were.

Washinton DC Tea Party (Hat-tip, Michelle's Mirror)

Upon reviewing my series introduction, a good friend of the Shrine (Patriot 76) asked a number of questions regarding the evolution of “tea party leadership”. Answering his queries is a great place to continue this discussion.


Patriot76: How did the larger TP groups get organized and the leaders become leaders?

I can’t speak for all groups, only for SoCal Tax Revolt Coalition and Tea Party Patriots. But I imagine it is much the same everywhere.

Building the Tea Party groups was a gradual process. If you recall, the first event was organized in Feb. 2009 using social networking sites. A political activist in Washington DC (Michael Patrick Leahy), a groups such as Freedom Works, Smart Girl Politics, and TCOT set a date and time for nationwide tea parties, inspired by “tea party” fever after Rick Santelli’s CNBC rant (watch this again…it never gets old!).

A wide group of people became organizers for the several hundred local tea parties, including Republican organizer Dawn Wildman in San Diego. She had experience setting up and permitting these types of events, so I would imagine other local groups relied on experienced conservative/Republican activists, too. I found her via Facebook, and I was a good match for her team, as I brought in media experience and press credentials. I invited Sarah Bond to join, as she was a graphics artist with keen marketing skills and pop culture savvy. I am proud to note that San Diego held one of the largest events that day, thanks to Dawn, Sarah, and many other fine San Diegans.

SoCal Tax Revolt Coalition First Tea Party, Feb. 2009

I would imagine other tea parties evolved based on the talent and energy of the people available.

After the first event, in Feb. 2009, it became apparent that Michael Patrick Leahy wanted strong control of the organization, and most local tea party organizers weren’t down for his vision of things. That is when other groups started to form (e.g. Tea Party Nation, Tea Party Express). In our state, we had a tax-hiking ballot initiative in June 2009 to defeat, so California’s local groups kept more organized amongst themselves for that election. Dawn and Sarah were instrumental in keeping all the state groups together, organizing many events, and doing state-wide information coordination. I became a pundit. So, we became “leaders” because they were willing to put the time and effort into it. Sarah made t-shirts to sell, which funded our events and pay for our group’s incorporation.

Dawn became acquainted with Mark Meckler, who was an organizer for the large Feb. 27th Sacramento Tea Party.

They then became connected with Jenny Beth Martin, who had been an events planner on the East Coast. So, as the year progressed and the Sept. 12th Washington DC Tea Party was organized with their efforts, resources, and the help of people they knew and volunteers, they (Dawn, Mark, and Jenny Beth) transitioned into national-level organizers. Because they had a seemingly non-partisan focus, and presented a solid and grounded face to the general Tea Party movement, they became trusted by most local tea party leaders to be national-level spokespeople.

This sequence of events may not apply to all groups, but I think it gives an overall picture of the development of the Tea Party network. And that remains what we, as local leaders, want — a network, not a political bureau.


Tomorrow: The toxic effects of publicity addiction.

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Dear Readers: I am going to start a mini-series today (now entitled Operation Steadfast) with this theme: YOU must rely on YOU for real political change. You cannot, absolutely cannot, just send in a donation to some national organization and consider yourself done.

That’s not what our Founding Fathers intended. As Benjamin Franklin noted to an inquiring colonial woman, America remains “a Republic, if you can keep it.”Note, he did NOT say “if some national political group of elites” can keep it.

Or, as Smitty of The Other McCain reports, ‘Politics Is Not A Spectator Sport’.

I am starting a series of posts highlighting this self-reliance and its application in our continuing Tea Party movement. The source of this theme is from my personal hero, Kevin Dujan of HillBuzz. Basically, when distorted uber-liberalism is presented as fact, you have to ask yourself “What are YOU going to do to stop it?”

I bet there’s 30 minutes when you first wake-up and are enjoying your coffee in the morning…or 30 minutes right before you go to bed…when you could write an email or send a fax to a Congresscritter telling that person what a terrible job he or she is doing in representing you as a constituent. I bet if you planned your day accordingly, you could reserve 30 minutes to write a heartfelt and expressive Letter to the Editor of your local paper on a topic that affects the people in your community. A half hour a day could be reserved for making connections to other like-minded neighbors and friends who could be encouraged to start telephoning and emailing the big political donors in this country to make them aware their activities are being watched…and that they will be held accountable for the actions of the people whose elections they keep funding.

It really is a smart idea to pick one or two areas of focus for you to become expert in. I think this is part of why the Left is so successful in most of what it does; there are different groups and sub-groups on the Left who become professional antagonists for specific causes and continually play the same roles over and over again each election season (instead of racing off to whatever new issue arises on the horizon, the way conservatives seem to do).

Instead of giving some distant group money to do the work, I might suggest you donate to pundits proven to get the conservative message across (and help promote your local efforts). Think about the websites you read daily, and consider if they have ever linked to you or provided a solid platform to spread your message. These are people who have been forced to buy server access so their blogs don’t disappear on the whim of WordPress or Google. As an example, here is who I have donated to in the past month:

Legal Insurrection
The Other McCain
Tammy Bruce

I assert that the money I spent with these fabulous patriots will be 1000 times for effectively used than it would be if I sent it to some central planning committee — who would then use it to hire limos that take them to deluxe resorts for conferences with elite, politically connected pundits.

Another theme will be that the Tea Party must respect differences of opinion, and that we can’t be “messaged” with top-down policy dictates determined by a small number of organizers. In fact, Tammy Bruce posted a great piece from a guest blogger from Canada that touched on this subject: A Warning from Canada for the GOP: Don’t Ignore the Grassroots. The money quote:

The splintering of the PC party, a direct result of the establishment placing a higher priority on centralizing federal power than on promoting the will of the grassroots, led to 13 years of corrupt and aimless Liberal Party rule, while the grassroots worked tirelessly to organize and establish itself as a viable national alternative under Harper. But now that a principled conservative party is in charge (not that it doesn’t have its share of RINOs, but that’s for another day), we have a principled government in Canada that, with the majority mandate earned in the 2011 election, is finally beginning to peel back the layers of federalist socialist intrusion into the lives of Canadian citizens.

That means policy dictates coming from a DC-connected crowd probably isn’t the best way to affect Tea Party-style change. Sadly, it seems the heady atmosphere of Washington makes some organizers light-headed and inclined to set the agenda for the rest of us rubes. How else to explain an email exchange between our Sarah Bond (aka Lipstick Underground) and a board member of Tea Party Patriots, Debbie Dooley?

For anyone involved with Tea Party Patriots, the full exchange is essential reading: What the Hell is Jenny Beth Thinking?

In essence, Jenny Beth Martin (Tea Party Patriots President), decided that it would be a wonderful idea to partner with the Southern Republican Leadership Council to set up another GOP debate.

Egads, another debate! I have been clamoring for a list of Congressional and Senate primaries with links to citizen candidates who I can support from California. I want my dollars to go directly into the coffers of citizens willing to challenge tired incumbents. Seems that with TPP, all I get is another useless debate.

Instead, I have to rely on lone pundit Legal Insurrection to provide links for OPERATION COUNTERWEIGHT. This is why Professor Jacobson gets my money, not some big-name national group.

But I digress. Let me share what Sarah had to say about this “partnership”.

Word is that Jenny Beth Martin of the Tea Party Patriots is steering the umbrella organization into co-sponsoring a GOP presidential debate with the Southern Republican Leadership Conference…on CNN. WTF?!!

Uh…for anyone who’s conveniently forgotten, the tea party began as a reaction to the crappy job the GOP was doing representing the interests of the taxpayers. Playing footsie with them corrupts our roll as a platform for ALL taxpayers.

Instead of taking this as a warning, and an indication of how many local organizers feel, Tea Party Patriots national leader Debbie Dooley insulted Sarah, the co-founder of SoCal Tax Revolt Coaltion. Here are examples of Dooley reaching down from headquarters in response to Sarah’s concerns:

Maybe you should re-think your “the whole world revolves around me” attitude and realize that just because you and some groups in California think a certain way, then all groups feel that way in all states.

Gee, Debbie, I am pretty sure I know Tea Party activists in Colorado and and Michigan who feel the same way Sarah does (UPDATE: It seems citizens in Tennessee, Kentucky and Oklahoma feel this way as well; check back for more updates as I hear from Tea Party activists in other states. UPDATE 2: Texas chimes in and agrees with Sarah! Indiana, too!). And, as if that condescending tripe weren’t enough to insult Sarah (who has been very involved in local politics), Dooley dials up the inanity even further:

Sarah, then work to change the GOP in California and move it in the direction you want it to go in. In other words, beat them at their own game. It can be done with the proper strategy. The GOP establishment wants you guys to stay distance and not get involved with them. They know that come general election time, they will siphon off just enough tea party activist / conservative votes to keep putting them in office. They do this by pointing out how worse the Dem would be. If you guys started showing up at local GOP meetings, it would send them in panic mode.

Debbie, Sarah has had tons of solid experience dealing with the local and state GOP, thank you very much. Here are three items that you may want to read, in order to educate yourself about local matters before you demean one of our savviest activists:

PALIN and KRVARIC: The GOP at 3:00 AM
EPIC FAIL: Local GOP LEADER “blends” with TEA PARTY activists!
CA GOP Meets SD Tea Party Maven

The Tea Party Patriots leadership decided that it was a wise idea to market a “Steadfast Patriot” campaign. It was a classically messaged tool to cull donations and get us rubes to do lots of free work to make them look good. I have some breaking news: I already know how to be steadfast.

I am steadfast in my resolve to kick elite political ass this year. If this includes people claiming to be “tea party”, then I will make sure to don extra sharp cleats before I kick.

I do not need to be preached to. I do not need my compatriots insulted. Instead, I need to know how to support my fellow citizens who are pushing back on crony capitalism, regulatory imprisonment, and fiscal insanity.

Above our life we love a steadfast friend. (Christopher Marlowe, English dramatist).

More on this subject will be following.

Check out MY kick ass cleats. They are PUMAs.

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Dear Readers: Between the Young Prince’s 10th Birthday Party, my profit-center activities, and Horemheb’s engagement in Santa Barbara, I have hit the stress level I normally feel Dec. 23rd. So, yesterday, I decided to engage in a little light reading. There were some real chestnuts to be roasted!

The Occupoopers decided their little Civic Center drama needed a larger stage. So, they took their show on the road to the West Coast Ports in an attempt to stifle capitalism. Beers with Demos has a report with pictures:

#OccupyFail – the Longshoreman continued to transport goods to consumers (especially those evil, gas-guzzling, greenhouse-gas producing, demon trucks for red-neck Tea Party types).

Lipstick Underground had a running blog on the whole event yesterday, with additional news about Occupy Oakland and Occupy Portland.

UPDATE 2: Livestream has been down for a while. Occupy Wall Street tweeted that their equipment has been confiscated by the police. I can only assume that is why the San Diego feed is down. Alternative SDO livestream is also not working. Weather may be a factor. OSD Twitter and FB pages aren’t being updated with much intel. Looks like Oakland and Portland Ports have been shut down (not surprisingly)…but there are indications that police plan to move into Oakland protest en-mass. Sounds like Long Beach/Los Angeles remain mostly open. No word from any of the Hawaiian ports. No word from inland blockade actions.

UPDATE 3: Occupy San Diego twitter feed announcing that the blockade will continue tomorrow…big surprise.

Readers of my blog will recall that I presciently predicted that San Diego would experience more shark sitings and attacks, because the sharks are attracted to the seal lions that are now allowed to frolic in beaches close to those used by people. Now, we have to worry about another predator. Based in the recommendation of Glenn Reynolds/Instapundit, I purchased and read “Beast in the Garden” (shop at Glenn’s site for all your X-Mas needs). In a nutshell, because of eco-fantasies, rules have been created that have allowed big cats to get habituated to humans; these predators are now viewing us as prey animals.

One week after finishing this book, I came across this news story: Mountain lion sighting in San Diego County closes two schools

Two schools in northern San Diego County were on lockdown for more than an hour Monday after a mountain lion was spotted prowling in the area.

Students at an elementary school and middle school in the Rancho Bernardo area were kept inside while state Department of Fish and Game employees and sheriff’s deputies combed nearby canyons. A Sheriff”s Department helicopter aided in the search.

Unless Californians actually vote to permit some level of sensible Mountain Lion hunting, future stories are likely to end with a person being killed and eaten. This would real sour up someone’s holiday.

Speaking of California votes, SoCal Tax Revolt Coalition/San Diego Tea Party Patriots has been busy. Dawn Wildman, one of our co-founders, has helped organize a “Stop the Dream Act” petition drive. The details:

Day: Wednesday, Dec. 14th.
Time: 3-7 pm.

San Diego – Walmart
3382 Murphy Canyon Rd (off I-15 at Aero Dr.)
San Diego, CA 92123
Come sign the petition and meet Assemblymen Brain Jones, and Tim Donnelly.

Carlsbad – Westfield Mall
East Parking Lot
2525 El Camino Real (just south of Hwy. 78)
Carlsbad, CA

AB 131, the so-called “Dream Act”, would give thousands of illegal aliens state grant money to attend California colleges and would cost California taxpayers an estimated $65 million per year at a time when the state is drowning in debt. The referendum to repeal AB 131 has bi-partisan support statewide and aims to kill this nightmare legislation before it takes effect in January 2013 by putting on the ballot in November 2012. It simply is not fair to penalize U.S. citizens and legal immigrants by subsidizing students who are in the country illegally. I sure like voters — legal voters.

In keeping with the spirit of the season:

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